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⚾ | "Professional Baseball Out-of-Strength Notification" What kind of players are Kodai Hamaya, Seiji Tahara, and Tsubasa Tashiro appearing in 2020?


What kind of players are Kodai Hamaya, Seiji Tahara, and Tsubasa Tashiro, who will appear in "Notice of Professional Baseball Out of Force" in 2020?

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It ended without being able to appeal to the last Hyuma player (former DeNA) as a dead ball.

20 "Professional Baseball Out-of-Strength Notifications", a documentary that follows players who have been passed by a professional baseball team → Continue reading

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dead ball

dead ball (dead ball)



In-goal area taken within a range of 10-22m from the goal line (if the attacking team grounds here)TryDead ball line outside)[1]The ball in the state of exceeding.On the defensive side, (1) drop out at any point on or behind the 22m line (= between the 22m line and the goal line), and (2) at the point where the ball is kicked.ScrumGiven one of the options[2].

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  • Ball dead --The state where play is stopped in ball games
  • Dodgeball --The name at the beginning of the 20th century was "dead ball"



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