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⚾ | [Did you miss it?This book] The index of the topic on a part of the net is "excellent"! ?? / Norio Torigoe, Kaneshige ...


[Did you miss it?This book] The index of the topic on a part of the net is "excellent"! ?? / Norio Torigoe, Kaneshige ...

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However, this book is composed of Mr. Torigoe, who is researching "Sabermetrics" that statistically analyzes baseball data, and Mr. Kaneshige, a cartoonist and former entertainer, and it is easy to read and understand. Both are secured.

Speaking of data in baseball, batting average and RBI for fielders, number of home runs, number of winning stars and ERA for pitchers, number of strikeouts, etc. → Continue reading

 Labor Newspaper

The "Labour Newspaper" delivers the latest information regarding personnel, labor, and health and safety from a neutral standpoint. We will deliver XNUMX to XNUMX daily, focusing on articles on inspections that report each case of violations of laws and regulations related to labor standards, news on work style reforms, carefully selected columns from the perspective of labor and safety.

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Saber metrics

Saber metrics (SABRmetrics, Sabermetrics) IsbaseballData instatisticsIt is an analysis method that objectively analyzes from an objective point of view and considers the evaluation and strategy of athletes.


Sabermetrics is a baseball writer, baseball history researcher, and baseball statistics expert.Bill JamesProposed by (George William “Bill” James, 1949-) in the 1970s.American Baseball SocietyAbbreviation ofSABR It is a coined word that combines (Society for American Baseball Research) and metrics. "Major League Mathematical Sciences (Original Title Curve Ball)" by Jim Albert and Jay Bennett provides an easy-to-understand explanation of Sabermetrics.

There are various value standards and indicators in baseball, and Sabermetrics objectively analyzed their importance from numerical values.By doing so, he sought to provide a statistical basis for baseball.However, it often overturns the traditional values ​​of baseball, such as denying the effectiveness of bunts and stolen bases, which should be common sense if you know baseball, and at the same time, James himself baseball in earnest. At first, he was treated critically because he had never played baseball and was just an unknown writer.Even now that this theory has become widely known, there is a tendency that people who have the belief that "baseball is not data but human beings play" are not welcomed.

2000s,Auckland AthleticsGeneral ManagerBilly BeanSucceeded in forming a team with an emphasis on Sabermetrics in the absence of the team's financial strength.In addition, the non-fiction depicting the reform "Money ballAnd the movie adaptation of the bookMoney ballWas a hit, and Sabermetrics became more widely known.

Major League Baseball uses multiple Sabermetrics-based indicators in its official records.In addition, major sports media in the United States publish various indicators of Sabermetrics as player results. (reference

James has spoken on Bill James Online, and in September 2017 announced the top 9 MLB players of all time, entitled "Final Report on the 50 True Superstars Project."IchiroSecured the XNUMXth place[1].

On the other hand, in the Japanese ball worldChiba Lotte,Nippon HamAlthough there is a team introduced as an index like[2], It is hard to say that it is well established as a whole.In particular, there are few examples of use in mass media such as sports newspapers and television.When a Sabermetrics expert pointed out that "Sacrifice bunts are not a winning strategy," some commentators were surprised, "Is that so!"[3].

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