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⚾ | Akiyama talks to Ohno and Sawamura "This is the most important thing to do with MLB" Real MLB information from actual experience


Akiyama enthusiastically talks to Ohno and Sawamura "This is the most important thing to do with MLB" Real MLB information from actual experience

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Yudai Ohno decided to stay in China and Japan while a big battle is expected if he declares FA.

Born in 1988, 32 years old.Born in this year, the men who fight on the stage of professional baseball are special in the baseball world.It… → Continue reading

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Chunichi remains

Ohno Yudai

Yudai Ohno(Oh, Yudai,19889/26 -) isKyotoKyoto CityFushimi WardFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Left-handed left-handed.Chunichi DragonsBelongs.

Reiwa's firstSawamura Eiji PrizeWinner[3].


Before entering professional

My parents divorced at the age of two. He grew up with his mother, two years older, in Fukakusa Nishiura-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.He joined the Sports Boy Scouts in the 2th grade of Sunagawa Elementary School and started playing baseball, and has been a pitcher since the 2th grade.Kyoto Municipal Fujimori Junior High SchoolThen I belong to the softball baseball club. I was thinking of quitting baseball because of my awkwardness and regret because I broke a walk in a series of walks in my 2nd year practice game, but after recovering with the encouragement of my teammates, I began to practice desperately.Ohno says the match was the first step as a pitcher.Until then, he was also an outfielder, but he devoted himself to pitching and won the Kyoto City Tournament in the summer of 3rd year.From that time on, it had become a well-known presence in the Japanese-style baseball world in Kyoto.[4]..Become a teammate after becoming a proTakehiko TsujiWas a one-year junior in middle school and high school.

As mentioned above, it was a public family because it was a single-mother family.Toba High SchoolI was thinking of going on toShinjiro MiharaIs the baseball managerOnishi High outside KyotoInvited to enroll.Mihara will retire as a coach in the first year. Entering the bench from the spring of 1nd year, the team87th National ChampionshipAdvance to.Played in the finalKomadai Tomakomai OfMasahiro TanakaSeeing the pitching, he thought, "That guy will be a professional."[4]..I was disappointed because I didn't have the opportunity to pitch at this tournament, but the new team from autumn has more opportunities to be the starting pitcher, and in the spring of 3rd year78th selectionIn the first match ofTokai Dai SagamiAlthough he was defeated by, he played the first starting lineup in Koshien. I aimed to participate in Koshien in the summer of 3rd year, but in the semifinals of the Kyoto tournamentNarumi FukuchiyamaLost to.

In high school, the director kept telling me that he was a "charanporan".[4], "I can grow as a baseball player and a human being"Bukkyo UniversityDecided to go on to2007Since AprilRigid Baseball ClubJoin the club. He entered the bench in the spring of 1st year and won the Spring / Autumn League in a row.autumn'sKinki UniversityRecorded 145km / h in the battle.It is said that he became confident in the fastball from around this time.He says that he continued to practice throwing in the middle, which increased the ball speed.As a result, the number of four dead balls has decreased, and in the fall of 3rd yearKeiji LeagueThen, in 44 times, four dead balls 2.Due to the loss of credits, I was not able to participate in practice or games for half a year from the spring of 2nd year due to the rules of Bukkyo University.[4]..From autumn, he has settled in the starting rotation and won the league MVP and the best nine for three consecutive seasons with 1 consecutive victories that continued from the fall of 4st to the spring of 16th. 3 years4/24At the Taiyogaoka baseball stadiumPerfect matchContributed to the league championship by achieving (reference record for 7 colds). JuneAll Japan University Baseball ChampionshipPowerhouse in the first match inTohoku Fukushi UniversityShutout 2 hits and stand out as the university's No. 1 left arm, but in the second roundAkiyama ShogoLeadHachinohe UniversityShutout lost.In the Keiji League, he pitched in 24 games in total and left a record of 18 wins and 1 loss.In the national tournamentYuki Saito,Tatsuya Oishi,Takuichi SawamuraAlso called "University Ball World BIG4"[4].

5th World University Baseball Championship OfRepresentation from JapanWhen he was defeated, director Yoshiro Kikuno of Bukkyo University was so depressed that he had never seen it, and cried on the Shinkansen returning from the candidate training camp, but after that.25th Harlem Baseball WeekWas elected to represent Japan. "This is also a Japanese uniform. I will beat Cuba," he said.[5]As the word says, he scored a complete game with two goals from Cuba, and through this experience, he said, "I'm glad I was out of the national team. By participating in this tournament, my goal changed to" Major Leaguer. " I want to play in a place where the players can see and be happy, and after gaining achievements, I want to go to the majors. "[6].

I couldn't pitch after I hurt my shoulder in the open game in August 2010,ド ラ フ トI was worried that I might be able to avoid the nomination[4]But,Chunichi DragonsJoined the group after being nominated for 1st place.The uniform number is a longing and a goalFujikawa KojiSame as22Decided to. In decemberKyoto Prefectural Police North Police StationIt was decided to be appointed as the image character of the 2011 enlightenment poster.The poster is a combination of the slogan "Strike for safety and security" and the throwing form photograph of the Bukkyo University era, and was supposed to be posted for one year.[7]..One grade higher in collegeHidekazu KawanoAnd two years youngerMasahiro HarimotoWas a teammate.

Chunichi era

2011The joint voluntary training Okinawa camp was spent on rehabilitation of the left shoulder and started full-scale pitching practice from the end of March. He made his debut in the pro-Am exchange game at the end of June and hit a full-base home run, but after that he became one of the starting pitchers at the farm. He started in the Farm Japan Championship on October 3th and became a winning pitcher with no runs in the 6th inning and won the Outstanding Player Award.After that, he was promoted to one army, and on October 10th.Yomiuri GiantsBattle (Tokyo Dome) For the first time on the pitch, 4 runs in 7 innings.In this match at that timeHiromitsu OchiaiThe manager said, "I don't care how many points I get, so please throw your own pitch."[8].

20127 month 11 dayHanshin TigersBattle (Koshien), He pitched for the second time, and won the first professional victory with 2 hits and 5 run in 1/3 of the 7th inning.This year, he started in 1 games with 8 wins and 4 losses, as well asCS final stageBecame a winning pitcher in advance of the first game."Off November" heldSAMURAI JAPAN Match 2012Was also elected to represent Japan[9].. Married to a college classmate on November 11th[10].

2013Has settled in the army as a starting pitcher for the first timeRegular pitch timeReached and won double digits.Off in NovemberTaiwanWas selected as the representative of Japan for "2013 BASEBALL CHALLENGE Japan VS Chinese Taipei"[11].

2014 TheNobuno KawakamiLost in the opening pitcher battle with, April 4Tokyo Yakult SwallowsBattle (Jingu Stadium), He dropped out with 1 goals in one inning, and was told to return to Nagoya during the match, and the second army was demoted twice.Nagoya Dome), He shut out his first non-four-ball game, and finally left a double-digit victory for the second consecutive year.[12][13].

2015Is only in the first halfJuntaro FujinamiWith 9 wins at the top of the league alongside (Hanshin)5/20In Kyoto cityEldest daughterWas born and was elected as MVP for the same month[14].1st WBSC Premier 12Was also selected as the first candidate player for the Japan national team[15]..2 wins in the second half, 11 wins and 10 losses in the endShunta WakamatsuDouble-digit victory with. 2Throw timesWill be the best of 12 teams[16].. July 11 of the same yearTanishige Motonobudirected bySaid to be appointed as the opening pitcher for next season on a TV show[17].. At the player party on November 11thYohei OshimaFrom next season insteadAthlete chairmanWas announced to serve[18].. On December 12th, the annual salary increased by about 8 million yen to about 6300 million yen.[19].

2016Was held in March before the start of the seasonBaseball Chinese Taipei National TeamWas elected to the Japan national team in a warm-up game with[20]..In the season, the match against Hanshin on March 3 (Kyocera Dome)で自身初の開幕投手を務め、7回3分の2を投げ2失点で勝利投手となるが、左肘痛で4月15日に登録抹消される。6月4日に復帰し最終的に7勝10敗、規定投球回未到達で防御率3.54。11月18日、2160万円ダウンとなる年俸8640万円で契約更改した[21].

2017は2年連続の開幕投手に指名され、24試合登板7勝8敗防御率4.02の成績を残した。147回2/3でチーム唯一の規定投球回数到達であった。11月29日、640万円ダウンとなる年俸8000万円で契約更改した[22]..Also, from this year's spring camp, over practice etc.Kenta AsakuraA feud with a pitcher coach begins to be dealt with[23].12/20The second daughter is born in Kyoto City.

2018Couldn't enter the opening rotation and ended up with 6 games starting in the season, 0 wins and 3 losses, and an ERA of 8.56. On November 11, the contract was renewed with an annual salary of 25 million yen, which is a 25% reduction of the full reduction limit.[24].

2019Welcomed the opening with one army, became the last winning pitcher in the Heisei era in the Yomiuri Giants game on April 4, and on May 30Hiroshima Toyo CarpMarked a shutout victory in the Central League, the first in Reiwa[25][26].. Became the 9st NPB player in the 14rd round of the Hanshin Tigers (Nagoya Dome) on September 23th.No hit no runAchieved[27].. It wasn't a double-digit win for the first time in four years, but he kept the rotation for one year and reached the prescribed pitching times for the first time in two years, his first time.Best defense rateIt became a revival season such as winning[28].. Off held in November2st WBSC Premier 12 OfRepresentation from JapanElected to[29], Won the second election in two consecutive tournaments.

2020Served as the opening pitcher, but dropped out with 4 hits and 8 runs in the 6th inning.[30]..However, it showed a sense of stability after July, and in the match against DeNA held at Nagoya Dome on October 7, it was 10 times.Tyler austinIs put out at the beginning but continuesMiyazaki ToshiroTo double play, the nextTatsuo EbinaStrike out and strike out against Hiroshima on September 9 (Mazda Stadium) Has continued since the second inning, increasing the number of consecutive innings to "2" in 41.Hiroomi OyaneAchieved a new record for the team[31]..This record continued until 22 times on the 9nd and achieved "12" consecutive no runs, which was the 45th place in history. On November 11, it was announced that the domestic FA rights acquired during the season would not be exercised and would remain under a three-year total of 11 million yen + volume contract.[32]。最終的に例年より試合数が少ない中20試合に登板し、2年連続となるリーグ最多投球回を148.2回、5年ぶりとなる2桁勝利を11勝6敗の成績で達成。防御率は自己ベストの1.82で2年連続となる最優秀防御率を獲得し、さらに148奪三振で自身初となるMost strikeoutAlso won and achieved two pitcher crowns.It was from 2 to 2 that the highest number of pitches and the highest ERA was achieved for the second consecutive year.Kazuhisa InaoThe second person in history since then[33]..In addition, the results of 45 complete games and 10 shutouts, which is the most in both leagues including 6 innings in a row, are also evaluated, and it will be the first time in 16 years since Kenshin Kawakami in China and Japan.Sawamura PrizeWon[34], August / October monthly and yearlyBest Battery AwardThe role of my wifeTakuya KinoshitaWin with[35][36]He showed a perfect performance as an ace and led the team to the A class for the first time since 2012. In the contract renewal carried out on December 12, we signed a three-year contract with an annual salary of 22 million yen + a volume of 3 million yen.[2]..It is in 3 that the annual salary of Chunichi players will reach 2015 million yen.Hitoki IwaseSince the annual salary of 3 million yen, Hiromitsu Ochiai, Hitoki Iwase,Kousuke Fukudome, Kenshin Kawakami,Hirokazu Inaba,Kazuhiro WadaBecoming the 7th person after[37]..In addition, the highest annual salary of Chunichi players in the past is estimated to be 2012 million yen by Iwase in 4.[37].

Characteristics as a player

2020 pitch data[39]
Pitch typeAllocation
Average ball speed
km / h
Four seam51146

Two-step motion[40] OfOverthrow[6]To average ball speed 145.9km/h[38], Fastest 152km/h[41]Sharpstraight, Fork, 100km / hcurve[42], Two types that bend vertically and horizontallyslider, Changes greatly verticallyTwo seamsThrow away[6]..When he was an amateur, some people were worried about the strong upper body throwing form, but he said he had no intention of changing the form.[43][42].


Influenced by my grandfather, since I was a kidHanshin fanwas[44]..Therefore, when I was in college, I used my mobile phone.Truckee OfstrapI was wearing it, but I removed it after being nominated in the draft on the middle day[45].

The target player is Fujikawa mentioned aboveChen Wei-YinAre listed[6][45].

The reason for the mental growth wasKoji UeharaHe said that he heard the comment "I realized my dream and it's just fun to go to the best place" after the first major pitching.[42].

The goal is to be the best.Of the same generation who are active professionallyMasahiro Tanaka,Hayato SakamotoWhile respecting, he was a college student like himselfYuki SaitoHas a strong sense of rivalry.He says that being at Bukkyo University, which continues to lose at the national tournament even if he wins the Keiji League, leads to a sense of opposition, which is the driving force for developing his own abilities.In addition, the strength of the sense of opposition has led to the fact that he was depressed by leaking from the representative of the World University Baseball Championship.[4].

2017OffNippon HamからShota OhnoIs transferred.Ohno: Since there are now two surnames, it is necessary to distinguish between them, but since 2, the scoreboard will be displayed with the full name `` 3 letters will not look good on the electric bulletin board''.Ohno Yudai"[46].

The ball is thrown with the left hand, and the darts are thrown with the right hand, although the meal and writing are not corrected with the left hand.[47].

He has a strong love for Kyoto, so he went home for a long time during the off-season.Fushimi-Inari TaishaAtShoto[48],Capital letter mountainWe are doing voluntary training in.My wife is also from Kyoto and my two children are also born in Kyoto.

What is your favorite foodRamenAnd many in collegeKyoto ramenI was eating ramen at the store.However, in 2019, he declared a ramen seal.[49].

SakanactionFans of September 2019, 9 (vocals and Chunichi fans)Yamaguchi IchiroFrom (Birthday)Shin treasure islandWas adopted as the theme song for the turn at bat[50].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2011Chunichi110000100. 000224.0921002107613.502.50
2012980004301. 57118844.24011413413015132.621.21
20132525101101000. 500624146.11511243151173065623.811.33
2014252531110800. 556682165.01561447061193060532.891.23
20152827631111001. 524826207.11691247131541067582.521.04
2016191931171000. 412547129.2126113702850059513.541.26
201724222107800. 467629147.21431751061170071664.021.31
2018660000300. 00013027.13271900211027268.561.87
201925252209800. 529696177.21321843221562052512.580.98
20202020106211600. 647559148.21061323201483033301.820.87
Total: 10 years18217827146696702. 50749031198.110641073257279601704564163.121.16
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league
  • In the 2020 seasonNew coronavirus120 games system due to the influence of

Defensive results by year

Every time






20132533424. 949
20152883710. 978
20161963010. 973
201724102711. 974
201925113213. 977
20202072812. 972
total18253219714. 975
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league
  • In the 2020 seasonNew coronavirus120 games system due to the influence of




Pitcher record
  • First pitching/first start pitching: May 2011, 10, vs.Yomiuri Giants22rd round (Tokyo Dome), Losing pitcher with 4 goal in 7 innings
  • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindHayato SakamotoFrom strikeout
  • First victory/first start victory: June 2012, 7, vs.Hanshin Tigers11rd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 5 run 1/3 for 1 runs[52]
  • First hold: October 2012, 10, 3th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Nagoya Dome), In the bottom of the 7th inning, he pitched for relief in 3rd place, and scored no goals in the 2nd inning.
  • First Complete Game / First Complete Game Victory: September 2013, 9, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp23rd round (Nagoya Dome), 9th inning, 1 goal, 8 strikeouts[53]
  • First shutout victory: July 2014, 7, Yomiuri Giants 25th round (Nagoya Dome), 13th inning, 9 strikeouts, 7 hits, no four dead balls
Hit record
  • First at bat / first hit: October 2011, 10, Yomiuri Giants 14nd round (Tokyo Dome), 22rd inningTakuichi SawamuraFrom Attack on Uchino Hits
NPB and other records
  • ノーヒットノーラン:2019年9月14日、対阪神タイガース23回戦(ナゴヤドーム)、9回9奪三振1四死球(1四球0死球)※史上81人目、92度目
  • All star gamesParticipation: 2 times (2014,2015
  • Opening pitcher: 3 times (2016-2017, 2020)

Uniform number

  • 22 (2011 -)

Appearance song

Representative history


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