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⚽ | Sanfrecce Hiroshima announces Leandro Pereira's departure "I was hoping to continue playing in Hiroshima ..."

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Sanfrecce Hiroshima announces Leandro Pereira's departure "I was hoping to continue playing in Hiroshima ..."

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After participating in 14 official games and scoring 2 goals at the club, he joined Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the second half of the season due to a loan transfer, and this season he participated in 1 J26 league games and scored 15 goals, leading the front line. It was.

Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Sanfrecce Hiroshima will expire on the morning of the 31st with FW Leandro Pereira ... → Continue reading

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Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC

Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC(Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC,British: Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC) IsHiroshimaHiroshima cityHometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub. The name is "Sanfrecce Hiroshima(Sanfrecce Hiroshima).


1991Joined the J League.Original 10One of. The predecessorマ ツ ダ(Former Toyo Kogyo) soccer clubMazda Soccer Club.

Operating company "Sanfletche Hiroshima Co., Ltd.Was established in April 1992, and has the president been Mazda-based so far?Consumer electronics store-Edion(OldDeo deo) Was inaugurated, but Takuya Yamamoto, who took office from 2018,Nike JapanShingo Senda, who was born and took office in 2020,China broadcastingBorn (2019 is RCC Frontier Chairman)[9] Two people have been invited from outside. Two companiesSecurities reportAccording to both, Sanfrecce Hiroshima Co., Ltd.AffiliateIt corresponds to.

The club name "Sanfrecce" is the Japanese word "three" andItalianIt is a combination of "frecce (plural)" which means an arrow, and is a Sengoku daimyo.Motonari Moriof"three arrowsIs named after the story of[2]..The club slogan is "Sekisou SEKIKO CONTINUE OUR BELIEF".

OUR TEAMマ ス コ ッ トIt is,Chugoku MountainsInhabitAsiatic black bearWith the motifSanche'[2] "Fletche" was born in 2000 as her (at the time of setting, but now she is just a friend) of Sanche.[2].

emblem The20051/10(Official announcement) changed from the original one to the current one (no change in logo)[10].

Home stadiumHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium(Hiroshima Big Arch, Edion Stadium Hiroshima)[2], The practice areaAkitakata City OfYoshida Soccer Park[2] Is. Detail isStadiumAndPractice area / campsiteSee section.

Regarding the training organizationSanfletche Hiroshima FC training organizationchecking ...

Goods, tickets, etc. in Naka-ku, Hiroshima CityKamiyacho ShareoV-POINT in, or Sanfrecce Hiroshima Official Online Shop You can buy it at.One-touch passCorresponding IC ticketPASPYThere are two types, an integrated type and a key chain type that was released on a trial basis for only one game (details below).#Related informationreference).


Prehistory (Mazda era)

1938The predecessor Toyo Kogyo Kickball Club, which was founded in Japan, has long been active as one of the most powerful teams in Japan as a club representing Hiroshima, not to mention soccer.But,1970 eraWhen entering, it gradually slumped,1980 eraWhen I entered, I was demoted to JSL 2nd division twice.1981Renamed to Mazda Soccer Club (Mazda SC)[Note 2].1982,Kazuo ImanishiBecame the general manager of the soccer club, and later had a great influence on the Japanese soccer world.Hans OftWas invited to the coach[11][12].

The cause of the downturn is localHandicapInsufficient acquisition of influential newcomers[Note 3]Imanishi and Ooft, who saw that, pushed forward the training route of the entire club, and the satellite teamMazda SC Toyo ClubStrengthen andChina soccer leagueParticipate in the war.若手により高い実戦経験を積ませることで戦力の底上げを図ったWe aimed to raise the level of our strength by gaining a higher level of practical experience for young people.[11]..ここからは、後にオフト自身によりFrom here, later by Ooft himselfRepresentation from JapanWas elected toMoriichiMany of the main players who supported the early days of the J-League were born.[13](Sanfletche Hiroshima FC training organization #prehistoryreference).また選手のみならず指導者育成にも着手し、ここからIn addition, we started training not only athletes but also leaders, and from hereShinji KobayashiRaised many leaders including[14][15]..ここで確立されたさまざまな方針は、現在の広島にも連綿と受け継がれているThe various policies established here have been handed down to the present Hiroshima.[16][17].

At that time, as a stepping stone to professionalization that had already begun to moveBundesliga, GermanyWas active inYasuhiro KazamaAcquired.彼のプロ意識は、クラブに大きな影響を与えたHis professionalism had a big impact on the club[12][18].

The eve of the J League founding

As preparations for the establishment of the professional league are steadily progressing, Mazda SC was also strongly requested to participate from the viewpoint of regional balance, but it will be the mother body.マ ツ ダTried to get off for financial reasons.There,Sonkyo NomuraMany stakeholders and citizens, including the president of the Prefectural Football Association, started a campaign to request participation and became their representative.Takeshita ToranosukeGovernor of the prefecture and MazdaNorimasa FurutaA top-level meeting was held with the president.会談翌日のThe day after the meeting19911/23, Officially announced to participate in the professional league.In February of the same year, 2 groups participating in the professional league (Original 10)Presentation.West JapanThen.HyogoOnly in the westChugokuBecame the only participant[19][20].

In November of the same year, toward becoming a professional clubFormer Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of ArtAn establishment preparation room consisting of four staff members was set up in a space of about four and a half mats in the lobby on the second floor.[21](See below for details on how the team name and team color were decided.Records / eventsSee the "Team Name" section in).

April 1992, 4, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Mazda Daiichi (laterDeo deoCurrentlyEdion)・China Electric Power-Hiroshima BankEstablished with the investment of 59 organizations.筆頭株主はマツダとなり、初代社長にはマツダ社長を退任した古田徳昌が就任、本社事務所をMazda became the largest shareholder, and Norimasa Furuta, who retired from Mazda, was appointed as the first president, and the head office was established.Hiroshima Crystal Plaza4 floor[21] I put it in.当初、母体となったマツダが財政的に支えきれそうになかったためAt first, Mazda, the parent company, did not seem to be able to support it financially.[20], Recruited investment groups centered on local companies[19].

In addition, Mazda SC is preparing for the opening of the J League.Eastern Europe,NordicWe went on an expedition to and played a warm-up game with the local club team.そこでThereforeHalmstads BKWas the directorStewart Baxter,Soccer Czechoslovakia National TeamMeet the players and scout[12][22]

1992-1994 (Baxter era)

1992, Baxter becomes director.Ivan Hasek,Pavel Černy,Jun RohWith an emphasis on ability, we reinforced foreigners on our own routes.FujitaからTakuya Takagi(Joined from the 1991-1992 season of the Mazda era),FujitsuからMitsuaki KojimaSome Japanese were reinforced from teams that did not participate in the J League.

The first J-League goal in the club is due to Kazama, which is also the first Japanese goal in the J-League.[23].

Initially retired and coachedYang Young-sung,Hiroshi Matsuda,Kazuyori MochizukiThe player base is thin enough to return to active duty,1992 Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen, I finished in 10th place out of 9 teams.However, as the tactics gradually penetrated, Japanese national team players such as Takagi and Maekawa and foreigners such as Czerny, Roh and Hasek became active.1994Won the first victory in the Suntory series[22][24].

Soccer of this era is the first double in the J LeagueVolanch(Kazama / Moriyasu) 4-4-2 is adopted, and the DF line isTomohiro Katanosaka-Yasuyuki Sato-Keisei Yanagimoto-Yoshiro MoriyamaIn each case, the height was 180 cm or less, but the DF line was kept high and the space behind was handled by Sato and Yanagimoto, who are rich in speed.これによって中盤がコンパクトになりその結果、高木のポストプレーも活きるようになったAs a result, the midfield became compact, and as a result, Takagi's post play became useful.[25]..この攻守に整った組織的サッカーとフェアプレー精神が魅力のチームだったThe team was attractive for this offensive and defensive systematic soccer and fair play spirit.[12][24].

However, when it came to the Nicos series in the same year, Takagi got a thorough mark, so there was no attacker.[12], Organizational and automated pass soccer will be read by the opponent on the contrary[17],Tore PedersenTrial and error, such as trying 3-5-2, but eventually the scoring ability declined.[22] It began to.as a result,J League ChampionshipThen.V KawasakiLost in the war and did not reach the annual championship.

Baxter to improve scoring abilityMichael laudruppDespite requesting reinforcement, the club was reluctant due to high salaries and transfer fees, and as a result the club gave up Baxter.[17][22].

1995-1996 (Jansen era)

Feeling the limits of systematic soccer due to the defeat in the championship, aiming for further individual growth1995, Hans Ooft's recommendation[12] Netherlandsperson'sBim JanssenBecame the director[17]..また、同年6月の取締役会で元マツダ副社長のAlso, at the board of directors meeting in June of the same year, former Mazda Vice PresidentOsamu NobutoHas been appointed president.

John van loen,Pieter Huistra,SantosReinforced and completely different from the systematic soccer of the Baxter era, Janssen emphasizes the judgment of each player[26] And introduced 3-4-3 of one-to-one defense, Dutch styleTotal footballAimed at[27]..しかしあまりにも変わりすぎたためほとんどの選手はついていけず、リーグ年間52試合という過酷な日程の中、主力の高木・森保はケガから満足に活躍できない状況で、チームは瓦解状態に陥ったHowever, most of the players could not keep up because it changed so much that the main team Takagi and Moriyasu could not play an active part satisfactorily due to injury in the harsh schedule of XNUMX games a year in the league, and the team fell into a state of collapse.[12][26][27]..After that, even though the system was revised to 3-6-1, the results fell to 10th place or lower.Although he was not in good shape in the league, he made a remarkable progress at the Emperor's Cup and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year.

Although the total annual salary increased and labor costs increased due to the victory in the previous year, the number of players who could not keep up with the system after the end of the 1995 season was one after another due to the decrease in spectator mobilization due to poor results this year and the pressure on club finances. And released[12][17]..特にバクスター時代のヒーローであったハシェック・片野坂・森山などが退団したことで、サポーターの怒りを買い、成績が下降するのと比例して更に観客動員低下につながって行ったIn particular, the departure of Baxter heroes such as Hasek, Katanosaka, and Moriyama caused the supporters to get angry, leading to a further decline in spectator mobilization in proportion to the decline in results.[28].

Among them, Janssen was appointed as a regularKenichi UemuraBeginning withHiroyoshi Kuwahara-Masato Fue,Hideaki Mori-Tatsuhiko KuboActively appointed young people[29].. EspeciallyRyoji MojiIs U-23Atlanta OlympicsAfter working as a representative, he became a representative of Japan.

Although the club wanted to extend the contract, Janssen was disgusted by the club that released players one after another without his consent and left the club.[12].

1997-2000 (Thomson era)

The collapse of the J-League bubble around 1996 began to show a management shadow.[30], Gradually heading for a player training club[17]1997,Barcelona OlympicsMade a name forScottishEddie thomsonBecomes director[31].

At the end of the same year, club management difficulties peaked, and Mazda, the largest shareholder and main sponsor, alsoFord motorThe club falls into a financial crisis as Ford itself was negative about replenishing funds as it was taking the lead in rebuilding its business.[30][32][33]..経営建て直しのためクラブ側は主力選手に減俸提示し、飲まないのであれば移籍金を得るため完全移籍で放出されることとなったTo rebuild the management, the club side offered a reduction in salary to the main players, and if they did not drink, it was released as a complete transfer to get a transfer fee.[21][34][35]..As a result, he transferred to Takagi, Moriyasu, Michiki (end of 1997) and Yanagimoto (end of 1998) one after another.これに対し、サポーターは流出阻止のため抗議活動を行うもののIn response, supporters protest to prevent the outflow,[35], Only Moriyasu is perfectTransfer with time limitChanged to[36] I was disappointed because it was only, and the audience mobilization decreased further.[28].

There, the top management of the public and private sectors held discussions on management improvement.[30], Among them of home electronics mass retailersDeo deoIntervention decided, at the board meeting in June 1998Masataka KuboAppointed president[35]..久保社長のもとチーム運営は改善され、同年8月本社事務所を現在のTeam management was improved under President Kubo, and the head office was changed to the current one in August of the same year.Hiroshima West AirfieldMoved to the 1st floor of the terminal building, in November of the same yearYoshida Soccer ParkCompletion, mobilization of spectators gradually increased, and in 2000, it became a surplus for the first time in 6 terms.

On the other hand, the team will be reinforced mainly by players who were not envisioned by other teams due to the limited budget.Fujimoto main tax-Kentaro Sawada,Tetsuya Ito-Yasuhiro Yoshida-Toshihiro YamaguchiTatsuhiko Kubo, while getting them cheaplyTakashi Shimoda-Kota Hattori,Yasushi TakahashiThese young people were appointed.また、トムソン自らスカウティングしたAlso, Thomson himself scoutedIan Krug, OwnAustraliaTaking advantage of the strong pipe toGraham Arnold,Aurelio Vidmar,Tony Popovich,Hayden Fox,Steve ColicaAlso reinforced foreign players.

At the beginning of Thomson's inauguration, injured people continued to be the main force, and due to financial difficulties, the force was not properly prepared, so 5-3-2 and sometimes 1-5-4 with only one person left on the front line and extremely defensive soccer Was expanded.Oswald Ardires(Director Shimizu at that time) said, "You should teach Hiroshima that you can't win soccer unless you score. That's a pity for the players."[37] It was said that.一時はAt one timeJ1 entry decision matchAlthough it was sluggish within the range, it was able to recover and avoid it on the 2nd stage.[35].

Counter soccer has matured in 3, the third year since he took office.[38]..上村、ポポヴィッチ、フォックスによる当時Jリーグ最強ともといわれた3バック、チームの攻撃を担った藤本、新たなるエース久保竜彦の覚醒によって、次々と強豪チームを撃破Uemura, Popovic, and Fox defeated the powerful teams one after another with the three backs that were said to be the strongest in the J League at the time, Fujimoto who was responsible for the team's attack, and the awakening of the new ace Tatsuhiko Kubo.[38][39]..リーグ戦を1stステージ6位、2ndステージ8位と上々の成績を残し、またその冬にはユース所属の高校生JリーガーであるHe left a good record in the league match with XNUMXth place in the XNUMXst stage and XNUMXth place in the XNUMXnd stage, and in the winter he was a high school student J.League belonging to youth.Kazuyuki MorisakiWith the success of, we advanced to the final of the Emperor's Cup[38]..翌2000年、さらなる上位進出を目指したが、得点力不足が響き肝心なところで勝ち星を失う試合が続いたThe following year, in XNUMX, he aimed to advance to the higher ranks, but due to lack of scoring ability, the match that lost the winning star continued at the important point.[40][41]..しかし森崎和が新人王を受賞するなど少なからず明るい話題はあったHowever, there were not a few bright topics such as Kazuyuki Morisaki receiving the Rookie of the Year award.[41].

2001 (Valery era)

Thomson retires after four years of long-term administration2001, The club decided to aim for a more aggressive and attractive soccer style for the entire club, including the academy, as a means for local clubs to survive in the future.[42].

Among them, the offensive soccer became popular in the Korean K-League.ロシアPeopleValery Nipomunishi[43] Invite the director[42]..当時Jリーグで唯一3トップを採用しAt that time, we adopted the only XNUMX tops in the J League[44], Kubo TatsuhikoSusumu Oki・ The front line involving Fujimoto and Corica boasted outstanding destructive power, but since they spent almost no time on defensive practice, they were almost prey to counter-attacks on the 1st stage, resulting in poor results and a crisis of J2 demotion.[45][46].

To remainOleg PashininSerhiy SkachenkoAimed to remain in J1 while continuing aggressive Valerie tactics by flexibly changing the system according to the opponent[42]..すると日本代表にも選ばれた久保竜彦と藤本、日本屈指の両アウトサイドとなる服部・Then, Tatsuhiko Kubo and Fujimoto, who were also selected as representatives of Japan, and Hattori, who will be one of the best outsiders in Japan.Yuichi Komano, Kazuyuki MorisakiKojiBrother,TurioWith the success of these young players, he succeeded in remaining in J1.しかもその年の2ndステージは3位と、優勝した1994年以来の好成績を残し、「来年こそ優勝を」という機運は高まったMoreover, the XNUMXnd stage of that year was XNUMXrd, leaving the best results since winning in XNUMX, and the momentum to "win next year" has increased.[47][48].

However, in November of the same year, Valerie suddenly resigned because of his wife's illness.[Note 4] official[42][52]..この際、ヴァレリーが新監督に推薦At this time, Valerie recommends to the new director[53] RussianGadzhi GadzhiThe club swallowed it as it was and took office, resulting in the collapse of the following year.[54].

2002 (Gadzhi Gadzhi / Kimura era)

2002, New coach Gadzhi released Corica and Oleg, who performed tremendously the previous year, as "not suitable for their tactics"[54]..戦術が定まらずチームはバラバラのままThe tactics are undecided and the team remains disjointed[55]Furthermore, Captain Uemura was seriously injured just before the opening.[56], Entered the season in the worst situation with no calculable CB.The luck turned quickly, and the team lost a series of battles without any tactics meshing.MiroI got it in a hurry due to an injury from UemuraMichel Pensée BelongAll the new foreigners in Japan were disappointed.同年7月、ガジエフは自身の親族の急病を理由In July of the same year, Gadzhi Gadz was blamed for a sudden illness of his relatives.[57] He returned to Japan and was virtually dismissed.広島にとってはクラブ史上初のシーズン途中での監督交代劇だったIt was the first mid-season director change drama in club history for Hiroshima.[53][55].

In July of the same year, he was a coachTakahiro KimuraWas promoted to become a director, and this became the first Japanese director in club history.[58]..しかし低迷するチームの復調を託すことはあまりにもリスクがあり、消極的な采配に終始し毎試合システムや選手を入れ替えたため、さらにチームは混迷するHowever, it is too risky to entrust the recovery of the sluggish team, and the team is further confused because the system and players are replaced every game with a passive attitude.[59]. July of the same year,Tsuyoshi OnoIs invited to the head coach, and finally the final stage is reached and it becomes a team.[60]..しかし結果的には勝ち点を伸ばせず、ステージ優勝経験のあるクラブとしては史上初のHowever, as a result, they did not increase the points, and it was the first club in history to win the stage.J League Division 2(J2) Relegation has been decided.

In December of the same year, Kimura took responsibility and resigned.[61]..後任に小野が監督に昇格し、「1年目にはJ1復帰、3年目にはJ1で優勝争い」という「3ヵ年計画」をうちだしたOno was promoted to the coach as his successor, and launched a "three-year plan" of "returning to JXNUMX in the first year and fighting for victory in JXNUMX in the third year."[62]..The team that recovered from the turmoil demonstrated their original ability and won the Emperor's Cup three times in a row and finished in the top four.

At the end of the same year, Kazuo Imanishi, who had been involved in club management for many years, took responsibility for demotion to J2 and left the scene.[63], OriginalJ VillageVice PresidentToyoharu Takata General managerWas appointed to.

2003-2006 (Ono era)

For about three years after Ono took office, the team will aggressively change their strength under the slogan "Fight for J3 championship in three years." While Tatsuhiko Kubo and Chikara Fujimoto, who are the main players after being demoted to J3, will be transferred, many veteran and mid-level players such as Kenichi Uemura, Hiroyoshi Kuwabara and Yutaka Takahashi who have supported the team for a long time will be released.Instead,Hisato Sato-Takehara MobaraOno's students in the age-specific representative era, and others have a track recordNorio Omura,Kazuyuki Toda-Gohei MoritaVeterans,Cesar Sampaio,リ カ ル ド-Bed-Dininho-Wesley OfBrazilianHiroshima Youth, which reinforces us and emerged at the same time[64] からYojiro Takahagi-Shunsuke Maeda-Issei TakayanagiWe appointed such as as a high school student J.League and made a team centered on the Morisaki brothers and Komano.


2003のJ2では、開幕から11試合を無敗(10勝1分)、10連勝を含む11戦負けなしの当時のJ2記録を樹立し序盤は独走したが、次第にシーズン44試合の長丁場と相手チームの徹底的に守る戦術に苦戦、一時は3位まで後退するが終盤に巻き返し、1年でJ1昇格を決める(このときの詳細については2003 J2 Section 43, Final Section(See)[65][66].. J1復帰のJXNUMX return2004Although the team is doing well with steadfastness as a weapon, the match that can not be won continues due to low scoring ability, resulting in 13 draws and the record of the most draws of the year at that time.[67][68].


2005, The reinforcement team merged with the young players who have been appointed from the previous year, and the team continued to make good progress and temporarily moved up to 2nd place, but after that, due to Takashi Shimoda's long-term withdrawal and the rise of other teams, finally 7 Finished the season in the place[69][70].. In particular, the veteran defense team of Shimoda, Dininho, and Komura is proud of the iron wall.[71], Sato Hisashi won the position of ace striker who was absent after Kubo's transfer and is also the J1 Japanese top scorer.[72].

In the same year, KomanoEast Asian Football ChampionshipWas established as a representative, and Hisashi Sato was also elected as a representative after the end of the season.


2006, 4-4-2, which was introduced aiming at a higher level of soccer and flattened in the middle stage, did not work at all, the defense collapsed from the opening, and 10 league games were not won (club worst record) and sluggish, Section 8 Ono took responsibility and resigned after the end[73][74].

2006-2007 (Mochizuki / Petrovic era)

GK coach's successorKazuyori Mochizuki Germany World Cup Main TournamentInaugurated provisionally until the suspension period[73][75].. Mochizuki chose a super-defensive tactic with 2002 backs because of his reflection on his last demotion in 4 and the decision that he had to rebuild his team as soon as possible during the four league games until the interruption. The player who had difficulty defending was removed from the starting lineup, and the attack was bet on Hisato Sato's deciding power. Although criticism is raised not only by some supporters but also by some players, by playing this soccer from beginning to end, it will be possible to gain an advantage in the residual battle. With 5 points in 4 league games, the new coachオーストリアPeopleMikhail PetrovichPassed the baton to[73][76][77].

Petrovic, the new director, adopted 3-5-2, and appointed Toda and Kazuyuki Morisaki, who originally had a voluntary job, as the center back, with the highest priority on build-up from the defender line.Toshihiro AoyamaYousuke KashiwagiWesley fits the team and begins to show an outstanding combination with Hisato Sato from this time, and finally two people out of the total score of 50 of the team (7 points for Wesley, Hisato Sato are Japanese) 16 points to be the top scorer). As a result, J18 remained in Section 31 and ended in 1th place.[73][77][78].

In the same year, Komano was elected to the German World Cup finals and became the first Japanese national team member of the World Cup finals from Sanfrecce.


2007, The aggressive reinforcement that continued from the year before last and the successive change of directors put pressure on the club's finances, so it was not possible to make a fruitful reinforcement, and it was decided to fight with almost the current strength.[79].. In the same yearThird-party allotmentAnd Deodeo became the largest shareholder[80].. In the early part of the season, the strong performance from the previous year was maintained, but when the two top teams, Wesley and Hisashi Sato, were researched by other teams, the scoring ability gradually declined, and financial and front command.[Note 5]The main reinforcement from the problem ofIlian StoyanovThe defense collapsed due to the fact that the players on the DF line were not decided halfway, and finished in 1th place with 71 goals in the J16 worst of the same season, and then it was held.Kyoto Sanga FCWithJ1・J2 replacement gameLost to, "second J2 demotion" was decided[82][83].

In response, club executives evaluated Petrovic's tactics and player grip, and decided to remain as a manager, which is unusual for a J2 relegation team.[84].. In the same year, the Emperor's Cup showed a lie-like advance due to the upset so far, and advanced to the final for the first time in eight years since 2000.[82].

At the end of the same year, the organization was reorganized following the relegation to J2, and the president, Masataka Kubo, took responsibility and resigned to become chairman of the former Deodeo director.Yuichi MototaniWas newly appointed as president, and all permanent directors retired, leaving the chairman and president[81].. In addition, the organization of the front team, which was one of the causes of demotion, was changed, and Motoya will be dedicated to the club as the club president, which Kubo had been concurrently serving as EDION's company business.[85].

2008-2011 (Petrovic era)

2008, By demotionWesleyandYuichi KomanoAlthough he left the group, most of his main force remained due to his stay as a manager, and as a result, he succeeded in maintaining his strength, and Tatsuhiko Kubo returned for the first time in six years. In March of the same yearXerox Super Cup[Note 6]Then, at the end of the penalty shootout, he defeated Kashima. As a result, he won the title of "No. 1994 in Japan" for the second time since winning the stage in 2, and achieved the first "winning by J2 club" in the tournament. In the league match, he achieved the first "winning in all sections" and "winning in September" in J2 history, and the second team in J9 history with "2 points". Even at the Emperor's Cup, it maintained its strong performance and advanced to the top 2.[84][86].


In Hiroshima during the Petrovic era after 2008, injured people always continued to be the main force, and although the tactics became 1 top and sometimes 0 top without FW, the tactical change was successful, among them. Toshihiro Aoyama, Yosuke Kashiwagi,Yojiro Takahagi-Ryota Moriwaki-Shodai Sato-Tomoaki Makino-Yoji NakabayashiThe rise of young people[84][86].. Furthermore, until then, it was regulated by the J League.Transfer feeThe system was abolished in 2009[87] Had a big impact on the team. Players can move with no transfer fee when the contract period with the team expires, so the movement of players becomes active.Beijing OlympicsU-23 National TeamShusaku Nishikawa-Yuki Mizumoto-Lee Tadung) And was accustomed to the same tactics as PetrovicOsim Children[88](Koji Nakajima-Satoshi Yamagishi・ Mizumoto, etc.) was acquired with no transfer fee or a cheaper transfer fee than before, which led to a thicker player base, while Kashiwagi, Makino, Lee, Aki Sato, and Nakabayashi transferred. For foreign players, from the previous Brazilian routeMichael Mikić,David Mujiriな どEastern EuropeIt came to be acquired mainly by the players of the system.


J1 return2009He made a leap forward with his mature team tactics and finished in 2th place, which was the highest ranking record at that time as a team promoted from J4. AlsoEmperor's cupAccording to the result ofAFC Champions LeagueRight to participate in (ACL)[Note 7]If you win and include the predecessor tournamentAsian Club Championship 1969This is the second time in 41 years since the appearance, and the first time since the Champions League was established.[89][90].

After returning to J2009 in 1, he was in the 3th place in the J1 league for the third consecutive year, and although he left a record related to the title battle, he did not play league games and ACL7.J League CupWith the early defeat of the final and the Emperor's Cup, the weakness of the game was revealed at the crucial point[91]..ペトロヴィッチは信頼する主力を使い続けたことにより、夏場はコンディションが低下、得点は奪えるものの失点が減ることはなかったPetrovic continued to use his trusted mainstay, and in the summer the conditions deteriorated, and although he was able to score points, his goals were not reduced.[91]..ただ、組織的で攻撃的なサッカーや、J2でチームを熟成させJ1に復帰し以降の躍進は、チーム作りの好例として評価されたHowever, organized and aggressive soccer and the breakthroughs since the team matured in JXNUMX and returned to JXNUMX were evaluated as good examples of team building.[92][93].. J2に降格しながら監督を代えなかった判断をした広島フロントは賞賛されThe Hiroshima front, who decided not to change the director while being demoted to JXNUMX, was praised.[84]Since then, there have been cases where other J2 relegation teams have also remained in charge.

Management reform

In 2012, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the professional club, but in the past 19 years we have posted a cumulative deficit of over 20 billion yen, and in order to respond to the club license system starting in 2013,CapitalAbout 21 billion yen 99%Capital reductionTo eliminate the cumulative deficit, about 2 million yenThird-party allotmentWas to do[94].

All procedures completed in May 2012[8]..The capital is 21 yen to 1005 yen, and the number of shareholders is 2 to 2030.[8]..なお、広島県・広島市および安芸高田市の3自治体を含め従来の58株主はすべて減資に応じ、35株主が増資に応じているIn addition, all XNUMX existing shareholders, including the three local governments of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City and Akitakata City, have responded to the capital reduction, and XNUMX shareholders have responded to the capital increase.[8][95].

The club made efforts to improve management for shareholders who accepted the capital reduction.まず2011年末、長年監督としてチームを作り上げたものの高年俸となったペトロヴィッチの契約延長を断念しFirst of all, at the end of XNUMX, he abandoned the extension of Petrovic's contract, which was a senior salary although he formed a team as a manager for many years.[96][97], Mujiri, Kota Hattori, Kohei Morita, and other veterans were out of the plan, and the contract renewal players also stopped the salary reduction or slight increase and suppressed the total annual salary.[98]..更に2012年末、減資の責任を取る形で社長のFurthermore, at the end of XNUMX, the president took responsibility for the capital reduction.Yuichi MototaniRetired, EDION adviserKaoru KoyanoWas appointed as the new president[99].

2012-2016 (Moriyasu era)


The team who abandoned the contract with Petrovic will inherit and coordinate his football and appoint a Hiroshima OB who is aware of the current club policy.MoriichiWas to be named[100][101]..森保は3年ぶりの広島復帰で、クラブ史上初の生え抜きとなるトップチーム監督を務めることとなったMoriyasu will return to Hiroshima for the first time in three years and will be the first top team manager in club history.[100][101]..また、以降数年は経営改善のため積極的な補強を行えないことから、さらには独特なサッカースタイルを用いていることから他チームからの戦力補充が容易にできなくなったこともあり、手薄なところをピンポイント補強あるいは最悪の場合は現役ユース生を高校生Jリーガーとして登用する方針で進んでいくIn addition, for the next few years, it has not been possible to actively reinforce due to management improvement, and because of the unique soccer style, it has become difficult to replenish the strength of other teams. However, we will proceed with a policy of pinpoint reinforcement or in the worst case, appointing active youth students as high school student J leaguers.[102].

201211/24, Section 33C OsakaWin the battle and leave one match[103] The first J1 year overall victory in club history[104]..なお、2008年にはJ2で年間優勝しているため、前年のIn XNUMX, he won the JXNUMX championship for the year, so the previous yearoakFollowing that, it became a club with the title of annual victory in both J1 and J2 divisions.Also,Original 10There are no teams that have not won any of the three major titles. FIFA Club World Cup(CWC) in the first matchAuckland cityVictory.準々決勝でIn the quarterfinalsAl AhliWas defeated, but in the 5th place deciding matchUlsan Hyundai FC5th place after winning.その一方で天皇杯では、初戦(2回戦)でOn the other hand, at the Emperor's Cup, in the first round (second round)FC Imabari(Shikoku League) Lost 1-2[105].


In the J1 league match, there was a problem with ACL,Confederations CupAt the time of the interruption of the league match byOmiyaAnd 8 points difference, 3rd place in the ACL rangeYokohama FMIs 3th place with 5 points difference.リーグ戦再開直後から5連勝し、前半戦最後となる第17節終了時には大宮と勝点で並び得失点差で首位に立つが、第21節Immediately after resuming the league match, he won five consecutive games, and at the end of the XNUMXth round, which is the last of the first half of the match, he was in line with Omiya in terms of points and took the lead with a goal difference, but in the XNUMXst roundNagoyaWith a draw in the game, there will be no wins in 3 games including 5 consecutive losses, and the ranking will be lowered to 3rd place.第26節から3連勝し再び首位に立つも、第29節、横浜FMとの直接対決に敗れ、横浜FMと同節で勝利したAlthough he won three consecutive victories from Section XNUMX and took the lead again, he lost the direct confrontation with Yokohama FM in Section XNUMX and won the same section as Yokohama FM.UrawaWas overtaken and demoted to 3rd place again.第33節Section XNUMXShonanAfter winning the battle, he re-emerged in 2nd place, and in the final round away, where victory was an absolute requirement to win, he was left unattended until Moriyasu took office.Kashima StadiumIn the final game of the J1 season home in Japan, he was "impregnable" with no loss (1998 wins and 15 draw) for 14 seasons from 1.Kashima[106] Yokohama FM, who won 2-0 and was in the lead until the previous section(I.e.Lost to 0-1 and won the championship for the second consecutive year with a dramatic reversal.[107].

AFC Champions LeagueThen, due to the large number of injured people, he lost the group stage for the first time in seven seasons as a J-League champion.しかも、ホームアンドアウェー制となった7年以降では日本サッカー史上初(厳密にはMoreover, it is the first time in the history of Japanese soccer since 2004 when it became a home and away system (strictly speaking).2006 ACL OfTokyo Verdy 1969Second team since[108])ofNo group stage victoryThere was also a disgraceful record.

The Emperor's Cup of the same year advanced to the final for the first time in six years since 2008, but in the final, Yokohama FM competed for the championship in the league match.[109] He lost 0-2 and lost 8 games in a row including the Toyo Industrial Revolution (5 games in a row even after the J-League was established, and all were shut out), and he couldn't beat Jinx again.


In 2014, Nishikawa, who contributed to the league championship, will be transferred to Urawa,SendaiからHayato TakutoHas returned for the first time in 10 years, andKofuThanYoshifumi KashiwaWon the battle with multiple clubsTokushimaThanAkira Makoto ShibasakiWon. Jリーグ王者として挑んだシーズンの開幕を告げるAnnouncing the start of the season that challenged as the J-League championXerox super cupThen, he defeated Yokohama FM 2-0, and in the official game, he defeated Yokohama FM for the first time since Moriyasu took office.In the league match, which was the second team in history to win the third consecutive title, it increased to 2 from last season, which was 3 goals, and not only did the third consecutive league title disappear, but also the ACL participation zone could not be won and it ended in 29th place.In particular, the away game in Kanto ended without a single win.2014 AFC Champions LeagueThen, although I couldn't win at all away, the runner-up team of the previous yearFC SeoulIn the third section, he won the ACL for the first time after taking office as Moriyasu.He also won the final round and made his third challenge to break through the group league for the first time in club history.決勝トーナメントでは、当時In the final tournament, at that timeShinji OnoBelonged toWestern SydneyPlay against.Although the first round was a good victory 1-3 but the second round was the 1th round of 2 consecutive races over Golden Week, and the long-distance travel of 11 hours also overlapped, so it was not possible to practice satisfactorily. Lost 10-12 without taking advantage of one race.One goal at Edion Stadium Hiroshima was overwhelming, and he lost the best 1 in the reversal. 2年連続決勝進出を目指した天皇杯はThe Emperor's Cup aimed at advancing to the final for the second consecutive yearG Osakaに敗れベスト16どまり。ナビスコカップは当時リーグ戦では2012年の開幕戦以来5連敗中と相性の悪い浦和に2戦合計2-2(ホームでの第1戦0-0)で、準決勝は史上4チーム目の2連覇[110] Kashiwa is aiming for a total of 2-3 in the 2nd round (1-2 in the 0st round at home), and both the quarterfinals and the semifinals are lacking in the mainstay against the finalists of the previous year.[111] も競り勝ち、2010年以来となる4年ぶりの決勝に進んだ。しかし決勝では、リーグ戦で勝てず(1分け1敗)天皇杯でもベスト16敗退に追い込まれたG大阪相手に、ナビスコカップ通算最多得点記録の更新がかかる佐藤の2ゴールで2点を先制するも、その後3点を奪われ逆転負け。監督が森保に代わってもカップ戦の勝負弱さを克服出来ないまま決勝戦7連敗(前身の東洋工業時代を含めると、決勝戦10連敗)[112] In the three major titles, it ended up being uncrowned for the first time in three years.

Soccer Field Transparant.svg

2015 J League Basic Formation
directed by Moriichi
Kazuhiko Chiba
Yuki Mizumoto
Toshihiro Aoyama
Kazuyuki Morisaki
(Kohei Shimizu)
Hisato Sato

Kaoru Koyano in February 2015Hiroshima Mayoral ElectionDue to running, he retired from the position of president.後任は前強化部長のThe successor is the former strengthening managerHidekazu Orita..Takahagi left the group due to an overseas challenge, and IshiharaUrawaTransferred to, and lost two regular shadow players at the same time.その後釜にThen in the kettleTokushimaからDouglas, 2009 was also offering off京都 OfKouhei KudoAcquired.このうち工藤はリーグ戦僅か6分の出場に留まり、6月にOf these, Kudo only participated in the league match for only XNUMX minutes, and in JuneMasaru Matsumoto FCTransferred to.Shibasaki, who converted from Douglas and Volante, will fill the hole and show more success. In the 1st stage, Urawa was allowed to run alone, but he kept the 3nd place until the 16th verse without collapsing with 2 games at the maximum.However, he was overtaken by Tokyo, who defeated Shimizu because he drew with Tosu in the final round, and finished the 1st stage in 3rd place. 2ndステージに入ると第1節、第2節をそれぞれ4得点、6得点と攻撃陣が爆発し2連勝で迎えた第3節では、1stステージチャンピオンでここまでリーグ戦無敗を誇っていた上に、直接対決ではリーグ戦、カップ戦合わせ3分6敗と2012年の開幕戦以降9戦勝利できていない天敵であるWhen entering the XNUMXnd stage, the attacking team exploded with XNUMX points and XNUMX points respectively in the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd sections, and in the XNUMXrd section, which was greeted with XNUMX consecutive victories, the XNUMXst stage champion was proud of being undefeated in the league match so far. , In the direct confrontation, it is a natural enemy who has not won XNUMX games since the opening game of XNUMX with XNUMX minutes XNUMX losses in the league game and the cup game.UrawaAnd play away.Although he allowed the first goal, he won a come-from-behind victory with two goals in the second half, surpassing Urawa and rising to the top of the points for the first time this season.After that, it took on the appearance of a match race with Urawa, but the offensive power was added to the defensive power that was the weapon from Moriyasu's inauguration, and without a big collapse like the 2st stage, he won the Shonan in the final section and won the 1nd stage. Winner and 2st place in annual points are confirmed.The annual points of 1 points were the highest under the current system.佐藤が74ndステージ最終節でJ2通算1ゴール目を記録しSato scored the 157th goal in JXNUMX in the final round of the XNUMXnd stageMasafumi NakayamaDouglas ranked second in the scoring ranking with 1 goals (the team's record for the most points in the season in J2), with Douglas becoming the top scorer in J21 total.Takuma AsanoDid not have a chance to start, but scored 8 goals including the first league match and settled in the supersub.Best Young Player AwardWas awarded.J League ChampionshipWas seeded in the semi-finals for the 1st place in the year, and won the 3rd place in the year.G OsakaPlay against.敵地で行われた第1戦は後半アディショナルタイムにこの年Round XNUMX in the enemy territory was in additional time in the second half of the yearKofuJoined fromSho SasakiIn the last play, Kashiwa's winning goal was born, and he won a dramatic come-from-behind victory 3-2.In the second round, which was greeted at a packed home, Asano's tie goal was 2-1, and the two rounds totaled 1-2 to win the annual championship.With this, Moriyasu won the league title three times in four years.J League AwardsThen Aoyama shined as an MVP, and three people, including Aoyama, Shioya, and Douglas, were selected as the best eleven.Moriyasu also won the Best Director Award for the third time.In addition, seven people have won the Outstanding Player Award.Aoyama also won the goal of the year at the final stage of the 3st stage against Tosu.As a team, he won the Fair Play Award Takamado Trophy Cup for the fourth consecutive year and added flowers to the victory.

Participated for the first time in 3 years as the host championFIFA Club World Cup 2015Then,Auckland City FC,TP MazembeDefeats and is the South American champion in the semifinalsLiebel PlateAlthough he fought well, he was eliminated 0-1.Japan-China decisive battleIs said to beAsian championAnd also the Chinese Super League championGuangzhou constantDouglas won the bronze medal match with two goals. 3年の2Urawa, 2008G OsakaAfter that, he won the 3rd place of the 3rd team in the history of Japanese clubs.

In the cup game, the sub-members took the leadNabisco CupIn, he won the final round of Kofu with the possibility of breaking through the qualifying league with 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss, but as a result he was in 3rd place and did not advance to the tournament for the third consecutive year. Emperor's cupThen, it appeared from the second round and dismissed Hiroshima University of Economics as 2-8. 0回戦、3回戦ではJ4のJ2 in the XNUMXrd and XNUMXth roundsKumamoto, Defeated Tokushima by one point each and won second place2013Since then, he has advanced to the best 2 for the first time in two tournaments.J League ChampionshipFrom the first round of the finalCWCAiming for the second crown with the league match in the overcrowded schedule with the seventh match in 4 days including the four matches ofNagasakiIn the quarterfinals held atFC TokyoHe won the battle that extended to the extension with and achieved the best four.However, even though he defeated him in the final of the championship three days later, he faced Gamba Osaka, who lost in the final 4 of the Emperor's Cup in the previous year, and there was no Douglas who scored a goal in the league match and the championship. Perhaps because of that, he lost again and did not advance to the final, ending the 3 season.


2016Has newly agreed with Director Moriyasu on a two-year contract until the 2017 season, and is in the fifth year of the Moriyasu system.Satoshi YamagishiAnd 2015Renofa yamaguchi,FC KariyaWas transferred to theKim Jung SukSince 2014AC Nagano PulceiroWas also transferred to for a limited timeKota SamejimaLeaves the group when the contract expires.Hironori Ishikawa Gunma,Park Hyung Jin NagasakiCompletelyByung Jun Bon TheShimizuTransferred to for a limited time.IwataWas transferred to with a deadlineHayao KawabeHas extended the transfer period.In addition, although he was negotiating a complete transfer of Douglas and an extension of the transfer for a limited time, he failed to reach an agreement with his former Tokushima team, so he lost the league championship and CWC 3rd place in the team top scorer. (その後、ドウグラスは(After that, DouglasUAE OfAl AinComplete transfer to) On the other handYokkaichi Chuo Industry OfTsukasa Morishima, From youthYoichi NaganumaJoined the group.更にはFurthermore京都からTakumi Miyayoshi,YamagataからKim Bum YoungWith a complete transfer,Shimizu OfPeter UtakaWith a loan transfer.熊本からFrom KumamotoNaoki OtaniIs back.

It was the first match of the seasonXerox super cupThen.Emperor's cupWinningG OsakaIn three years, he won the title with the score of Hisato Sato and new member Utaka in the 3th match.ACL, which started a little earlier than the league match, is Shandong Luneng, FC Seoul,Buriram UnitedIn the first match, Shandong Luneng was greeted at home, but dropped 1-2.Then, he lost 1-0 in the opening game of the 1st stage of the J-League with Kawasaki at home.Furthermore, in 2014, the second ACL match with FC Seoul, to which Yojiro Takahagi, who was carrying No. 10 in Hiroshima, also lost 2-1 in the away and lost three consecutive official matches. In the 4st stage Round 3 match against Nagoya, Sato scored the 1th goal, which was the highest scored single top (at that time) in J2, but a 1-158 draw.The match against Shonan in Section 1 was also a 1-3 draw and no 2 games were won.Moriyasu "strength for two teams"[113] While preparing the strength that can be expected to update the record high results of ACL in parallel with the league match, Mikić and Kazuyuki Morisaki will actively appoint veterans in the J League and Marutani, Miyayoshi and Notsuda in the ACL. It was an early stage where the points could not be increased with the same attitude as the last two ACLs.When he won the match against Buriram United at home 2-3 and won his first victory in the third ACL match, the attackers exploded to 0-3 in the match against Omiya in the 1th section of the 4st stage and won his first league match.しかし、試合終了間際に佐々木がHowever, just before the end of the match, SasakiTomoshino YokoyamaHe suffered a dangerous tackle and was seriously injured due to a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee, making it difficult to return during the season.Starting with that, Asano was completely healed for 3 weeks due to an injury to the right iliopsoas muscle on March 31, and Mizumoto, who was in the position of Sasaki in June, was completely healed for 3 months due to a fracture of the right third metatarsal bone. There are many people with broken bones.In addition, Notsuda was transferred to Niigata for a limited time from April 6st to January 3st, 2 (press release is March 4th), but the strength of the two teams and Moriyasu were boasting. , At the beginning of the season, there was a problem with the players. In the 1st stage, Utaka, a new member, quickly fit the team and took the lead in the battle for the top scorer, but although he did not suffer a big losing streak, he could not get on the wave with a maximum of two consecutive wins and ended up in 2017th place. I finished with. ACLも森保就任後ACLアウェイ初勝利をブリーラムから挙げたもののACL also mentioned the first ACL away victory from Buriram after taking office as MoriyasuAwayIn the Shandong Luneng Tai match, Utaka and Mihael Mikić, who were in good shape, and Kim Bum-young, a new force, were dropped without using any foreigners, leaving one match to be eliminated from the group stage.チームのACL観客動員数が歴代最多動員を記録した最終戦のFCソウルは1-2で勝利し意地を見せたが、それ以外の試合は観客動員数が1人を割り込んでおりFC Seoul, the final round of the team's ACL mobilization, which recorded the highest number of mobilizations in history, won 10000-XNUMX and showed their will, but in other games, the number of spectators was less than XNUMX.[114]、ACLの関心の薄さと東アジア(特に中国と韓国)のチームの敵地で勝てない現状は相変わらずだった。 リーグ戦2ndステージは、開幕戦で磐田を3-0と一蹴したが、7月は2勝2分け2敗と1stステージに引き続き波に乗れない状態であった。そんな中、7月3日には予てより海外移籍の噂があった浅野が、イングランド・プレミアリーグの名門ArsenalIt was announced that he would be completely transferred to Yokohama, and he finally departed for the 7nd stage Section 17 Yokohama match on July 2th. 4月7日にFWのFW on July 10thAnderson LopezTheTombense FCLoan transfer, DF on the next 11thYuki NogamiTheYokohama FCAnnounced acquisition with a more complete transfer.獲得の一方でキム・ボムヨンが清水へ、吉野が京都へ、大谷がOn the other hand, Kim Bum-young goes to Shimizu, Yoshino goes to Kyoto, and Otani goes to Kyoto.Machida ZelviaEach transfer was made for a limited time.Shimizu and Mizumoto, who were selected in the overage frame of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, continued to be injured, so during that period Shimizu, Miyahara, and Kazuyuki Morisaki, who were originally in different positions, formed a 3-back with Chiba.And those four games were 4 wins and 3 loss, which was expected to surpass, but from the game match against Kofu on August 1th to the match against FC Tokyo on October 8st, 20 games in a row were 10-1. In 14 games from the 3th round, including the loss, 0 losses (especially 1 consecutive losses from the Urawa match in the 9th round) and the 7rd place or less, which is a condition for advancing to the championship, disappeared, and the league championship was destroyed.Meanwhile, Chiba became positive in the doping test after the match and was temporarily suspended from qualification. (The banned substance was included in the supplement that the club was taking after confirming the content of the ingredients with the manufacturer in advance and judging that it was safe without containing the banned substance, so the disposal will be lifted within the year. In the absence of Chiba, although he won in a row at the end, the 5nd stage ended in 12th place, Utaka scored 3 points and was the top scorer (tied with Leandro), Shioya was the best eleven for the third consecutive year, and 3 as a team. It was not worth winning the Fair Play Award Takamado Trophy Cup for the year in a row, and the annual score ranking was 2th.Cup battleLevan cup, Both the Emperor's Cup were eliminated in the best 8 and the season ended.

2017 (Moriyasu / Yonson era)


Moriyasu system 6th year.Koji Morisaki retired from the previous season, while Sato and Utaka retired.Felipe Silva,Kudo SojinAnd others joined with a complete transfer.In addition, Lopez's loan transfer period has been extended.

The team, which was delayed from the opening due to the bad attack team and sank into the relegation zone, announced the retirement of Moriyasu in July, and the club OBYang Young-sungWas changed to.Patrick,Niki DaikiThe team, which broke up with the 3-4-2-1 formation that had continued under the Petrovich / Moriyasu regime, picked up and confirmed the remaining in the final round of the home, Round 33.The final ranking is 15th.

2018-(Shirofuku era)


城福体制初年度。開幕から3連勝、さらに6戦負けなし、しかもその勝利を挙げたチームの中には前年ACLに出場した鹿島、浦和、川崎という上位進出も期待出来るチームも含めて9試合で8勝1分けで首位を独走、第10節でシーズン初の敗戦を喫するも、直後に4連勝し、同日多摩川クラシコでFC東京に敗れた川崎に勝ち点差をシーズン最大の13に広げ、第14節終了時には既に2位FC東京との勝点差を10にまで広げる。World Cupによるリーグ戦中断前最後の第15節に2敗目を喫するも、2位との勝点差は9であった。だがリーグ戦再開後、9月2日の第25節終了時でも2位川崎との勝点差は9あったが、第15節までに10ゴールを挙げたパトリックの得点力を最大限に生かす戦術が中断明け以降対策を練られると第26節以降全く勝てず、第28節終了時に川崎に首位を明け渡す。その後も第28節から6連敗でこのうち第32節・仙台戦で4年前まで在籍した石原に竹箆返しの一発を喰らって敗れ川崎にJリーグのタイトルをさらわれ、4位札幌との直接対決で0-2とリードされながら追いつき引き分け、2位でシーズンを終え、AFC Champions League 2019プレーオフラウンドへの出場権を確保したが、最終節に敗れれば4位転落の可能性を消滅させるのがやっとなのに加え、11月3日第31節暫定の段階では当時勝ち点49で並んでいた3位のFC東京と4位の鹿島に7の差をつけていたにも関わらず勝ちなしのせいでACL出場権獲得が最終節までかかった。またパトリックも9月22日に行われた第27節・FC東京戦の前半18分以降出場した446分間連続ノーゴール、チームも最後の6戦勝ちなしのうち4試合が完封負けと尻すぼみの結末となった。


After winning the ACL playoffs in February, he broke through the group stage for the first time in a while and advanced to the final 2.Lost to Kashima on away goals rule.最終的に16位に終わったリーグ戦でも若手が台頭し、特にEven in the league match that ended in 6th place, young people emerged, especiallyKeisuke Osako,Tsukasa Morishima,Taishi MatsumotoFilled the holes in Hayashi, Shibasaki, and Aoyama who left, and showed a color appearance performance with ACL.Hayato ArakiTaken the regular position from Mizumoto and Yoshino.新戦力ではIn the new forceDouglas VieiraEstablished in the top 1 with post play as a weapon,HeinelIn the second half of the race, he played an active role as an immovable right wingback.On the other hand, Patrick, who had been extremely sluggish since the end of the previous year, returned to Gamba Osaka because he could not adapt to the new tactics even though he carried the number 10 on his back this year.Mizumoto, the first winning member who has decreased, also asked Matsumoto for a new world in the summer transfer.また、再びチーム伝統の3-6-1システムに取り組んだこともあり、前年右SBを担ったIn addition, he worked on the team's traditional XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX system again, and was responsible for the right SB of the previous year.Takuya WadaWas soon out of the plan and transferred to Yokohama FM.水本と入れ替わりで松本から加入したJoined from Matsumoto in place of MizumotoLeandro PereiraWas injured and did not work in less than 10 games, but in the games he participated in, he helped solve the lack of scoring ability as a valuable scoring source.

Overall, the team was successful in rejuvenating, but as you can see from the situation where the team's highest scorer was Kashiwa's 8 points, it was a season suffering from a lack of forwards who could score goals in particular.


Domestic title

Other titles


Japan Player of the Year Award
J League
J League Cup
  • New Hero Award
    • 2010年 - 髙萩洋次郎


Club records

First official match
  • League match: 2-1 (May 1993, 5, J Suntory Cup Section 16 Ichihara match)
  • League Cup: 2-3 (September 1992, 9, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Section 6 Yomiuri Verdy match)
  • Cup match: 2-0 (December 1992, 12, Emperor's Cup 5st round Doshisha University match)
Most in one game
  • score
    • League match: 7-1 (September 2008, 9, J7 Section 2 Gifu match)
    • League Cup: 7-0 (May 2009, 5, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Section 30 Omiya match)
    • Cup match
      • 7-2 (December 1999, 12, Emperor's Cup Semifinal V against Kawasaki)
      • 7-0 (December 2000, 12, Emperor's Cup 10rd round Mito match)
  • Goal
    • League match: 0-7 (October 2009, 10, J25 Section 1 Kawasaki match)
    • League Cup: 3-6 (September 2016, 9, YBC Levan Cup Quarterfinal Round 4 Gamba Osaka)
    • Cup match: 0-4 (December 2001, 12, Emperor's Cup 16th round vs. Shimizu match) 
Official game continuous record
  • Victory
    • Consecutive wins: 10 games (J2 league match only, March 2003, 3-May 23, 2003)
    • Consecutive losses: 7 games (J1 league match only, July 2002, 7-August 24, 2002)
    • 未敗戦:16試合(13(J2)+3(天皇杯)、2008年8月23日-2008年12月6日)
    • 未勝利:14試合(1(天皇杯)+10(J1)+3(ヤマザキナビスコカップ)、2005年12月10日-2006年4月29日)
    • Draw: 4 games (J1 league match only, October 2004, 10-October 3, 2004)
  • Goals
    • 得点:25試合(7(J1)+13(J2)+1(ヤマザキナビスコカップ)+4(天皇杯)、2008年5月11日-2009年4月26日)
    • No runs: 7 games (J2 league match only, September 2003, 9-October 6, 2003)
    • No score
      • 4 games (2 (J) + 2 (championship), November 1994, 11-December 16, 1994)
      • 4 games (J-League match only, August 1995, 8-September 26, 1995)
    • 失点:17試合(12(J1)+3(ヤマザキナビスコカップ)+2(カップ)、2005年11月27日-2006年4月29日)

Personal records

Match participation record
  • Youngest:Yojiro Takahagi(2 types registered), 16 years 8 months 3 days (April 2003, 4, J5 Section 2 Shonan War)
  • Oldest:Michael Mikić、37歳5ヶ月25日(2017年7月1日、J1第17節 浦和戦)
  • Most in one season:Keisei Yanagimoto, 55 games (50 (J) + 5 (cup), 1995)
  • Most enrolled:Kota Hattori、543試合(365(J1)+85(J2)+51(リーグ杯)+36(カップ)+2(入替戦)+1(スーパーカップ)+5(ACL)、1996年-2011年)
  • 公式戦連続:服部公太、143試合(74(J1)+44(J2)+14(リーグ杯)+11(カップ)、2002年11月30日-2006年4月22日)
    • リーグ戦のみ:服部公太、218試合(133(J1)+85(J2)、2002年11月30日-2008年11月30日)
Goal record
  • Youngest:Issei Takayanagi(2 types registered), 17 years 10 months 10 days (July 2004, 7, Nabisco Cup Section 24 Tokyo V match)
    • League match: Yojiro Takahagi, 18 years 0 months 19 days (August 2004, 8, J21 ・ 1nd Section 2 C Osaka match)
  • 最年長:ミハエル・ミキッチ、37歳4カ月8日(2017年5月14日、J1第11節 C大阪戦)
  • Most in one season:Hisato Sato, 31 goals (28 (J2) + 2 (cup) + 1 (super cup), 2008)
  • Most in one seasonJ1 leagueOnly): Hisato Sato, 22 goals (2012)
  • Most individuals per game:Yasushi Takahashi, 4 goals (April 2003, 4, J19 Section 2 Yokohama FC match)
  • 在籍最多:佐藤寿人、201ゴール(134(J1)+28(J2)+21(リーグ杯)+12(カップ)+2(スーパーカップ)+1(ACL)+3(クラブW杯)、2005年-2014年現在)
  • Official game series:Koji Morisaki, 5 games (J2 League, April 2003, 4-May 19, 2003),Lee Tadung(September 1, 2010-October 9, 18 in the J2010 League)
  • Maximum years of enrollment: 20 years
  • Official game consecutive full-time participation: Kota Hattori, 143 games (same as above consecutive participation)
    • リーグ戦のみ:服部公太、171試合(127(J1)+44(J2)、2002年11月30日-2007年10月6日)
  • Official game first goal:Moriichi(September 1992, 9, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Round 6 Yomiuri V, first half 1 minutes)
    • League match first goal:Yasuhiro Kazama(May 1993, 5, J Suntory Section 16 Ichihara War, 1 minute in the first half)
  • Brothers' first abeck goal: Kazuyuki Morisaki, Koji Morisaki (May 2004, 5, J5 ・ 1st Section 1 C against Osaka)

International record

International match

Held yearDateTournament nameOpponentVenueResult
20102/24ACL2010 Group leagueFlag of the People's Republic of China Shandong Lu No Tai Tai MountainHiroshima Big Arch● 0-1
3/10Republic of Korea flag Pohang SteelersPohang Steel Yard● 1-2
3/24Australian flag Adelaide United FCHindmarsh Stadium● 2-3
3/30Australian flag Adelaide United FCHiroshima Big Arch○ 1-0
4/13Flag of the People's Republic of China Shandong Lu No Tai Tai MountainShandong Provincial Gymnasium○ 3-2
4/27Republic of Korea flag Pohang SteelersHiroshima Big Arch○ 4-3
201212/6FCWC2012 1 RoundNew Zealand flag Auckland City FCYokohama International Stadium○ 1-0
12/9FCWC2012 quarterfinalsEgyptian flag Al AhliEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 1-2
12/12FCWC2012 5th place deciding matchRepublic of Korea flag Ulsan Hyundai FC○ 3-2
20132/27ACL2013 Group leagueUzbekistan flagBunyodkorHiroshima Big Arch● 0-2
3/13Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaBeijing GuoanBeijing Workers Gymnasium● 1-2
4/2Republic of Korea flag Pohang SteelersHiroshima Big Arch● 0-1
4/10Republic of Korea flag Pohang SteelersPohang Steel Yard△ 1-1
4/23Uzbekistan flag BunyodkorJAR stadium△ 0-0
4/30Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing GuoanHiroshima Big Arch△ 0-0
20142/25ACL2014 Group leagueFlag of the People's Republic of China Beijing GuoanHiroshima Big Arch△ 1-1
3/11Australian flag Central Coast MarinersCentral Coast Stadium● 1-2
3/19Republic of Korea flag FC SeoulHiroshima Big Arch○ 2-1
4/1Republic of Korea flag FC SeoulSeoul World Cup Stadium△ 2-2
4/16Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing GuoanBeijing Workers Gymnasium△ 2-2
4/23Australian flag Central Coast MarinersHiroshima Big Arch○ 1-0
5/7ACL2014 Round 16Australian flag Western Sydney WanderersHiroshima Big Arch○ 3-1
5/14Parramatta Stadium● 0-2
201512/10FCWC2015 1 RoundNew Zealand flag Auckland City FCYokohama International Stadium○ 2-0
12/13FCWC2015 quarterfinalsFlag of Democratic Republic of Congo MazembeNagai Stadium○ 3-0
12/16FCWC2015 SemifinalsArgentina flag Liebel Plate● 0-1
12/20FCWC2015 3th place deciding matchFlag of the People's Republic of China Guangzhou constantYokohama International Stadium○ 2-1
20162/23ACL2016 Group leagueFlag of the People's Republic of China Shandong Lu No Tai Tai MountainHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium● 1-2
3/1Republic of Korea flag FC SeoulSeoul World Cup Stadium● 1-4
3/16Kingdom of Thailand flag Buriram UnitedHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium○ 3-0
4/5Kingdom of Thailand flag Buriram UnitedBuriram Stadium○ 2-0
4/20Flag of the People's Republic of China Shandong Lu No Tai Tai MountainJinan Olympic Sports Center● 0-1
5/4Republic of Korea flag FC SeoulHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium○ 2-1
20192/19ACL2019 Playoff stageKingdom of Thailand flag Chiangrai UnitedHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium〇 0-0 (PK4-3)
3/5ACL2019 Group LeagueFlag of the People's Republic of China Guangzhou constantGuangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Gymnasium● 0-2
3/12Australian flag Melbourne VictoryHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium〇 2-1
4/10Republic of Korea flag Daegu FCHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium〇 2-0
4/23Republic of Korea flag Daegu FCDaegu Forest Arena〇 1-0
5/8Flag of the People's Republic of China Guangzhou constantHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium〇 1-0
5/22Australian flag Melbourne VictoryRectangular stadium〇 3-1
6/18ACL2019 Round of 16Japanese flagKashima AntlersKashima Soccer Stadium● 0-1
6/25Japanese flagKashima AntlersHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium〇 3-2

International competition players

ア ラ カ ル ト
  • First Japanese convocation
  • Japanese first international A match participation
    • Takuya Takagi: May 1992, 5 Kirin Challenge Cup vs Argentina National Team
    • Hajime Moriyasu: Same as above
  • Most Japanese caps at the time of enrollment: Takuya Takagi: 45 games (1992-1997)
  • Most Japanese goals at the time of enrollment: Takuya Takagi: 27 goals (1992-1997)

Episode a la carte

Team name and team color

Directly involved in the decisionKazuo ImanishiAnd the front desk staff said:

When the team name was solicited, it was a prefectural flower.Maple, And the "red" associated with it, and "Motonari MoriVarious candidates such as those related to[19]..その中で最多案ではなかったが、元就の故事・三本の矢にちなんだ「スリーアローズ」がクラブスタッフの目に止まったIt wasn't the most popular idea among them, but the club staff caught the eye of "Three Arrows," which was named after the original story, the three arrows.[21]..ただHoweverTrademark registrationBecause it was done, I created the name "Sanfrecce" at the staff meeting.[19][21].
Next, the team color is initially Mazda's team color "blue".[19] I was thinking, but the J-League side's intention not to be in color with other teams[Note 8]At the staff meeting, we decided to renew the team color.[21]..そこで、広島サッカー界の名門である広島一中(現Therefore, Hiroshima Ichichu (currently), which is a prestigious player in the Hiroshima soccer worldKokutaiji High School)'S team color, Prince Shotoku'sCrown XNUMXth floorBecause it symbolizes the highest rank and has a noble image, and because it was found in a preliminary survey as the most brilliant color in night games, it was decided to be "purple".[19][21].
There was also a proposal to change the team name to "Purple", but it was rejected due to poor language.[21].

In addition,Kawabuchi SaburoThere is the following episode in his book "Grab the Rainbow".

At the liquor table between Kawabuchi and the president of the Hiroshima baseball team, the president of Hiroshima said that the team name was decided to be "Hiroshima Purple" with a "noble color".Kawabuchi was expecting a nicknamed team name, but he was reluctant to use only the color team name, and the entertainers who were there also agreed with Kawabuchi's opinion and considered renaming. The name "Sanfrecce" was born after the "Three Arrows", which was named after the many "Three Arrows" by Mori Motonari.

I was in charge of the business when selecting the team colorKinomoto KozoIn his book "Both Feet Dedicated to Japanese Soccer"

A person in Hiroshima said, "Purple in English has the meaning of" noble. "It's the best in terms of color and meaning. Purple doesn't overlap with any team. However, "Speaking of purple, Hiroshima" will take root and create a very good synergistic effect. " I watched it on TV and said, "2012 years since then,Colors that are not like soccer uniformsI was delighted that Hiroshima would achieve the feat of winning for the first time. "[116].

In 1993, within the organizationト リ オSome people call themselves "Sanfrecce of XX".

At the time of establishment, reddish purple was used for uniforms, but the same purple is used as the team color.Kyoto Sanga FC(Kyo purpleIn recent years, bluish purple (violet) has been used to differentiate it from).

From 2011, uniform suppliers have beenMizunoからNikeThe away uniform was changed from white to "vermilion", partly because it was changed to.これはthis isItsukushima shrine OftoriiIt is said that it was adopted as a color that imagines.The white uniform will continue to be adopted as the third uniform.

Records / events

Damaged chairman cup

19946/11,Iwata StadiumMade inJubilo IwataIn the match, Hiroshima won 2-1 andSuntory seriesI decided to win.選手は喜びのあまり授与された高級Athletes are given luxury with joyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euChairman Cup madeHOYA crystalI was flirting with the special) on my head and swinging around[117].

However, at this time, when the team trainer tried to climb up to the platform to show the Chairman Cup to the supporters, he was so excited that he accidentally fell and dropped it from his hand, and the Chairman Cup was shattered.[118]..この珍事は翌日のスポーツ新聞紙面を飾ったThis rarity graced the next day's sports newspaper[117]..クラブはその場でJリーグ側に陳謝The club apologizes to the J League side on the spot[117]After that, a new Chairman Cup was sent to the club.Since this incident, the Chairman Cup has been made of metal.また、割った旧チェアマン杯のかけらは広島の選手スタッフおよびサポーター総出でかき集め、一旦溶かされてペンダントとなったIn addition, the broken pieces of the old Chairman Cup were scraped up by all the Hiroshima player staff and supporters, and once melted into a pendant.[117][119].

Forget uniform

19954/1,Kumamoto City Suizenji StadiumYokohama FlugelsThe battle was fought.当時九州にはJリーグチームがなく、この試合は熊本県をAt that time, there was no J-League team in Kyushu, and this match was in Kumamoto Prefecture.home townIt was a home game of Yokohama F, which was one of the special activity areas with almost the same authority as.広島は、1日後のHiroshima will be in 4 days4/5ToExpo Memorial StadiumWith the game ahead of Gamba Osaka, the away games will continue, so we prepared for two games before the Yokohama F game and brought away tools for those two games to Kumamoto.[120]..そのため持参したのはアウェー用として使っていた2ndユニフォームの白だったがTherefore, I brought the white XNUMXnd uniform that I used for away.[120], Opponent'sYokohama F 1st uniform is white[Note 9].. The staff made a mistake as they had prepared the two away tools together.水前寺競技場に着いて間違いに気付いた広島は球団事務所に紫の2stユニフォームを熊本まで届けるように頼んだAfter arriving at Suizenji Stadium and noticing the mistake, Hiroshima asked the team office to deliver the purple 1st uniform to Kumamoto.[120] I couldn't make it in time.

With the consent of Yokohama F, Hiroshima first came up with the idea of ​​coloring the white uni purple.Kumamoto Football AssociationI borrowed a spray from, but I didn't have enough time[120]..そこで、競技場に来ていたサポーターからレプリカユニフォームを借り、それにテープで背番号を貼って試合に臨んだSo, I borrowed a replica uniform from a supporter who came to the stadium, taped it with a uniform number, and went to the match.[118][120]..Of course, the uniforms I borrowed belonged to the supporters, so some of them did not have the sponsor's logo.I used the 2nd uniform for the pants and stockings, so it was a combination of purple, purple, and white from the top.

This matchLive broadcast by NHKBSAnd in the first half of the extension 12 minutesIvan Hasek OfV goalHiroshima won and achieved 50 J total wins[120]..広島の営業はスポンサーに詫びを入れに回りHiroshima sales go around to apologize to sponsors[120], J-League imposed sanctions.

The supporter who rented the replica uni was told, "I want you to return it now without washing it because it was worn by the player," and later presented a colored paper signed by all the managers and players who entered the bench at this game.[120].

Achieved the first J2 club "No. XNUMX in Japan"

20083/1,National Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldMade inXerox Super CupIn Hiroshima, which will be demoted to J2 from this year, the J-League annual champion of the previous year andEmperor's cupWas the championKashima AntlersVictory and a two-part system was established1999For the first time since then, J2 clubs have achieved the feat of winning titles other than winning the J2 League match.

Penalties for violating the first "best member rules"

20096/3, Nabisco Cup vs.Oita TrinitaIn the war, 10 of the starting members were accused of violating Article 42 of the J.League rules, so-called best members, and were fined by the J.League board of directors on September 9, the same year.Hiroshima has inquired about the rules in advance to the league side, and on the contrary, the problems of the rules have been highlighted.

Alternating current

Yoshida Town (Akitakata City)

As mentioned above, the team name was named after the story of Motonari Motonari, which is why it is a place related to Motonari.TakadaYoshida Town (currently:Akitakata City) And Sanfrecce have begun to interact with each other.After that, the exchange progressedYoshida Soccer ParkCompletion and every yearSuga ShrineYoshida Town is now the mother town of Sanfrecce, such as praying for victory.

Yokogawa Town (Nishi Ward)[121]

2007 year 3 month,Hiroden BusIs on the day of the home game, JR / Hiroshima Electric RailwayYokogawa StationA temporary shuttle bus was opened to connect the Big Arch.このとき、サポーターがAt this time, the supportersYokogawa TownI asked the shopping street to raise posters and banners.With this as an opportunity, the movement to support Sanfrecce began in the shopping district.On the day before the match, club staff and players are conducting match announcement activities at Yokogawa Station.

Cooperation with other J League clubs

Since it was the only J-League club west of Hyogo when it was first established, Hiroshima has been actively providing support such as know-how transfer and player transfer to the clubs in western Japan that later entered, and Avispa Fukuoka and Vissel Kobe have become staff members. I had a person from Hiroshima.

Oita Trinita and Ehime FC were former Hiroshima general directors when they were founded.Kazuo ImanishiParticipated as an advisor, and until each club matured, he was energetically dispatching staff, transferring young players to rental, and arranging players who were out of force.[12].

In 2008, at the J League club in the Chugoku / Shikoku regionChugoku / Shikoku J Club Information RoundtableFormed.They meet regularly and exchange opinions to solve problems in club management.

Other competition exchange

In 8 competitions and 9 groups based in Hiroshima prefectureTops Hiroshima(Inter-competition exchange network) has been formed to support mutual competitions, hold sports classes for young people, and participate in sports-based regional revitalization projects sponsored by local governments.

Apart from that, 2 competitions and 1 cultural organizationP3 HIROSHIMAStarted a regional revitalization project called (Hiroshima's three major professional communities), and is conducting a project for families to experience each group activity during the summer vacation.


Ace chant

He was an ace striker in Sanfrecce from 1995 to 2002 (later returned in 2008).Tatsuhiko KuboChanto is "I'm in love with your eyes"Met. J2降格と共にチームを去った久保の後継者として生え抜きのBorn as a successor to Kubo who left the team with JXNUMX relegationHiroto Mogi,Shunsuke MaedaHowever, in 2005, Director Ono and General Manager Oda (both of which were at that time) moved to acquire the title.Hisato SatoJoined.The supporters who expected Motegi and others questioned the acquisition of Sato.しかし佐藤は移籍1年目から2桁得点を挙げ、同年11月27日の第33節However, Sato scored double-digit points from the first year of transfer, and Section XNUMX on November XNUMX of the same year.VISSEL KOBEAfter completing the second hat-trick of the year in the war, the supporters spontaneously blessed Sato with Kubo's chant.

Kazuya NakanoHas described this day as "Sato's ace crowning ceremony", and since then, "I'm in love with your eyes" is regarded as a special chant given to ace strikers among supporters.[122].

Sanfrecce Theater[123]

After winning the match at the home of Edion Stadium Hiroshima, the playersTransistor megaphoneIn front of the supporter's seat in one hand, he is performing a performance such as disguise prepared by the player himself.

I was performing for my team supportersMasafumi Nakayama,Kazunari OkayamaLonged forYousuke KashiwagiTomoaki MakinoHowever, when he won the home game in 2007, he came to the supporter's seat and started performing.Initially, it was called "Kashimaki Theater" after the names of the two.翌2年、ここにThe following year, 2008, hereRyota MoriwakiWas added and became the current name.After transferring to Moriwaki, Shioya and Nozuta, mainly in Chiba,Takuya MasudaEtc. are doing.

It has been "officially recognized by the club" as it will alleviate traffic congestion after the match, and a video of this situation is available on the official website.It will also be broadcast in the SKY PerfecTV! Game broadcast.

Goal performance

Various after the goal centered on Tomoaki Makino and Ryota Moriwaki (occasionally GK Shusaku Nishikawa also participates) in 2010Goal performanceIt was noticed that it was featured in sports news on the national network.Makino left Hiroshima in 2010, Moriwaki in 2013, and Nishikawa in 2014 (transferred to Urawa), but performances are still continuing, centered on Sato and Hayashi.



  • Top in charge of strengthening

Training organization (Academy)

Junior youth and below

Previously, the list was published on the yearbook and homepage,Personal Information Protection LawHas not been published since 2005, when it came into effect.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)purplepurplepurple
FP (2nd)white"Red"white
GK (1st)light bluelight bluelight blue
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     purple
See the "Team Name" column in the episode a la carte above for details on how the colors were decided.

Uniform sponsor

Official website reference.なお同スポンサーでも表記名や掲出個所が年により変わっており、詳細はEven with the same sponsor, the notation name and posting location change depending on the year, so for detailsfollowingSee.
For official warfare
LocationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestEdionEDION1997-For J League Cup match
Changes in name and posting locationfollowingSee
clavicleHisense JapanHisense2019- [124]Posted on the right
Upper backマ ツ ダMAZDA2010-Also posted on the ACL chest when participating in the ACL in the past
Lower backHirogin HoldingsHiroshima HD2017-2017-2020 is "Hiroshima Bank"Notation
sleeveIzumiyou me2015-Posted in pants in 2014
Front of pantsTeralTERAL2016-
Back of pantsNone--
Practice clothes
LocationSponsor nameNotationRemarks
Chest or backマ ツ ダMAZDADepends on the type of training clothes
Left sleeve (warm-up jacket)Hiroshima BankHiroshima Bank
Left sleeve (short sleeve)IdooMeToo
Right sleeve (warm-up jacket)China Electric PowerChina Electric Power
Right sleeve (short sleeve)Nishikawa Rubber IndustryNishikawa Rubber
PantsAdplexTj Hiroshima
  • The star (★) on the emblem on the left chest of the uniform is2012-2013-2015It represents the victory in J1 of each season.

Uniform supplier itinerary

Successive uniforms

Peace Memorial Uniform
Held at home on June 2018th, 6NagasakiAnnounced the holding of "Peace Match-One Ball. One World. Thank you for the peace of sports" in the war.Under the auspices of Mayors for Peace, the aim is for athletes and spectators to work together to disseminate the realization of permanent world peace to the entire world.In this match, I wore a peace memorial model uniform.両肩に6羽のXNUMX birds on both shouldersPaper crane, The logo of "One Ball. One World.", Which is a catch phrase of Peace Match, is displayed on the right chest to express the desire to continue wishing for world peace through soccer.Wear each other's team color numbers with the meaning of respecting each other and exchanging ales.In addition, the uniform of Hiroshima is designed with a number composed of blue and orange, which are the team colors of Nagasaki. Wear it for one match only, and a part of the sales of this Peace Memorial UniformAtomic bomb domeWe will donate to a fund related to preservation projects, etc.[125][126].
Worn only for one peace match on August 2019, 8.The uniform number color is a symbol of Hiroshima's reconstruction and peace.Camphor(City tree)OleanderGreen is used in the image of (city flowers), and the peace match logo is designed on the left chest, and the scenery of Hiroshima is designed on the lower part of the uniform number.Part of the sales of the Peace Memorial Uniform isAtomic bomb domeIt is supposed to donate to a fund related to preservation business etc.[127].

Chronology of successive sponsors

Chugoku Shimbun HP You can see the sponsors since 1996 in the past results of.

年度LocationsupplierColor scheme
chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants1st2nd3rd
1992-Before ban-Before banmazda-Before banMizunoPurple white purpleWhite purple white-
1996Purple purple purpleWhite white white
2003YourVoiceLifeCARDDeODEOPurple white purpleWhite purple white
2005Urban CorporationPurple purple purple
2007Purple purple purpleWhite white white
2010DeODEO /
(1st / 2nd)
AS advancement seminarEdion
(1st / 2nd)
NikeZhu Zhu ZhuWhite white white
2013EDION /
Manda EnzymeQuornetWhite white white-
2014Sendsyou me
2016EDION /
2017EDIONHiroshima BankPurple purple yellowYellow yellow purple
2018--White white purple
2019EDION /
HisenseBluish-purpleNavy blueWhite white white
2020EDION-Purple purple purpleWhite red white-
2021Hiroshima HDWhite white white
  • With the exception of Ford in 1993 and 1994, companies headquartered in Hiroshima City or Hiroshima Prefecture, or companies originating in Hiroshima are co-sponsored.
    • Ford was a breast sponsor because Mazda was under Ford at the time (it is no longer under Ford for accounting purposes in 2010).
    • In the 1993 and 1994 Nabisco Cups, Ford was removed from the chest logo and became the team logo, and the Emperor's Cup was the same as in 1992.
  • Mazda has been a uniform sponsor since the beginning.
    • Since joining Deodeo (now EDION) in 1997, he has been a sponsor of practice chests and youth.ちなみにこの際、公式戦用胸スポンサーと同額で契約しているBy the way, at this time, the contract is the same as the official battle chest sponsor.[129].
    • 2010 Resurrected as an official back sponsor.He also became a breast sponsor for ACL in the same year, and has been a breast sponsor for ACL every year he participated in ACL.
    • In 2015SKYACTIVI posted a sponsor on my pants under my name.
  • The Chugoku Electric Power Group accounts for most of the training sponsors.一時はAt one timeChudenkoWas also included.
  • When the J League was launched,Original 10Had a one-time contract as a league uniform supplierMizunoThe longest contract with Hiroshima was in 2011.NikeHad a contract for 18 years before becoming a uniform supplier.

EDION Group Sponsor Transition

Since 1997, the EDION Group has been established as a uniform sponsor.

  • 1997-2002, 2004-2011 "DeODEO" on the chest of the 1st and 2nd uniforms and the pants of the 2003rd uniforms of 2011 and 3 (Deo deo) Is the old company name of the EDION Group store brand.The sponsor name has changed due to the company name change and organizational restructuring, 1997-2009 Deodeo Co., Ltd., 2010EDION WEST, EDION Corporation since 2011.
  • "Your Voice", which was posted on the chest in 2003, is the original brand of Deodeo (EDION Group) that existed at that time.
  • 2009 --The 2011 1st and 2nd uniform pants, the 2011 3rd uniform, and the breast sponsors "EDION" and "EDION" after 2012 have been sponsored by EDION Corporation from the beginning.
  • 2012 Pants sponsor "E.com" is an EDION sales brand.
  • 2013 Pants sponsor "Quornet" is EDION's mobile internet service company.

Also in 2011-2012FC GifuWas the uniform sponsor (upper back)AidenIs also a store brand of the EDION Group, but in the case of Gifu, it is an in-house company rather than the EDION itself.EDION EAST CompanyWas a sponsor, but since it came into contact with the J.League regulations due to the brand integration of the head office, uniforms will be concentrated only in Hiroshima, and since 2013 it has been excluded from uniform sponsors.


Home stadium transition

Currently, all official games sponsored by the J LeagueHiroshima Wide Area Athletics Stadium(Edion Stadium Hiroshima, "Esta", formerly known as Hiroshima Big Arch (Hiroshima Bi)[Note 10])) Is done.

Hiroshima Stadium can accommodate 13000 people, but the seats (chairs) can only accommodate about 7000 people.[130] I can'tWhen the J League issues and applies for a club licenseStandards for seating capacity specified inJ115000 people,J2:1[Note 11]) Is not satisfied, so it cannot be used. However,20118/13The match against Nagoya was held at Hiroshima Stadium with a temporary seat on a part of the stand behind the goal as a special measure that Big Arch could not use due to the priority of holding other events.

Was once doneJ Satellite LeagueThen, until around 1997, Mazda Taibi GroundWide area firstAnd so onYoshida Soccer ParkSince then, only one match has been held in Yoshida, Takegahana a year.

Number of games by year and stadium
* Reference Number of league home games (J2003 in 2008/2, J1 in others <including J League in 1992-98>)
1993 18 games
1994/2003 22 games
1995 26 games
1996/1999-2002/2004 15 games
1997 16 games
1998/2005-2007/2009-17 games
2008 22 games
年度League matchJ League CupACLRemarks
Hiroshima Bi
Hiroshima Su
1992---Hiroshima Su 5Non-participationJ League Cup only
1993313Ehime Riku 1
Bingo 1
Oita Riku 1
Hiroshima Bi 1
Hiroshima Su 1
1994128Hakata Riku 1
Takegahana 1
Ehime Riku 1
(No sponsor)Hiroshima BiChampionshipIncluding 1
From this year, the headquarters was virtually relocated to Hiroshima Bi (the notification remains Hiroshima Su)
"Suntory Series" (first half of the year) stage victory also loses the championship (annual final)
1995157Oita Riku 1
Ehime Riku 1
Tottori 1
(Not held)
1996102Tottori Bird 1
Kagoshima 1
Ehime Riku 1
Hiroshima Bi 5
Hiroshima Su 1
Oita Riku 1
From this year, officially relocated the headquarters to Hiroshimabi
1997150Ehime Riku 1Hiroshima Bi 3
1998107 Hiroshima Su 1
Tottori Bird 1
1st S uses Hiroshima Su as a provisional main
199996 Hiroshima Bi 1
Hiroshima Su 1
2000132 Hiroshima Su 2
200187 Hiroshima Su 3
2002123 Hiroshima Bi 2
Hiroshima Su 1
J2 relegation
20031212 Non-participationJ1 promotion
2004150 Hiroshima Su 3League match is only Hiroshima Bi
J League Cup will be held only in Hiroshima
2005170 Hiroshima Su 3
2006170 Hiroshima Su 3
2007170 Hiroshima Bi 3All J-League official games sponsored games will be held only at Hiroshima Bi[Note 12]
J2 relegation
2008220 Non-participationHiroshima Su = changed to "Cocasta" by adopting naming rights
J2 championship / J1 promotion
2009170 Hiroshima Bi 34th place in the leagueAsian Champions LeagueAdvance decision[Note 13]
2010170 Hiroshima Bi 2Hiroshima Bi 3J League Cup = Final Tournament Only
(For ACL participation)
2011161 Hiroshima Bi 1Non-participationOne J1 League match held in Cocasta
2012170 Hiroshima Bi 3J1 championship
2013170 Esta 1Hiroshima Bi[Note 10] 3Hiroshima Bi = changed to "Esta" by adopting naming rights[Note 10]
J League Cup = Final Tournament Only
(For ACL participation)
J1 championship (team first consecutive championship)
2014170 Esta 2Hiroshima Bi[Note 10]4J League Cup = Final Tournament Only
(For ACL participation)
ACL = Hiroshima Bi includes Final Tournament 1
2015170 Esta 3Non-participationJ1 2nd S / CS victory
2016170 Esta 1Hiroshima Bi[Note 10] 3J League Cup = Final Tournament Only
(For ACL participation)
2017170 Esta 4Non-participationJ League Cup = E-Star includes Playoff Stage 1
2018170 Esta 3
2019170 Esta 1Hiroshima Bi[Note 10] 3J League Cup = Final Tournament Only
(For ACL participation)
ACL = Hiroshima Bi includes 1 playoff and XNUMX final tournament
2020170 (No sponsor)Non-participation
Soccer stadium concept

Practice area / campsite

Practice field

Currently, the following three are mainly used.

Also, in the past, I have practiced in the following places[132].. Even now, both Yoshida and Big Arch may be used only when they are closed due to snow.

  • The current camp schedule is to practice in Hiroshima for about a week, then take a group photo and take a group photo.Suga ShrinePray for victory at. After that, the primary camp was held in Okinawa.Motobu TownSo, the secondary camp is in MiyazakiSeagaiaDo it at.
  • In addition to the local Hiroshima, domestic camps have been in the pastOita-Awaji Island(Both in winter),Hokkaido-Matsue-University of TsukubaIt is held in (both in summer). Motobu-cho camp started in 2011.
  • Overseas camps are often decided by the director's intention (the director in parentheses is the director). in the pastEastern Europe-Nordic(Baxter),South Korea(Jansen),Adelaide(Thomson),Guam(Go Ono),AntalyaIt is done in (Petrovic).


The financial results of Sanfrecce Hiroshima are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Amount of money: million yen

Related information

Paper medium
tv set
Cheering songs, etc.
Official flower
One-touch passCorresponding IC ticket

注 釈

[How to use footnotes]
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