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⚽ | [National High School Soccer Tournament Round 1] Maruoka wins the retreat with Luther Gakuin

Photo Soccer Match Summary

[National High School Soccer Tournament Round 1] Maruoka wins the move with Luther Gakuin

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At the end of the first half, Maruoka scored 0 points and Luther Gakuin scored 0 points, and both teams will draw in the second half.

The first round of the National High School Soccer Championship will be held on Thursday, December 1st at Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka at Fukui Prefectural Maruoka High School (male ... → Continue reading


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At the end of the first half

Japan Lutheran College

Japan Lutheran College(Lutheran university, universityEnglish: Japan Lutheran College) IsTokyoMitaka City(I.e.Headquarters located at 3-10-20Japan Ofprivate university.1964Was installed in.


Whole university

The purpose of education is "to train advanced specialists in mind, welfare and soul."The school name "Lutheran"ReformationCentral figure ofMartin LutherIt's coming from.On the wall of the eastern gate of the university, Luther's words, "Let's live and serve our neighbors, not ourselves, have the blessing of God" are written in German.Japan Evangelical Lutheran ChurchJapan Lutheran ChurchIs the founding body of both cultsPriestTo trainSeminaryIsJapan Lutheran Theological SeminaryIs attached.In addition, of KumamotoKyushu Lutheran CollegeHas a sister school relationship with.

From April 2014, it was reorganized into a five-course system with one faculty and one department.

  • Welfare consultation support course
  • Community-based welfare development course
  • Child support course
  • Clinical psychology course
  • Christian anthropology course

Building spirit

"With the heart of Christ as the heart"


Foster human resources who "serve God and the world with the heart of Christ as their heart" through "education that values ​​each person"

Academic style and features

1 students per grade.There is a mailbox for all students.The percentage of Christians who are students is about 90%.


(The main source of the history section is the official website[1]

Chronological Table

  • 1909(Meiji42) December- KumamotoKumamoto-shiOpened the road tatami seminary at
  • 1911(44th year of Meiji)
    • 4 month - Kyushu GakuinOpening school
    • June-Rocho Theological Seminary relocated to Kyushu Gakuin and reorganized into Kyushu Gakuin Theological Faculty
  • 1916(Taisho5) December- Vocational school ordinanceApproved by Kyushu Gakuin Theology College (2nd year of preparatory course, 3rd year of main course)
  • 1925(Taisho 14) January- TokyoNogata TownSaginomiya (currently Tokyo)NakanoEgret) Moved to
  • 1926(Taisho 15) March --Renamed to Japan Lutheran College (old system)
  • 1943(Showa18) March-for the warEastern Japan Seminary(The Christian Church of JapanJoined the Seminary Foundation)
  • 1950(25) April-Reopened as Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary after the end of the war
  • 1951(Showa 26) January --Received approval as a miscellaneous school by the Governor of Tokyo
  • 1953(Showa 28) --The Japan Lutheran Church opens a seminary in Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1954(Showa 29) December --Received approval from the Governor of Tokyo to donate as a school corporation, and became the school corporation Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary.
  • 1964(39)
    • January-Approved by Japan Lutheran College
    • 4 month - Japan Lutheran CollegeOpening of school, establishment of Faculty of Theology, Department of Theology
  • 1968(43) --Started education by continuing the Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary for two years after graduating from university
  • 1969(44) --The campus of Japan Lutheran College was relocated to the current location in Mitaka City, Tokyo.
  • 1976(51) April-Christian social welfare course established in the Department of Theology, Faculty of Theology
  • 1982(57) April --- University-affiliated Human Growth and Counseling Research Institute opened
  • 1985(60) October-Opened Luther Research Institute attached to the university
  • 1987(62) April --Reorganized the Faculty of Theology, Department of Theology into Faculty of Letters, Department of Theology, Department of Social Welfare
  • 1992(Heisei4 years) --Christianity and counseling courses set up in the Department of Theology
  • 1994(6) April-Theology course is changed to 4 course, 1 courses of theology course, Christianity and culture course, Christianity and counseling course
  • 1996(8) April-Corporate name is Lutheran College, university nameJapan Lutheran CollegeRenamed to
  • 1998(10) April --- Reorganized the miscellaneous schools Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary from a two-year system to a four-year system
  • 2001(13) April-Japan Lutheran College Graduate School of Human Welfare Department of Social Welfare (Master's Program) established
  • 2004(16) April --- Changed the master's program of the Department of Social Welfare, Graduate School of Human Welfare, Japan Lutheran College to the master's program, and established the doctoral program.
  • 2005(17) April --Renamed the Faculty of Letters to the Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences, and reorganized the Department of Theology and the Department of Social Welfare into the Department of Social Welfare, the Department of Clinical Psychology, and the Department of Christianity.Renamed the Graduate School of Human Welfare, Japan Lutheran College to the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Studies.Clinical Psychology Major (Master's Program) established at Graduate School of Comprehensive Anthropology
  • 2006(18) April-Graduate School of Clinical Psychology is designated as a Class 4 Designated Graduate School of the Japan Clinical Psychologist Qualifications Association.University clinical near-death consultation center opened
  • 2009(21) April-Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the academy.Established the University Community Human Resources Development Center and the Graduate School of Comprehensive Clinical Thanatology Research Institute
  • 2014(26) April-Recruitment of students from the Departments of Christianity, Social Welfare, and Clinical Psychology has been suspended, and the Department of Human Welfare Psychology (Welfare Counseling Assistance Course, Community Welfare Development Course, Child Support Course, Clinical Psychology Course, Christ) Reorganized into the Teaching and Human Studies Course).Opened Dale Pastorus Center attached to Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary

basic data


Education and research



  • Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences
    • Department of Human Welfare Psychology
      • Welfare counseling support course: Training social workers in public institutions, hospitals, private facilities and institutions)[1]
      • Community-based welfare development course: Training local government employees, social welfare councils and other welfare sites, and social workers working at NPOs / NGOs)[2]
      • Child support course: Trains child instructors and nursery teachers at child welfare facilities, school counselors, school social workers, staff of youth development groups, etc.)[3]
      • Clinical Psychology Course: Develop human resources who can play an active role in society by utilizing the knowledge and skills of clinical psychology, and support the basic skills of students aiming for clinical psychologist qualification and advancement to graduate school)[4]
      • Christian Anthropology Course: Training human resources who provide interpersonal assistance in sites that are deeply involved in life, such as Christian church-related facilities / institutions, nurseries, hospitals, hospice, and general companies)[5]

Welfare training educationMinistry of education19Unique University Education Support ProgramIn (Characteristic GP), "Construction of comprehensive practical training guidance and education system-step-by-step skill improvement and establishment of triangle guidance" has been adopted.

graduate School

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Anthropology
    • Department of Social Work[6]
      • Master's program: Training of social workers as highly specialized professionals and operators / managers at social welfare facilities / institutions
      • Doctoral course: Trains researchers and educators of social welfare, and experts in the operation and management of facilities and institutions who are familiar with the practical theory and legal policy of social welfare.
    • Department of Clinical Psychology[7]
      • Master's program: Training human resources who interact with people with a Christian spirit, and clinical psychology specialists who make full use of their expertise and skills in clinical settings such as psychology, education, and medical care.
      • Graduate School of Comprehensive AnthropologyClinical psychologyMajor isJapan Clinical Psychologist Qualification Certification AssociationFirst-class designated school.The pass rate for clinical psychologists was 2012% in 92, 2013% in 71, and 2014% in 91.

Attached research institute

  • Luther Institute[8](Translation of Luther's work, publication of the treatise collection "Luther Research" (9 volumes already published), public lectures, etc.)
  • Clinical Psychology Counseling Center[9](Provides counseling, play therapy, psychological tests, etc.)
  • Comprehensive clinical consultation center[10](Provides interpersonal assistance professionals with training and research in three areas: research and practice consultation, supervision, and comprehensive clinical death and life sciences)
  • Community Human Resources Development Center[11](Training for professionals related to people, training activists involved in community development, etc.)
  • Dale Pastoral Center[12](Research, education, and practice of pastoral work centered on supporting human healing and growth based on the Christian spirit)

* The Institute for Human Growth and Counseling was closed on July 2012, 7.

Student life

Club activities, club activities, club activities

  • Choir
  • Handbell Choir "Rous Angelica"
  • String ensemble "Nadja"
  • Wind music "Rakuyukai"
  • Sign language circle
  • Theatrical company loose
  • Friday Volunteer Circle
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Baseball circle "Osawa Shirokyu's"
  • Futsal circle "GO TOOTH.FC"
  • Ski circle "Shené Elf"
  • Tennis circle "Gold Breeze"


School festival

"Love Festival" is held as a school festival.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations

List of university officials (faculty members)

Major graduates



The school building is an architectMurano TogoIt was designed when he was 78 years old and is said to be one of his masterpieces.

Foreign relations

Other universities

AdjacentTokyo Theological SeminaryHas a credit transfer system.In the neighborhoodInternational Christian UniversityThere is no interaction with (ICU) as of 2013, but students can use each other's libraries.If you apply for it, you can use the library even if you are not a current student.


  • It is the first university in Japan to accept deafblind people.
  • Before the name change, the English notation of Japan Lutheran Theological College was Japan Lutheran theological College.

Affiliated school


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