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⚽ | [National High School Soccer Championship Round 1] Meitoku Gijuku wins the move with Tokai Gakuen

Photo Soccer Match Summary

[National High School Soccer Championship Round 1] Meitoku Gijuku wins the move with Tokai Gakuen

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At the end of the first half, Meitoku Gijuku scored 0 points and Tokai Gakuen scored 0 points, and both teams will draw in the second half.

The first round of the National High School Soccer Championship will be held on Thursday, December 1st at Komazawa Athletics Stadium, Tokai Gakuen High School (boys) vs… → Continue reading


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At the end of the first half

Meitoku Gijuku Junior High School/High School

Meitoku Gijuku Junior High School/High School(Mei-toku-gijuku-ku-taku-taku)KochiIt is inprivateJunior high school-high school.High school consistent educationIs being carried out,SusakiNidoura Campus (main school),TosaThe Ryu International Campus is located in.


The school name "Mingde" is taken from a passage from the Chinese classic "university". Meitoku is to reveal the laws of nature and the teachings of ancestors.[2].

Of the current students, who are outside the range of commuting from home, where they live with their parentsStudentsThe ratio of students is high, so all international students can move inDormitoryIs prepared. CompulsoryBoarding systemInstead, it is an educational policy to move in according to the students' wishes, but in reality most international students live in dormitories[3].. Also, for all studentsClub activitiesRequires participation in[4].. To date, 21 countries and regions from overseas[2][5]From international students/Japanesereturnee childrenAccepts. Also, since there is a dormitory with a capacity of 700 people, we are actively accepting students from outside Kochi Prefecture,Aomori-Iwate-Yamagata44 prefectures except[6]Students from overseas and from outside the prefecture make up about 70% of all students.

1984On April 4, the school name was changed from "Meitoku" to "Meitoku Gijuku".

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.20187/23Was broadcast onWhat is YOU to Japan?In the (2 hour special version), 1000 (350 foreign students) were introduced out of XNUMX students in the whole school, and interviews were conducted with students from the Sumo Club in Mongolia and the cartoon club in Thailand.[7].

2018 years,The 90th Memorial High School Baseball Tournament(Senbatsu Koshien) has decided to participate for the 3th time in 18 consecutive years.


(Source of this section[2])

  • 1972(Showa47) December- School corporationMitoku Junior High School License
  • 1973(Showa 48) April-Mingde Middle School opens
  • 1976(Showa 51) April-Mingde High School opens
  • 1978(Showa 53) June- gymnasium・Kendo and Sumo Dojo completed
  • 1983(Showa 58) April-Baseball dojo completed
  • 1984(59) April-Renamed Meitoku Gijuku Junior High School and Meitoku Gijuku High School
  • 1986(Showa 61) April-Special advancement course established
  • 2001(13) April-Opened Ryu International Campus
  • 2013(25) April-New dormitory "Yoroku dormitory" and new dining hall are completed on Ryu International Campus.


In 9 monthCultural FestivalThe cultural festival is held for three consecutive days.

Middle schoolGraduation ceremonyIs a public high school in FebruaryRecommendation entrance examinationImmediately after the end of the high school graduation ceremony in JanuaryCenter examIt is being done right after the end. This is because I have to take the entrance examination until the latter half of March, so I will not be busy just before. However, there are many students who come to school even after the graduation ceremony because supplementary training will be held in February and March.

Main club activities

International Theater Department

The United Kingdom OfOxford UniversityからDirectorIs invited to perform an English drama three times a year.sloganIs a memberShakespeare"Turn All To The Best" selected from among the works.

Marching band

Reorganized from the traditional brass band (time unknown). Once every three years, we hold a joint concert with Mingde's overseas sister schools.

Soccer club

in recent years,Summer high school-Winter championshipYou can see activities such as participation.Santo Lord AlessandroAnd many OBs are produced.

Main battle record

  • Participated in three winter championships
  • Participated 5 times in summer

Baseball club

  • The performances at the Koshien tournament since Heisei are the highest in Kochi prefecture (since 24, the Kochi prefecture Koshien participation school total 50 wins in 40 years, Meitoku Gijuku XNUMX wins).
  • The first match at the Koshien tournament1987In theKanto Daiichi High SchoolIt was all over except the defeat to2011In the first match of SenbatsuNidaidai High SchoolAnd lost.Saburo MabuchiThe first breakthrough that has continued since becoming the director has been interrupted with 20 consecutive victories.
  • さ ら にSummer championshipThen.1984Has been increasing the number of consecutive open games since their first appearance2015ToTsuruga Kebi High School<Senbatu winning school of the same year> In the match, they lost 10 times and lost 3-4x, and lost the goodbye. It was the first time for Meitoku Gijuku to be defeated in the summer tournament, and the record finally stopped at "16 times".
  • The school participated in Koshien at the championship1998 (Yokohama),2010 (Konan),2012 (Osaka Toin)Is "Consecutive spring and summer"Was achieved, but both are playing against high schools who have achieved "Spring-Summer consecutive victory (in the Heisei era)."


Achievements at Koshien (High School)

At the end of 2016 (Heisei 28)

  • 2002 (Heisei 14) 84th National High School Baseball Championship: Winner
  • 33 appearances in total 53 wins and 32 losses
    • Selection[8] 15回出場 24勝16敗 / ベスト4(1983年、2004年)、ベスト8(1984年、1996年、1998年、2000年、2002年)
    • Championship[9] 17 appearances 29 wins, 16 losses / 2002 win (4), best 1998 (2012, 2016, XNUMX)
  • At Koshien, the first match was ruthlessly strong, and only five times were lost in the first match in the 1987, 2011 selection tournament, 2015 championship tournament, 2016, 2017 selection tournament, and the 5 selection was runner-up.Kanto oneIn 1-3, 2011 selection is the best 4 (winner in the summer championship)Nitta DaizoIn 5-6, 2015 championship won the spring selectionTsuruga Kebi High School3-4 (10 times extension), 2016 selection is the best 4Heian High School attached to Ryukoku UniversityIn 1-7, 2017 selection is Jingu tournament runner-upWaseda BusinessIt is 4-5 (10 times extension). In the selection, the opponents at the time of losing the first match are two out of four (Kanto one, Nihon Daizo) opponentsOgura ZenyuIs the director.

Table Tennis Department

  • The high school girls' group is second in the selection competition,Inter HighHas won the record.
  • Junior high school students also have excellent results, such as second place in the selection competition.
  • The directorRika SatoKengo Sato is working.

Kendo club

The kendo club2007It is becoming a powerful player nationwide, such as achieving second place in the selection competition of.

2009 OfJade Dragon Flag High School Kendo TournamentSo I won my first victory.

Also, junior high school2006 OfNational conventionHas achieved the championship in.

basket Club

In recent years, the basketball club has alsoSummer high school-Winter cupHe has participated and has experienced the best eight at Inter-High.

Main battle record

  • Participated in the 13th Winter Cup (Championship)
  • Participated 12 times in summer

Golf club

1994The men's golf club is 15thNational High School Golf ChampionshipWon the[10].

Main graduate


サ ッ カ ー




Other celebrities


87th National High School Baseball Championship participation refusal and extension of disposition due to baseball club scandal

  • 2005 ――It was found that six senior baseball team members in the second and third grades (three of them were among the 2 who entered the Koshien tournament on the bench) were violent against the first grade members. It was also found that a total of 3 first and second grade members were smoking before the Kochi tournament began.Regarding these facts, our schoolJapan High School Baseball Federation(Japan Takanoren) had not reported.On July 7th, the guardian of the first grader told the school side,BullyingSince I was receiving the problem, I found a problem because I offered to quit school. The baseball team manager apologized with the six members and their parents to the parents' home of the first graders, and the school returned the amount of money the students spent while at school. Regarding group smoking, eight members in the first grade and three members in the second grade were smoking in the dormitory of the baseball club. It is said that none of the 6 members planned to enter the bench this time. Anonymous information was provided from August 1st to 1rd, and the Japan Takanoren called the people concerned to proceed with the inquiry. The Meitoku Gijuku is a combination lottery held on the 8rd, and on the 2th day of the competition.Nihon University Third High SchoolThe match with (West Tokyo) had been decided. On the 4th, the school applied for refusal to participate in the tournament headquarters. It was the first time that a representative school declined due to a scandal at the National High School Baseball Championship[12].Japan Student Baseball AssociationHeld a screening room meeting on January 2006, 1 in Tokyo to discuss the disposal of member schools, and baseball team membersShopliftingIncident ( South KoreaSchool excursion中だった2005年11月、宿泊先ホテルの売店で2年生数人が万引きをし、うち5人が野球部員だった)を起こしたため処分を1ヶ月延長することを決めた。2005年8月3日から半年間、対外試合を禁止されているが今回の処置で、2006年3月2日まで処分が延びた[13].. On March 2006, 3, Japan Takanoren announced that it will lift the ban on foreign games for 1 months from August 2005, 8 due to a scandal of its members on March 3, when the deadline expires. On this day, there was a notification from the Japan Student Baseball Association and I told the school[14].

Bullying problem

  • Immediately after entering school, a male student who belonged to the soccer club was bullied by being injured and kicked by classmates including soccer club members, and being bullied by members and soccer club managers. I got to receive it. The boys became intolerable to bullying and transferred to another private high school in Kochi City in September 2014. On January 9, 2015, the student and parents asked their classmates and their parents at that time, and Meitoku Gijuku to pay a total of 1 million yen.Kochi District CourtFiled a lawsuit against[15].


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