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🥋 | [RIZIN] Kanna Asakura Judgment win over the talented person "I wanted to win overwhelmingly ... I'm sorry"

Photo Kanna Asakura attacking Ai (above)

[RIZIN] Kanna Asakura Judgment wins against talented people "I wanted to win overwhelmingly ... I'm sorry."

If you write the contents roughly
2R also had a fight at the stand, but neither was a decisive hit.

Kanna Asakura (XNUMX) meets at the martial arts event "RIZIN.XNUMX" (Saitama Super Arena) in New Year's Eve ... → Continue reading

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2R(IR) isSingaporeBornHong KongA female duet.Members areRace Wong.. The record company to which you belongUniversal Musicbecome.The two areMalaysiaIs a citizen of.2003Formed,2007Dissolution.Currently, the members after the dissolution are working solo.




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