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⚽ | <National High School Soccer> Shohei breaks through the first match Yamaguchi / Takagawa Gakuen wins the penalty shootout from 2-2 in the second round

Photo Shohei-Takagawa Gakuen wins the penalty shootout and rejoices Shohei Eleven = 31st, NACK5 Stadium Omiya

<National High School Soccer> Shohei breaks through the first match Yamaguchi / Takagawa Gakuen wins the penalty shootout from 2-2 in the second round

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Shohei will face Kyoto Tachibana in the second round on the 2nd (2:12, Urawa Komaba Stadium).

On the 99st of the 1th National High School Soccer Championship, 31 games were played in the first round at NACK5 Stadium Omiya, etc. → Continue reading

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Saitama City Komaba Stadium

Saitama City Komaba Stadium(Saitama Komaba Stadium)SaitamaSaitamaUrawa-ku OfKomaba Sports ParkInAthletic field.Ball fieldAlso used as.The facility is owned by Saitama City and is owned by Saitama City Park and Greenery Association.Designated administratorIt is operated and managed as.In addition, "Komaba Sports Park Stadium andAuxiliary stadiumIt is also called[1].

Incidentally,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) memberUrawa RedsUrawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd., the operating company of (hereinafter referred to as "Reds")Naming rightsHas obtained2012From AugustUrawa Komaba Stadium"(For details, seeLater).

Equipment outline

  • Land truck2002UntilJapan Athletics FederationIt was a second-class official approval, but after that the official approval was revoked and it was in a non-official state.2010It became the third kind official recognition by the repair work from.
  • Capacity: 21,500 people (roof is erected on the main stand, back stand is a two-layer type)
About seating arrangements Reds official website seat layout reference.
  • Night game lighting equipment: 4 units
  • Electric bulletin board (video can be captured, behind the goal on the away side)
  • Truck: 400m x 8 lanes
  • Natural turf pitch
  • Auxiliary ground (only for ball games)

Main games

Directions and Parking

  • East Japan Railway(JR East)Urawa StationEast Exit/Kitaurawa StationAbout 15 minutes on foot from the east exit.
  • scheduled bus:Kokusai Kogyo Bus
    • (Ura 51) Urawa Station East Exit-At Kitaurawa Station East Exit, get off at "Komaba Sports Park Entrance" or "Space Science Museum Entrance".
    • (Ura 08) Urawa Station East Exit-Minamidai, (Beauty 01) Urawa Station East Exit-Get off at "Komaba Athletic Park Entrance" at Urawa Misono Station.
  • When the J League is held: A direct shuttle bus runs from the east exit of Urawa Station. (Arrive at Urawa Station West Exit on the return trip)
By the way, near our stadiumNational Route 463Koshigaya Urawa BypassHowever, since this road is also the route of the shuttle bus to / from Urawa Station at the time of the event at Saitama Stadium 2002, visitors come and go to Saitama Stadium 2002 while looking at the stadium.
After the Urawa Reds match at Saitama Stadium, the shuttle bus for Kitaurawa will stop.
If the Urawa Reds ladies team holds a home game at Komaba Stadium and the top (boys) team holds a home game at Saitama Stadium on the same day, a free bus from Komaba Stadium to Saitama Stadium will be operated to become a "ladder spectator" for both games. Sometimes for convenience[Annotation 2].


  • 1967 --The 22nd SaitamaNational body(Fresh national polity) As a soccer venueUrawa"Urawa City Komaba Soccer Field"(Capacity of 5,000 people) is open.
  • 1982 --Additional land trucks, "Urawa City Komaba Stadium(Accommodates 8,000 people).
  • 1993 ――In order to meet the J-League standard, the night game equipment and the back stand will be partially seated to accommodate 10,000 people.4/24ToEclipseUrawa International Friendship Soccer was held (Urawa vs.Manchester City).5/18The first official J-League match was held in (Stage 1, Section 2, Urawa vs.Nagoya Grampus Eight).
  • 1994 ――Because we received a recommendation from the J League that it was less than the minimum capacity of 15,000.UrawaDecided to refurbish.The main stand and back stand were expanded to make the stadium a capacity of 21,500 people, so it was closed for about a year.Urawa during this timeSaitama Prefectural Omiya Park Soccer FieldWill be the provisional base.
  • 1995 ――The renovation work has been completed, and the match hosted by Urawa has resumed (2nd stage, Section 2, Urawa vs.Shimizu S-Pulse).Also, the name is "Urawa City Komaba StadiumIs changed to.9/9, Recorded 2 people, the largest number of spectators in history at this stadium (Nikos Stage Section 2150, Urawa vs.Jubilo Iwata).
  • 1997 - 5/17With UrawaYokohama FlugelsThe battle (1st stage Section 9)LightningSuspended due to(I.e.The ground was flooded and was cut off at the end of the first half.Cancellation of the first match in the J-League league matchBecomes (7/2Rematch at our stadium, Urawa vs Yokohama F).8/28,1998 FIFA World CupFrance tournament Asian final qualifyingJapan national football teamJapan national team and J-League foreign player selection will play as a send-off strengthening matchJOMO CUP J League Dream MatchWas held (Japan National Team vs J League Foreign Player Selection).
  • 2001 --With the establishment of Saitama City, the name was changed to "Saitama City Komaba Stadium"change to.10/13,Saitama Stadium 2002Is completed and started to be used.Urawa announced that it will continue to use the stadium as its base and will use Saitama stadium as a supplement.
  • 2002 --With the 2002 FIFA World Cup (Japan-Korea Tournament)Japan national football teamRegarding the matchPublic viewingImplemented.Also,9/21,Omiya ArdijaHome game was held (J1 Section 2 Omiya vs.Avispa Fukuoka).
  • 2004 ――This stadium (1 games) is the first Saitama stadium (6 games, etc.) in the number of J9 sponsored games held by Urawa.J League ChampionshipAlso held).From then on, Urawa treats the stadium as a de facto quasi-home. September,Sai no Kuni Makoto National Athletic MeetUsed in (soccer boys and boys).
  • 2005 --Omiya has been promoted to J1 and has held two sponsored games at this stadium since J2002 (2 game) in 1.Shared with Urawa (2 J1 games, 5 Nabisco Cup qualifying league games).
  • 2006 --With the complete renovation of the Omiya Park soccer field that was transferred to Saitama City, we will accept the use of Omiya as a temporary base.Omiya reduced the number of games at Saitama Stadium and held games centered on this stadium (J1 / 10 games, Nabisco Cup qualifying league 3 games).
  • 2007 --With the completion and reopening of the Omiya Park soccer field, Omiya's use of the stadium's provisional base has ended.
  • 2010 --Start of renovation mainly for the purpose of redevelopment as an athletics stadium (details will be described later).
  • 2012 --Renovation work completed.Urawa Reds are at our stadiumNaming rightsGet. This is the first time that the J.League club has acquired the naming right.Known as "Urawa Komaba StadiumDecided.In addition, the common name of the auxiliary stadium attached to the sports park is "Reds Heart-Full Field KomabaBoth nicknames will be used from June 6st of the same year.[1].. July,FIFA U-20 Women's World CupBut it was used.
  • 2013 --The Urawa Reds headquarters registration designation of the J League notification is removed.
  • 2014 --Returned to Urawa Reds headquarters registration designation in J League notification[3].
  • 2015 --Urawa Reds renews the naming rights contract for this stadium (for a period of time)2018Until January 3th).
  • 20172/12 ――It will be held for the first time in about three and a half yearsSaitama City CupUsed as a match venue[4].

Usage in the J League

Urawa Reds sponsored match

"Saitama Stadium 2002Even after the completion of2002Until then, the number of games was limited from the viewpoint of lawn management accompanying the World Cup Japan-Korea tournament.2003Since then, Urawa has come to mainly use Saitama Stadium, which has become another home stadium, in league games due to reasons such as capacity (in effect, demoted from main to quasi-base).However, this stadium is still in UrawaSupporter"Sacred place(J2 relegation, J1 return, first stage victory, etc. are often games at this stadium, but not games,2003ToNabisco CupA victory debriefing session was held at this stadium for the supporters who remained in the area even when they won the championship.

For this reason, tickets for home games at this stadium were sold out quickly and were famous for being extremely difficult to obtain.2005From now on, all seats except A goal back unreserved seats and A visitor seats = away goals back unreserved seats are sold by season tickets, making it even more difficult to obtain tickets.

20072 league games,Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(Emperor's Cup) 1 match, 3 matches in total (AFC Champions LeagueAll games, Nabisco Cup quarterfinalsGamba OsakaAll the battles were held at Saitama Stadium), and the number decreased further.2010 J LeagueNo match was played in the league match (all held at Saitama Stadium),2010 J League CupThere is only one match in the qualifying round (three matches including two Emperor's Cup matches), and due to the above-mentioned renovation work, no league match or league cup will be held after 1 (however, after the renovation in 2). , The games equivalent to Urawa Red Diamonds of the Emperor's Cup are mainly held in the 3nd to 2011rd rounds, but the number of spectators is often less than 1).

Incidentally,2020Saitama Stadium 20022020 Tokyo OlympicsOnce designated as a soccer competition venue7/5[Annotation 3]ToHokkaido Consadole SapporoAs a league match in a match2009The Reds main game was scheduled for the first time in 12 years since then,Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAs a result, the schedule for the entire J-League was changed, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics itself was postponed (planned) to July 2021, and the schedule for using Saitama Stadium 7 became vacant, so the event was held at Komaba Stadium. It disappeared.

2021For the same reason8/14ToSagan TosuBattle8/25ToSanfrecce HiroshimaTwo games, one for the league and one for the league, will be held at Komaba Stadium.

Match hosted by Omiya Ardija

From 2005 to 2007Omiya ArdijaIs the home stadium ofSaitama City Omiya Park Soccer FieldHeld some games of Ardija's home game to carry out the stand extension work (in 2005, there were only two games because Saitama Stadium was the de facto quasi-main, but in 2 and 2006 Played a majority match as a provisional home).


Dejima at this stadium refers to "away cheering seats"[5]..Dejima is on the right side of the main stand and has a capacity of less than 21500 out of 400 people, which is the best away in Japan.[6] It is a block that is isolated from the cheering seats of the home. The origin of "Dejima" is this isolated treatment and fan-shaped shape.Edo PeriodToIsolationWhen I was doingNagasaki-DejimaNamed after something similar to[7].

Urawa vs. April 2001, 4FC TokyoAfter the war, an incident occurred in which Urawa supporters blocked the entrance gate and kept FC Tokyo supporters in captivity for nearly three hours (commonly known as the "Dejima incident").[6][7][8]..FC Tokyo side who was provocatively cheering during the gameMasahiro FukudaSinging the chant of[8], FC Tokyo side belonged until the previous yearTuttIt is said that when Urawa side received this as a provocation when singing the chant for the purpose of ale[7].

The opponents of the match at this stadiumKyoto Sanga,VISSEL KOBE such asGamba OsakaOther thanKinkiMomentumAvispa Fukuoka-Oita Trinita such asKyusyuIt is limited to teams that are expected to have few away supporters, such as teams, or Nabisco Cup games held on weekdays.However,2006In the match between Urawa and Fukuoka held in Tokyo, the tickets for the day were not sold because the away unreserved seats were sold out at the pre-sale stage.

Since it is located directly under the speaker, it becomes difficult for cheers to reach even the nearest goalkeeper when sound flows.[6].

Past renovation work

At the start of the J League

1993At the start of the J-League, from Urawa City at that timeMitsubishi Motors Urawa Soccer ClubIs decided to enter.At the same time, a large-scale renovation work was carried out on the Komaba stadium, and the back stand, which was a lawn seat, was changed to a seat (the back of the goal was not repaired), four night game lights were installed, and an electric bulletin board dedicated to score display was installed. went.The capacity was about 4.

After that, the J-League pointed out that the capacity for holding the stadium as a base was less than the prescribed 15000 people, and Urawa City decided to resume the complete renovation of the stadium.1994With NICOS series (3rd and 4th rounds of the year)1995For the Suntory series (1st and 2nd rounds of the year), we decided to temporarily base ourselves on the Omiya Park soccer field, and expanded the main back stand (main stand with a roof, back stand with a double-layer stand). ) Change to a standing seat behind the goal, on the score bulletin boardAurora visionThe stadium will be reborn as a stadium that meets the J-League holding standards for 21500 people.

2010 renovation

2009The budget for the renovation work was set by Saitama City.2010From summer2011It will be implemented toward the end.

The ground of Komaba Stadium is said to be weak because it was built in a swamp.2002ToJapan Athletics FederationHas been revoked from official recognition.2008It was reported that the height difference of the track and field track was 19.5 cm at the maximum, and the Saitama Prefecture Athletics Federation and others continued to request repairs.In this renovation work, a "columnar improvement" method will be adopted in which a large number of piles are struck up to the hard ground 5-10 m underground to achieve both ground improvement and cost reduction, and in addition, the lawn surface and trucks will be renovated.Saitama City says that after the renovation work is completed, it will be officially recognized as a third-class athletics stadium and it will be possible to hold various athletics competitions at the prefecture level, and it is expected to be used in amateur soccer etc.[9].

On the other hand, with respect to the repair cost, which is expected to total more than 16 billion yen, it is almost impossible to hold J-League games, which are expected to attract large-scale customers, so professional soccer officials and the city council will secure profits commensurate with the investment. It is reported that the anxiety of[10].

For this reason,1992 J League Cupexcept1993The J-League has not been held in Komaba since the inauguration of the J-League for the first time, including the League Cup match.Along with this2010Published by J League as "Urawa Reds Headquarters"Fans guideThe introduction of this stadium that was posted in2011Was deleted, but2014In the "Pia J League Watching Guide <Fan's Guide Successor Official Magazine>" published, it is listed as the Reds' home stadium, although there is no match held. Notification of home registration to the J League2013It was once canceled, but was re-registered in 2014.Since 2014, the Reds-led J1 League games have not been played through league games and the J League Cup.2020ToTokyo OlympicsSaitama Stadium will be the venue, and there will be a period when it cannot be used due to preparations, so on July 7thHokkaido Consadole SapporoIn the league match, the sponsored match will be held for the first time in 11 years[11]It was planned, but as mentioned above, the sponsored game disappeared due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Naming rights

In the administrative and financial reform promotion plan, Saitama City has decided to sell the naming rights of Komaba Stadium and auxiliary stadium for the purpose of maintaining facilities by sales and improving citizen services. In 2012, the city consulted with Mitsubishi Motors Football Club Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Reds operating company"), which was the operating company of Urawa Reds at that time.The Reds have used it as a home stadium for many years, and accepted a consultation from Saitama City with the aim of contributing to the development of "Urawa, the city of soccer."[12], A basic agreement on the sale of naming rights was reached between the two parties on March 2012, 3.[13].

In response to this, the Reds management company publicly solicited names from April 2012st to 4th, 1, on the condition that the wording of "Urawa" or "Komaba" must be used. There were 20 applications, and the proposals using the names "Urawa", "Komaba", and "Urawa Komaba" were almost the same, and the presence or absence of "Reds" and "Red Diamonds" was almost the same.

The Reds management company has set up a naming rights selection committee and has set up the following four points as the concept for selecting naming rights.[12].

  • Make "Komaba" a bridge that connects the "past", "present", and "future" in soccer in Urawa
  • Make "Komaba" a base where "Urawa and Reds" and "citizen sports and professional sports" are fused
  • Along with efforts such as the 20th anniversary of Urawa Reds and the change of corporate name, we will re-cultivate the history and tradition of Urawa and build bonds.
  • Contributing to new growth by connecting to the development of "Urawa, the city of soccer"

Based on this concept, the selection committee said, "It is important for the Reds to show their attitude toward Komaba and their concrete efforts to realize it," and "Posting the Reds emblem on the stadium is the naming of the soccer club. Assuming that it is important for acquiring rights, the common name is "Urawa Komaba StadiumIt is decided to[12], Formal contract with Saitama City, has been using the naming rights name since June 2012, 6.The contract amount is 1 yen per year (including consumption tax, etc.), April 5,000,000, 2015[14]・ The 2018-year contract was renewed on April 4, 1 (current contract period is until March 3, 2021).[15].

In the future, we will focus on using it as the main base of Urawa Reds Ladies, and use it for games and practice as much as possible even in the subordinate organization. The company plans to promote efforts such as holding games and developing events so that it can be widely used by local residents and various sports organizations.[1].


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  3. ^ In the revised schedule, the day before7/4ToYokohama F. MarinosThe battle was held, but the venue was Saitama Stadium instead of Komaba, and general supporters were completely banned from entering.Remote matchAs was done.


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