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⚽ | [National High School Soccer Tournament Round 2] Starting soon!School corporation Ishikawa vs Soseikan

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[National High School Soccer Tournament Round 2] Starting soon!School corporation Ishikawa vs Soseikan

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After this, from 1/2 12:05, the second round of the National High School Soccer Championship, a match between Ishikawa High School (boys) and Soseikan High School (boys) will be held at NACK2 Stadium Omiya.

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Saitama City Omiya Park Soccer Field

Saitama City Omiya Park Soccer Field(Saitama Omiya Koen Soccer)SaitamaSaitamaOmiya W OfOmiya ParkInサ ッ カ ーDedicatedBall field..Owned by the city.Affiliated organization of the cityFoundationThe Saitama City Park and Greenery Association manages the operation.

In addition, the commercial broadcasting FM station headquartered in Omiya Ward, Saitama CityFM Nack Five Co., Ltd. Naming rightsHas obtained20075/14From "NACK5 Stadium Omiya"(Nack Five Stadium Omiya, abbreviation" NACK ") is used (Later).


19604/9,At the timeOmiya cityToSaitama Prefectural Omiya Park Soccer FieldOpened as (Saitama Ken Eio Omiya Koen Soccer Jyo).It is Japan's first soccer field and is said to be the oldest existing one in Japan.

At the beginning of the opening, it was a simple thing that put a large amount of earth and sand in the wetland of Ashihara, so when the ball jumped out of the venue, he went to the wetland.The turning point came1962In November1964 Tokyo OlympicsIt was decided that it would be used as one of the venues for soccer competitions.Along with this, the stand was set up with a total construction cost of 1 million yen (at that time).Also1967 OfSaitama National Athletic MeetIt also became the venue for soccer competitions.The original purpose of the renovation was to serve these two competitions.

1965,1971Held in JapanAsian YouthIt is used as one of the venues. In 1971, a tower-type night lighting facility was installed.

1970Started onNational Junior High School Soccer TournamentAs the main venue of1981It was used until the 12th tournament.

1979 OfWorld youthJapan tournamentWith being used as one of the venues ofAwayThe scoreboard behind the goal on the side was refurbished to an electric light bulb type (only the team name and score are posted in the form of a light bulb. Later, this skeleton was used to repair it to two-color magnetic inversion <black / yellow>).Diego Maradona(アルゼンチン) Is also known as the stadium that made its debut on the international stage.

1992から1995UntilJ League-Urawa Red DiamondsUsed as a quasi-home stadium in 1992 (especially in XNUMX)Nabisco Cup1994The 2nd stage, 1995 1st stage is the home stadium Urawa City Komaba Stadium (currentlySaitama City Komaba Stadium) Was under renovation, so most of Urawa's home games were held here.At this time, no repairs such as seat expansion were carried out, and in 1995, repairs were made to match the illuminance of the lawn and night lighting to the J League standards).

Same since 1996J League(From 1996 to 1998Old JFL)ofOmiya ArdijaIt is the main stadium of (former NTT Kanto Soccer Club).Also,National High School Soccer Championship,Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipIt is also the venue for[Note 1].

2002 Of2002 FIFA World CupThen, with Komaba StadiumSaitama Stadium 2002Used as a practice ground when playing games inBrazil national teamPracticed here before the semifinalslocker roomOn the wallRonaldinhoThe signatures of the Brazilian national team members including the above are left behind.

1990 eraOnce you enter, the facilities become very old andSaitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball FieldA proposal to relocate the Omiya Park soccer field to the site on the south side of Omiya Daini Park, which was the planned relocation site for the new construction, was raised, but soon the construction of Saitama Stadium 2002 was started.After that, this site was developed as Omiya Daisan Park.

In the fall of 2000, Saitama Prefecture said that the completion of Saitama Stadium 2002 could secure an alternative facility for the soccer field in 2004.Sai no Kuni Makoto National Athletic MeetAfter the event, it was decided to remove and dismantle the Omiya Park soccer field, and Omiya Ardija would use Saitama Stadium with Urawa.However, there was a risk that Ardija would lose his original home stadium as the soccer competition facilities disappeared from the Omiya area (the supporters felt considerable resistance to the Omiya club renting Urawa's facilities. (It is said that there was), supporters carried out signing activities for the transfer of the Omiya Park soccer field to Omiya City.Fortunately, Omiya City was willing to continue to use it as a civic facility after renovation, so the management right of the facility was transferred from the prefecture to Omiya City from April 2001, 4.On May 1st of the same year, Omiya CityUrawa,Yono CityAnd merged with "SaitamaAs a result, it was automatically taken over by Saitama City. Saitama City on April 2003, 4Government-designated cityIn commemoration of the transition to, the ownership of the soccer field was completely transferred from Saitama Prefecture to Saitama City, and the name was changed to the current name.

From the spring of 2006 to October 2007, it could not be used due to the complete renovation work. (Later

In 2011 and 2014J League Best Pitch AwardAward.

August 2012, 12,26th competitionHas been held as the opening match of the Emperor's Cup finalAll Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipIndependent of the final, the first tournament after the Empress's Cup34th competitionThe final was held at this stadium.Next year 201335th competitionThe final was also held. 201941th competitionThe final was held at this stadium for the first time in 6 years[2].

In 2019J LeagueBelongs toFC TokyoBut of the homeAjinomoto Stadium OfRugby World Cup Japan TournamentSince we cannot host weekday games due to the renovation work that accompanies the event,Levan cupOne group league home game will be held at this stadium[3]After that, FC Tokyo advanced to the prime stage (final tournament) of the Levin Cup, so the quarterfinal home game was also held at this stadium.[4].

Facility overview

After renovation

  • The capacity is about 15,500 (10,119 individual seats, 5,300 standing seats, 47 wheelchair seats).ConventionalAbout 3,000 more people were added.
    • However, the capacity is the capacity including standing, and because a buffer zone is provided, only about 12,000 people can actually enter even if it is full.This is also a capacity of about 15,000 peopleNHK Spring Mitsuzawa Stadium,Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer FieldIs also the same.
    • As of 2013, Omiya Ardija has a voluntarily set capacity of 12,500 people.This is to reduce the number of standing seats behind the goal from the number counted under the Fire Service Act (to make the audience feel comfortable watching the game), and to reduce the number of view box seats (VIP seats), wheelchair seats, parting seats, and buffer zones. This is because it was deducted.[5]
    • 1 tickets sold out in an hour and a halfSaitama DerbyThe number of spectators was 12,221.
  • The number of seats behind the goal is 2,508 individual seats on the home side, about 3,200 standing seats, 2,000 individual seats on the away side, and about 2,100 standing seats.
  • A roof is erected on the main stand (2002It used to have a roof, so it can be called a "revival."However,J League club license systemThe B grade standard urges the roof to be erected at least one-third of the capacity, but it is not enough at present, and improvement is required from the J League), and all back stands and behind the goal Private seats are also set up in some areas.
    • White letters "OMIYA" on the main stand and "NACK5" on the back standOrangeWritten in the ground bag.The main "OMIYA" is1999It was written from the beginning of J2 (it seems that there was a partial repair), but with this full repair, the width between letters has narrowed a little.
    • The back of the goal is a two-layer system.
  • For dugout of the main standdopingInspection room set up.
  • WC(Expanded from 3 to 6 places, toilets for the disabled are also installed in 6 places).
  • The night game lighting tower is also installed at 35m higher than before (the installation location is the same at each corner as before, a round shape that imaged the shape of Omiya's "O")
  • Large video equipment (480 inches) behind away goals.
  • Due to the renovation, the pitch position has been shifted by 2m (this is to secure the construction space for the stand behind the goal).

Reference / Before repair

  • Capacity 12,500 (a part of the main stand had a roof, but it was removed in 2002 due to aging facilities. ChairsPlasticMade of, the main stand is separate and the back stand is a long seat.Behind the goalconcreteStanding seat. )
  • Night game lighting equipment 4 tower type
  • AwayThere is an electric bulletin board behind the goal on the side,1998It was renovated from a light bulb type to a magnetic reversal type.
  • The above electric bulletin board could only display the scores of both teams, not the player names.The player name was displayed on paper using the advertising area behind the goal on the away side.Every time a player changed, a staff member climbed the ladder and changed the paper, which was an idyllic scene (at the base of the J2 club, in addition to the former Omiya soccer field,Tosu Stadium,Tottori Municipal Soccer FieldYou can't write your name on the electric signboard,Oita Municipal Athletic Field,Kitakyushu City Honjo Athletics StadiumThere was one that was used as a temporary panel without the electric board itself).
  • Since the distance between the spectators' seats and the pitch is very close and there is no height difference, the sense of presence and unity is extremely high, and it was one of the few stadiums in the J League soccer stadium where players and supporters can hug and touch. ..
  • When Omiya Ardija joined J2, the advertising signboard of the team's official sponsor was installed only behind the goal as when joining J1. (When we played J2 games at other venues such as Komaba and Saitama Stadium, the sponsor signboard was installed on the back stand.)

Banner installation location (Ardija-controlled game)

  • Home team banner installation location Behind the back stand (category 1 and 2 back), the front row of the 3st floor seats of the goal back stand (category 5 and 1), the front row and the back of the 2nd floor seats
  • Away team banner installation location Front row of 5st floor seats, front row of 1nd floor seats, and rearmost seats for visitors (next to category 2)
  • The front row of the main stand and back stand cannot be installed at home or away due to advertising space.

Directions and Parking

In addition, on the industrial road that runs near the soccer fieldKokusai Kogyo Bus,Tobu Bus WestThere are two bus stops running, "Omiya Soccer Field" (Kokusai Kogyo Bus) and "Soccer Field" (Tobu Bus West), but the number is very small, so it is not suitable for use. ..[6][7]

Surrounding facilities

About renovation

The capacity that was officially announced before the renovationOverviewAs you can see, there are 1 people, but in reality it was around 2,500 even if it was full due to standing seats and firefighting regulations.In addition, the spectator mobilization record of the former Omiya Park soccer field era is200511/23Omiya Ardija vs.Gamba OsakaThere were 1 people in the war.In addition, the current soccer field is 623Tokyo OlympicsPartial renovation work was carried out at any time because it was prepared in time for the event, but the facility was also significantly deteriorated.

In addition, when using it as a J1 home stadium, it is obligatory to install a stand that can accommodate more than 1 people, excluding lawn seats.Before the renovation, this regulation was not met, so Omiya Ardija and the facility will be managed.SaitamaThen, the following measures were taken as immediate measures.

  • After the end of the 2004 season, Saitama City began considering renovation work for the facility.
  • And the home game of Ardija in the 2005 season will be held in 5 league games.J League Cup1 match,Emperor's cupOnly 1 games were played in one game, and the rest of the home games were held at Saitama Stadium 7 (substantially semi-main) and Komaba Stadium in Saitama City, which conform to the J1 standard.
  • From 2006 to October 2007, the Omiya Park soccer field was completely closed and full-scale renovation work was carried out, so the above-mentioned stadiums, mainly Komaba Stadium, were used for the Ardija game.High school championships and others were also held at other venues. It will open in November 10, but there will be only two games in 2007 J11.

Audience mobilization record

As a reference for the capacity of Omiya Park, the audience mobilization record is given below.However,Omiya Ardija主催試合については、2007年11月11日以降、全てのホームゲームにおいてゲート通過入場者数の数値に相当数の上乗せを行って公式入場者数としていたことが後に判明(08年のべ25,809人、09年同48,610人、10年同32,628人)、2007年以前については記録紛失を主張しているため、現状では正確な数値とは言えないものである点に留意する必要がある。

Omiya Ardija Home Game

Number of mobilizationBefore correctionDateCategoriesOpponentRemarks
13,880-20160508 DayJ1 leagueUrawaMost mobilization record. Saitama Derby for the first time in two years, Omiya 0th and Urawa leaders are doing well, and the favorable conditions of the last day of Golden Week overlapped and the record was set. Omiya lost the war 1-XNUMX.
13,452-201603020 DayJ1 leagueHiroshimaIt was a match between J1 and J2 champions last year, but the latter Omiya lost 1-5.
13,365-20130506 DayJ1 leagueHiroshimaOmiya won 2-1 and set the J1 undefeated record to 21.
11,75214,752200711/11J1 leagueOitaThe first official game after the renovation. Omiya lost the war 1-2.
12,50514,38020080309 DayJ1 leagueNiigataThe season opener. Omiya wins 2-0.
12,17514,001200810/25J1 league千葉Residual battle direct confrontation. Omiya wins 2-1.
12,10413,78820080503 DayJ1 leagueFC TokyoThe first day of four consecutive holidays. Omiya lost the war 4-0.
11,26812,95820071201 DayJ1 league(I.e.The final section of the season. Draw 1-1.
The following is a record before renovation work to J1 standard
Number of mobilizationDateCategoriesOpponentRemarks
10,623200511/23J1 leagueG OsakaThe largest number of spectators before the renovation.Many Gamba Osaka supporters who are fighting for the championship rushed.
10,546200411/20J2 leagueMitoA match decided to be promoted to J1 in Omiya.
9,499200011/16J2 leagueUrawaSaitama Derby before the merger of Saitama City (2001).
9,091200404/17J2 leagueSendaiSendai supporters came in large numbers and filled the away side.

Urawa Reds Home Game

Urawa Reds1995From around that time, spectator mobilization increased significantly, in contrast to other clubs reducing spectator mobilization.

Number of mobilizationDateCategoriesOpponentRemarks
10,354199507/22J LeagueYokohama FThe final race at Urawa's Omiya Park.
10,019199507/15J LeagueKashimaThe stadium's official J-League match exceeded 1 for the first time.


Naming rights

Saitama City is required to include the place name Omiya in the stadium name and sell more than 5 million in order to carry out the complete rebuilding and renovation.Naming rightsWas recruited.

As a result, there were applications from 4 companies,20075/14In the local FM station in Saitama prefectureFM Nack Five (NACK 5)[Note 2] Was decided as the sale destination.The contract period is2008From degree2013The sale price is 6 million yen (1 million yen per year) for the next 8000 years.[8] So, the name by naming right isNack Five Stadium Omiya(Notation as a common name isNACK5 Stadium Omiya In newspapers and programs, "NACKIs abbreviated).

In addition, NACK5 broadcasts Omiya Ardija's support program every week, and also broadcasts the Omiya home game for several years, but in the same year it was dropped.11/11 OfOita TrinitaIn J1 Section 31 (defeated by Oita 1-2), a 8-hour commemorative special program was held from 18: 10-10: XNUMX, including the game broadcast.

after that,20123Saitama City will reduce the naming rights contract fee from the same year from 3000 million yen to 2000 million yen[8]And the contract period of the naming right2015Extend for 2 years (8 years in total)[8]is what happened.This was discussed in response to a request from the NACK 5 side, and Saitama City also stated that "the contract fee was reduced in consideration of the severe economic situation and the severe environment surrounding the sale of naming rights due to the earthquake etc."[8]..Furthermore, immediately after the contract expires20163/3,2/29Back in20212/28Renewed a new 5-year contract up to.The total contract amount at this time is 9000 million yen (1800 million yen per year)[9]

また2013Apart from the naming rights of the stadium itself, the corner sheet behind the home goal is limited to Ardija-sponsored gamesSeven-Eleven JapanThe main stand side is named "Seven-Eleven table seat" and the back stand side is named "Seven-Eleven counter seat".[10].. "Table sheet" is limited to 1 group 1 people x 4 sets, and counter sheet is limited to 2 group 1 people x 2 sets, basicallySeven-ElevenIt is sold only on multi-copy machines (with a ticket agency function) at stores nationwide.

After adopting the naming rights, the above names are basically used,Clean stadium regulationsIs appliedInternational Football Federationas well as the Asian Football FederationOrganized international games and competitions (AFC Champions LeagueEtc.), use the official name as an exception.

Cherry tree

There are 11 on the back of the stand behind the home goal of the Omiya Park soccer field before the renovation.Cherry Blossoms OfTreeAlso, one in the back stand seatCherry BlossomsWas planted.For this reason, the cherry blossoms in full bloom bloomed in the spring, soothing soccer fans.It was removed and transplanted to another location during the renovation, but due to space constraints, it was not possible to relocate the entire area.The cherry trees that remained there2007To commemorate the completion of the renovation11/11 OfOita TrinitaWith the Kokeraotoshi battle12/1 OfKawasaki FrontaleIn the war, the last before renovation200511/23Gamba OsakaBring the "pre-repair watching certificate" distributed to the fans who watched the game, and as a souvenir for the fans who purchased and brought the tickets for the above two games, "created with the cherry tree in Omiya Park that could not be transplanted" I made an "original strap" and gave it as a gift.

Fiction settings

Incidentally,Yoichi TakahashiOriginalComic"Captain TsubasaHowever, this stadium is depicted as the main venue of the national junior high school soccer tournament (as mentioned above, the main venue was our place from 1971 to 1981 even in the actual tournament), and the finals etc. are held. ing.The number of spectators in the work is 3, but as mentioned above, the capacity is 1 and thousands, which is exaggerated.In addition, the stand etc. are drawn as a sub venueKomaba StadiumAnd Omiya Park Athletics Stadium and Twin Wheel Field (Omiya Velodrome) And this is also the real name.

In addition, following the completion of the renovation in 2007, Takahashi's message was sent to Saitama City and published in the Saitama City Bulletin. 

Trouble / Other

  • The 66th National High School Soccer ChampionshipQuarter finals(19881/6Held)Teikyo High School(Tokyo)versusTokai University Daiichi High School(Shizuoka) Battle match[11] At that time, snow was removed due to snowfall, and the stands were overcrowded, and the game was played with spectators on the pitch behind the goal.Many of the main players who supported the early days of the J-League later played in this match.The match is from a 0-0 tiePK battleAfter that, Daiichi Tokai won 3-2.
  • 199410/26J-League 2nd stage, Urawa Reds vs. Nagoya Grampus Eight match (Urawa wins in penalty shootout 1-1 from 4-3), the electric scoreboard, which was a light bulb format at that time, broke down and the score could not be displayed. It was.So, in time, I wrote the score and team name handwritten on paper on the original score display part.
  • 19997/3J2 League match,Omiya ArdijaversusMontedio YamagataIn the middle of the second half of the game, all four lights suddenly went out and it went black (the night game started at 4:18 on that day), and the game was interrupted for several tens of minutes.
  • 20086/27,Professional baseballOfficial gameSaitama Seibu LionsversusChiba Lotte MarinesIs adjacentPrefectural Omiya StadiumHeld in Seibu in this matchBrazelReleasedHome runIs oversized, and the hit ball has reached the pitch of this soccer field.
  • In 2008,Guerrilla heavy rainIn such a short time that the word was disseminatedTorrential rainBecause it was a year with many games, there are many games in the rain (especially from July to September, Shimizu, G Osaka, Yokohama FM, Urawa, and four consecutive home games have been hit by heavy rain), but the Shimizu game is 7 It rained heavily for more than an hour, and although it was interrupted for about an hour in the Urawa match, there was no puddle at the start (restart) of the match, and in the Yokohama F. Marinos match, there were some puddles in the rain, but when it became a light rain It is highly evaluated in terms of pitch condition, such as the fact that it disappears and the drainage is good from away supporters.
  • 20087/27Omiya Ardija vs.Shimizu S-PulseIn the battle, a heavy thunderstorm struck the stadium before the start of the game, and the organizer evacuated all spectators to the concourse etc. due to problems in ensuring the safety of the players and spectators, and then postponed the kickoff for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 19:30. The match started in 0 minutes.The match was a 0-XNUMX draw.By the way, on the dayTele ballWas broadcasting live (18:20 to 1:20), but due to the above situation, from the start of the broadcast to the start of the game, while thunderstorms were roaring, the pitch and stands without players and spectators were still shown. The commentary connected the place with J League, team situation, talk and so on.In addition, due to the effect of an hour and a half delay, the broadcast ended at 7:30 in the middle of the game, but at a later date (July 19), the game part was broadcast by relay recording from 21:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.
  • 20088/16Omiya Ardija vs.Gamba OsakaIn the match, Omiya won the match 2-0, but it rained heavily immediately after that, and the tournament headquarters, the player's waiting room, the press conference, the parking lot, etc. were flooded on the floor, and due to that, a press conference with the manager was held. It was cut off on the way (note that it was hit by heavy rain before the match, and although there was a slight rain during the match, fortunately it was not hit by rain).
  • 20088/28Omiya Ardija vs.Yokohama F. MarinosBefore the match, heavy rain evacuated visitors and temporarily restricted admission to the venue.The match was held as planned because it recovered before the match, but heavy rain hit again from the middle of the match, and in the middle of the second half, at one point, all four lights turned off the light bulbs at the bottom, causing a problem of darkening ( The match continued uninterrupted, as all the light bulbs weren't completely off, but the bottom half was down and there was no visibility.)
  • 20089/21Omiya Ardija vs.Urawa Reds OfSaitama DerbyHowever, it started raining before the match, and the rain was getting stronger at the start of the match, but the match went as planned.However, in the 13th minute of the first half, heavy rain and thunder struck, and it was interrupted for about an hour until it resumed at 19:10.The audience was evacuated at this time as well.The back stand spectators were guided down the pitch to the bottom of the main.
  • Made in July 2010National High School Soccer Championship Saitama Prefectural QualifyingDuring the semi-finals, neighbors complained about the sound of cheering, so the organizer discussed how to deal with it and notified that it would be banned from cheering.[12].
  • May 2013, 5 Omiya Ardija vs.Sanfrecce HiroshimaIn the second half 39 minutes of the battle, Omiya's heading shotTakamitsu ToyamaHiroshima GK who tried to suppressTakuya MasudaHeads collide with each other.Both of them could not move by hitting the back of the head strongly, and Toyama was carried on a stretcher and Masuda was transported to the hospital by ambulance.At this time, both armiesSupporterGave applause and cheers in honor of both parties, and behind this, on July 7st.Edion Stadium HiroshimaIn honor of both players greeting and the supporters celebrating their recovery, this year's J-League Outstanding Supporter Award "Chairman Special AwardWas awarded.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The main tournament of national high school soccer is80 timesFinally, the games in Saitama Prefecture were concentrated in two locations, Saitama Stadium and Komaba (both in the former Urawa city area), and the event was suspended at Omiya (NACK2).89 times90 timesWas used in connection with the renovation work of Komaba,93 times-94 times-95 times-96 timesWill be used as Saitama Stadium will play games after the semi-finals.
  2. ^ 2005Company buildingUrawa-ku(At the time of openingUrawa) Moved to Omiya Ward.


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