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🏃 | Soka University is also the leader in the 7th ward!Haratomi further widens the gap with Komazawa University in 2nd place with a strong run in 2nd place in the section! [Hakone Ekiden 2021 ...

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Soka University is also the leader in the 7th ward!Haratomi further widens the gap with Komazawa University in 2nd place by running hard in 2nd place in the section! [Hakone Ekiden 2021 ...

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Saeki of Tokyo International University moved up two places to 2th place with a good run of the section prize, and Kondo of Aoyama Gakuin University also pushed the team to 5th place with a run of 3rd place in the section.

The Hakone Ekiden 2021 (97th Hakone Ekiden) is being held on Sunday, January 2021, 1. The difference was narrowed in the 3th ward ... → Continue reading


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Section 3

Aoyama Gakuin University

Aoyama Gakuin University(Aoyama Gakuin University,English: Aoyama Gakuin University) IsTokyoShibuya WardShibuyaHeadquarters located at 4-25-XNUMXJapan Ofprivate university.1949年Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs an English name AGU[1],Seigaku(Aogaku)[2],Seigaku University(Blue)[3].


Whole university

Aoyama Gakuin University was in the 7th year of the Meiji era1874年)Sakura clanAgronomist,Tsuda SenBy mediation ofDora E. Scoon MakerWas established in Azabu in 11 (Meiji XNUMX)1878年) By the name and mediation of Tsuda SenJulius SoperTheological school established by Tsukiji in 12 (Meiji XNUMX)1879年)Robert S. McRaeIs a university that originated from the three Mikai Theological Seminaries established in Yamate-cho, Yokohama.[4][5].

14th year of Meiji (1881年), Tsuda Sen,Masakazu Wada,Takuhei Kikuchi,Yujiro Motoyoshi, Ikushima Kaoru,Saehachi KurimuraThe Kokyo Gakusha and the Bikai Theological Seminary merged due to such efforts.Tokyo English SchoolIt became, and in the 16th year of the Meiji era (1883年),John F. GaucherDonated by XNUMX-chome, Aoyama Minami-cho, Akasaka-kuPioneerMoved to the site of the test siteTokyo English SchoolRenamed as.27th year of Meiji (Meiji XNUMX)1894年)Yoichi HondaBy the directorAoyama GakuinWas renamedFaculty of TheologyAnd the ordinary part is installed.1904年In (Meiji 37), the Faculty of Theology, High School, and Aoyama Jogakuin English Specialization DepartmentOld technical collegeApproved as.1944年(ShowaIn 19), Aoyama Gakuin Technical College was established.1947年In (Showa 22), Aoyama Gakuin Vocational School Yokosuka Branch School was opened.1949年(Showa 24)New universityAsAoyama Gakuin UniversityWas opened,Department of literature,Faculty of Commerce,Faculty of EngineeringInstalled.2020年As of (2nd year of Reiwa)11 faculties-12 Graduate School (Graduate School)It is a comprehensive university that establishes.

The directors of the schools, excluding the directors, directors, and university presidents,ChristianIt is obligatory to be (formerly the university president).Therefore even nowキ リ ス ト 教Is the basis of education, and the lecture on "Introduction to Christianity" is positioned as a compulsory subject in order to understand the backbone of the founding philosophy. "Ground salt, world light(Matthew 5: 13-16) is the school motto.[6].

Origin of school name

My current address isShibuya WardHowever, the former Tokyo English School of Aoyama GakuinTsukijiから1883年Moved toTokyo English SchoolAt that time, the surrounding area was "AoyamaThe land is called "and the address isTokyoAkasaka WardAoyama MinamimachiIt was XNUMX-chome (note that part of the elementary school was formerKomatsunomiyaHome land). Aoyama Minamimachi XNUMX-chome1889年 OfMunicipal systemMunicipal systemWith enforcementMinamitoshima-gunShibuya Village(1909年Town system enforcement,1932年Tokyo cityWill be transferred to Shibuya Ward).1928年The town name isMidorioka TownChanged to1966年 OfHouse displayCurrent place name with implementationShibuyaIt became.Therefore, "Aoyama", the place of our university, was named in this way.Mission schoolAs "College" or "CollegeIn addition to "Aoyama GakuinWas named."

Founders of Aoyama Gakuin

1870年The three schools that were founded in the 3st generation have undergone various transitions such as relocation, school name change, and joint venture. 1927年"Aoyama Gakuin" was formed as an educational institution for men and women.The three missionaries who opened the three headwater schools are the direct founders of Aoyama Gakuin.

Education and research

Aoyama Gakuin UniversityUS Methodist Episcopal ChurchDispatched fromMissionaryBased on the three schools established by usChristian school(Mission school)America OfMissionaryBecause the school built by was the predecessor of the Western collegeLiberal ArtsIt follows the flow of education.therefore,Second World WarAs a tradition from before, we have adopted a policy that emphasizes liberal arts, and we have our own "Aoyama Standard".[7]We have a system of liberal arts courses that are compulsory for all faculties.In addition to implementing a liberal arts education curriculum for students, there are 4-5 types of education for the general public at each campus each year.Open lectureIs being carried out.These extension courses are held once a week for five weeks.The content and arrangement of the instructor are left to the teacher (rotary system) who is in charge of the course.Humanities,Social science,natural ScienceDifferent things are held every year in each of the fields.

Aoyama Gakuin University, a Christian school, has been around since the beginning of the schoolBibleClasses are compulsory in all faculties and departments, and even after being approved by a vocational school, they had a theology department.The Faculty of Theology thenEastern Japan SeminaryIt was separated from the academy by joining the university, but the spirit was inherited even after the university was established, and at the beginning of the establishmentDepartment of literatureThere was a Christian department.After that, it was reorganized into the Department of Theology, Faculty of Letters in 1961.School conflictBy the decision of the board of directors in the turmoil of1977年Obsolete.

English educationHe is enthusiastic about it and is sometimes called "Aoyama in English".[8][9].


(The main source of the history section is the official website[10][11]


Aoyama GakuinIt is,Meiji7 years(1874年)DE scoon makerByAzabu"Women's Elementary School" established in Honmura-cho and Meiji 11 (Meiji XNUMX)1878年)Julius SoperByTsukiji"Kokyo Gakusha", a boys' school established inMeiji12 years(1879年)Robert S. McRaeByYokohama YamateIt is based on the boys' school "Mikai Theological Seminary" established in2014年Celebrate the 140th anniversary of its founding.Each school is allUS Methodist Episcopal ChurchDispatched fromMissionaryAoyama Gakuin is still ChristianProtestant-MethodistMission school.

CurrentAoyamaThe school building was set up in the 15th year of the Meiji era (the successor to the Kokyo Gakusha) and the Miso Theological Seminary.1882年) Is the year after.At the time of jointTokyo English SchoolThe name was changed to "Preliminary Faculty, Higher Ordinary Faculty, and Theology Faculty", and European-style architecture was lined up on the premises.In addition, he invested a huge amount of private money in purchasing the Aoyama campus.John F. GaucherHowever, he showed a vision of future development of establishing a Methodist university called "Anglo Japanese University of Tokio and Awoyama" (Tokyo Aoyama Eiwa College) in Japan.afterwards,Yoichi HondaWas the principal1894年In addition, the name was changed to the current Aoyama Gakuin.1899年ToPrivate school decreeProhibit religious education in schools other than miscellaneous schools that are only applicableMinistry of EducationWhen Instruction No. 12 was promulgated, Aoyama Gakuin chose to become a miscellaneous school in order to continue Christian education, and lost benefits such as admission to higher schools and conscription deferment.[12][13]..However, as a result of Dr. Honda and others continuing to withdraw the official directives and campaign for exemption from the Ministry of Education.1901年Recover those benefits to[12][14].1904年Aoyama Gakuin High School / Theology Department and Aoyama Jogakuin English Language Specialization (the successor to the girls' elementary school)Vocational school ordinancebased onOld technical collegeApproved by[15]. afterwards,1927年The integration with Aoyama Jogakuin (the successor to the girls' elementary school) was approved by the Ministry of Education, leading to the integration.And after the war1949年 OfSchool reformAt that time, it was opened as Aoyama Gakuin University.

Initially, Faculty of Letters (Department of English and American Literature / Department of Christianity),Faculty of Commerce,Faculty of EngineeringThere were only three faculties, but after that, the Faculty of Engineering was transferred, the Faculty of Commerce was reorganized, andFaculty of Law-Faculty of Science and Engineering-Faculty of International Politics and Economics・ The Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Cultural Policy, and the Faculty of Social Informatics have been established, and currently it is a comprehensive university with nine faculties.
When the Faculty of Science and Technology was established in 1965, the Mawazawa Campus (later Setagaya Campus) dedicated to the Faculty of Science and Technology was opened, and in 1982, the Atsugi Campus for first and second year students was opened, but the Atsugi Campus is in Atsugi City. Since it was located in the northwestern hills, it was inconvenient in terms of transportation access, and due to the deterioration of the Setagaya campus, the former Setagaya and Atsugi campuses were closed and integrated.Sagamihara CampusOpened.2008年Is2012年It was announced that the Faculty of Arts will be completely transferred to the Aoyama Campus from April.[16]However, the school building that was being built as a host for the relocated studentsGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of2013年Announced as a transition from[17].

Delayed promotion to university

The founding of Aoyama Gakuin1874年However, it wasn't until after the war that he was promoted to university.1899年ToPrivate school decreeSince religious education was banned in miscellaneous schools other than those that are only applicable, Aoyama Gakuin prioritized Christian education and chose to become miscellaneous schools without benefits such as admission to higher schools and postponement of recruitment.[12][13].

However, while continuing Christian education1901年Recover the above benefits[12][14],1904年ToVocational school ordinancebyOld technical collegeWas allowed to be promoted to[15]. And1910年Held in FebruaryEdinburgh Missionary Conference(Yoichi Honda(Attendance of the former director)InterdenominationalThe concept of the Christian Union University will be discussed in earnest.Aoyama GakuinMeiji GakuinAlong with the flag-bearer of the United University Initiative,1915年A standing committee for university establishment preparations was also set up in1917年It has been resolved that "University of East Asia" should be established by[18].. But during this timeDoshisha,Rikkyo Academy,Kansai GakuinBecause I chose my own route1918年 OfUniversity decreeTaking the opportunity of promulgation, Aoyama Gakuin will also proceed with its own university establishment plan1920年It was resolved at the board meeting on December 12.But the next yearTakataro MitaroThe sudden death of the director, and moreGreat Kanto EarthquakeDue to the unfortunate occurrence of this, the expansion plans up to that point have disappeared.

After that, the disaster-stricken school building was rebuilt.Vocational schoolPrioritizing the enhancement of the content as a "university promotion, wait for a while"[19]I was forced to.1939年Inaugurated as directorJunzo SasamoriPlans to be promoted again, and proposes a university organization centered on religion, English, and economics.1942年Published in "Aoyama Gakuin Bulletin" on April 4st.However, during the war, the establishment of a university of arts and sciences was not expected to be realized, and the proposal to establish a university was postponed again at the board meeting in the fall of the same year.[20].

The desire for university promotion that Aoyama Gakuin had been holding since the Meiji era remained unfulfilled throughout the prewar and mid-war years.

Chronological Table

Chronological TableHistory
1874年AzabuToGirls' elementary schoolEstablishment
1875年Girls' elementary schoolSalvation schoolRenamed to
1877年Salvation schoolTsukijiMoved toKaigan Girls' SchoolRenamed to
1878年In TsukijiKoukyoshaEstablishment
1879年YokohamaToBikai SeminaryEstablishment
1881年Theology schoolTokyo English SchoolRenamed
1882年Mikai Theological Seminary joins Tokyo English School
1883年Tokyo English SchoolAkasaka WardAoyama Minamimachi Of官園Move to the former site (current location) andTokyo English SchoolRenamed[21]
1888年Kaigan Girls' SchoolMoved senior students to AoyamaTokyo Eiwa Girls' SchoolRenamed
1891年Opened English Normal Course[22]
1894年Tokyo Eiwa SchoolAoyama GakuinRenamed to
Faculty of Theology / Ordinary Faculty (Higher Ordinary Faculty / English Normal Course / Preliminary Faculty) established on Aoyama Campus
Closed Kaigan Girls'School and joined Tokyo Eiwa Girls' School
1895年Tokyo Eiwa Girls' SchoolAoyama JogakuinRenamed to.Faculty of Theology / General Course (High School / Preliminary Course / General Course) Handicraft Department, Kindergarten
1899年Kindergarten closed
Aoyama Jogakuin Handicraft Club becomes independent and becomes Aoyama Women's Handicraft School
1900年Renamed the ordinary junior high school to the secondary school and the high school to the high school[23]
Higher graduates are authorized to take the English Department Secondary Teacher No Examination Examination[24]
1901年Higher department gets the benefit of conscription grace[25]
1904年Aoyama Gakuin High School / Faculty of TheologyVocational schoolApproved by
Aoyama Jogakuin English Specialization Department is approved by a vocational school
1906年Aoyama Gakuin Foundation established
Established school flag and school emblem[26]
Announced "Purpose of establishing Aoyama Gakuin University Department"[27]
1908年Renamed the Faculty of Theology to the Department of Theology[28]
1914年Aoyama Women's Handicraft School joins Aoyama Jogakuin
1915年Renamed Theology to Theology, Higher to Higher, and Secondary to Middle School[29]
1916年Higher Faculty Humanities / English Normal / Business Department established[30]
1918年Ginjiro KatsutaHigh school building (Katsuta building) completed by donation from[31]
1920年Aoyama Gakuin Board of Directors,UniversityApproved installation plan (planned suspension due to the Great Kanto Earthquake)[32]
1922年Abolish the humanities and establish an English department[33]
1923年Great Kanto EarthquakeThe large auditorium, high school, junior high school, and theology school buildings were destroyed by
1925年Renamed the English Department of the High School to the Department of Literature and the Department of Business to the Department of Commerce, and set the period of study to four years.[34]
1927年Aoyama Jogakuin joins Aoyama Gakuin(Aoyama Gakuin has a faculty of theology, a high school (former high school), a junior high school, and a high school girl (major course))
1929年The high school and theology are collectively called the specialized department.[35]
Majima Memorial Library completed
1933年The advanced course of the Faculty of Higher Girls (Home Economics) was approved by a vocational school and renamed the Women's College (Home Economics).
1934年Opened Tamagawa Sports Ground[36]
1935年The Faculty of Letters was reorganized into the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Higher Commerce, and the Faculty of Letters had an English Department, an English Normal Department, and the Faculty of Higher Commerce had a Department of Commerce (the name of the Faculty of Higher School was abolished).
1937年Kanto GakuinAbsorb and integrate the Faculty of Theology
Your true shadowHeld a dedication ceremony[37]
1940年XNUMXth Anniversary Celebration National Christian CongregationHold
1941年Formed Aoyama Gakuin Bulletin Corps[38]
1942年Aoyama Gakuin Foundation changed to Aoyama Gakuin Foundation
In "Aoyama Gakuin Bulletin"UniversityAnnouncement of installation plan (plan suspended by the board of directors in the fall of the same year)[39]
1943年Closed the Faculty of Theology (Men's Department is Japan Baptist Theological SeminaryJapan Lutheran Theology College-Japanese seminary-Anglican Theological College・ Toa Theological Seminary / Japan Union Theological Seminary / FormerSalvation ArmyWith TokogakuinEastern Japan SeminaryJoined the women's club with Kyoritsu Theological Seminary, Tokyo Seikei Jogakuin, Seiwa Joshi GakuinJapan Women's Theological SeminaryFounded)[40]
Student soldier send-off partyJoin in[41]
1944年Closed specialized departments (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Higher Commerce)Meiji Gakuin CollegeJointly
Aoyama Gakuin Technical CollegeOpened
1945年Most of the school buildings and facilities are damaged by air raids[42]
1946年From Aoyama Gakuin Technical CollegeAoyama Gakuin Vocational SchoolRenamed
Established English Department, Economics Department, Mechanical Department, Civil Architecture Department at Aoyama Gakuin Vocational School
Women's specialty departmentAoyama Gakuin Women's CollegeRenamed to
US Navy7th fleetYokosuka BaseColonel Decker, the fourth commander,
Proposing peace and democracy education through Christian schools through chaplain licker
KanagawaYokosukaToFurusakajo CastleDecides to establish a branch school
1947年Navy Engineering SchoolEstablished Aoyama Gakuin Yokosuka Branch School Specialized Department of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Architecture
1948年Second high school is established
1949年Aoyama Gakuin University opened, Faculty of Letters Department of English and American Literature / Department of Christianity, Faculty of Commerce Department of Commerce, Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering established
Yokosuka branch school closed due to difficulty in maintaining due to reconstruction of Shibuya campus
1950年Faculty of EngineeringKanto Gakuin UniversityJointly
Transferred the site of Yokosuka branch school to local church officials
Faculty of Letters Department XNUMX English and American Literature Department, Faculty of Letters Department of Education, Department XNUMX Education Department, Department XNUMX Basic Education Department, Faculty of Commerce Department XNUMX Department of Commerce established
1951年"Aoyama Gakuin Foundation"Aoyama GakuinOrganization change to
1952年Graduate School of Letters established
1953年Reorganized the Faculty of Commerce into the Faculty of Economics (Department of Commerce, Department of Economics, Department of Economics Second Department)
Graduate School of Economics, Department of Christianity Established
1954年Kwansei Gakuin UniversityFaculty of TheologyEstablish an exchange teaching system with[43]
1956年Christianity major abolished
1959年Established Faculty of Law (Department of Law)
1960年Announcing "Three Public Notices" Banning Students' Political Activities[44]
1961年Reorganized the Department of Christianity into the Department of Theology, and abolished the Department of Christianity in Part XNUMX.
Established Graduate School of Law
1962年Established Faculty of Letters, Department of France
1963年Faculty of Law Department of Law reorganized into Department of Private Law and Department of Public Law
Established the Theology Department Supporters Association[45]
1965年Opened Megurisawa Campus
Established Faculty of Science and Engineering (Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Management Engineering)
1966年Transferred the Department of Commerce and established the Faculty of Business Administration (Department of Commerce, Department of Business Administration, Department of Commerce Second Department, Department of Business Administration Part XNUMX)
Faculty of Letters Department of Japanese Literature established
1968年Established Department of History, Faculty of Letters
1969年Established a master's program at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering
1970年Established Graduate School of Business Administration
1971年Established doctoral program at Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Renamed Megurisawa Campus to Setagaya Campus
1973年Abolished the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Commerce, Department XNUMX of Commerce
1977年Faculty of Letters Department of Theology abolished
1982年Opened Atsugi Campus
Faculty of International Politics and Economics(Department of International Politics / Department of International Economics) established
1986年Established Graduate School of International Political Economy
1987年Established Department of International Management, Faculty of International Politics and Economics
1990年Established Master's Program (Night) in International Business at the Graduate School of International Political Economy
2000年Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering / Department of Management Engineering reorganized into Department of Mechanical Creation Engineering / Department of Management Systems Engineering / Department of Information Technology
2001年Faculty of Letters Department of Education Psychology Course reorganized into Faculty of Letters Department of Psychology
Faculty of Law Private Law Department / Public Law Department reorganized into Faculty of Law Department of Law
Established Graduate School of International Management
2003年Faculty of International Politics and Economics Department of International Management abolished
Graduate School of International Management Moves to Professional Graduate School
Closed Atsugi Campus and Setagaya Campus and opened Sagamihara Campus
2004年Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Physics / Chemistry reorganized into Department of Physics / Mathematical Sciences and Department of Chemistry / Biochemistry
Graduate School of Science and Engineering reorganized from 5 majors to 1 courses in 8 major
Graduate School of Law (Graduate School of Law)Law School) Installed
2005年Graduate School of Accounting Profession (Graduate School of Accounting Profession)Accounting Professional School) Installed
Established Graduate School of Law, Department of Business Law
2006年Reorganized the Faculty of International Politics and Economics International Communication Course into the Department of International Communication, Faculty of International Politics and Economics
2008年Faculty of Economics Department XNUMX Economics abolished
Faculty of Business Administration Department XNUMX Business Administration Department abolished
Faculty of Comprehensive Cultural Policy Established Department of Comprehensive Cultural Policy
Established Department of Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Informatics
Established Department of Contemporary Economic Design in Faculty of Economics
Graduate School of Cultural Policy Established
Established Graduate School of Social Information
2009年Part XNUMX Department of Education abolished
Faculty of Letters Department of Education and Faculty of Letters Department of Psychology reorganized into Faculty of Education and Human Sciences Department of Education and Faculty of Education and Human Sciences Department of Psychology
Established Marketing Department in Faculty of Business Administration
Yokosuka AcademySigned educational partnership agreement with
2011年Recruitment of Department of English Literature, Faculty of Letters XNUMX
2012年Established the Department of Comparative Arts in the Faculty of Letters
2013年The university campus will be relocated and the faculty will have an integrated education system for four years.
2015年Faculty of Global Social Symbiosis Department of Global Social Symbiosis Department established
2016年Yokohama Eiwa Jogakuin Junior and Senior High SchoolBecomes Aoyama Gakuin Yokohama Eiwa Junior and Senior High School as a university affiliated school
Concluded an educational tie-up agreement with Shizuoka Eiwa Girls Academy
2018年Aoyama Gakuin Yokohama Eiwa Junior and Senior High School coeducated
Suspended recruitment of students from the Graduate School of Law
2019年Community Human Sciences Department of Community Human Sciences established
Urawa Lutheran Academy Elementary School/Middle School/High SchoolBecomes a university affiliated school

basic data



school song

  • School song (Lyrics: Kinjiro Oki Composition: Seiji Hiraoka Aoyama Gakuin's entire school song)
    1974年, The 100th director of Aoyama Gakuin, celebrating its 11th anniversaryKinjiro OkiWith lyrics bySeiji HiraokaIt was completed by the composition of (at that time).
  • College song (Lyrics: Kyu Matsumoto Arrangement: Shigeru Takahashi Aoyama Gakuin University school song)
    There are many opportunities for students to sing "College Song",Toto University Baseball FederationThere are many school songs that are listed as representative songs of the university, such as the pamphlets of.Before the school song was enacted, "Aoyama Gakuin no Uta" (lyrics; Minoru Toyoda) was composed of No. 1 for elementary school songs, No. 2 for middle school songs, and No. 3 for high school songs.團Ikuma) Was sung.otherCheer songThere are 3 songs (Chalk Castle, Look East, 3rd Cheer Song).
  • Peggy HayamaSong "school days(Lyrics and composition: Seiji Hiraoka (alumnus of the same school)) is called "the second school song", and a monument was erected on campus in 2009.
  • Southern All Starsof"Ya Ya (I will never forget that era)Is also a "second college song"[46].

Ego (university mascot)

1999年Original to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the universityマ ス コ ッ トEago (EAGO) was enacted.In handBibleBipedal walking witheagleThe eagle, in the form of (Eagle), is metaphorized in a passage of the Bible (Isaiah 40:31).motifIt has become.

School emblem

School emblemIt is,1952年It was enacted by soliciting designs from students.shieldIn the form of, Aoyama's "A" and academy's "G" are written inside, and below that, the university's "UNIV" is called blackmoor LET.fontWritten in.Bible"With faith as a shield" inNew TestamentIt means Ephesians 6:16).

School color

Aoyama Gakuin UniversitySchool colorIs dark green (dark green) and blue-green (turquoise blue).

Faculty Department

Faculty of Letters (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 1949.

  • Department of English and American Literature
  • Department of French Literature
  • Department of Japanese Literature
  • Department of history
  • Department of Comparative Arts

Faculty of Education and Human Sciences (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 2009.

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Psychology

Faculty of Economics (Aoyama Campus)

1953 years,Faculty of CommerceReorganized and installed.

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Contemporary Economic Design

Faculty of Law (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 1959.

  • Department of Law

Faculty of Business Administration (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 1966.

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Marketing

Faculty of International Politics and Economics (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 1982.

  • Department of International Politics
  • Department of International Economics
  • Department of International Communication

Faculty of Cultural Policy (Aoyama Campus)

Installed in 2008.

  • Department of Comprehensive Cultural Policy

Faculty of Science and Engineering (Sagamihara Campus)

Installed in 1965.

  • Department of Physics and Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Chemistry and Life Science
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Management Systems Engineering
  • Department of Information Technology

Faculty of Social Informatics (Sagamihara Campus)

Installed in 2008.

  • Department of Social Informatics

Faculty of Global Social Symbiosis (Sagamihara Campus)

Installed in 2015.

  • Department of Global Social Symbiosis

Faculty of Community Human Sciences (Sagamihara Campus)

Installed in 2019.

  • Department of Community Human Sciences

Graduate School

Graduate School of Literature

  • English and American Literature
  • French literature and language major
  • Japanese Literature / Japanese Major
  • History major
  • Comparative Arts Major

Graduate School of Education and Human Sciences

  • Educational major
  • Psychology major
    • Master's Program Course
      • Psychology course
      • Clinical Psychology Course

Graduate School of Economics

  • Economics Major
  • Public / Regional Management Major

Graduate School of Law

  • Private law major
  • Public Law Major
  • Business Legal Major
    • Master's program
      • Intellectual Property Legal Program
      • Human Resources Legal Program
      • Tax legal program
      • Financial legal program
    • Doctoral Program
      • Business Law Doctor Training Program
      • Legal Risk Management Doctor Training Program
      • Intellectual Property Clinic Doctor Training Program
      • Financial Law Doctor Training Program

Graduate School of Business Administration

  • Business Administration

Graduate School of International Political Economy

  • Department of International Politics
  • Department of International Economics
  • Department of International Communication

Graduate School of Cultural Policy

  • Department of Comprehensive Cultural Policy (Integrated Doctoral Program)
  • Department of Cultural Creation Management (Master's Program)-Opened in April 2009

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

  • Department of Science and Engineering
    • Basic science course
    • Chemistry course
    • Functional substance creation course
    • Life science course
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course
    • Machine creation course
    • Intelligent information course
    • Management technology course

Graduate School of Social Informatics

  • Department of Social Informatics
    • First semester course
      • Social Informatics Course
      • Human Innovation Course

Professional graduate school

Graduate School of Law (Law School

  • Legal Major (Professional Degree Program)
    • 3-year standard course (for those who have not completed law)
    • 2 year shortened course

Graduate School of International Management (Business School,MBA

  • International Management Major (Professional Degree Program)
  • International Management Science Major (Integrated Doctoral Program)

Graduate School of Accounting Profession (Accounting School,Accounting Professional School

  • Accounting Profession Major (Professional Degree Program)
  • Professional Accounting Major (Doctoral Program Only)

Affiliated organization

  • library
    • Aoyama Gakuin University Library
    • Aoyama Gakuin University Manyo Memorial Library (Sagamihara Annex)
  • University-affiliated education and research facility
    • Information Media Center
    • Foreign language laboratory
    • Aoyama Gakuin Religious Center
    • Aoyama Gakuin Material Center
  • Faculty-affiliated research facility
    • Institute of Economics (Faculty of Economics)
    • Case Law Institute (Faculty of Law)
    • Global Business Institute (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Faculty Education and Research Facility
    • Center for International Studies (Faculty of International Politics and Economics)
    • Aoyama Community Lab (Faculty of Cultural Policy)
    • Center for Advanced Technology (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
    • Instrumental Analysis Center (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
    • Center for Social Informatics (Faculty of Social Informatics)
    • Liaison Lab (Faculty of Social Informatics)
    • Department of History Archeology Library (Faculty of Letters)
  • Graduate School of Education and Research Facility
    • Psychological Counseling Room (Graduate School of Education and Human Sciences)
    • International Management Academic Frontier Center (Graduate School of International Management)
    • Business Law Center (Graduate School of Law)
    • Accounting Profession Research Center (Graduate School of Accounting Profession)
  • Research Institute
    • Comprehensive Cultural Studies Division
      • Research Department by Task
      • Christian Culture Research Department
    • Area-specific research department
      • Humanities Research Department
      • Social Science Research Department
      • Department of Natural Sciences
    • General Research Division (Office)
  • Social cooperation mechanism
    • Company-Academia Collaborative Research Center
    • WTOResearch center
    • Human Innovation Research Center
    • International Exchange Joint Research Center
    • Asian International Center

Education and research


21st Century COE Program

21st Century COE ProgramAs a result, 1 projects were adopted.

  • 2002年
    Chemistry / Materials Science
    Creation of functional materials for energy efficiency

Private University Academic Research Advancement Promotion Project

  • High-tech research center maintenance business
    • Center for Advanced Technology "New Developments in Materials Science: Aiming to Create Environmentally Friendly Functional Materials"


  • Program for supporting contemporary educational needs
    • Fostering a commercial tourism base that connects Shibuya, Harajuku, and Aoyama-Practice of regional contributions based on the university's philosophy and expansion of the company-academia collaboration system-
    • Human resource development of e-Learning specialists-Development and dissemination of world-class specialist training programs-
    • FD / SD program for ICT utilization education-Development and dissemination of training programs to improve the quality of ICT utilization education, which plays a part in human resource development-
  • "LPI-Japan Academic Accredited School"
    The "LPI-Japan Academic Accreditation School System" is integrated with the institutions that promote IT education.LinuxIt was started in 2003 with the aim of revitalizing education and disseminating the LPI philosophy. Universities, vocational schools, PC schools, corporate training institutions, etc. that have cleared the learning environment standards set by LPI-Japan are designated as "LPI-Japan" accredited schools, and the Linux engineer certification examination (LPIC) The purpose is to provide Linux education to candidates who want to pass.
  • Introduced "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" for the first time as an educational institution
    With Aoyama GakuinMicrosoftJointly builds an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) network.In addition to building the system, Microsoft will send a lecturer to the Intellectual Property Comprehensive Introduction Course at Aoyama Gakuin University, and Microsoft will give a lecture at Aoyama Gakuin.[47].


  • Asian University Rankings 2010 (THE --QS)[48]Then, Aoyama Gakuin University was ranked 123rd.In the field ranking of the survey, it was ranked 81st in the field of Arts & Humanities and 76th in the Social Sciences.
  • Nihon Keizai ShimbunNikkei HRIn the "MBA Graduate School Ranking I Want to Go to" (survey period: May 2012-June 5, 28) jointly conducted by the company, it is ranked 6th in the East Japan section.[49]
  • In the "Domestic MBA Student Satisfaction Ranking" (Nikkei HR Survey / Survey Period: July-August 2009) for students who were actually studying, it was ranked 7th.[50]
  • Recruit Co., Ltd.In "University Brand Ranking 2015 Asked to High School Students" (from "Advancement Brand Power Survey 2015")KantoIn the area, "Aspiration" / "Name recognition" 3rd place, "School spirit and atmosphere are good" 1st place, "School may develop" 3rd place, "Club / circle activities are active" 2nd place , "Fashionable" ranked first in items such as 1st place.[52]In `` Advancement Brand Power Survey 2018''University rankings you want to apply forBecame No. 1 in liberal arts[53]In the "Advancement Brand Power Survey 2019", the result was 3rd for boys and 1st for girls.[54]
  • In the "University Image Survey of Business Persons" surveyed by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. in December 2015, it ranked 12th in "Human Assets / Trust (Traditional Image)" and "Education / Research Ability (Currently)". The result was 8th in "Image)", 10th in "Contribution to Society (Future Image)", and 6th in the overall ranking.[55][56]
  • Japan's female president is ranked 4th in Japan in the university rankings, and the president of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is ranked 1th in Japan.[57].

Student life

Autonomous activity

Residents' associationDoes not exist.As a quasi-autonomous organization, under the alumni association in the pastStudent unionThere are also standing committees, etc., and the establishment of a self-government committee (substantial self-government association) for each faculty was sought, but it was not realized because the university authorities and the students did not agree.After the turmoil of the university dispute, the university authorities tightened tightly, and the newspaper editorial board, which was critical of the student association and the university authorities, disappeared.The current newspaper editorial board was subsequently established and is funded by university authorities.

Annual event (2017)

  • Second semester class start
  • September Undergraduate / Graduate Degree Conferral Ceremony
  • Sagamihara Festival
  • Chapel Week (Late) ★
  • Reformation Day Worship ★
  • Aoyama Festival
  • Anniversary of foundation (16th)
  • Founding commemorative worship ★
  • Second semester class resumed
  • Late regular exam
  • End of second semester class
  • Undergraduate / Graduate Degree Conferral Ceremony
  • graduateWorship ★
* ★ is a religious event.

Club activities / circle activities

Club activities are managed under the alumni association.The alumni association is divided into three groups: a direct organization, a cultural federation, and a physical education federation. Except for some direct organizations, all university-approved club activities are members of the cultural federation or the physical education federation.

Alumni Association direct report organization

In addition to the Cultural Federation and the Physical Education Federation, there are several organizations and affiliated committees that report directly to the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Attached Committee

  • Aoyama Festival Executive Committee
  • Sagamihara Festival Executive Committee

Cultural Federation Member Organization

  • MusicThere are many affiliated groups.In addition, there are many broadcasting and artistic systems.

A member organization of the Federation of Physical Education

  • Aoyama Gakuin UniversitylilyCoat of arms(Fleur de Lis) Is heavily used throughout Aoyama Gakuin (including the high school), and the shield of faith, which is the school emblem, is placed in the center of the Yuri emblem, and has been used as a symbol of Aoyama Gakuin as a crest and emblem by each student group since the early Showa era.The university gymnasium has also learned from this and has been used by each sports club of Aoyama Gakuin University.
  • The baseball clubToto University Baseball FederationIs a member of. Early baseball One of the founding teams of Japanese baseball.1883年 - Tokyo English School(Later Aoyama Gakuin, renamed University in 1949), Hara University (laterMeiji Gakuin, Renamed to university in 1949),Kobu UniversityThe baseball club (later merged with the University of Tokyo) was founded.Tokyo Eiwa School was one of the few educational institutions that played baseball in the earliest days in Japan because there were many foreign teachers.[58]Since its inception, I have used the same font as the school emblem, blackmoor LET, on my chest.In a traditional uniform with a collar, the hat used the lily emblem (mark) that symbolizes Aoyama Gakuin.Nowadays, it has become a general collarless uniform and the chest character has become a general cursive used by many teams.The mark of the traditional hat has also been changed to AGU.
  • Kanto Student Athletics FederationBelong to.Kanto IncareThen I belong to the second division.The track and field club is divided into "long-distance blocks" and "short-distance blocks".
    In a long distance blockHakone EkidenAfter his first appearance in the 22nd (1943), he has participated in the 41st (1965) to the 52nd (1976) for 12 consecutive years.Since then, it has been sluggish due to the loss of the Hakone Ekiden qualifying, but it is now in 2004.directed by-Jin Haraが就任してからは、2009年の第85回で33年ぶりに本選出場を果たし、翌2010年の第86回では41年ぶりのシード権を獲得する(総合順位8位)。以後2011年の第87回(総合順位9位)・2012年の第88回(総合順位5位)・2013年の第89回(総合順位8位)・2014年の第90回(総合順位5位)で5年連続シード権を獲得した後、2015年の第91回大会で初優勝、2016年の第92回大会で2回目の優勝、2017年の第93回大会で3回目の優勝と同時にこの年のStudent three major relay road raceAchieved 3 crowns in 2018, and achieved 94 consecutive victories at the 6th school in history at the 4th tournament in 2020. Won the fifth victory in the 96th tournament in 2 for the first time in two years.

Izumo Ekidenには、第22回(2010年)に初出場し、第24回(2012年)で初優勝、第27回(2015年)で2回目の優勝、第28回(2016年)で3回目の優勝。All Nippon University Ekidenには第41回(2009年)に初出場し、第45回(2013年)で初のシード権獲得(6位)、第46回(2014年)は3位、第47回大会(2015年)は2位となり、第48回大会(2016年)は初優勝、第50回(2018年)で2回目の優勝。

  • Kanto University Basketball LeagueBelongs to.All Japan Student Basketball Championship championship 4 times (2000, 2007, 2010, 2011). Achieved 2010 student competitions in 2011 and 4.


The official name within the university is "Love party'

As an official condition

  • There are more than 2 students in 2 faculties and 20 departments as members.
  • It is necessary for a full-time faculty member of Seigaku to be an advisor (one group per person).

Advisor group

Abbreviation "Ad Guru".Aoyama Gakuin University's unique organization that is organized by students gathering mainly from faculty members, apart from club activities and club activities.Only full-time faculty members can be advisors, and students can submit their wishes for participation at the beginning of the year.There are various groups such as ad gurus who are active mainly in mountain climbing, ad gurus who are striving for educational activities, and ad gurus who are mainly engaged in personal interaction with professors.[59].

School festival

  • There are "Aoyama Festival" held at Aoyama Campus and "Sagamihara Festival" held at Sagamihara Campus.

At Aoyama CampusMiss contestEtc. are opened.This miss contentUezu Yaeiko,Christel TakigawaIs producing.It is said that Aoyama Gakuin University was the first in Japan to carry out a university beauty pageant.[Source required] The Sagamihara Festival is a community-based school festival with plans for local children.[60]The number of visitors to the Aoyama Festival was about 2011 in 15[61], The number of visitors to the Sagamihara Festival was about 2014 in 2[62]Is.At both festivals, lectures with guests will be held.

  • Diamond CompanyIn 2010, the Aoyama Festival was ranked 4th in the "School Festivals I Want to Visit" ranking according to the survey.[63].
  • Tokyo subwayCo., Ltd. and Co., Ltd.GURUNAVIAoyama Festival ranked second overall at the "School Festival Grand Prix 2018" sponsored by Let's Enjoy Tokyo, which is jointly run by[64].

At the Sagamihara Festival in 2015, the Sagamihara Festival Executive Committee sideHeavy metalBy issuing a ban on participation only in the band, not only the music circles that appear and the music circles of other universities[65]Was criticized by some celebrities[66][67]..After that, the executive committee apologized, but did not change the attitude of banning heavy metal. The 2020 school festival was held online for the first time in history due to the spread of the new coronavirus.[68].

Christmas tree ignition festival

Waiting for the birth of ChristworshipAs,1977年ThanChristmas treeThe ignition festival is being held.Kindergartenからgraduate SchoolWill jointly carry out this ceremony.In worship, the university choir andHand bell-ChoirThere is a performance of.The tree at the central rotary, which is located after entering the main gate and passing through the tree-lined road, is ignited.

Stakeholder organization and origin

University related organizations

Alumni AssociationThe number of members is about 20.About 200 registered groups.In addition, as OB / OG organizations (commonly known as Ivy Group), there are "Media Aoyamakai", "Financial Aoyamakai", "Aoyama Hosoukai", and "Aoyama Gakuin Accountant Club".MediaThe number of members of Aoyamakai is 2,600.

University graduate


Current campus

Aoyama Campus (TokyoShibuya WardShibuya4-4-25)

On campus used by all grades of the Faculty of Arts (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of International Politics and Economics), Faculty of Cultural Policy, and Night Club (as of April 2014)Minato-kuMinami-Aoyama, TokyoAdjacent toAoyama street(National Route 246) FacingOmotesando(Route 413) AndAntique streetIt is within walking distance to (Minato Ward Road).In front of the campusUnited Nations UniversityHas signed a general agreement since 2003.Known as "Ao Can".

Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of International Political Economy, Graduate School of Comprehensive Cultural Policy, Graduate School of Social Informatics Human Innovation Course, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of International Management, Graduate School of Accounting Professiongraduate SchoolIs installed.On the premisesAoyama GakuinHeadquarters and affiliated schools (Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College, Kindergarten to high school) is also set up.The tree-lined road leading from the main gateModernism architectureHouse'sAntonin RaymondIs said to have been designed by.

The nearest stations are Omotesando Station and Shibuya Station.JRYamanote Line-Saikyo Line-Shonan Shinjuku Line,Tokyu Toyoko Line-Denentoshi Line,Keio Inokashira Line,Tokyo subwayFukutoshin Line OfShibuya StationMiyamasuzakaAbout 10 minutes on foot from the exit in the direction, orTokyo subwayGinza Line-Hanzomon Line-Chiyoda LineOmotesando StationAbout 1 minutes on foot from Exit B5.

The site area is 68,305 millionSquare meter(Including the common area with the corporate headquarters and women's junior college), the total site area including each affiliated school is about 12 square meters.MeijiAmerican in the mid-termJohn F. GaucherWith donationsPioneerAgricultural Experiment StationSecond governmentSite[69](Approximately 3 millionTsubo) And thenTokyo University of AgriculturePurchased a site (5691 tsubo) around a junior college / middle school from Japan, and continues to this day.

The buildings are numbered as Building No. 1 and Building No. 2 in the order they were built (Building No. 14 for the General Research Building and Building No. 15 for the Goucher Memorial Hall).Currently, Building 13 is a missing number. (Old until 1999AVACO STUDIOThe building that was renovated was used as Building No. 13, but it was demolished along with the old chapel due to the construction of the Goucher Memorial Hall. )2001年There is a Goucher Memorial Hall in the university chapel and classroom research building completed in.The Majima Memorial Hall (built in 1929) and the Berry Hall (built in 1931) were built in 2 in the national government.Registered tangible cultural propertyWas registered in.Heavy trafficNational Route 246The campus is quiet because there are large facilities such as a general research building and a gymnasium on the side.Currently, the campus is being redeveloped.

The Aoyama Campus was ranked second in the "The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World" published by "Christian universities online."The location, two registered tangible cultural properties, and impressive rows of trees were highly evaluated. [70].

Sagamihara Campus (KanagawaSagamihara CityChuo-kuFuchinobe5-10-1)

The 1st-4th years of the Faculty of Social Informatics, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Global Social Symbiosis, as well as the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Social Informatics, have been established. Moved to).

JRFuchinobe StationIt is a 7-minute walk from the station, and around the stationOberlin UniversityThere is Planet Fuchinobe Campus.

Nippon SteelThe campus was opened on the site in April 2003 and existed until 4.SetagayaWith campusAtsugiThe campus was integrated and opened.The site is about 16Square meter..Baseball field (formerly) in addition to the school buildingsKokugakuin UniversityIt also has Sagamihara Ground).Near the campusTokyo OfBed townHowever, in the surrounding wide area工場To revitalize the industry in the southwestern part of the Greater Tokyo AreaforumIt plays a part.The Midorigaoka Ground and Machida Ground, which are physical education facilities, are also set up near the campus and are used for club activities such as athletic clubs.Also,baseball GroundIs also attached.

The Wesley Chapel is set up on campus, and there is a worship time between the 1st and 2nd periods.This chapel is the founder of the Methodist Church, the origin of Aoyama GakuinJohn Wesley,Charles WesleyNamed after his brother.In the chapelpipe organ TheデンマークMade by Marcusen & Son Organ (moved from Atsugi Campus).AlsoStained glassIs a design by Yamato Takizawa[71].

Campus that existed in the past

Atsugi Campus (KanagawaAtsugiForest Village Aoyama Map
It was used by the 1-1nd year of the Faculty of Arts (2st part and the main daytime course) and the 1st year of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.Odakyu lineHonatsugi StationからKanagawa Central Transportation25 minutes by bus.Aiko Ishida Station15 minutes by bus from.Known as "Atsu Can".There was talk of moving to the suburbs because the Aoyama campus became too small, and at that time a science park city was being created.AtsugiIt was opened by the invitation of.On the site, there is a lecture building, a ground,GolfIt was equipped with training facilities and accommodation training facilities.There was a parking lot on campus, and general students were allowed to go to school by private car. After the arrival of the 21st century, private universitiesReturn to the city centerDue to the movement of Doshisha University, relocation to a land with good access is being considered.Nippon Steel-Kokugakuin UniversityAcquired land from Japan and established Sagamihara Campus in 2003 (Atsugi Campus closed).After the campus is closed, the site will beNissan MotorSold to, and has become a research facility.The Atsugi Seminar House (accommodation training facility) was originally planned to continue to be owned, but it was decided to give up at the request of Nissan.In addition, it is a place name given after the move.Forest Village AoyamaIs still in use today.
Setagaya Campus (TokyoSetagayaChitosedai Map
It was used by the 2nd-4th years of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering was established.Access isKeio LineChitose Karasuyama Station15 minutes walk from, or Odakyu Odawara LineSoshigaya Okura Station20 minutes walk from.The campus used by graduate students in the 2nd to 4th years of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (all years until the Atsugi Campus was established), commonly known as "Setakan".It was opened when the Faculty of Science and Engineering was established, and was originally named "Megurisawa Campus".Due to the fact that the facilities became too small and aging, and that only first-year students had to go to Atsugi, the functions were integrated into the Sagamihara campus together with the Atsugi campus, and it was finally abolished in 1. It was.In addition, there was a women's dormitory (Schoonmaker dormitory) next to this campus.The site is largeApartment(There are some commercial facilities).
Tsunashima Ground (Kanagawa横 浜 市Kohoku kuTsunashimakamicho Map
It was used by the athletic club.Due to the existence of Baba, there were complaints from neighboring residents.At the Sagamihara Campus, Machida Ground was newly purchased because it was not possible to create a Baba due to the opposition of local residents.The site is largeApartmentIt has become.


Student cafeteria

  • Aoyama CampusStudent cafeteria(School cafeteria) is installed underground.During the daytimeHigh SchoolStudents are also using it.
  • A cafeteria (1,2 seats) was opened on the 2012st floor of Building 17, which was newly established in 1, in preparation for the relocation of the Aoyama Campus in the 1,000st and XNUMXnd years of the Faculty of Arts.
  • Sagamihara Campus Building GcafeteriaIs a two-story building with a partial atrium and an outdoor lounge.There is another cafeteria on the 2st floor of Building N on the same campus, which is commonly known as the "Science and Engineering Cafeteria" because it is mostly used by undergraduate and graduate students who are close to the research building. ing.This N building uses the same building as Nippon Steel.
  • "Student cafeteria highly evaluated by students" (Survey from November to December 2006. Survey by the editorial department of "University Ranking" published by Asahi Shimbun) ranked first.[72].

Aoyama Gakuin Purchasing Association / Shop

At Aoyama Gakuin UniversityUniversity student co-opInstead, purchasing stores and shops operated by the Aoyama Gakuin Purchasing Association are set up on each campus.

Research Institute Building

Comprehensive on Aoyama Campusgraduate Schoolbuilding. Opened in December 1988.It has various research departments of the University Research Institute. The large conference room on the 12th floor is used as an international conference hall for various international conferences and lectures. In 12,Emmanuel ToddGave a lecture at the same building.Also in the same yearCold WarAt the lecture held in the 20th year of the end,Vytautas Landsbergis(OriginalリトアニアHead of State (former Speaker of the Supreme Council) and Staniskis Jadwiga (former)ポーランドsolidarityThe leader) and others gave a lecture.

Goucher Memorial Hall

Located on the Aoyama campusGothic architectureThe exterior of the building is reminiscent of.It was built on the site of the former chapel of the university and the 13th building (the first Avaco studio).The name is a missionary who financially supported the early Aoyama Gakuin by donating more than $ 6 in private property.John F. GaucherIt is named after. The Goucher Memorial Chapel is located on the 1,2st and 3nd floors, and the 13rd to 3th floors are educational and research facilities.Also, in the lobby on the XNUMXrd floor, middle school graduatesSeiji TogoThe work "Angel's Holiday" is displayed.The Goucher Memorial Chapel has 1 seats on the 560st floor and 2 seats on the 132nd floor, and there is a pipe inside the chapel.organIs also installed.In addition to worship services, it is also used as a meeting place for athletic clubs and social gatherings.ChoirConcerts such as are also held.

Aoyama Gakuin A Studio

JingumaeEducation and research facility in 5-chome,NHK OfSatellite studioIt is a complex cultural facility with a multipurpose hall and commercial facilities. It was built in September 2009 as a place to create and disseminate culture as part of the 9th anniversary project of Aoyama Gakuin.The construction site is the site of the university's educational dormitory "Josei Dormitory".The building has 135 floors above ground and 4 floor below ground. The 1rd and 3,4th floors are rental offices, the 2nd floor is the Aoyama Community Lab of the Faculty of Cultural Policy, and the 1st floor is the NHK satellite studio "NHK @ CAMPAS"Is included.The name is copywriterJun MakiIt is named by.

Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall

Large size on Aoyama campusgymnasium.Tokyo OlympicsCompleted in 1964 at the time of the event.The audience seats can accommodate 2500 people and up to 6000 people.In addition to entrance and graduation ceremonies, official sports, events and concerts in Japan and overseas are also held.

1988 and 1989 are international competitions for women's tennisToray Pan Pacific OpenUsed as a venue for[73]..Of a professional basketball teamSun Rockers ShibuyaWill start from the 2016-17 seasonB.LEAGUEIt was decided to use it as a home arena as it entered the market, and 8 games, which is 24% of the home games, will be held.[74].

Aoyama Gakuin Auditorium

A large hall on the Aoyama campus.The number of seats is 1701.It is also used as a chapel in the middle school.Abbreviation "Aoko".Various events, concerts and seminars are held.The Aoyama Gakuin Orchestra holds regular performances.


Located on the Aoyama campusRestaurantIn addition to the operation of the alumni association, the headquarters of the alumni association and the alumni space are also set up.It is called Ivy Hall.Founded1968年(Showa 43).weddingHolds only Christian ceremonies.

Honda Memorial International Conference Hall

2012年On the 17th floor of the 6th building, which was newly built in Tokyo, it was equipped as an international conference hall and a large lecture room that supports four languages, and was named "Honda Memorial International Conference Hall".NamedYoichi HondaIs the first Japanese director at our school and the second director, and 2012 is the 100th anniversary of Honda's death. 562 seats (desk / chair).

Wesley Hall

Completed as a building of Aoyama Gakuin Religious Center in 1968 (Showa 43).Currently, there is an archeology library in the Department of History of the Faculty of Letters.[75].

Registered tangible cultural property

Majima Memorial Hall

Japan, located on the Aoyama Campus of Aoyama Gakuin UniversityRegistered tangible cultural property(Building). Built in 1929, designed and constructedShimizu group..Reinforced concrete construction 3 stories, 1 basement floorParadian styleArchitecture.at firstlibraryIt was built as, but is now used as the Aoyama Gakuin Material Center.[76]In addition, there is Aoyama Gakuin Religious Center[77]..Located at the entrance to the main campus and through the treesrotaryIt is built facing north.It is a symbolic building of Aoyama Gakuin University, which is often used for posters.The front entrance is at the arched opening of the platform, above whichGreek architectureCorinthOf expressionColumnArrangePedimentSupport, topCorniceDecorated with dentil,Ancient Roman templeIs imitating[78].Neo-renaissance styleIt is a building with a classicist atmosphere[79][80].

In front of the building in 1907United Episcopal ChurchDispatched fromMissionaryIs建築 家 OfJM GardnerThere was a "Kodokan" designed byGreat Kanto EarthquakeWrecked in.Therefore, based on that design, it was rebuilt as a central library in 1929 (Showa 4).The name was the alumni association president and directorMajima TsugihikoHas offered to donate the funds, and after his death, Mrs. Aiko inherited her will and built it, so it bears the surname of Majima. In the central hall on the 1st floorBandai JunshiroThe statue of "love" donated byYoshizumi YokoeWork, installed in 1930) is displayed.

Belly hole

Central on Aoyama campusrotaryJapan, which is built facing the westRegistered tangible cultural property(Building). In 1931 (Showa 6)Faculty of TheologyIt was built as a school building, but is now used as the headquarters building.The design is JH Vogel. A one-story chapel (Charles Oscar Miller Memorial Chapel) will be set up at the north end of the main part of the three-story building, and a one-story building will also be attached to the south end.symmetryIt is the architecture of.The main part and the front car side are decorated with buttresses, and there are missing circular arches, pointed arches, simple detailed sculptures, etc.Neo-Gothic styleIt is the architecture of the design of[81].

The name "Berry Hall" comes from AD Berry, a former Dean of Theology.Berry made an effort to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Aoyama Gakuin school building that collapsed in the Great Kanto Earthquake, so it was named "Berry Hall" in recognition of its achievements.Located in the "Charles Oscar Miller Memorial Chapel" in the same buildingpipe organMade in 1932 (Showa 7),ドイツ・ It is said to be the oldest pipe organ in Japan that is currently used by Valker.[82].Peggy HayamaSong "school days"" That appears in the songつたTangledChapelIs thisChapelThat is.Therefore, a monument to the song is erected in front of the chapel.

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

  • Japan Private University Federation
  • Private University Library Consortium along the Yamate Line
  • Tokyo 12 University Public Relations Liaison Council
  • Tokyo Christianity 6 University Admissions Council[83]
  • National Private University FD Collaboration Forum
  • Kitasato UniversityStrategic university collaboration with
    Ministry of educationThe agreement was selected as a "strategic university collaboration support project" in 20.The name of the initiative is "Human resource development and medical innovation based on multifaceted collaboration through practical project education."[84].
  • General Agreement with United Nations University
    With Aoyama Gakuin UniversityUnited Nations UniversityPlanning and implementation of joint research projects, co-sponsored lectures andSymposiumAn agreement was signed in 2003 to promote international education and academic research through.The results of joint research between the two universities have been published by UNU Press, participation in graduate school classes held at the United Nations University, joint lectures and symposiums have been held.
  • Comprehensive agreement with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
    With Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTokyo University of Foreign StudiesConcluded the "Basic Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation and Cooperation" on Wednesday, November 2017, 11.This basic agreement is for student exchange, credit transfer and student education and research guidance, joint implementation of project research and symposiums, utilization of academic research materials, publications, information, etc., use of university facilities and equipment, etc. The purpose is to promote cooperation and cooperation between universities.
  • Comprehensive agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture
    With Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTokyo University of AgricultureConcluded the "Basic Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation and Cooperation" on February 2019, 2 (Monday).This basic agreement is for student exchange, credit transfer and student education and research guidance, joint implementation of project research and symposiums, utilization of academic research materials, publications, information, etc., use of university facilities and equipment, etc. The purpose is to promote cooperation and cooperation between universities.
  • Comprehensive agreement with Hirosaki Gakuin University
    With Aoyama Gakuin UniversityHirosaki Gakuin UniversityConcluded the "Basic Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation and Cooperation" on May 2019, 5 (Wednesday).This basic agreement is for student exchange, credit transfer and student education and research guidance, joint implementation of project research and symposiums, utilization of academic research materials, publications, information, etc., use of university facilities and equipment, etc. The purpose is to promote cooperation and cooperation between universities.We are also considering lectures using the Internet and credit transfer.


Aoyama Gakuin University vs. Tohoku Gakuin University General Regular Battle

    • Aoyama Gakuin University vs. Tohoku Gakuin University General Regular Battle Has contributed not only to the exchange of sports but also to the development of friendship with both schools.Every June, at the same time as the entrance ceremony of the athletic meet, for the Tohoku Gakuin University general regular competitionUnity ceremonyIs done.Greetings from the president, student director, physical education chairman, athletic club leader, cheering squad leader, player oath, cheering squad sends ale to the players[89]
    • Abbreviation Togaku(I.e.[90][91]
    • Of particular note is the regular battle with Tohoku Gakuin. Prewar1928年It started in (Showa 3).The oldest competition that has continued to date (college competition)Therefore, it is expected that sportsmanship that respects each other will be fostered while squeezing skill and intelligence and deciding the victory or defeat in a fair manner.[92][93][94]

  • In the pastMeiji Gakuin University"Comprehensive regular battle" with the athletic meet1970年From the first (Showa 45)1987年It was carried out until the 62th (18), but it was abolished by an agreement (a request from the Aoyama Gakuin University side).

Community exchange

  • Aoyama Commons
    United Nations UniversityAnd Aoyama Gakuin University,Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Sponsored by Shibuya Aoyama-dori Shotenkai, etc., special sponsorshipTEPCOCo., Ltd. (Shibuya branch office).Commons means an area between public and private.Events such as photo exhibitions, cafes, and live music will be held in connection with United Nations Day and Aoyama International Village.The venues are United Nations University, Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama, Creator in Residence, Global Environment Outreach Center, Aoyama Oval Building, Aoyama Gakuin A Studio, and Aoyama Gakuin University. 2009 was held from October 10rd to 23th, and another symposium was held on December 25th.

In 2009, there were about 5 visitors in both events combined.[Source required].

  • Sun Rockers Shibuya
    2016年-17年In the seasonJapan Professional Basketball LeagueThe basketball club team (formerly Hitachi Tokyo Men's Basketball Club Sun Rockers), which is a member of the (B1 League), will use the main hall of the Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall as a home arena (Aoyama Gakuin University / Hitachi Group personnel can also enter).

Industry-academia collaboration

Launched "Liaison Project" in 2017 on Sagamihara Campus to collaborate with companies and local communities[95]..The first industry-academia collaboration event "Meet up in AGU2018 @ SAGAMIHARA" was held on December 2018, 12.[96].

Affiliated school

The following educational institutions are schools established by Aoyama Gakuin, a university "Affiliated school"is not.

Directions and Parking


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