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🛏 | One-day hot springs to go in winter ⑤ "Amazing commitment" Travel Komi Hokkaido


One-day hot springs to go in winter ⑤ "Amazing commitment" Travel Komi Hokkaido

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At Oshamambe Town, which boasts a beautiful view, you can always enjoy fresh hot springs because the hot springs that have passed through the pipes are poured directly into the hot springs.

This year's first trip is "One-day hot springs to go in winter"!To conclude, we have a "great commitment" section.Boasting the scenery ... → Continue reading

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Chomanbe Town

Chomanbe Town(Oshamanbecho) isHokkaidoOshima General Promotion BureauIn the northtown..With a town area extending from north to south, it has prospered since the Showa period as a transportation hub.


The hills are undulating, and most of the mountains, such as Mt. Oshamambe (972.4m), are occupied by mountains.Uchiura BayFlat land is distributed in a belt shape along (Eruption Bay), Oshamambe River,Monbetsu River, Has flat and fertile agricultural land along the Kunnui River[1].

Most of the coast is sandy and the sea is shallow.The climate is often cold from spring to summer.This is attributed to the cold wind from the sea.Tohoku in winter(I.e.The amount of snow is relatively small except in the northern and mountainous areas, and the temperature is not low.[1]..However, Oshamambe TownAct on Special Measures for Heavy Snow RegionsupperDesignated areaHas become[2].


Origin of the town name

AinuAlthough it is derived from, there are various theories and it is difficult to identify[3].

KatakanaNotation (AkoRussiaItaClickformula)LatinTransliteration
UpaSheaSamaMuTheupas-samampesnow·Flatfishof fishGod is big in the seaBastard halibutThere is a legend that it was taught that the fishing season is when the flounder-shaped snow remains on the mountain when the spring snow melts.
OsamaMuPepo-samam-petKawajiri ・ Lying ・ RiverIt refers to the current Oshamambe River.Because Kawajiri is parallel to the coastline.
OsamaMuTheo-samampeKawajiri and flatfish fishFlounderThe meaning of the estuary where you can catch a lot of.The town takes this theory.

Chronological Table

In the olden days this placeAinuIt was the indigenous place of.When it comes to Kazuto's territoryOshima PeninsulaOshamambe, which is located in the isthmus of Japan, will be regarded as an important point of transportation between the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Pacific Ocean side.

Until the town system comes into effect
  • 1912 --Higher departments juxtaposed at Oshamambe Elementary School
  • 1914 -Oshamambe Elementary School Horonai Special Professor's Office (later Village Kyoritsu Elementary School) opened.
  • 1917 -Kayano Elementary School (later the village Chayagawa Elementary School) opens.
  • 1918 --By changing boundariesToyoura VillagewordShizukariIncorporate[1].
  • 1922 --Shizukari Marsh is designated as a national natural monument holding site.
  • 1923
  • 1924 -Hygiene exhibition held at Oshamambe Elementary School. There were 4065 spectators.
  • 1926 --The village Kayano Elementary School was relocated and rebuilt.
  • 1928 --Long wheel line, Shizukari - Datemonbetsu StationThe area is extended and opened, and all lines that correspond to the current Muroran Main Line are open.
  • 1929 - National railwaySetana Line・ Kunnui Station- Hanaishi StationThe space is open,Chayagawa StationOpened.
  • 1932 --The entire Setana Line is open.Kuromatsunai StationThe Kuromatsunai Motive Power Depot on the premisesChomanbe StationMoved to the premises and became Oshamambe Motive Power Depot.
  • 1933 --Established Shizukari Kanayama Co., Ltd.
  • 1934 -Oshamambe fire on July 7th. 25 houses burned down.
  • 1936 --The government office building is newly built.
  • 1938 --The Oshamambe Fisheries Cooperative has established a new salmon hatchery upstream of the Oshamambe River.
  • 1939 -Opened Futamata Elementary School's Toyokin Special Professor's Office. (Later Ohira National School. Established for children in mining villages.)
  • 1940 --Renamed[1].
  • 1942 -At the time of the Oshamambe Village Census on November 11, 1 people were counted.It will be the peak of the population before the enforcement of the town system.
After the town system came into effect
  • 1943 - Town systemEnforcement,Oshamambe Town, Yamakoshi DistrictTo
  • 1946 --Newly established Nakazawa Elementary School.Established Kunnui Clinic.Established Oshamambe Town Agricultural Cooperative.
  • 1947 --In the four districts of Oshamambe, Shizukari, Kunnui, and FutabaNew system junior high schoolAnd set up a branch office of the government office,Local government lawDue to the enforcement ofOshima branch officeWill be under the jurisdiction of.
  • 1948 --Oshamambe Town Police Station (formerlyPolice lawbyMunicipal police)WhenOshamambe Town Fire DepartmentInstalled.Nissin Confectionery Oshamambe Factory begins operation.
  • 1950 - Hokkaido Yakumo High SchoolOshamambe School opens (only part-time course), Shizukari Marsh is de-designated as a national natural monument.
  • 1951 --Hokkaido Yakumo High School Oshamambe SchoolHokkaido Oshamambe High SchoolMunicipal Toyotsu Elementary School was newly established to (part-time system).
  • 1952
    • Since the Shizukari Marsh was de-designated as a natural monument in 1950, the Shizukari Wilderness development work started in May.
    • Full-time course set up at Oshamambe High School.Established a municipal Motomachi nursery school.The town police were abolished, and the Oshamambe police station was demoted to the Hakodate army Yakumo district police station chief Oshamambe police station.
  • 1953 --On January 1, the first public relations issue was issued by Oshamambe Town, the municipal Warabitai Elementary School was newly built, and the municipal Kyoritsu Elementary School was rebuilt and completed.
  • 1954 --Oshamambe High School is transferred to Hokkaido and becomes a prefectural government.Petition from Shizukari to attract the National Safety Forces (predecessor of the Ground Self-Defense Force).Established Oshamambe Chamber of Commerce in areas other than the Shizukari area.Toyamaru TyphoonDamaged Kunnui Elementary School.[5]
  • 1955 --In the current hot spring townNatural gas,SpaErupted.In the year after nextcrudeAlso spouted.Designated as a financial reconstruction organization.
  • 1956 --In November, the Oshamambe Municipal Hot Spring Baths opened.
  • 1957 --Municipal Chayagawa Elementary School was rebuilt and completed.
  • 1958 --Hakodate District Legal Affairs Bureau Director Manbu Branch Office established.
  • 1959 --Paved a national highway of about 1km from Oshamambe Elementary School to the front of the government office.The town funeral hall was relocated and rebuilt from Takasago Town to the current location, Tomino.The Oshamambe and Shizukari Chambers of Commerce merged to establish the Oshamambe Chamber of Commerce, which covers the entire town.Oshamambe and Kunnui Fisheries Cooperative merged.
  • 1960 --Oshamambe and Shizukari Fisheries Cooperative merged.
  • 1962 --In August, the second Shizukari Kanayama closed, and the Oshamambe Municipal Hot Spring Bath was sold.
  • 1963 --Designation for promotion of industrial development in underdeveloped areas in the Oshamambe / Mori / Yakumo area.
  • 1964 -(Old)Oshamambe Town Fire DepartmentIs relocated.Completed Oshamambe Municipal Cemetery.The tax collection rate in the Oshima jurisdiction is the lowest.Bus service starts between Oshamambe and Yakumo.The population has risen to 17173, which is the peak after the enforcement of the town system (from the Oshamambe Town Firefighting Annual Report).
  • 1965 --Designated as Futami Onsen Travertine, private Jorenji nursery school, private Misawa Horen nursery school, private Shizukari seasonal nursery school established, financial reconstruction completed.
  • 1966 -(Old) Government office building completed[1]..Designated North Pacific Bank as a designated financial institution.Municipal Shizukari housing complex completed
  • 1967 --The Yamakoshi-gun Sanitary Treatment Association was established jointly with Yakumo Town, and the Sanitary Treatment Association office was set up in the Oshamambe Town Hall.
  • 1968 --Oshamanbe Town Public water supply service started, OshamanbeTelegram telephone stationInstallation.Completed Shizukari fishing port.
  • 1969 --Oshamambe department phone is automated,Human waste treatment plantBusiness start,Nanbu DomainThe ruins of the tunsho are designated as a cultural property of Hokkaido.Give the town name to Oshamambe city.
  • 1970 --Simple water supply started in the Kunnui area.
  • 1971 --Municipal Toyotsu Elementary School is closed.Completed up to the Municipal Third Kunnui Housing Complex.Hakodate Forestry Bureau opens a beef cattle production and breeding experimental ranch in Tomino.
  • 1972 --The special mother and child's house, Nanei Elderly Rest House, has been completed.
  • 1973 ――Held a parade to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the opening of the town system, started operations at the Oshamambe Town Waste Disposal Plant, and completed the Worker Training Center, Welfare Center, and Oshamambe Park.The sightseeing route "Eyama Uchiura Line" is named for National Highway 278 and Oshamambe on Route 5.
  • 1974 --The ruins of the Southern ClanMinistry of Education(CurrentMinistry of education)Cultural propertyDesignated as a family sports center completed.Jinya Seikatsukan, Akiju no Ie, and a town-run ski resort are completed.
  • 1975 --Minami Children's Park, Shinkai Park, Shinkaiju no Ie, Oshamambe Promotion Center completed, Municipal Sakae Nursery School, Shizukari Nursery School established, Municipal Kunnui Elementary School renovated and completed.
  • 1976 --Established Municipal Omachi Nursery School and completed Oshamambe Town Funeral Hall.
  • 1977 --Oshamambe Town History Completed, Oshamambe Town Youth Hall Completed, in Futaba DistrictSimple waterworksStarted water supply.
  • 1978 --The welfare center for the elderly is completed, the simple water supply starts in the Shizukari area, the Takasago Promotion Hall and the town-run Futaba housing complex are completed, the Oshamambe fishing port is designated as the first class, and the Kunnui nursery school is set up.
  • 1979 - Oshamambe Townspeople CenterIs completed, and the Kunnui district simple tap water quality improvement project is completed.
  • 1980 - Sapporo Railway Post OfficeOshamambe station is abolished.
  • 1981 - Oshamambe Post OfficeWas promoted to the post office, and Oshamambe High School moved to the current Sakaehara.
  • 1982 --The (new) Oshamambe Junior High School, which integrates the four junior high schools of Oshamambe, Shizukari, Kunnui, and Futaba, has opened, the Oshamambe Post Office has moved to the current Honmachi, the Nakanosawa Promotion Hall has been completed, and the Ueki Soetsu Memorial Hall has opened.
  • 1983 - Oshamambe Municipal HospitalOpened.Established Machihana and Machiki, and closed the Kimura family confectionery shop.The Peace Memorial Hall opens.
  • 1984 --Municipal Chayagawa Elementary School closed.The Shizukari fishing port is completed.
  • 1985 ――Typhoon No. 13 recorded the second hourly precipitation of 90 mm in the history of main road observation.Asahihama Seikatsukan is completed and the handling of luggage is abolished at Oshamambe Station. Oshamambe Branch of Goryokaku Freight Car and Oshamambe Motive Power Depot are integrated to establish Oshamambe Operation Zone.
  • 1987 - Tokyo University of ScienceThe Oshamambe School Building (currently the Oshamambe Campus of Tokyo University of Science) opens, and the Tomino Promotion Hall is completed.National railwaySetana LineAbolished, bus conversion.Reconstruction work completed up to Municipal Chubu No. 3 Housing Complex (Takasago Town).
  • 1989 --The municipal Nakanosawa Elementary School was renovated, and the Oshamambe Town Gas Factory and Oshamambe Town Cleaning Center were completed.
  • 1990 --The Oshamambe Town Cleaning Center was completed, and the computer system business started at the town hall.
  • 1991 --B & G Foundation Oshamambe Marine Center completed.
  • 1992 - Oshamambe Town Learning and Culture CenterIs completed, and part of the Oshamambe Town public sewerage system is in service.
  • 1993 - Hokkaido Southwest EarthquakeCaused great damage[1], Oshamambe Town Elderly Welfare Plan was formulated, and the Oshamambe Driving Zone was absorbed by the Goryokaku Driving Zone and abolished.
  • 1994 --Oshamambe Fishing Port,Kunnui fishing port, Kunnui Fishing Port Seaside Park, Tomino no Mori completed.Reconstruction work completed up to the municipal second shrine lower housing complex.
  • 1995 --Shizukari Square Green Space Utilization Facility (Park Golf Course) Completed, Futaba Promotion Hall Completed, Labor Welfare Hall Completed, Designated as a New Use Area for City Planning.
  • 1996 --Fureai Park is completed,Oshamanbe BypassIs completed and Ayame Park opens.
  • 1997 - Hokkaido ExpresswayOshamambe interchangeOpened, and full-scale collection of recyclable waste was carried out.Municipal Ayame housing complex completed.
  • 1998 --The government office building and health center are completed.Hokkaido ShinkansenOshamambe Station is decided as the stop station of.
  • 1999 --The Oshamambe Town Forestry Association merged with the Yakumo Town Forestry Association to establish the Yamakoshi District Forestry Association and complete the fishery waste recycling facility.
  • 2000 --The Shizukari Promotion Hall is completed.
  • 2001 --Municipal Warabi Elementary School closed.Elderly life welfare center and home support center completed.Hokkaido ExpresswayKunnui interchangeIs opened, Fureaio Bridge is completed, and the recycling center is completed.
  • 2002 --Ohama housing complex "Silver housing" ・ Ohama promotion hall completed, relay port Yamakoshi completed.
  • 2003 --The final disposal site for general waste is completed, the (new) Oshamambe-cho fire department headquarters building is completed, and the Kitatoshima merger problem study group is established.
  • 2004 --The Oshamambe-cho / Kuromatsunai-cho merger council was established in June and dissolved in December.The 6th National Municipal Ayame Summit was held in Oshamambe Town.Yamakoshi-gun Forestry Association is designated as a core forestry association.
  • 2005 --Municipal Futaba Elementary School closed.Shizukari fishing port expansion work completed, Sakae nursery school newly built, child-rearing support center established.
  • 2006 --Due to a decrease in passengersJRMuroran Main Line / Asahihama Station abolished.
  • 2007 ――3 ・ 4 ・ 6 Ekimae-dori opens, Oshamanbe hair crab road race ends with the 20th, and Okadaya department store closes.
  • 2008 --At a municipal elementary and junior high schoolTwo-semester systemIntroduced.
  • 2009 --Municipal Kyoritsu Elementary School closed.Damage caused by farmed scallops.
  • 2010 --The Oshima branch office was abolished, and the entire Oshamambe townOshima General Promotion BureauIs the jurisdiction.Municipal Nakanosawa Elementary School closed.The amount of heat generated by municipal gas has changed from 5A to 13A.
  • 2011 - Great East Japan EarthquakeDamage to the fishery caused by the disaster, 6 Oshamambe Town employees are one of the affected areasMiyagiTagajo CityDispatched to.
  • 2012 --Hokkaido ShinkansenShin-Hakodate Station(Tentative name at that time) ~Sapporo StationGroundbreaking ceremony for construction work.Local heavy rains and tornadoes caused damage in the Hanaoka area.
  • 2013 --The Elderly Life Welfare Center was expanded, and family register operations were computerized.
  • 2014 --Municipal Kunnui Elementary School closed.Completion of Multipurpose Activity Center Atsumabe (Oshamambe Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  • 2015 --Schoolchildren's nursery school Nakamado opened, Oshamambe Town Regional Revitalization Summit held,Circumhorizontal arcIs observed.The population has decreased by about 50 from 8000 years ago when it peaked.
  • 2016 --Started the LED replacement business for street lights in the town block, and set up the Shakushain ancient battlefield monument.
  • 2017 --Opened a manufacturing and sales workshop for processing agricultural and livestock products.Railway/Transportation OrganizationOpened Oshamambe Railway Construction Station. "General Incorporated Association Hokkaido Oshamanbe" is established.JR Hakodate Main Line Warabitai Station is abolished due to a decrease in passengers.
  • 2019 --Concluded a "Hashikko Alliance" between Oshamambe Town, Kuromatsunai Town, and Toyoura Town.
  • 2020 --The Yamakoshi-gun Sanitary Treatment Association, which consisted of two towns, Oshamambe Town and Yakumo Town, was dissolved, and the urine treatment business in the two towns was shifted to independent operation.Along with this, MICS equipment was added to the Oshamambe-cho terminal treatment plant.
  • 2021 ――The first kindergarten cooperation type authorized child institution opens in the town.Due to the relocation work of the Hokkaido Shinkansen obstacle, the relocation work of the Oshamambe Municipal Southern Housing Complex started.New construction of Oshamambe-cho teacher's house (Sakaehara district) started.


Population distribution of Oshamanbe, Hokkaido, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Oshamambe Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Oshamambe Town (2005)
■Purple-Oshamambe Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Oshamambe Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Although the population exceeded 1960 in the 15000s, it is rapidly depopulating.The population of 18-19 years old is outstanding for both men and women, but this is a dormitory system in the town.Tokyo University of Science Oshamambe CampusBecause there is.

Character name

Town name of each area in the town

Chomanbe Town

  • Oshamambe (central area)
  • Shizukari
  • Kyoritsu
  • Character Omine
  • Warabitai
  • Character wisdom
  • Mihata
  • Kurioka
  • Eihara
  • Character Ohama
  • Asahihama
  • Hirasato
  • Hanaoka
  • Nakanosawa
  • Kunnui
  • Character Toyono
  • Character Toyotsu
  • Aji Chayagawa
  • Character Tomino
  • Character Futaba

Address of Oshamambe city (commonly known as town name)

The official place name of Oshamambe city is Oshamambe, but it was divided into 16 for administrative reasons.This is a remnant of the neighborhood association organization during the war, and was also called the 1968st and 12nd wards after the war.In order to change this section to a new town name, the Oshamambe Town Council General Affairs Committee and the regional representatives were commissioned as members, and the Oshamambe City District Name Revision Council was held on December 4, XNUMX.The following town names were decided by this council.Since it is not a revision of the town name to which the law applies, the conventional character name and lot number must be used for legal documents.

  • Honcho
  • Motomachi
  • Omachi
  • Akebonocho
  • Jinya Town
  • Hot spring town
  • Takasago
  • Naneicho
  • Sumiyoshi Town
  • Shinkaicho


  • Mayor --Masashi Kohata (inaugurated on July 2014, 7, total term of office 23 terms, former chairman of the neighborhood)[6]
In the 2014 mayoral election (voting rate 83.84%), he ran at the request of the townspeople group "Oshamambe Town Love and Create Future Town Development" and was elected by 3 votes with former mayor Shoichi Shirai who aimed for 367 elections.[7].
  • Vice mayor --Hideyo Sato


In December 2010 (under the administration of the former mayor), Oshamambe Town formulated the "Third Oshamambe Town Town Development Comprehensive Plan" (a shining hometown of contact, a town of collaboration and education). It is being implemented during the planning period from 12 (Heisei 3) to 2011 (Reiwa 23 years).[8].

Welfare policy

There are food service, outing support service, home visit safety confirmation service, emergency call system service, and mild life support service for elderly people at home who have difficulty in daily life, and the use of these services depends on the income situation. Measures are being implemented to address the problem of single-person poverty among the elderly, such as the application of cost reductions.[9].

Disaster prevention plan

Some areas in the northern part of the town areaTomari Nuclear Power StationAlthough it is located within 50 km from, it is not an emergency protective measure preparation area (area within 30 km of nuclear facilities = UPZ) that is subject to regional disaster prevention plans and evacuation plans.[10].

Depopulation measures

The population of Oshamambe Town is declining significantly, and the number of people has decreased by about 15000 from the peak of about 10000, and the city is becoming hollow.The average asking price of fixed assets for residential land is 1 yen per square meter (FY1,918), which is the cheapest among the municipalities in the Oshima district.[11].
In addition, the closure of the store is also serious, and the only bookstore in the town is Kato Bookstore.2017 It became a so-called bookstore blank area because it closed in.

The town has received the following area designations[2].

The scale of the designated business is 2 million yen for the depopulation countermeasure business.[12]..Depopulation countermeasure business bonds (tourist facilities, roads, port facilities, educational and cultural facilities, etc.) 8,900 million yen.Of which, the special project cost for promoting independence in depopulated areas is 3,000 million yen.[13].

Measures to abolish railway stations

2017 year 3 month 4 dayJR HokkaidoDue to the revision of the timetable, Kita-Toyotsu Station and Warabitai Station were abolished, and the number of routes was reduced, reducing the convenience of transportation for townspeople such as those who went to hospitals and students.The town is a communication support projectSchool busWe discussed the cost burden with JR Hokkaido, but no conclusion was reached at the time of formulating the 2017 town system enforcement policy.[14].

General gas business

In the city area of ​​Oshamambe Town, the town is located from the Oshamambe Town Gas Factory.City GasIs being supplied.

1997 (9)ChitoseGas Water Services Bureau (currently Chitose City Water Services Bureau),2006 (18)KitamiThe gas business of the Corporate BureauHokkaido gasSince it was transferred to (hereinafter referred to as North Gas)Local public enterpriseIs the only gas business in Hokkaido.

  • 1954 In response to a request for underground resource developmentNatural gasResults of exploratory drilling
  • 1955 Hot springs spring out with water-soluble natural gas,Chomanbe OnsenSupply as.
  • 1959 Started supplying gas from Oshamambe Town.
  • 2009 Kita Gas's "Hokkaido Block Calorie Change Joint Project"[15]Completed the conversion work to natural gas.
    The city gas of Oshamambe Town is the natural gas mined from the town.Liquefied petroleum gasWe supply a mixture of[16][Broken link], This business is a liquefied petroleum gas partYufutsu Gas FieldSwitch to natural gas mined from.


The main financial indicators are as follows[17].

  • Standard financial scale 3,257,576 yen (27)
    • Of which, standard tax revenue, etc. 752,276 yen (27)
  • Financial strength index (3-year average) 0.195 (27)
  • Real balance ratio 4.2% (27)
  • Current account ratio 82.4% (27)
    • Personnel expenses 23.6%, assistance expenses 2.3%, public debt expenses 16.5%, property expenses 16.5%, maintenance and repair expenses 4.7%, subsidies, etc. 6.6%, withdrawals 12.1%.
  • Real debt service ratio (3-year average) 13.6% (FY27)
  • Voluntary financial resources ratio 29.2% (27)
  • Future burden ratio 52.2% (27)
  • Ordinary allocation tax: Normal condition species land II-1, agricultural administration cost 2nd grade, forest fishery administration cost 5th grade, remote area 2nd grade, cold degree 3rd grade, snowfall degree 4th grade.
  • Ordinary allocation tax Standard financial demand total 29 yen (decided in 1,220, growth rate from the previous year minus 28%)[18]

Merger of municipalities

Great Heisei mergerIn the periodSuttsu-gunKuromatsunai TownAlthough a merger council was set up with the company, it was dissolved without a merger and the independent town system is maintained.

Merger details

  • 2002 --On May 5, a study group "Oshima Strategy F" was set up in five towns: Oshamambe Town, Yakumo Town, Mori Town, Sawara Town, and Imakane Town.
  • 2003 --On May 5, a study group "Kitatoshima Merger Problem Study Group" was set up in four towns, Oshamambe Town, Yakumo Town, Mori Town, and Sawara Town.
  • 2003 --On November 11, the voluntary council "Kitatoshima Voluntary Merger Council" was established in the five towns of Oshamambe Town, Yakumo Town, Mori Town, Sawara Town, and Imakane Town.
  • 2003 --On December 12, Mori-cho and Sawara-cho withdrew from the "Kitatojima Voluntary Merger Council".
  • 2004 ――In March, as a result of a resident questionnaire asking about the framework of the merger of Oshamambe Town, 3% of the respondents answered that "Yakumo Town and Oshima Jurisdiction" were good, and "Kuromatsunai Town and Shiribeshi Jurisdiction" were good. The result was that people accounted for 30.5% of the total.
  • 2004 --Oshamambe Town withdrew from the "North Oshima Voluntary Merger Council" based on the results of the residents' questionnaire conducted on April 4 and March.
  • 2004 --On April 14th, 4 days after the withdrawal from the "Kitatojima Voluntary Merger Council", a preparatory meeting "Oshamambe Town / Kuromatsunai Town Merger Council Establishment Preparatory Meeting" was established in Oshamambe Town / Kuromatsunai Town.
  • 2004 --On June 6, the legal council "Oshamambe Town / Kuromatsunai Town Merger Legal Council" was established.
    • Scheduled merger date: March 2006, 3
    • New town name: Oshamambe Town
    • Affiliation Promotion Bureau (at that time branch office): Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau
    • Main Government Building after the merger: Current Kuromatsunai Town Hall
  • 2005 --On January 1, more than half of the opposition to the merger in Oshamambe Town abandoned the merger in the two towns. Dissolved "Oshamambe Town / Kuromatsunai Town Merger Legal Council".

The reason why more than half of the opposition to the merger in Oshamambe Town was that the rebuilding work was just completed in 1998.Oshamambe Town HallWas not designated as the main government building, but the Kuromatsunai Town Hall was designated as the main government building, and the central area of ​​Oshamambe Town, which will be newly established, will be Kuromatsunai City, which has a smaller population than Oshamambe City.



Dairy, forestry, fishery (Scallop, Crab) is thriving.


  • Shizukari fishing port
  • Oshamambe fishing port
  • Daichu fishing port
  • Kunnui fishing port --As Japan's first wine glass type fishing port1994 (HeiseiCompleted in 6).

Location company

  • Limited companyKaname Honpo Kanaya(Former Oshamambe Station premises sales company)
  • Seikado Co., Ltd.
  • Oshamambe Kitakatsu Fisheries Co., Ltd.
  • Hokkaido Eagle Co., Ltd.
  • Sasaki Plumbing Co., Ltd.
  • Yamamoto Gumi Co., Ltd.
  • Matatsu Fisheries Co., Ltd.
  • Towa Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
  • Shizukari Kanayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Horikawa Cleaning Co., Ltd.
  • ㈲ Ishigaki Automobile Company
  • Hokkaido Postal Forwarding Co., Ltd. Oshamambe Branch

Commercial facility


Drug store

Home center



Abandoned route
Abandoned station

Once at Oshamambe StationSapporo - HakodateIt played an important role as a connection point for the Hakodate Main Line, Muroran Main Line, and Setana Line, and the Oshamambe Operation Zone (motive power depot) was also located, but it is now abolished.


Hokuto KotsuWas in service during the summer and New Year holidaysSapporoaspectIntercity busWill be suspended in 2018 (Heisei 30)[19].


Oshamambe Town will be the fare of "Hokkaido D district" in the "automatically approved fare of general passenger car transportation business (taxi)" by the Hokkaido Transport Bureau.

  • Oshamanbe Transportation


Along with the opening of Oshamambe Station on the Hokkaido Shinkansen in 2030, road promotion and widening work on the former National Highway No. 5 Honmachi-dori is under consideration.
(Honmachi-dori was used as Route 5, 37, 230 until the Oshamanbe Bypass was put into service.)

Public institutions and facilities in the town

National office

  • Forestry AgencyWatashima Forest Management Office / Oshamambe Forest Office (Oshamambe / Kunnui District)


high school
Junior high school
primary school
Kindergarten and certified children's schools
  • Hakodate Catholic Academy Oshamambe Maria Kindergarten
  • Oshamambe Municipal Sakae Nursery School
  • Izumi nursery school
Closed elementary school
  • Oshamambe Municipal Kunnui Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Town Toyotsu Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Uenosawa Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Town Nakanosawa Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Town Chayagawa Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Futaba Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Town Warabitai Elementary School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Kyoritsu Elementary School
Closed junior high school
  • Oshamambe Municipal Kunnui Junior High School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Futaba Junior High School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Shizukari Junior High School
Abolished municipal nursery school
  • Oshamambe Municipal Omachi Nursery School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Motomachi Nursery School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Kunnui Nursery School
  • Oshamambe Municipal Shizukari Nursery School


Until 1951Oshamambe Police Station(Municipal police) Existed, but was abolished by referendum.Also in the premises of Oshamambe StationRailway policeThere was an Oshamambe station, but this has also been abolished.

Agricultural cooperative/fishing cooperative

  • New Hakodate Agricultural Cooperative(JA new Hakodate)
    • Yakumo Core Branch-Oshamambe Branch (Oshamambe District)
    • Shin Hakodate Cooperative Co., Ltd.-Hokuren Oshamambe Gas Station (Oshamambe District)
  • Oshamambe Fisheries Cooperative (Asahihama area)
    • Marinos Oshamambe Oshamambe Fisheries Cooperative Direct Sales Store (Asahihama area)

Logistics / mail

  • Japan Post
    • Oshamambe Post Office --Collection and delivery station
      • (Futaba district, closed on June 2004, 6. Handling and collection and delivery operations are inherited and transferred to the Oshamanbe Post Office.)
      • (Nakanosawa district, closed on September 1953, 9. Handling office work is inherited by Oshamambe Post Office.)
Sagawa ExpressIs Yakumo Sales Office (Yakumo Town) Jurisdiction.
Nippon ExpressIs the Hakodate Branch Automobile Sales Division (Hakodate) Jurisdiction.

Financial institution

Long time agoHokkaido Takushoku BankOshamambe branch officeChomanbu Shinkin BankHowever, due to poor business performance at the Takugin Oshamambe branch office1950 (ShowaIn 25), Takugin Yakumo Branch and Chomanbu Shinkin Bank1991 (Heisei3 years)Hokkai Shinkin BankHokkai Shinkin also merged with Sapporo Shinkin Bank and Otaru Shinkin Bank2018 From (30), it became the Hokkaido Shinkin Bank (Shinkin Hokkaido).

Residential estate

  • Kunnui housing complex
  • Shizukari housing complex
  • Futaba housing complex
  • Chubu housing complex (Takasago Town)
  • Southern housing complex (Shinkaicho)
  • Shrine lower housing complex (Jinya Town)
  • Ayame housing complex (Jinya Town)
  • Hamanasu housing complex (Ohama)
  • Hamanasu Silver Housing (Ohama)

Other public facilities, etc.

Oshamambe district
  • Oshamambe Town Hall
  • Oshamambe Town Fire Department
  • Oshamambe Municipal Hospital
  • Shinkaiju no Ie
  • Shinkai Park
  • Minami Children's Park
  • Fureai Park
  • Peace Memorial Hall
  • Oshamambe Town Youth Hall
  • Ueki Soetsu Memorial Hall
  • Takasago Promotion Hall
  • Jinya Seikatsukan
  • Special mother and child's house
  • Family Sports Center
  • Nanei Town Old Man Ikoi House
  • Oshamambe Promotion Hall
  • Oshamambe Municipal Gas Factory
  • Oshamambe Town Learning and Culture Center
  • Oshamambe Town School Lunch Center
  • Oshamambe Town Worker Training Center
  • Oshamambecho Library
  • Oshamambe Town Labor Welfare Hall
  • Oshamambe Town Welfare Center
  • Oshamambe Town Board of Education
  • Oshamambe Townspeople Center
  • Oshamambe Municipal Nursery School (Sakae Nursery School)
  • Oshamambe Town Child Care Support Center
  • Oshamambe Town Chamber of Commerce
  • Oshamambe Tourism Association
  • Fureai Health Center
  • Oshamambe Municipal Ski Resort
Kunnui district
  • Kunnui Shinko Hall
  • Kunnui Seaside Park
  • Oshamambe Town Kunnui Pumping Station
  • Oshamambe Town Fire Brigade Kunnui Branch Machinery Equipment Storage Area
Shizukari district
  • Shizukari Promotion Hall
  • Shizukari pumping station
  • Oshamambe Town Fire Brigade Shizukari Branch Machinery Equipment Storage Area
  • Oshamambe Municipal Shizukari Elementary School
Nakanosawa district
  • Nakanosawa Promotion Hall
Futaba district
  • Futaba Promotion Hall
  • Futaba water purification plant
  • Oshamambe Town Cleaning Center
Tomino district
  • Oshamambe Town Funeral Home / Oshamambe Town Cemetery
  • Tomino Promotion Hall
  • Oshamambe Park / Tomino no Mori / Campground
  • Oshamambe Waterworks Purification Plant
Asahihama district
  • Oshamambe Town Fisheries Cooperative
  • Marinos Oshamambe Fisheries Cooperative Direct Sales Store
  • Asahihama Promotion Hall
  • Oshamambe Town Terminal Treatment Plant
Hirasato district
  • Elderly Welfare Center
  • Oshamambe Onsen Stand
  • Oshamambe Town Natural Gas Office
Toyotsu district
  • Toyotsu Pioneer Hall
  • Yamakoshi District Sanitary Treatment Association
  • Uchiura Clean Center
  • Relay port Yamakoshi
Sakaehara district
  • Sakaebara Hall
  • Oshamambe Municipal Oshamambe Junior High School
  • Hokkaido Oshamambe High School
  • Ayame Park Park Golf Course
Kyoritsu district
  • Oshamambe Municipal Kyoritsu Ranch
  • Kyoritsu Kaikan
Kurioka district
  • Kurioka Hall
Warabitai district
  • Warabitai Kaikan

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Cultural assets, etc.


  • Chomanbe Onsen(Oshamambe district)
  • Bifurcated Radium Hot Spring(Omine district)
  • Oshamanbe Hairy Crab Festival (Oshamanbe District, Fureai Park)
  • Oshamambe coast (Oshamambe area, swimming prohibited)
  • Peace Memorial Hall (Oshamambe district)
  • Ueki Soetsu Memorial Hall (Oshamambe district)
  • Townsman Center (Oshamambe District, Local Museum / Railway Village)
  • Shizukari Marsh (Shizukari district)
  • Futami Valley (Omine area)
  • Shizukari Singing Sand Beach (Shizukari District)
  • Oshamambe Park, Tomino no Mori (Tomino district)
  • Oshamambe Coast (Oshamambe / Ohama / Asahihama area)
  • Hotaru no Satoyama (Warabitai area)
  • Chaya River Waterfall (Chaya River area, contact the government office required)
  • OshamambeInari Shrine・ Former site of the southern clan (Oshamambe district)
  • Ayame Park (Sakaehara / Oshamambe district)
  • Shamanbeyama (Kyoritsu / Shizukari area)
  • Oshamambe-dake (Omine district)
  • Toyoura Koboro Coast (Shizukari / Koboro area, partly Oshamambe town area)
  • Omine Buna's giant tree (Omine district)

Shrines / temples

  • Nichiren Masamune Honkyu Temple (Ohama area)
  • Shingon sect Shuho Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • Nichiren sect Hokke-ji Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • Jodo sect Zendouji Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • Soto sect Daijiji Temple (Shizukari district)
  • Soto sect Daienji Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • Shinshu Otani School Nishinenji Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • Koyasan Shingon sect Shungakuin (Oshamambe district)
  • Nichiren Shoshu Setsudoji Temple (Tomino district)
  • Soto sect Entsuji Temple (Kunnui district)
  • Jodo Shinshu Honganji School Jorenji Temple (Oshamambe district)
  • TenrikyoOshamambe Church (Oshamambe District)
  • Tenrikyo Setana Branch Church (Oshamambe District)
  • Shinshu Otani School Kunnui Church (Kunnui District)

Main events

  • July-Horsehair crab festival
  • July-Shizukari Inari Shrine annual festival (portable shrine underwater misogi is held)
  • August-Inari ShrineAnnual festival(9th to 11th. A night mikoshi procession will be held on the 10th)


  • Kaname
  • Black surf crab, scallop, golden hair crab
  • Sun Meat Kimura Hormones
  • Hama Champon
  • Amesen / Mini Senbei
  • Corky's raw cookies
  • Snow flower spirit (cookie)
  • Goda Morisoba (station side)
  • Oshamanbe story (Tsukudani)
  • Shaman's old man (brand salmon)
  • In the middle of a crab

Native celebrity


  • Originally Oshamambe TownNHK Hakodate Broadcasting StationIs under the jurisdiction of.However, because there was not even a single relay station (Yakumo TownとMori TownWas there),2007 Until September (19), I could not watch the general TV of Hakodate Broadcasting Station.Opened on October 9st of the same yearNHK Hakodate Digital Oshima Relay StationAs a result, it became possible to watch even in Oshamambe Town, which was the only NHK Hakodate Broadcasting Station in the Watashima / Hiyama region that was difficult to watch.
  • Since 2003I'm sorryHowever, in 2011, he made a mistake on Twitter, so he stopped the activity on Twitter, but the former administrator informally resumed the activity.
  • There was a railway official residence near Oshamambe Station (Sumiyoshi Town), but there are currently no residents because the official residence was demolished due to the reduction of personnel after the privatization of JNR.
  • Oshamambe Village had counted 16446 people before the enforcement of the town system, but it was caused by the outflow of employees to the outside of the town due to the closure of Shizukari Gold Mine and Oshamambe Mining Works (from page 488 of Oshamambe Town History)

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