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🧳 | 4 Via Inns and Umekoji Potel Kyoto, temporarily closed


4 Via Inns and Umekoji Potel Kyoto, temporarily closed

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JR West Hotels

JR West Hotels(JR Nishinihon Hotels)West Japan Railway Company(JR West) relatedHotelIs the general term for.


In principleJR West Hotel Development Co., Ltd.Nara Hotel is a subsidiary of JR WestNara Hotel Co., Ltd.Operated by, and from the historical background of the hotelKintetsu/Miyako Hotels(Kinki Nippon RailwayAffiliated with the company (until the end of August 2018)Kintetsu Group HoldingsWas also invested[2][3]).

City Hotelof"Hotel GranviaWith the series as the main brand, within the JR West jurisdictionTerminal stationIt is deployed in.Of the Granvia brand hotels, only Kyoto and Okayama (however, Okayama had a predecessor hotel called Okayama Terminal Hotel before it was rebuilt to the current hotel) were the only ones that opened as "Granvia" from the beginning. It was called "○○ Terminal Hotel (where ○○ is the place name)".

Group Hotel

As of June 2018, it consists of the following eight hotels, and most of the hotels are directly connected to or adjacent to the main stations within the jurisdiction of JR West.

Hotel Granvia
Hotel Vischio by GRANVIA[4]

Incidentally,business hotel OfVia InnIs a JR West affiliate, but a separate companyJR West Japan Daily Service NetManagement ofJR Hotel GroupDoes not mean However, advertising placements and campaigns may be jointly implemented. Also, the sameJR West Japan Yonago MentecBusiness Hotel “” operated byJR West Japan WellnetOperated byJR West Japan First CabinOperated by JR West Japan HotelsJR Hotel GroupDoes not belong to

Facilities operated in the past

Membership system

There is "JR West Japan Hotels Card" as a membership point card. Previously,Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card-Credit Saison(UC card)・JCBThere was also a type with a credit card function affiliated with, but parent company JR WestJ-WEST card", the new issue is stopped and only the type without credit function is issued. Please note that JR West Hotels and Via Inn may occasionally offer limited plans and benefits for J-WEST card members.

In addition, from June 2018, Granvia brand, Vischio brand,Nara HotelIs organized by group hotel operating companies in East Japan, Tokai and Kyushu.JR Hotel MembersJoined[6].. As a result, the JR West Hotels Card will end in May 2018. For the next year, the remaining points will be used at each hotel of JR West Hotels. For existing members, we plan to send information to those who wish to accept new registration for "JR Hotel Members" in a format that uses the registration information on the "JR West Japan Hotels Card".

With the "JR Hotel Members," which joined on June 2018, 6, it is possible to transfer the accumulated Hotel Members points to "J-WEST points" in units of 1 points.[7].


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Via Inn

Via Inn(VIA INN) isJR West Japan Daily Service NetAnd operated by JR West Via Innbusiness hotelchain.


It is a so-called accommodation-specialized type (a so-called accommodation-specialized type), which is characterized by being compactly organized and providing sufficient services at a relatively reasonable price with the minimum necessary.B&B) Hotel.

JR West JapanOne of the features is that the store is located in a convenient location near or almost adjacent to the station, making the best use of the characteristics of the group.While expanding at major local stations, it is unprecedented to expand into other areas of the JR Group, but in 2009 it was outside the JR West area.Kanto regionSince then, it has opened new businesses in Tokyo one after another.Also, in July 2013Tokai regionTo[1], In January 2019Kyushu regionFirst store in each[2].

Via Inn, which opened in April 2017, some of the new hotels since Abeno Tennoji are operated by JR West Via Inn, a wholly owned subsidiary of JR West Daily Service Net.In addition, as a result of transferring the operation of some hotels that opened before this to JR West Via Inn, more than half of the hotels are now operated by JR West Via Inn.

The concept (service content, expansion outside the railway line, etc.) is similar to that of a business hotel operated by a group company of a private railway company. (For each hotel, see the related section below.)

The JR West Daily Service Net operated by JR West is operated by JR West.Consolidated subsidiary, JR West Via Inn is a wholly owned subsidiary of JR West Daily Service Net as mentioned above, but operates Hotel Granvia, etc.JR West HotelsWhen,JR Hotel GroupDoes not belong to.However, there may be a joint campaign with JR-West Hotels.


* Those with ★ behind the hotel name are operated by JR West Via Inn from the time of opening, those with ☆ are hotels whose operation has been transferred to JR West Via Inn, those with ● are JR West Daily Service Net / JR West Via Inn Operated by other than[3], MUJI is operated by JR West Japan Railway Service Net.In addition, it should be noted New coronavirusbyEmergency declarationDue to the announcement, some hotels have been closed since April 2020, 4.[4].

Hotels currently open

  • Kanto region
    • Via Inn Tokyo Oimachi ☆ (509 rooms) --We are renting a building of "Kanbe Land K-7" built by a local real estate company, Inc.
    • Via Inn Akihabara ☆ (284 rooms)[5]
    • Via inn Shinjuku ☆ (226 rooms)
    • VIA INN Higashi Ginza ☆ (297 rooms)
    • Via Inn Asakusa ● (190 rooms) --Old: Blue Wave Inn Asakusa, temporarily closed
    • VIA INN Iidabashi Korakuen ★ (295 rooms)
  • Hokuriku / Tokai region
    • Via Inn Kanazawa ☆ (206 rooms)
    • Via Inn Nagoya Shinkansen Exit ☆ (238 rooms)
    • VIA INN Nagoya Ekimae Tsubakicho (249 rooms) --Temporarily closed
  • Kinki
    • Via Inn Kyoto Shijo Muromachi ☆ (239 rooms)
    • Via Inn Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit (468 rooms) --Temporarily closed
    • Via Inn Shin Osaka ☆ (228 rooms)
    • Via Inn Shin Osaka Station Front Exit (88 rooms)
    • Via Inn Shin Osaka West ☆ (435 rooms)
    • Via Inn Umeda (217 rooms)
    • Via Inn Shinsaibashi ☆ (Room 205) --Temporarily closed
    • Via Inn Shinsaibashi Nagahori Dori ☆ (150 rooms) --Old: Blue Wave Inn Yotsubashi, temporarily closed
    • Via inn Shinsaibashi Yotsubashi (224 rooms)
    • Viain Abeno Tennoji ★ (172 rooms)
    • Via Inn Himeji ☆ (210 rooms)
  • Chugoku
    • VIA INN Okayama ☆ (251 rooms)
    • Via Inn Shimonoseki ☆ (198 rooms) --Although it was scheduled to be reopened on April 2020, 4, the opening was postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.
    • Via Inn Hiroshima Kanayamacho ● (156 rooms) --Former: Blue Wave Inn Hiroshima
  • Kyushu region
    • Via Inn Hakataguchi Station (205 rooms)

Hotels scheduled to open in the future

  • Via Inn Hiroshima Shinkansen Exit (246 rooms) --It was scheduled to open on April 2020, 4, but it was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[6]
  • Via Inn Osaka Kyobashi (tentative name) (220 rooms) --Scheduled to open in December 2020[7]

A hotel that was once open


  • 1996(Heisei8 years)3 --Via Inn Shimonoseki opens.
  • 1998(10)7 --Via Inn Shin Osaka opens.
  • 2001(13) March --Via Inn Shin Osaka West opens.
  • 2002(14)10 --Via Inn Himeji opens.
  • 2004(16)4 --Via Inn Hiroshima opens.
  • 2005(17)
    • 11/30 - Structural calculationVia Inn Himeji is closed due to tampering.
    • 12/5 --Via Inn Shin-Osaka West is closed due to the falsification of the structural statement.
  • 2006(18)12/26 --Via Inn Himeji resumes operations due to the completion of the renovation work.
  • 2007(19)
    • 1/30 --Via Inn Shin Osaka West resumed operations due to the completion of the renovation work.
    • 4/15 --Via Inn Kyoto Shijo Muromachi opens.
    • 6/27 --Via Inn Kanazawa opens.
  • 2009(21)7/1 --Via Inn Tokyo Oimachi opens.
  • 2011(23)
    • 3/18 --Via Inn Akihabara opens.
    • 4/29 --Via Inn Shinsaibashi opens.
  • 2012(24)
    • 2/8 --Via inn Shinjuku opens.
    • 3/8 --VIA INN Higashi Ginza opens.
    • 10/29 --Via Inn Okayama opens.
  • 2013(25)7/19 --Via Inn Nagoya Shinkansen Exit opens.
  • 2014(26)6/1 --Via Inn Asakusa, Via Inn Shinsaibashi Nagahori Dori, Via Inn Hiroshima Kanayamacho (all)Blue Wave InnRebranded from) opens.
  • 2017(29)
    • April 4-Viainn Abeno Tennoji opens
    • August 8-Via Inn Umeda opens.
  • 2018(30)
    • July 7-Via Inn Shin Osaka Station front exit opens.
    • August 8-Via Inn Nagoya Ekimae Tsubakicho opens.
    • September 9-Via Inn Iidabashi Korakuen opens.
  • 2019(31)4/27 --Via Inn Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit pre-opened[2].
  • 2019 years(ReiwaFirst year)
    • 5/30 --Via Inn Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit opens[2].
    • 6/5 --Via Inn Hakataguchi Ekimae opens[2].
    • 7/1 --Via inn Shinsaibashi Yotsubashi opens[2].
    • 8/29 --VIA INN Nihonbashi Ningyocho opens[8].
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • April 4-Via Inn Hiroshima is closed.
    • August 4- New coronavirusbyEmergency declarationClosed at some hotels due to official announcement[9].
    • December-Via Inn Osaka Kyobashi (tentative name) opens (planned)


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