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🧳 | 1 or more tablets in one box!"Amaou Strawberry Danish Sandwich" finished by Hotel Patissier


1 or more tablets in one box!"Amaou Strawberry Danish Sandwich" finished by Hotel Patissier

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Maple syrup is attached, so you can enjoy a mellow taste change.

"FRUIT GARDEN Yamaguchi Fruit", a long-established fruit shop where you can line up famous for fruit sandwiches, and Sheraton Miyako Hote ... → Continue reading


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Taste change

Maple syrup

Maple syrup (maple syrup) isSugar mapleSuch asSapConcentratedsweetener..It has a unique flavorPancake,waffleIt is used as a raw material for confectionery.カナダIt is famous as a special product of.It has a long historyNative AmericansByPrehistoricWas already manufactured from.In modern timesJapanBut it is produced[2].

Normal temperaturesolidWhat is concentrated until it becomes a shapeMaple sugar It is called (maple sugar).In addition, after heating and concentrating maple syrup, stir while quenching.cream(バ タ ー) ShapedMaple butter It is called (maple butter).

Production / distribution

Canada accounts for 8% of world production (according to the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Association)[2], See below).Pure maple syrup comes from southeastern Canada, depending on the distribution of tree species it produces.アメリカ合衆国High production in the northeast, CanadaQuebec,Ontario,America'sNew EnglandThose produced in rural areas are well known.Even in Japan, albeit slightlySaitamaChichibu City,HokkaidoShimukappu Village[2],YamagataKaneyamaIt is produced in.in JapanItaya mapleSap is often collected from rosin, and many products have a modest sweetness and a refreshing flavor.[2].

Once in American maple syruppigIt is said that it contains oilrumorStood, but AmericaVegan・ As a result of investigation by the Society (US Vegan Society), it was confirmed that there is no such fact.[Source required]

As of 2015, 71% of the maple syrup distributed worldwide is from Quebec.[3]..In Quebec, there is a maple syrup production association with 7400 producers as members, and in order to stabilize high prices, we strictly control sales volume, pricing, distribution method, etc., and if you sell outside the organization Fined[4].


In Canada, it is divided into the following grades.The grade of syrup is determined by color, flavor, sugar content,Dark blueThe thinner and more delicate the flavor, the higher the quality.

  • Canada No. 1-Extra Light
  • Canada No. 1 --Light
  • Canada No. 1 --Medium

The above No. 1 grades are those boiled down to 66% or more sugar, and there is no mixture and only the color is different.

  • Canada No. 2-Amber
  • Canada No. 3 --Dark

Grades 2 and below are generally for processing andovenCooking, teriyaki baked goods (Glaze) Is often used[5].

(Source: Ontario Maple Syrup Producers' Association Website[1]From etc.)

Amber has the highest fat contentcalorieIs lesscalciumSuch asmineralIt is said that the unique scent also has a stress-relieving effect (Koji Asaba "Chaya's body-friendly sweets").Kodansha, 2006)[Page number required].


Maple syrup is mainly harvested from sugar maple, which is called "sugar bush".木立It is done in.Collect sugar maple sap and boil it in a hut called "sugar shack" to concentrate it.Nowadays, mechanization using hoses is progressing.[2].

As a tree speciesSugar maple (sugar maple) is the most well-known, and the amount and quality of maple syrup made from this is high.Other, (black maple), (red maple), (silver maple), (striped maple), (mountain maple), (Norway maple) Etc., which is not very familiar in JapanMapleIt is also produced from the kind.

The sap has a diameter of 2 in the early spring of February-April, the season when the temperature difference is the largest. CentimeterIt is collected by making a small hole in the above tree.The time of collection depends on the climate. Contains 2% – 2.5% sugar, about 1–40 from a single tree, depending on the season literSap can be collected.The sap before concentration is called maple water. 1 liters of sap is needed to make 40 liter of maple syrup[2]..Sap containing high sugar can be obtained in the early part of the collection season, but the sugar becomes thin in the latter half of the season, and finally it drops to about half.When this thin sugar sap is boiled until it meets the quality standards, it will be heated for a longer time than the sap collected early in the season, resulting in a darker color and flavor (gradeSee also section).In recent yearsReverse osmosisSince the manufacturing method of draining water to some extent with a device and then concentrating it has become widespread, it is no longer boiled for as long as before.[6].

QuebecIs the largest producer in the world2001年Had a yield of 1,560 million liters.Quebec andOntarioIn maple syrup producing areas, syrup harvesting is part of the culture and every year2A festival is held at Sugar Shack during the harvest season.During the syrup harvest periodPancake,waffleThere are many sugar shackes that feed you, and there are lines in the popular sugar shack.In Quebec and Ontario, there is a "maple toffee" where maple syrup is poured on the snow and wrapped around a stick or eaten as a stick.

Global warmingAs maple syrup is expected to move northward from the present, there are concerns about the impact of global warming on the local economy in maple syrup producing areas.

Japanese maple syrup

Maple syrup can also be produced from Japanese maple species.However, the sap obtained from Japanese maple has a lower sugar content than sugar maple (Itaya mapleIn the case of, about half of sugar maple[7]), Economic efficiency is significantly inferior.For this reason, it is more expensive than products made from sugar maple, and efforts are being made to add value such as regional specialties.[2].

From the latter half of the 2010s to 2020, it is Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture that constantly manufactures and sells maple syrup in Japan.[8][2]And Kaneyama Town, Yamagata Prefecture[9][10]In addition, Shimukappu Village Woody Biomass Production Association (Hokkaido), which entered the market in 2016[2]Is.Maple syrup in Chichibu City is Itaya maple, Acer amoenum,Acer rufinerve, Hinauchiwa maple, etc. are the raw materials, and Kaneyama-cho products are made from Itaya maple.Long time agoAomoriLake TowadaThere was also maple syrup made from Akaitaya in the surrounding area.[11][10].


アメリカ合衆国KentuckyThen walnut (WalnutThere is also a variant called Walnut Syrup, which is taken from the tree.Also in Siberia and AlaskaBirch tree There is a syrup collected from (Birch tree).None of them are as good as maple syrup, but they are a way to obtain valuable sugar.In addition, in some Canadian states, sap from treesAutumn leaves officialMapleThe custom of making crimson maple syrup, which has more flashy colors than general syrup, has been inherited.


Genuine maple syrup is 200mlIt is a relatively expensive item that can be purchased from the 800 yen level.Corn syrupImitation products with maple flavor and aroma added to the product are wider than genuine products under the name of "cake syrup", and are spread at a low price of 200 yen per 200 ml.


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