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🧳 | Station Naka Office "STATION WORK", Telework Plan Offer at Richmond Hotel


Eki-naka office "STATION WORK", telework plan provided at Richmond Hotel

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STATION WORK also offers hotel telework plans at a total of 30 hotels, including JR East Hotel Mets, Metropolitan Hotels, and Prince Hotels.

JR East and RNT Hotels are for members of the station Naka share office "STATION WORK" ... → Continue reading


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JR-East Hotel Mets

JR East Hotels > JR-East Hotel Mets

JR-East Hotel Mets(JR Higashi Nihon Hotel Mets,JR-EAST HOTEL METS) IsEast Japan RailwayBy (JR East)Hotelchain"JR East Hotels"ofAccommodation-specialized hotelbrand.2018(Heisei30 years) in FebruaryHotel MetsRenamed[1].


Developed by JR-East HotelsCity HotelBrand "Metropolitan HotelsAs a hotel version specializing in accommodation,1994(Heisei6 years)5/24The first store "Hotel Mets Kumegawa"Seibu Shinjuku Line OfKumegawa StationOpened near the south exit[2]..Then the same year7/11The second store, "Hotel Mets Musashisakai"center lane-Seibu Tamagawa Line OfMusashisakai StationOpened in front of South Exit Station[2],mainlyCapital AreaIncludingKanto regionWe promoted store development in various places.

Hotel MetsStation buildingThe company Kokubunji Terminal Building (currently:JR Tokyo Nishi Station Building Development) However, in response to changes in the environment surrounding the distribution industry, it began with the start of hotel management so that new entry into the hotel industry would contribute to the expansion of the management base.[3],Accommodation-specialized hotel near the stationWe aim to provide low-priced rooms with services and livability comparable to those of city hotels, with businessmen in their 30s and 40s as the main target.stationThe store is open in the immediate vicinity of.this isStation buildingIt is expected to be part of the development and utilization of idle land on the station site.

1999In April (11), the Hotel Mets Chain Headquarters was established within the JR East-related business division.brandImproving the ability to attract customers by force,Economies of scaleStarted chain operation in order to aim for efficient management.And based on the fact that the three hotels of Kumegawa, Musashisakai, and Kokubunji performed well.[3], Opening new stores in local cities under the jurisdiction of JR East, the same year7/20Opening of "Hotel Mets Kitakami" (Kitakami StationWest exit station square),7/21Opening of "Hotel Mets Nagaoka" (Nagaoka StationMainly starting from the east exit station square)ShinkansenOpened mainly at the stations of. Developed from the business of a one-station building company to a business for the entire group[3].

The ones that opened in the early stages of development had a strong aspect of utilizing idle land, so the number of guest rooms is relatively small, around 100, mainly for single rooms.In addition, some stores have conference rooms in the hotel, and some stores have restaurants, coffee shops, taverns, etc. as tenants, and some stores serve breakfast in these conference rooms and tenants.Due to the limited number of guest rooms, the occupancy rate is high and the rooms are often full, especially on weekdays when there is demand from business customers.In addition, the stores in the early stages of developmentToyoko InnAs with the above, there was a tendency to share the basic design of guest rooms and buildings, so there are cases where the appearance of the building is very similar to stores that are about to open.

On the other hand, we are increasing the size of stores centered on terminal stations, which are expected to attract a large number of customers.1997(9)4/21Opening "Hotel Mets Kawasaki" (Kawasaki StationWest Exit Station) has 153 guest rooms,2001(13)11/28Opening of "Hotel Mets Shibuya" (Shibuya StationIn front of the New South Exit Station), there are stores with more than 195 guest rooms, including 150 guest rooms.In addition, the scale of operation is gradually expanding, with some stores opening tenants not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner.

In recent years, store brands and business formats have been diversified.Utsunomiya StationWest exit station building "PaseoAs a store that has been renovated from an empty floor to be used as a hotel floor2012(24) "Hotel R-Mets Utsunomiya" opens on March 3th.The "R" of this Earl Mets brand means the acronym of three keywords: Region (re-editing the attractiveness of the region), Recycle (utilization of existing buildings), and Revival (regional revitalization). is there.An example of converting a station building to a hotel isJR East GroupThis is the first case in the jurisdiction[4]..However, with the chain name change in October 2018, the hotel was also renamed to "JR East Hotel Mets Utsunomiya".[5].

In addition, there are stores that are in the middle format between Hotel Mets and Metropolitan Hotels, and "Hotel Mets Shibuya" is2010(22)11/11At the time of the renewal opening of the building, the 13th and 14th floors of the upper floors will be designated as high-grade "premium floors", and rooms equipped with high-quality equipment and concept rooms with the motifs of "Shibuya" and "forest" will be developed. The guest rooms have a luxurious feel.Besides this,2013(25)4/1At Hotel Mets Kawasaki, which was reopened in Japan, the two upper floors were changed to "premium floors" in the same year.4/8"Hotel Mets Niigata" newly opened inNiigata StationEven in front of the South Exit Station), the two high-rise floors are designated as "superior floors," and each has a high-grade type guest room structure.

2019(31) In February, we plan to open a store in an area other than the JR East area (Sapporo) for the first time.[6], 2018 (Heisei 30)10/1Renewal of the brand logo and "" in more developed hotelsJR-East Hotel MetsThe hotel name was changed to[1][6].


As a feature of Hotel Mets, the room rate per night for a standard type single room is set at around 1 yen at stores in Tokyo's 15,000 wards, and around 8,000-10,000 yen at stores in other Kanto regions and regions. , A breakfast voucher is attached, and a 140 cm wide bed is used in principle in a single room.Warm water washing toilet seatI can stretch my legsBathtubEquipped withModular bathIt can be mentioned that it is equipped with.

At the beginning of the store, only standard type guest rooms were set, but as the store development progressed, a high grade that gave the living room structure a luxurious feel by expanding the guest room area and installing a large screen type TV. Type rooms and women-only rooms,Universal designStores with guest rooms that incorporate the above have also begun to open.Depending on the store, these guest rooms are named after the guest room types such as "Deluxe," "Premium," "Superior," "Superior Deluxe," "Ladies," and "Universal."In addition, there are stores that have concept rooms with various designs in the rooms and residential rooms equipped with furniture and fixtures for long-term stays.

In recent years, with the spread of travel sites and accommodation reservation sites, Toyoko InnApa Hotel-Hotel Route InnPrice competition is intensifying with cheap business hotel chains such as, and local cheap business hotels, but it is said that profits are relatively stable because Hotel Mets does not offer large price discounts. ..On the other hand, at the same JR-East Hotels Metropolitan Hotels, if there is room in the vacancy, it may be sold at a large discount from the net price, so between Hotel Mets, a hotel specializing in accommodation, and Metropolitan Hotels, a city hotel. In some cases, the actual selling prices are close to each other, and the difference is only the presence or absence of breakfast.

Facility management

At the beginning of the development of Hotel Mets, the stores in the Greater Tokyo area were the Kokubunji Terminal Building (currentlyJR Tokyo Nishi Station Building Development) And other JR East Group station building operators were working on each area.

However1999(11), as part of the management policy of the JR East Group, the management system of Hotel Mets located in the Kanto region including Tokyo was consolidated, and at that timeHotel Metropolitan"Ikebukuro Terminal Building Co., Ltd." established a subsidiary "Mets Hotel and Restaurant Co., Ltd.", and the company will be responsible for the store management of Hotel Mets in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

さ ら に2007(19) In February,Tokyo Station HotelThe operating system of JR-East Hotels, including Metropolitan Hotels, will be unified, and Hotel Metropolitan Co., Ltd. (the company that the above Ikebukuro Terminal Building split and changed its trade name) will be the surviving company, Mets Hotel and Restaurant. , Japan Hotel, Hotel Edmont was absorbed and merged, and the trade name of Hotel Metropolitan was changed to "Japan HotelLtd.It was renamed to.Since then, Hotel Mets in the Kanto region has been operated by the company.[3].

Of these, "Hotel Mets Tabata" (Tabata Station(Near the north exit)1998(10)2/1At the beginning of the opening ofJapan Freight Railway(JR Freight) subsidiary "JR F Hotel"FCI had a contract and operated[2]..This is the company's Tabata Shojo Station (currentlyTabata Signal Station) Was constructed by JR Freight and operated as a franchise of JR-East Hotels, but in 2012 (Heisei 24)7/1It was transferred to Nippon Hotel with the attachment, and since then, the management and operation have been carried out by the JR East Group (for details, see "JR Hotel Group #JR FreightSee).

Hotel Mets in all areas of JR East, excluding the Kanto region, are operated by regional subsidiaries of the JR East Group.In addition, "JR East Hotel Mets Sapporo", which will open for the first time in areas other than the JR East area and will open on February 2019, 31, is operated by Nippon Hotel.[6].


As of April 2019, 4 stores are open.

The list below is listed in order from the north.It is also possible to sort by the number of rooms and opening date.For detailed information on each store, see the official website "Route map mapPlease refer to.

Store nameLocationLocationNumber of roomsOpening dateOperating companyRemarks
JR East Hotel Mets HachinoheAomoriHachinohe CityLarge printShiriuchimachiAza Tateda 1-1Hachinohe StationDirectly connected to the east exit82200211/2111/21Morioka Terminal Building
JR East Hotel Mets KitakamiIwateKitakami CityBoulevard 1-1-34Kitakami StationAdjacent to the front entrance121199907/207/20Morioka Terminal Building
JR East Hotel Mets FukushimaFukushimaFukushimaSakaemachi1-1Fukushima Station1 minute walk from the east exit129200602/202/20Sendai Terminal Building
JR East Hotel Mets MitoIbarakiMitoMiyamachi-1-1Mito Station1 minute walk from the north exit102199703/143/14[7]Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets UtsunomiyaTochigiUtsunomiya City1-23 KawamukochoUtsunomiya StationDirectly connected to the west exit
Paseo3-9th floor
158201203/273/27Japan HotelOpened as "R-Mets" brand store
(Unified brand with other stores in October 2018)
Uses a design with the theme of Utsunomiya
JR East Hotel Mets UrawaSaitamaSaitamaUrawa-kuTakasago1-16-7Urawa Station1 minute walk from the west exit62199611/2111/21Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets TsudanumaChibaNarashino-shiTsudanuma1-1-1Tsudanuma StationDirectly connected to the south exit81199811/2811/28Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets FunabashiChibaFunabashi7-1-1 HonmachiFunabashi Station1 minute walk from the south exit1612018/2/9Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets ShibuyaTokyoShibuya WardShibuya3-29-17Shibuya StationDirectly connected to the New South Exit195200111/2811/28Japan Hotel2 high-rise floors are "premium floors"
JR East Hotel Mets MejiroTokyoToshima wardMejiro1-4-1Mejiro Station徒 歩 1 分95200310/0110/1Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets KomagomeToshima Ward, TokyoKomagome2-1-39Komagome Station1 minute walk from the south exit152200909/289/28Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets TabataTokyoKitaHigashi Tabata1-17-20Tabata Station2 minute walk from the north exit
Tabata Signal StationAdjacent land
98199802/012/1Japan HotelJR Freight related companies until June 2012, 6
"JRF Hotel"
(Later "JRF Development")
Franchise management by
JR East Hotel Mets AkabaneKita-ku, TokyoAkabane1-1-76Akabane Station1 minute walk from the east exit of the north ticket gate120200505/095/9Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets KoenjiSuginami-ku, TokyoKoenji Kita2-5-1Koenji Station1 minute walk from the north exit110200703/063/6Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets KokubunjiTokyoKokubunjiMinami Town3-20-3Kokubunji Station1 minute walk from the south exit75199605/245/24[8]Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets MusashisakaiTokyoMusashinoKyonancho2-1-8Musashisakai Station1 minute walk from the south exit95199407/117/11Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets KumegawaTokyoHigashimurayama citySakaemachi2-31-4Kumegawa Station2 minute walk from the south exit47199405/245/24Japan HotelThe first "Hotel Mets" store
Not along the JR lineSeibu Shinjuku LineLocated along the railway line
JR East Hotel Mets TachikawaTokyoTachikawaShibasakicho3-1-1Tachikawa Station1 minute walk from the south exit129200810/0710/7Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets KawasakiKanagawaKawasaki CityKoku-kuHorikawa Town72-2Kawasaki Station1 minute walk from the west exit
Keikyu Kawasaki Station徒 歩 5 分
153199704/214/21[9]Japan Hotel2 high-rise floors are "premium floors"
JR East Hotel Mets MizonokuchiKawasaki City, Kanagawa PrefectureTakatsu WardMizoguchi1-1-5Musashi Mizonokuchi Station1 minute walk from the south exit
TokyuMizonokuchi Station1 minute walk from the east exit
100200004/254/25[10]Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets Kamakura OfunaKanagawaKamakura cityBig ship1-2-1Ofuna Station3 minute walk from the east exit1562002/4/27Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets Yokohama TsurumiKanagawa横 浜 市Tsurumi kuTsurumichuo 1-31-2Tsurumi Station1 minute walk from the east exit
Sea Craneadjacent
111201010/2210/22Japan Hotel
JR East Hotel Mets NagaokaNiigataNagaoka2-4-9 DaimachiNagaoka StationDirectly connected to the east exit122199907/217/21JR East Niigata City Create
JR East Hotel Mets NiigataNiigataNiigataChuo-kugarden1-96-47Niigata StationDirectly connected to the western connecting passage197201304/084/8JR East Niigata City CreateThe 2nd floor of the upper floor is "Superior Floor"
"Niigata Station Building" on the 1st-3rd floorCoCoLoWest Building "
JR East Hotel Mets SapporoHokkaidoSapporoKitaNorth Article 7 West2-chome 5-3Sapporo Station2 minute walk from the north exit206201902/012/1Japan Hotel
Future store opening plans



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