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🧳 | Tokaido Shinkansen, suspension of in-car sales of alcoholic beverages


Tokaido Shinkansen suspends in-car sales of alcoholic beverages

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"Kodama" does not sell in-car.

JR Tokai and JR Tokai Passengers are drinking alcohol on the Tokaido Shinkansen due to the spread of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading


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In-car sales

In-car salesWhat is (Shanai Hanbai)?列車,busIt is a service that sells goods in the car.For shortCar salesAlso called (Shahan).Dining carAt the same time, it is one of the meal services on the train.

In-car sales in Japan

JapanThen.1934å¹´,Ministry of RailwaysIs a train with no dining car connectedBox lunchSince there was a request for similar sales, it was well received when it was sold on a trial basis.For this reason, we have established a train boarding sales procedure.1935å¹´Started in July[1].

Definition and business form


mainlyShinkansen,Limited express train(Mainly long-distance trains), etc.JR-Private railway OfHonor trainIt refers to a sales act in which specialized personnel are on board and regularly patrol the aisles of each vehicle to sell goods (mainly food and drink) at the request of passengers.Howeverlocal train(Rapid train(Including etc.) ButCapital AreaJR line (Tokaido Main Line,Yokosuka Line,Sobu Rapid Line,Utsunomiya Line,Takasaki Line,Joban Line,Shonan Shinjuku Line,Ueno Tokyo Line OfGreen car) And other in-car sales staff are on board.In addition, it should be notedAttendant(Flight attendants) may sell in the car.

In the carbuffet(Buffet) orcafeteria, Counters are set up, and some trains sell goods there, but there is disagreement as to whether or not to include these sales forms in in-car sales.Also, it was installed in the trainvending machineIt is believed that sales at are not included in in-car sales.


In Japan, there are no examples of in-car sales by specialists on the bus, but there are bus routes that sell in-car in some countries.Also in JapanKanagawa Central TransportationIn the group, the subsidiaryShonan Kanako BusInセ ル フ サ ー ビ スWas sold in the car byFareThe purpose was to maintain bus routes with foreign income.

Also, depending on the bus operator, in the carNumber of tickets,One day ticketBesides, rain gear such as umbrellas[2]Etc. may be sold.While stoppeddriverYou can purchase it by offering to, but the driver exchanges money[3]In recent years, it has been shrinking.

Main items sold in the car

な ど

Basic crew content

The salesperson first decidesstationThe items for sale were loaded atWagonOr bring the materials for sale in the car into the train and load them into the wagon stored in the car (often in the case of the Shinkansen).Shinkansen and limited express trains often have rooms that serve as bases for sales staff's in-car sales operations.This roomCar sales preparation roomIt is called (Shahanjunbishitsu).Formerly a dining carkitchenAlthough it was based in (at that time, lunch boxes and sandwiches were also prepared by the dining car), such a room was set up because the dining car was abolished.The car sales preparation room has a space for simple work and keeps drinks warm.ポ ッ ト・ For cold storageRefrigerator ・ For ice creamfreezerEtc. are usually provided, but depending on the vehicle, it is usually providedconductorThe crew room (business waiting room) used by the company is used as it is, and there are cases where such facilities are not available.

After departure, by the driverInformation broadcastAfter that, we will guide you to the in-car sales and go around the inside of the car.While the train is in operation, it goes in and out of the car sales preparation room and patrols several times. Get off at the station specified in the schedule.

A wagon service is generally used for patrols in trains, where a salesperson pushes a wagon loaded with goods to move.Double-decker vehicleIf it is difficult to move with a wagon or if the quantity of items for sale is small, put in the items for sale.cageCarry a container such as a hand and go around.AlsoE4 series"MaxIn the case of ", for the in-car sales wagon near the deckエ レ ベ ー タ ーThere is, and this carries the wagon to the 1st floor ⇔ 2nd floor.

Operate trains with in-car salesRailway operatorOften has a subsidiary specializing in in-car sales, and salespeople usually belong to that subsidiary, but they are hired for non-regular employment such as temporary staffing, contracts, and part-time jobs instead of regular employees. There are many cases.In addition, a trader such as an ekiben shop may be in charge of a specific train, and is engaged in selling its own products (ekiben, etc.).In addition, in the train that operates the dining car, the in-car salesperson is also treated as a member of the crew of the dining car, and there are cases where the customer service of the dining car and the in-car sales are combined.

The salespersonFemaleThere are manyMaleThere is also a salesperson.

In the JR timetable, the Shinkansen on which in-car sales are on board is marked with a symbol (○).Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenThen,2003年9/30Up to oldNational railwayI used to be on board as a remnant of the time when there was a dining car and buffet from the times, but nowShin-Osaka StationAll have changed.on the other hand,2015年3/14Opened inHokuriku ShinkansenIn, JR East affiliates are in charge of in-car sales throughout the entire section.In addition, both2019年3/15Abolished in-car sales as far as possibleKyushu Shinkansen(2011年3/12All lines open)Hokkaido Shinkansen(2016年3/26(Opening), the in-car sales that were once carried out on the Kyushu Shinkansen are operated directly.Sanyo ShinkansenIt is a border station withHakata StationOn the Hokkaido Shinkansen, as with the Hokuriku Shinkansen, an affiliated company of JR East was in charge of in-car sales.

Current status

Mainly at stations with many passengers, even inside stationsStandother thanconvenience storeOr "Station NakaIn the current situation where commercial facilities called "" are being enhanced, there are many cases where products are purchased in advance with them before boarding.[4][5]..On the other hand, in-car sales are limited in the items handled, and the number of passengers is decreasing year by year, making it unprofitable. In addition, it is becoming difficult to secure personnel due to successive turnovers.[4][5]..For this reason, in-car sales of both JR and private railways are shrinking, such as being abolished for trains that are unprofitable or have few passengers.[4][6].. In-car sales at JR companies peaked around 2000 and fell to less than half in the latter half of the 2010s.[7]..Many customersTokaido ShinkansenEven so, the fact is that in-car sales are not profitable, but on the Tokaido Shinkansen, the parser who is also in charge of in-car sales is given the role of "safety personnel" such as evacuation guidance for passengers in an emergency. "Hope"When"HikariIs intended to continue for the time being[5].

In the JR groupTokai-West JapanEach company2015年By March, we will completely abolish in-car sales on conventional limited express trains.Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenBut "echoIs2012年It was completely abolished by March.Also,East Japan-Hokkaido-KyusyuSome Shinkansen bullet trains (""Eggplant""Tanigawa""さ く ら”, Etc.) and limited express trains are moving to completely abolish in-car sales.[8][9][10].. In addition,Sleeper limited express trainIn, the only regular train, "Sunrise IzumoHas already been abolished[11], Even if you include a special train,Cassiopeia""HokutoseiWas only.

JR Hokkaido2019年2/28In-car sales of conventional lines were terminated on March 3th, and in-car sales of the Hokkaido Shinkansen (consigned to NRE) were terminated.[4](However, "(I.e.No. 1, 2, 4, "Okhotsk"No. 1,"SarobetsuOnly the sales of special products along the railway line will continue for a limited period and section, which are carried out in Nos. 1 and 4.[12]). JR Kyushu also 20193/15In-car sales on the Kyushu Shinkansen have ended (continue only for some sightseeing trains)[13].. JR East will also end the in-car sales of some limited express trains on March 2019, 3, and the sales items will be reviewed for the trains that continue to sell in the car, and the sale of lunch boxes and light meals will be stopped and drinks will be taken. , Limited items for sale to confectionery[14].Shikoku Passenger RailwayIn (JR Shikoku)2003年(Heisei15 years) Completely abolished in October[15](Installed a beverage vending machine instead), but from March 2009, 3Yosan line-Dosan LineAfter a trial resumption on the limited express train, the Yosan Line started on August 8st of the same year.Marugame-Takamatsu Station - TempleAmong"Shiokaze""IshizuchiSome trains and Marugame on the Dosan Line-Kotohira-ma "South windOfficially revived on some trains[16] [17]..Due to the dissolution of Takamatsu Ekiben, a subsidiary of JR Shikoku, which was operating in-car sales, the business was temporarily suspended on May 2014, 5, but Station Create Higashi Shikoku, a subsidiary of JR Shikoku, sells in-car. From June 31, 2014, some trains of "Shiokaze" and some trains of "Nanfu" centered on the daytime will be used for a very short section such as between Marugame Station-Kan-Onji Station and Kotohira Station. It was carried out only[18]However, this was also completely abolished on March 2019, 3.[19]..On the other hand, regular trains on the JR line in the Greater Tokyo areaGreen carIn-car sales have been newly started, and flight attendants pack products in buckets that can be held with one hand as in-car ticket gates, and are selling in-car.In this way, JR regularly sells in-cars.Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenとHokuriku ShinkansenOnly, the rest is simple with the rapid and ordinary train green cars in the metropolitan area, and the others are only for some sightseeing trains and irregular business for a limited time.

On private railwaysKinki Nippon Railway Ise ShimaAs part of attracting tourists to Japan, the in-car sales that were once abolished2006年(18) Saturday / holiday timetable from NovemberIse Shima LinerTo Ise-Shima usingLimited expressIn addition to resuming in-car sales for the first time in 4 years2007年(19)10/8Also on Saturdays and holidays, the famous Hanko Limited Express (Urban liner plusとUrban liner next) Also resumed in-car sales except early morning and night, but in the Meihanko Limited Express2020年(2nd year of Reiwa)3/14It was abolished again with the change of the timetable.In addition, "the element as a sightseeing train is strong"Shimakaze","Blue symphony, "Ise Shima Liner (only for some trains on Saturdays and holidays)" will continue to be sold in the car[20]..In "Shimakaze" and "Blue Symphony"Food serviceIs also implemented.

Odakyu Electric RailwayThen.Romance carFor many years, it was in-car sales business including food service (seat service), but it was announced that the seat service will be abolished in 2016 and the wagon service will also be abolished with the timetable revision on March 2021, 3.[21].

Major companies that sell in-car

Directly managed by a railway company
It used to be used by limited express trains on the Kyushu Shinkansen and conventional lines, but now it is part of the train.Tourist trainonly.
What the affiliated companies of the railway company do
Nippon Shokudo is a company established during the JNR era.Privatization of the national railway divisionAs a result, each JR company has been split, and each JR company has become a single shareholder or a major shareholder.
  • (Abbreviation: J-Creation, a subsidiary of JR East. Nippon Restaurant Enterprise Co., Ltd., the surviving company of the solar eclipse (currentlyJR East Foods) Transferred the in-car sales business)
  • JR Tokai Passengers(Abbreviation: JRCP, a subsidiary of JR Tokai. After being established as J-Diner Tokai, several companies in the same capital group were merged and then merged with Passenger's Service)
  • JR West Japan Food Service Net(Abbreviation: FSN, a subsidiary of JR West. After being established as Nisshoku West Japan, after changing the company name (JR West Restaurant), merged with JR West Foods)
  • Other

Major companies that used to sell in-car

  • Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido. Conducted by limited express train on conventional lines)
  • Nisshoku Hokkaido (JR Hokkaido subsidiary. After becoming Hokkaido JR FoodsHokkaido KioskMerged with[22])
  • Shitetsu campus business(JR Shikoku subsidiary. The company was dissolved in October of the same year as the in-car sales of trains operated by the company closed in September 2003)
  • Station Create Higashi Shikoku (JR Shikoku subsidiary. Due to the dissolution of Takamatsu Ekiben, which was also a subsidiary of JR Shikoku, the company's in-car sales were taken over from June 2014, 6, but ended on March 21, 2019)
  • JR Kyushu Travel Foods (JR Kyushu subsidiary. Established as Nisshoku Kyushu, dissolved in 2005)
  • Railroad Kosaikai(A foundation established during the JNR era. Many businesses were split for each JR company due to the privatization of the JNR division, but some businesses continue to be carried out independently.)
  • Koshikawa(Delivery of beverages to the Railway Kosaikai entered the in-car sales in 1982. Initially, the Railway Kosaikai and its successorsEast Japan KioskAlthough it was a consignment contract with NRE, it was absorbed by NRE in 2006 after shifting to a consignment contract with NRE and making it a joint venture with NRE)
  • Buffet Tokyo (abbreviation: BT, when it was founded in 1961, the company name was "Tokaido Car Sales". It was operating on the Tokaido Main Line, but with the opening of the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen, it entered the lunch box sales on the Shinkansen. Entered the business (later the cafeteria car also opened). In 1965, it was absorbed by J-Diner Tokai (currently JRCP))[23][24]
  • (Shinkansen) Passenger's Service (abbreviation: SPS, founded in June 1987. He was a car sales, buffet, and store operator specializing in the Tokaido Shinkansen. In 6, he merged with J-Diner Tokai and became JRCP.)
  • Imperial Hotel Train Cafeteria(In 1953TsubameEntered the dining car and car sales of.Since then, it has been operating on conventional lines and the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen, but withdrew from train business in 1991.)
  • Miyako Hotel Train Cafeteria(Kintetsu GroupHotel.In the late 20'sKamomeEntered the dining car and car sales from.Since then, it has been operating on conventional lines and the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen,HeiseiWithdrew from train business early)[25]
  • Juraku(In 1962, entered the train cafeteria under the company name of "Dainippon Shokudo",Joetsu Lineas well as the Joetsu ShinkansenIt was a professional trader. Joint venture with NREJuraku TS SWas absorbed by NRE in 2011)
  • Takamatsu Ekiben (JR Shikoku subsidiary. After resuming trial in-car sales on the Yosan Line / Dosan Line limited express from March 2009, 3, Marugame / Takamatsu Station on the Yosan Line from August 19 of the same year --Kannonji Officially revived on some trains of "Shiokaze" and "Ishizuchi" between stations and some trains of "Nanfu" between Kotohira Station and Marugame Station on the Dosan Line. In-car sales were sold in May 8 due to the dissolution of the company. Canceled on 1st. Station Create Higashi Shikoku, a subsidiary of the same JR Shikoku, took over)
  • Kintetsu Tourism(Kintetsu Limited ExpressWas sold in the car, but withdrew due to the abolition of the in-car sales in 2002 and dissolved in 2010.Later, when the Kintetsu Limited Express resumed in-car salesKintetsu Retail ServiceWas operated by)
  • Hokuriku Travel Service (abbreviation: HTS, railway Kosaikai system. Entered the train cafeteria under the company name of "Kintetsu car sales" in the 1970s. Was canceled on September 2014, 9. NRE took over the in-car sales of the limited express "Hakutaka"[26]. )
  • Japanese Restaurant Enterprise(CurrentJR East Foods) (Abbreviation: NRE, a subsidiary of JR East. A company that is registered as a direct line of the Japanese restaurant. On July 2019, 7, the in-car sales business was transferred to JR East Service Creation)

Form of in-car sales in East Asia

In-car sales in Southeast Asia

  • Southeast AsiaEven on railroads in various countries, various sellers may get on the train.HomemadeVegetablesSome sellScalperThose that sell tickets that are difficult to obtain, such as those that get on like a guerrilla and return at one station,Foreign currencyDarknessExchangeWhat to do,ChindonyaThere are a wide variety of types, such as those that perform music and perform arts and receive money, such as live performances in Japan.

In-car sales in South America

  • In addition to in-car sales where sales staff of railway companies and specialists patrol the inside of the car and sell light meals and beverages, drinking water, snacks, ice cream, etc., mainly on subways and suburban railway lines in major cities in each country. There are sales of miscellaneous goods and small items.Many of these, as well as similar ones that take place on some routes in Japan in the past, on routes in Southeast Asia and Africa today, and on only a few routes in large cities in North America and Europe. It is done by a person who is not a regular salesperson, and some of themBallpoint penThere is also a form in which products such as these are distributed to passengers in order, and those who do not buy are collected later.In this case, the tourists receive it as a matter of course.sampleI thought it was a service of the service and opened it, and I was charged the price and sometimes got into trouble.

In-car sales in Europe

Western EuropeShops inside long-distance trains in countriesEat inThere are many cases where spaces are also provided, which is similar to a buffet on Japanese railways), but the mainstream method is for passengers to go to the shop to buy, and there are few trains that sell in-car.

Bernina ExpressAnd Golden Pass Line (BLS section and ZB section) have in-car sales[27].



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