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🛏 | 《New Corona》 3rd hotel for medical treatment to start operation on 25th


《New Corona》 Operation starts on the 3th of the 25rd hotel of the medical treatment destination

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If the infection does not spread, a general entrance examination scheduled for 30 days will be held.

In response to the new coronavirus infection, Gunma Prefecture will operate the third hotel, which will be a medical treatment destination for asymptomatic people, on the 21st. → Continue reading

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College entrance exam

College entrance examWhat is (Daigakujuken)?University(Junior college(Including)Entrance examinationTo receive.


Around the worldUniversityThere are various arrangements for admission to an educational institution equivalent to, but in many cases, enrollees are selected through an academic ability test. In the world, there are many selections based on the scores of unified examinations such as SAT in the United States, and it is extremely rare for countries like Japan to impose entrance examinations at individual universities.

In this section, in addition to universities,Civil colleges where you can get a bachelor's degreeWill also be dealt with.

University entrance exams around the world

List in order of country name.

Japan situation

In this sectionJapanDescribe the situation of. Now that university entrance exams are diversifying, not only the introduction of recommended entrance exams and AO entrance exams, but also general entrance exams have very different characteristics depending on the university. Each university prepares "Enrollment Selection Guidelines" every year and distributes them widely through the Internet, etc., so it is necessary to obtain them.

Exam qualification

Applicable category year of the previous year4/1As of (April 4st of the university entrance year), if you are 1 years old or older, you are eligible to take the examination. If this condition is met, JapandecreeAbove, each university individually certifies admission qualifications and is given the opportunity to take the examination. However, universities in JapanSchool education lawBased on Article 90, Paragraph 1, it is a condition that any of the following applies (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "About university entrance qualificationSee).

  1. Those who have completed a 12-year course in school education in a foreign country, or those who are equivalent to this and designated by the Minister.
  2. Those who have completed the relevant course at an overseas educational facility that the Minister has certified as having a course equivalent to that of a high school.
  3. Meet the standards set by the Minister,Training periodIs over 3 yearsVocational schoolHigher course (College of technology) Has been completed or is expected to be completed.
  4. International Baccalaureate QualificationThose who passed all subjects (23 Ministry of Education Notification No. 47No. 20-22), as well as persons designated by the Minister.
  5. High school graduation degree certification examThose who have passed the high school graduation certification test, including the former university entrance qualification test (large examination).
  6. Those who have entered a university pursuant to the provisions of Article 90, Paragraph 2 of the Act (“jump-in” described later) and who have been recognized as having academic ability suitable for receiving education at the university where the person will be admitted thereafter.
  7. Those who have reached the age of 18 who are recognized as having academic ability equal to or higher than those who have graduated from high school by individual entrance qualification examination[1].

In addition to these, those who have particularly excellent qualities in a specific field can be admitted even if they are under 90 years old according to Article 2, Paragraph 18 of the Law (so-called ""Jump into school". Ministry of education"About jumping inSee).

General entrance examination for private universities

Admission schedule

private universityGeneral entrance exams are often held from late January to early March. Opportunities to take the exam vary from one to several times, depending on the university. On-campus with different faculties / departmentsConcurrent applicationIn some cases, you can do it freely. Some universities have a free-choice test date system that allows you to take the test once or twice or more in a few consecutive days. Some universities that use this method allow you to take the test as many times as you like with one test fee, and exempt the test fee from the second time onward. There are quite a few universities that take entrance exams in March, and some universities hold weekly entrance exams from February to March. The name of the entrance examination method varies from university to university and is diverse.

Since the latter half of the 1990s, the number of examinees has been decreasing year by year due to the declining birthrate, etc., so as mentioned above, we will increase the examination schedule and use not only our university but also local cities (using prep schools in urban areas as venues) Has also set the test location. There is also a frame for judging pass / fail based on the results of the center entrance examination.

Entrance examination subject

Foreign language,National language,Math,Geography history,citizen,scienceIn many cases, you can take the exam in one to three subjects. Many universities / faculties in the liberal arts department are charged with one subject from foreign languages, national languages, and mathematics, geography and history, and the public, and many universities / faculties in the science department are charged with foreign languages, mathematics, and science.
Foreign language isEnglishIs the mainstream. Besides EnglishGerman,FrenchMay be available.
The national language isModern writingonly,Modern writingとAncient Chinese,Modern writing-Ancient Chinese-Chinese textThere are three ways. In some cases, a fusion question of these three subjects will be asked. However, in recent years, the number of schools with questions on ancient and Chinese writing has been decreasing.
Mathematics in the Faculty of ArtsMathematics I,Mathematics A(At some universitiesMathematics II,Mathematics BMay also be imposed. ), But in the Faculty of Science, Mathematics I, Mathematics II,Mathematics III, Math A, Math B,Math CIs often the test range.
Geographic history and the publicGeography-Japanese history-World history-Political / economicIn many cases, one subject is selected from such factors. World history and Japanese history can be selected at almost all universities and faculties.哲学At a university with a departmentethicsThere is also diversity such as being able to choose.
Science isphysical,ChemicalIn addition,life sciences-Medical scienceIn related faculties and departmentsBiology Can often be selected. Also,Earth scienceMay be selectable. Depending on the faculty, two subjects may be imposed.
You can impose a complex / cross-curricular subject test called "general subject"Essay(composition) Is also implemented at some universities.
Some universities take the three designated subjects and judge the pass or fail based on the two high-scoring subjects, and some universities calculate the score by multiplying the designated subjects by 3 times.
The answer method is also adopted in the center testMark sheet methodIs the mainstream, but there are many cases where some writing problems are set in English, mathematics, and Japanese.
Special form
It is possible to enroll and graduate twice a year based on the Western school systemSemester systemThe number of universities adopting is increasing in recent years. As a result, some universities will be able to enroll in October in addition to enrolling in April. For this reason, some universities offer entrance exams for fall enrollees.September entrance examAnd so on. This method,1994å¹´ToToyo UniversityFaculty of EngineeringWas adopted for the first time in Japan.
Kansai UniversityDepartment of literatureIn, the "Han-English entrance examination" (Chinese + English) is adopted.
Keio UniversityFaculty of Policy Management,Faculty of Environment and Information StudiesIn "English or Mathematics or English and Mathematics + Essay" is adopted. In this entrance examination, you can choose either "English + essay", "math + essay", or "English + math + essay".
Kyoritsu Women's University, "EQIQ (Equick) entrance examination" is adopted. this is,"EQ= Emotional ability "+"IQ= Intellectual ability ":" EQIQ = total human power ".
International Christian UniversityThen,AmericaUniversity entrance examSAT:A unique method that imitates is adopted.
University of the Sacred Heart, "Presentation entrance examination" is adopted.
Toyo UniversityFaculty of BusinessDepartment of Accounting and FinanceThen, in the self-recommended entrance examination, "Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant Challenger Entrance Examination" (Commercial high schoolLearn withbookkeepingAnd general education) is adopted.

Examination for admission in the middle of the undergraduate year (transfer examination)

The selection period is often from summer to September and from February to March. In some cases, it will be held in December, and there is no unified selection period.Junior college,College of technology,Vocational schoolSpecialized course(Vocational school), And many universities offer transfer exams for those who have completed the second year of a four-year university. In many cases, the examination subjects for the transfer examination are language, specialized subjects, and interviews. In the Faculty of Science, science and mathematics courses may be added. Exams are conducted on the own questions of each university or faculty. In the Faculty of Engineering, etc.College of technologyIn many cases, a recommended transfer system is adopted for prospective graduates of the same major. In some cases, private universities have recommended transfer slots for affiliated schools, affiliated junior colleges, and junior college departments.

About university-equivalent civil colleges

Seven mentioned in this sectionMinistry CollegeEight courses placed inIndependent administrative agencyUniversity Evaluation and Degree Conferring OrganizationIt is a course certified by the university to provide education equivalent to that of a university faculty. For those who have graduated from these courses, the organization will apply upon application.Bachelor OfBachelor of ScienceIs awarded. There are two main ways to enroll in these courses.

Recruitment exam (national civil service exam)

The exams for enrolling in the following 4 facilities and 4 coursesNational Civil Service ExamTherefore, it is called "○○ University Student Recruitment Examination". Therefore, the status of the enrolled student isgovernment officialTherefore, there is no tuition fee and a payment allowance is provided. Therefore, it differs from the university in terms of status and career path after graduation.

Entrance Examination / Admissions Selection Examination

The exams for enrolling in the following 3 facilities and 4 courses are called "admission exams" (only for National College of Nursing, "admissions selection exams"), but they do not use the National Center Test for University Admissions but carry out their own exams. .. The status of enrolled students is not a civil servant but a student, and it is similar to a university in that a tuition fee is required, but the course after graduation has its own characteristics according to the purpose of each course.

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  1. ^ In recent years, an increasing number of universities are individually accrediting admission qualifications. Also in JapanForeign schoolSome universities qualify students who have graduated from the university in the form of individual certification.


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