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🧳 | Breakfast, lunch and sweets!Weird hotel cafe "Otenki Parlor" [Kintetsu Nara Station]


Full breakfast, lunch and sweets!Weird hotel cafe "Otenki Parlor" [Kintetsu Nara Station]

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In addition to meals, there are also Nara souvenirs such as "Nanatsumori" lemon cake and persimmon and plum granola.

A "strange hotel" that opened in the fall of 2020 near Kintetsu Nara Station, which is within walking distance of Nara Park.The world's first robot works ... → Continue reading


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Lemon Cake

Lemon CakeIs a lemon-shaped baked confectionery.


Lemon-shaped sponge dough orButter cakeIs the foundation, from the topチ ョ コ レ ー ト,IcingThere are some with lemon peel and some with lemon peel.


HiroshimaProduct Exhibition Hall (currentAtomic bomb dome)so,Taisho8 years(1919å¹´)3/4~3/12Held until "NijimaGermany POWJapan's first confectionery shop at the "Technical Crafts Exhibition"BaumkuchenLemon cake was sold with it and it was very popular[1].

またBreadmakingManufactures orthopedic mold productsShowa48 years(1973年),Western confectioneryIt is said that the beginning of lemon cake was when the store requested the production of a lemon-shaped baking mold. [2]..During the heyday of lemon cakeShowa 40'sSo, most of the things I used at that time were lemon cakes, and whereBuddhist altarIt was a sweet that was so popular that it was offered to[Source required].

The lemon cake boom lasted for about 40 years from the end of the 50s to the mid-10s, but it is said that it has returned in the 2010s.[2], At a convenience storeLAWSONHas released a "lemon cake to eat with a spoon", and a new modern lemon cake has appeared rather than a nostalgic lemon cake.[3].


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