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🛏 | Sarasa Nishijin (formerly Fujinomori Onsen)


Sarasa Nishijin (formerly Fujinomori Onsen)

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Go back about 60m in the direction the bus came and turn right onto Kuramaguchi-dori.

Sarasa Nishijin was originally called Fujinomori Onsen, a hot spring run by the same management as Funaoka Onsen in the west.Now I'm using the interior of the hot spring ... → Continue reading

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Kuramaguchi-dori(Kuramaguchi street)Kyoto CityOne of the east and west streets inside.EastShimogamohondoriImmediately beyondShimogamo ShrineFrom the west gate to the westKinkakuji TempleUntil the gate.Shimogamo NakadoriThe route that turns north atKurama Highway.Higashi Kuramaguchi-doriAndKoya RiverIn front of TatekurabashiShimogamo HigashidoriIt is interrupted from to the west gate of Shimogamo Shrine.

HeianjingIt is out of range to the north and the western part of the streetNishijinIt corresponds to the northern part of.Hideyoshi ToyotomiByDoiWhen was built, the entrance to Odoi near the current Izumoji Bridge Nishizume (Kyoto's Seven Entrances) Kuramaguchi was provided.Edo PeriodThis street isRakuchuとRakugaiIt was considered to be the boundary of.

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East-west streets in Kyoto city

The street next to the north:Kitaoji Dori-Shimei doriEast
Shimogamo ShrineWest gate
The street next to the south: ・Rozanji-dori-Teranouchi-dori-Kamigoreizen-dori


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