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🧳 | Fisherman Town's all-purpose seasoning "Gomadashi" is now available in the national district!Fishing Village Women's Group Mebaru [Oita Prefecture]


The all-purpose seasoning "Gomadashi" from Fisherman Town is now available in the national district!Fishing Village Women's Group Mebaru [Oita Prefecture]

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Because of its high salt content, it can be made and stored, so it is a preserved food unique to Fisherman Town.

Saiki City is located in the southeastern part of Oita Prefecture and is known as a fisherman's town.One of the local foods of this region blessed with seafood is "sesame ... → Continue reading


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Preserved Foods

Preserved FoodsWhat is (Hozonshoku)?Because it is stored for a relatively long period of time (from several months to several years)corruptionHas been processed or processed to suppressFoodSay.


Most preserved foodsclimate,ClimateBecause ofwinter,(I.e.In regions where it is difficult to secure food for a long time, such as ocean voyages戦 争It is the wisdom of life that has been devised as an alternative under the circumstances where there are great restrictions on securing and transporting food, storage and cooking.Also,disaster,famineAt the time ofEmergency foodThere is also a demand for stockpiling in modern society.In recent years, no cooking requiredInstant FoodThere is also a great demand for it.

Because of the need to store these in a state where they can be eaten for a long period of timecorruptionOf course,昆虫,MoldA storage method was also required to make it less likely to be consumed by other animals and plants.A human 文明At the stage of acquiring and developing food, there was a desire to obtain stable food, and preserved foods have also been invented and used in response to such needs.

Preserved foods have a wide variety of ingredients and storage methods.Marine ProductsIfKelp,meat,FishIfDried fish-Smoked,Salted,Agricultural productsIfVegetables OfpicklesFrom the beginningKoya-tofuSuch assoymanufactured food,fruit OfjamThere are many different things.It is also used to transport locally obtained products to more remote areas, and this preserved food can be found in foods that are popular in a wide area as a specialty product.

There are various storage methods, but it is sealed with a container (canning,bottled) And allPutrefactive bacteriaThere are some ideas to suppress the breeding of the fish and enable long-term storage.Normally, food is processed to a certain degree,honey,nutsThere are also foods that have long-term storage stability as they are.Preserved foods usually refer to foods that can be stored for a long time at room temperature, but in a broad sense.Frozen foodEtc. are also included.

Many foods rapidly lose their freshness and spoil when stored at room temperature.frozen,Refrigeration technologyDue to the development ofFresh produceCan now be stored fresh for a relatively long period of time.However, in ordinary householdsRefrigerator Was popular1930-50 eraBefore that, it was difficult to store fresh food for a long period of time.

Many foods (especially vegetables, fruits andseafood) Is so-calledSeasonI could only get it at a certain time.It is only recently that vegetables and fruits have become available regardless of the season.For this reason, fresh foods have been processed to improve their storage stability at room temperature.

Change in the way

When considering the history of preserved foods, there are at least two major turning points from its invention to the present day.canningInvention andRefrigerated(frozen) Technological development.

At the beginning of preserved foodThe era of manual and handmadeIs.Preserved foods of this era were devised to make it easier to preserve by making the best use of natural materials and various phenomena in the natural world.Salted,糖蔵,(I.e.,Smoked,fermentationAnd so on.Preservation techniques can significantly change the nature of food, both good and bad.In addition, special cooking is often required to eat processed foods.For this reason, cooking methods and food cultures that are specialized for each preservation method have been generated, and now that the food preservation technology described below has been developed, these traditional preserved foods continue to exist as part of the food culture rather than for preservation purposes. There is.

next,The era of canning.1804ToFrance"Bottling" was invented to fill wide-mouthed bottles with food.1810The invention of the metal container gives birth to "canning".They areMilitary foodIt is a technology developed in response to the demand, but of thisHeat sterilizationBy sealing and sealing, long-term storage that does not significantly impair the flavor of food is possible.Moreover, since these are already cooked, they can be eaten as they are by opening the container.Initially it was a canned food that was developed as a military food, but its usefulness and convenience have become known.19st centuryFrom the middle of the year to the present, it has been widely mass-produced in general.

Finally,The era of freezingIs.At low temperaturePutrefactive bacteriaPropagation was suppressed and long-term storage was possible.Cooked, semi-cooked and raw ingredients (depending on the food) can all be stored frozen.There was even less change in food properties than canned food.

Even after this change, we applied canning technologySynthetic resin Ofthe filmSealed inRetort foodAndDry matter(freeze drying) Technology was developedfreeze dryWas also a major technological innovation that changed the history of preserved foods.These changes are helping to preserve, transport, and stably supply the food of the people who live there as the state of human society changes, and from the general public.Space developmentAdvanced fields (Space food), It is used in a wide range of fields.

Preservation method

Foods that use multiple methods together are not listed in duplicate.

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