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🧳 | Exploring the local market in Taipei!The relocated "Nanmen Market" food court Douhua is exquisite [Taiwan]


Explore the local market in Taipei!The relocated "Nanmen Market" food court Douhua is exquisite [Taiwan]

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Tapioca is placed on this potato and fluffy bean flower, and brown sugar syrup is applied.

The traditional market "Nanmen Market" near Taipei MRT Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station will be rebuilt in October 2019. → Continue reading


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Taro ball

Taro ball(Uen, Yu Yuen,Traditional Chinese: Taro ball,White story: Ō͘-îⁿ (Oh),potato OfdumplingMeans[1]) IstaroTraditional made fromTaiwan OfConfectionery.TaiwanIt ’s a dish that can be found almost all over the country.New North CityJiufenThe potato ball is famous.

Taro ball is steamed, softened and crushed into taroWedas well as the sweet potatoPowder orpotatoMix the powder and mold, then boil again to make.The texture of potatoes is elastic when sweet potato powder is used, and soft when potato powder is used.Depending on the color of the crushed taro, the color of the taro may be purple or gray.Crushed sweet potatoes or crushed instead of taroGreen beansThere are also dishes made using Yuan, which are sold under the names of "Gourd" (Gourd means sweet potato) or "Mung Bean" (Mung Bean).

Taro ball is cold or warmsyrupIt is served over.DouhuaDesserts served with potato balls on top of other Taiwanese sweets such as ya are also popular.

Besides this,ChanghuaAdd potato powder to the taro sliced ​​after steaming and knead it.Dream PorkThere is a local dish that is made by wrapping and steaming shredded meat.[2].


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