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🛏 | Citroen GS Watercolor


Citroen GS watercolor

If you write the contents roughly
Finish the showcase wheels and beautiful windowpanes.

The other day, I asked for a Citroen GS miniature car and watercolor painting for repainting, and I finished it ... → Continue reading

 goo blog

It is a free blog service that allows you to open blogs from ordinary people to celebrities regardless of genre.
A wide variety of blogs are published, such as diary, pet growth record, introduction of shops and works, recipes, eating out, manga and illustrations. There are many famous blogs such as cats, manga, and life consultations such as the popular blog “Kuruneko Yamato” and “Ise-Shirayama Road”. You can also see the official blog of shogi player Akira Watanabe on goo blog.

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Window glass

Window glass(Mad glass) is a plateガ ラ スThewindowIt is used to separate the interior and exterior of a house by fitting it. You can enjoy the outside view in a warm room and you can shop for windows thanks to the window glass. By increasing the area of ​​the window, it becomes possible to illuminate the daylight of the sun, which is an alternative to lighting.

Production method

At present, all window glass (except template glass, netted glass and lined glass)Float methodIs manufactured by. This is a technology developed in the middle of the 20th century that enables continuous production of large-area flat glass, and is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Template glass, corrugated glass and lined glass are manufactured by the roll-out method.

In the float method, the glass melt is poured out on the molten tin to form a smooth surface on the upper and lower sides. Since tin has a higher specific gravity than glass and does not mix with glass, a very flat sheet glass is formed on the tin. By this method, plate glass with a thickness of about 1 mm-22 mm can be created.

Most of the window glassSoda lime glassIt is a type of glass called. Its composition is approximately SiO2: Na2O:CaO = 75:15:10 (mol%), and silica sand, soda ash, and lime are used as raw materials. This composition ratio is地殻The composition ratio of the glass window is almost the same, and from this point the resources of the glass window are virtually inexhaustible,Negative impact on the environmentCan be said to be none.

Ordinary window glass when viewed from the frontTransparentAlthough it looks like, it looks slightly greenish when viewed from an angle or a thick part. This is the raw materialimpuritiesIncluded asIron ionIs the color of. If you don't like this color, use a pure source orComplementary colorProduceColorantAdd a small amount to the ingredients to make it achromatic.

Private houseIn the case of transparent glass used for windows, etc., silicon and oxygen are strongly bonded,ConstructionIt has a mesh shape.


Float and polished glass(JIS R 3202)
Template glass (JIS R 3203)
A pattern on the glass surface. It blocks the line of sight by diffusing light while maintaining translucency. Currently, there are two types of patterns that are manufactured: satin 2 mm, haze 4 mm and 6 mm.
Wired glass, Wired glass (JIS R 3204)
A wire mesh and metal wire in glass. Even if the glass breaks, fragments are unlikely to scatter. The main purpose is to prevent the glass from falling off when it is damaged by heat such as a fire, and it has almost no effect on damage by an attacked object. Many people misunderstand crime prevention from the appearance. The security glass corresponds to laminated glass and tempered glass described later.
Laminated glass(JIS R 3205)
Insert a transparent film such as polyvinyl butyral between two pieces of glass,AutoclaveMolded. It is generally referred to as safety glass together with tempered glass because it has little penetration when broken and has excellent penetration resistance.
Tempered glass(JIS R 3206)
Float plate glass with compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress on the deep. It has 3 to 5 times the strength of ordinary glass, and even if it breaks, the fragments become granular, which is effective in preventing injury. Methods for generating stress include a thermal method by heating/quenching and a chemical method by molecular replacement, and most tempered glass is manufactured by a thermal method.
Heat ray absorbing plate glass (JIS R 3208)
Glass that absorbs more heat rays (infrared rays). It is manufactured by mixing raw materials with metals such as copper, nickel and iron. When copper is mixed, it becomes blue, when nickel is mixed, it becomes gray (light brown), and when iron is mixed, it becomes yellow-green glass.
Double glazing(JIS R 3209)
A type in which an air layer is provided between two pieces of glass. There are also self-cleaning glasses with a photocatalytic function added to the outer surface, and those with an air layer that has been made airtight and vacuumed to improve heat insulation. It is slightly heavier than ordinary window glass. Generally, it is said that the heat insulation effect of the air layer can be expected, but the improvement of the sound insulation performance cannot be expected so much due to the influence of. However, sound insulation is generally seen with a sandwich sash structure made of different materials, such as using resin sash only on the interior surface.
Heat ray reflective glass (JIS R 3221)
Glass coated with metal oxide on its surface to have the effect of reflecting heat rays. It looks like a mirror from the outside in the daytime, and looks like ordinary glass from the inside.Half mirror effectThere is.SputteringThe one coated with a metal oxide on the indoor side is called high performance heat ray reflective glass.
ground glass(Frosted glass)
Glass whose surface has been polished with sand such as Kongoda sand to block the view and take in light rays.
Lens glass
Glass that blocks your view as well

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