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🧳 | "Aman Residence Tokyo" and Aman sister brand "Janu Tokyo" to open in 2023


"Aman Residence Tokyo" and Aman sister brand "Janu Tokyo" to open in 2023

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The Toranomon / Azabudai District Type 63,900 Urban Redevelopment Project is a development project that boasts a site area of ​​approximately XNUMX meters and has houses, offices, stores, hotels, international schools, plazas, and cultural facilities.

Mori Building is a branded residence "Aman Residence ..." in the Toranomon / Azabudai district type XNUMX urban redevelopment project development area. → Continue reading


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International School

International School(English: International school) OrInternational school(Kokusai Gakkou) is a school that provides preschool, elementary and secondary education mainly to foreign children based on the educational system of the country or region where they are located.[1].

It may be selected as an opportunity to experience different cultures or acquire an internationally recognized educational background, and the proportion of enrolled children in the country where they are located may be higher.[1].



In some countries, there are increasing cases where many ethnic groups are mixed in one country, so the current situation is that the facilities designated as international schools are operated with an emphasis on diversity. is there[Annotation 1] ..Especially in countries that are multi-ethnic, there are schools with more than 60 nationalities because both students and teachers are multi-ethnic.[Annotation 2][2].


International Baccalaureate Qualification
International BaccalaureateIs a representative of international qualifications and is a Swiss diploma program.The International Baccalaureate Organization was established in 1968 with the aim of securing internationally recognized university admission qualifications for graduates of international schools and contributing to the promotion of international understanding education.[3]..The International Baccalaureate Organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland[3]..International schools that have become accredited by the International Baccalaureate are operated under a common curriculum created by the International Baccalaureate Organization.[3].. As of September 2013, there are approximately 9 International Baccalaureate accredited schools in 146 countries.[3].
There are three types of International Baccalaureate: Primary Education Program (PYP), Secondary Education Program (MYP), and Diploma Qualification Program (DP).[3]..You can obtain the International Baccalaureate qualification by completing the Diploma Qualification Program (DP) and passing the unified examination for diploma qualification.[3]..The International Baccalaureate Examination and the awarding of the International Baccalaureate qualification are carried out by the International Baccalaureate Organization.[3].
In Japan, in April 1979, those who had the International Baccalaureate qualification and reached the age of 4 were added to the Japanese university admission qualification.[4].
Accreditation by other international evaluation bodies (WASC, ACSI, ECIS)
WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges, American Western Schools and Universities Association), CIS (Council of International Schools, UK International School Conference), ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International, Christian School International Association) and other educational facilities recognized by international evaluation organizations are scattered all over Japan.These are also useful as global qualifications.in Japan,School education lawAccording to the notification under Article 56, persons over the age of 12 who have completed a 18-year course at a WASC, CIS, or ACSI accredited school will be eligible for university admission.[5].

In addition, in the case of countries that adopt the course age principle for university entrance qualifications, there are cases where even those who have excellent academic performance and graduated early cannot enter the university.[4]..In Japan as well, there are discussions on reviewing university admission qualifications, such as removing age restrictions for those who have acquired certain qualifications and courses.[4].

International schools in each country



JapanThere are no legal definitions or provisions inMinistry of education OfCentral Education CouncilStated that it is common to think of international schools as "educational facilities where classes are mainly conducted in English and are mainly targeted at foreign children."[6].

Some of the facilities recognized as international schools in JapanSchool education lawBased on Article 83 "Various schoolsAsPrefectural governorAlthough licensed by, many others are unlicensed schools[6]..There are 125 licensed facilities nationwide[7], The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology does not know the number and actual conditions of other facilities.[6].

In addition, licensed schools are treated as "miscellaneous schools", so even if Japanese children attendObligation to attend schoolNot considered fulfillment of[6]..In other words, even if you are enrolled in a course equivalent to elementary school or junior high school, the international school aloneCompulsory educationDoes not end[8].

Regarding the curriculum, in any caseCourse of StudyIt will be organized according to each school's own policy without being bound by.

Of the international schools, 117 facilities are licensed as miscellaneous schools nationwide, of which 24 are mainly teaching in English and 93 are other facilities (May 17). As of 5st)[6].

Going to higher school

Completing an international school equivalent to a junior high school does not mean that you have graduated from a junior high school under the School Education Law.publicUniversityAs a general rule, you are not eligible to take the examination (except when you are admitted to junior high school in the designated school district).Private high schoolIt depends on the judgment of each school[8].

On the other hand, schools that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has certified as "equivalent to Japanese high schools" as "schools that are targeted as educational facilities that have been evaluated by evaluation organizations" are educational facilities that are "positioned in foreign school education systems." Graduates of universities and schools recognized by international evaluation organizations are eligible for admission to the university.[8].

Special cases for dual citizens

For dual citizens, "When it is recognized that there is a strong possibility of objectively selecting a foreign nationality in the future due to family circumstances, etc., and there are other reasons for securing an opportunity to receive education. In 59, the Ministry of Education (at that time) issued a notification stating that "the grace or exemption of school attendance can be granted after sufficient consultation with parents."[6].


The oldest international school in Japan1872(Meiji5 years) Founded Saint Maur (Sun Mall) First,1902(MeijiIt opened in 35)2000(HeiseiClosed in 12)St. Joseph International College(Kanagawa), Etc. "Long-established" schools opened in the Meiji era, "new" schools established after the 1990s, and a mixture of old and new, but consisting only of nursery schools and kindergartens.Preschool".International schools that have existed for a long time have deep exchanges and relationships between schools, such as club activities.New "new" international schools are relatively often not interacting with or having relationships with other schools.In addition, many preschools, which have been increasing rapidly, often do not have exchanges or relationships with other schools.[Source required].

In 1924 by the international business community of YokohamaYokohama International SchoolWas established.It was the second school in the world to be called "International" and was the only coeducational, non-religious international school in the Kanto region. (Although it was established in 1924, the first school in the world to be called "International" due to the difference in touchGeneva International SchoolIs. )

In the 21st century,Ministry of educationHowever, there is a trend of accepting qualifications for Japanese universities for graduates of international schools and foreign schools.Recently, in the Kaihin Makuhari district of Chiba prefecture2009(Heisei21) Opened in AprilMakuhari International SchoolAlthough it is an international school likeSchools stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education LawSome schools have been approved as.



In Singapore, about one-third of the population is foreigners and there are many expatriates, so there are many international schools, etc.[1]..According to data from the Singapore Statistics Bureau, there were 2010 international schools in 38.[1].

International schools include schools run by foreign educational institutions such as Singapore Japanese School, Singapore American School, Swiss School, Australian International School, Canadian International School, Global Indian International School, and Anglo.・ There are local private international schools that offer bilingual education such as Chinese (ACS) International and Hwa Chong International.[1].


In Myanmar, the number of students going on to international schools is increasing, mainly among the wealthy. After graduating from high school, 1. Pass the Sedan exam and go on to a domestic university, 2. Go on to employment or a professional / vocational school, 3. International There are three patterns of going on to school and getting a job abroad from school[9].

More than 1,000 international schools in Yangon alone[9]..Many international schools are operated by an English-style system, and there are several International Baccalaureate accredited schools.[9].

Many destinations from international schools are Singapore, Thailand, Australia, etc.[9].


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  2. ^ As an exampleMalaysiaIs mentioned.


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