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🛏 | Delivering XNUMX liters to enjoy "hot springs" at home Shizuoka / Matsuzaki Town


Enjoy "hot springs" at home Delivering XNUMX liters Shizuoka / Matsuzaki Town

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Matsuzaki Town wants to increase the number of subscribers and lead to the effective use of hot springs, which are a local resource.

Deliver hot spring water.Matsuzaki Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, supplies XNUMX town-run hot springs for business use and XNUMX for private use. → Continue reading

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"TV Shizuoka" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Shizuoka prefecture.

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Regional resources

Regional resourcesIn addition to natural resources, (chiikishigen) is a characteristic thing that exists in a specific area.resourceIt is a general term in a broad sense that includes human and human resources as a thing that can be used as a product.

In recent years, the local boom,Town revitalization,Regional brandsRepresented byRegional activationIn this attempt, the idea of ​​defining and utilizing the characteristics and materials as local resources is widespread.

2007Of AprilLaw on promotion of business activities by SMEs utilizing local industrial resources(Abbreviation: SME Regional Resource Utilization Promotion Law)PrefecturesLists and certifies local resources from the three types of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, mining and manufacturing products and their production technology, and tourism resources. thislawIs to certify the business plans of small and medium-sized enterprises that utilize local resources, and to foster local brands with support.

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Matsuzaki Town

Matsuzaki Town(Matsuzakicho) isShizuokaKamo-gunIt is intown.Izu PeninsulaLocated along the southwestern coast.Of the townTaglineIs "Flower and Romance Village".Although 64% of the town is forest, the Naka and Iwashina rivers that flow through the center of the town make it the largest plain on the west side of the Izu Peninsula, which has about 500 ha of cultivated land in the basin.

There are many historic sites in the townSea cucumber wallThe built-in building is particularly impressive.Also,SpaThere is also in the centerMatsuzaki Onsen, EasternOsawa Onsen, Southwest (Iwachi Onsen, Ishibu Onsen,Unmi Onsen) Etc., many tourists visit, including summer bathing.

Sakura mochiUsed forPickled cherry leavesAbout 7% of the whole country is produced in Matsuzaki Town.


  • Mountains: Mt. Chokurouyama (996m), Basarayama (608m)
  • Rivers: Naka River, Iwashina River
  • Lakes: None


  • MeijiAs of the first year, the following 21 villages exist in the current town area.mainlyFlag territoryとKakegawa DomainIt consisted of territories.
    • Naga-gun : Ena Village, Sakurada Village, Ikeshiro Village, Osawa Village, Funada Village, Minowa Village, Naka Village, Kenkyu Temple Village, Yoshida Village, Kadono Village
    • Kamo-gun: Matsuzaki Village, Miyauchi Village, Shikura Village, Nango Village, Akebushi Village, Kosugihara Village, Iwashina Village, Kumomi Village, Ishibe Village, Iwashina Village, Michibu Village
  • March 1882, 15 (Meiji 1)- Benzyo Yoda, For the purpose of developing Tokachi, HokkaidoYodaOrganize. July, Mamekai Steamship Company,Sanihei YodaOpened by.The Mamekai Maru service that connects Nishiizu and Tokyo.
  • March 1883, 16 (Meiji 3)- YodaOf the 1st ImmigrantsBenzyo Yoda27 people left Osawa Village.
  • 1887 (Meiji 20)-, established the Shunzu Steamship Company (later merged with Izuura Kisen, renamed the Soshu Steamship Company).
  • March 1889, 22 (Meiji 4)- Municipal systemThe following 3 villages were established by the enforcement of
    • Naga-gunNakagawa Village ← Ikeshiro Village, Osawa Village, Funada Village, Minewa Village, Naga Village, Kenkyu Temple Village, Yoshida Village, Kadono Village and Nango Village, Kamo District, Akebushi Village, Kosugihara Village
    • Kamo-gunMatsuzaki Village ← Matsuzaki Village, Miyauchi Village, Shikura Village and Naka Village Ena Village, Sakurada Village
    • Kamo-gunIwashina Village ← Iwashina Village, Kumomi Village, Ishibe Village, Iwachi Village, Michibe Village
  • June 1891, 24 (Meiji 6) --Nakanogo VillageNakagawaRenamed to.
  • March 1896, 29 (Meiji 4)- County systemThe county to which Nakagawa Village belongs was changed to Kamo District due to the enforcement of.
  • March 1901, 34 (Meiji 3) --Matsuzaki Village enforces the town systemMatsuzaki TownBecomes
  • 1909 (Meiji 42)-Established in Matsuzaki Town, Matsumaru goes into service between Matsuzaki and Numazu.
  • May 1929, 4 (Showa 5)-The Matsuzaki Mayu market, which was the national standard market, closed.
  • On November 1932, 7 (Showa 11), the Hamamachi Bridge was replaced with reinforced concrete and the opening ceremony was held.
  • March 1955, 30-Merged with Nakagawa Village and renewedMatsuzaki TownWas launched.
  • June 1956, 31-Iwashina Village was incorporated.
  • September 2013, 25- "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" UnionMembership in is authorized.


Population distribution by age in Matsuzaki Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Matsuzaki Town (2005)
■Purple-Matsuzaki Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Matsuzaki Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Matsuzaki Town Hall


  • Seiichi Nagashima (December 2017, 12-, 14st term)

Vice mayor

- Absent as of the end of August XNUMXnd year of Reiwa

Mascot character


Abuse by staff "Mendokuse" and neglect of duties

2019 years(ReiwaIn September 9, the staff ranted "Mendokusei" to the townspeople who applied for the subsidy to single-parent households without transferring about 27 yen from 22 households to each household. (Reiwa 2020nd year) Discovered on February 2, the mayor Seiichi Nagashima has one for every household applying.apologyI ended up appearing in[1].

Mayor's power harassment problem

"Power harassment remarks to the mayor's staff" are often taken up in general questions of the parliament, but the mayor says that there is no power harassment.This statement is suspicious, and in fact, as of August 2020, the number of employees on leave is three, which is by far the highest number compared to other cities and towns in Izu.There are pros and cons to the forcible political method of the mayor from the private sector, and the qualities of the mayor are questioned, such as the implementation of policies that ignore the parliament and the rants against the members who disagree with it.[2]

Deputy Mayor Absence Problem

After taking office as Mayor Nagashima, the deputy mayor was not appointed for nearly two and a half years, and during that time, a "general manager" was appointed to supervise the operations within the agency across sections. (In Article 161, Paragraph XNUMX of the Local Autonomy Law, a deputy mayor is to be appointed in the town. It may not be appointed by the ordinance, but as of the end of August XNUMXnd year of Reiwa, there is no ordinance that does not have a deputy mayor. It is maintenance, and this is a violation of the Local Autonomy Law)

The general question of the parliament often asked about "appointment of deputy mayor", but the mayor said that he was "selecting the right person" each time.At the extraordinary assembly in May XNUMXnd year of Reiwa, the case of deputy mayor "appointing a former general manager as deputy mayor" was submitted, but it was rejected.[1]


We are planning to develop the Iwashina Clinic on the site of the former Iwashina Kindergarten in anticipation of a future shortage of doctors, but the mayor's political method of rushing the plan[2], There are some parts that have not reached consensus with the town council, such as the planned location being located in the flooded area on the hazard map.[3] As a result, the town authorities have announced a one-year postponement in order to prioritize the economic measures of the corona wreck.[4]

Prefecture agency


  • 中(Nakagawa) District-OldNakagawa
    • Naka-formerly Naka Village
    • Kenkyu Temple --Former Kenkyu Temple Village
    • Yoshida-Former Yoshida Village
    • Funata-Former Funada Village
    • Kadono-Former Kadono Village
    • Minewa-Former Minowa Village
    • Osawa-Former Osawa Village
    • Ikeshiro-Former Ikeshiro Village
    • Nango-Former Nango Village
    • Akebushi-Former Akebushi Village
    • Kosugihara-Former Kosugihara Village
  • Matsuzaki(Matsuzaki) District-Former Matsuzaki Town
    • Ena-Former Ena Village
    • Sakurada-formerly Sakurada Village
    • Matsuzaki-Former Matsuzaki Village
    • Miyauchi-Former Miyauchi Village
    • Shikura-Former Shikura Village
  • Iwashina(Iwashina) District-OldIwashina Village(Broad sense)
    • Michibu-Old Michibu Village
    • Iwashina-Former Iwashina Village (narrow sense)
      • North side of Iwashinahoku (Iwashinahokusoku)
      • South side of Iwashina (Iwashinanansoku)
    • Miura (Sanpo)
      • Iwachi-Former Iwachi Village
      • Ishibe-Former Ishibe Village
      • Kumomi-Former Kumomi Village

Merger talks

Sister cities/partner cities



Participates in local governments and regional federations that create beautiful villages, utilize logo marks, supporter membership systems, hold events, and carry out public relations activities.


Tourism (hot springs), forestry, fishing, and commerce are thriving in Matsuzaki Town.

Agriculture and forestry


  • Matsuzaki fishing port
  • Iwachi fishing port
  • Ishibe fishing port
  • Kumomi fishing port


high school

Junior high school

primary school

Existing elementary school
Closed elementary school
  • Matsuzaki Municipal Nakagawa Elementary School (closed in March 2010. Integrated into Matsuzaki Elementary School)
  • Matsuzaki Municipal Iwashina Elementary School (closed in March 2007, integrated into Matsuzaki Elementary School)
  • Matsuzaki Municipal Miura Elementary School (closed in March 2007, integrated into Matsuzaki Elementary School)

Other educational facilities


There is no railroad in the town.The nearest station when using the train isIzu Hakone RailwaySuzu LineShuzenji StationOrIzukyuIzukyu LineIzukyu Shimoda Station.



General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road


  • Matsuzaki Port --Currently, no regular passenger routes have been opened.Numazu PortThere was a regular passenger ship from, but it was abolished in 2003.

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Historic site


Foot bath

One-day hot springs

  • Open-air bath mountain house
  • D'Azur Rocks (May-October, Iwachi Beach)
  • Heiroku Jizo Open-air Bath (May-October, Ishibu Beach)
  • Akaihama open-air bath (May-October, Kumomi Shore) * Suspended from September 5, 10, no plans to resume business[3]


  • Matsuzaki beach
  • Iwachi beach
  • Ishibu beach
  • Kumomi beach

scuba diving

  • Aquatic
  • I dive
  • Duke Diving Service (DDS)
  • Diving service Hamayu
  • Collins

camp site

  • Izu Matsuzaki Asobi Island
  • Unmi Sunset and Shiosai no Misaki Auto Camping Ground
  • Kumomi Auto Camping Ground
  • Auto campsite Hanazawa

Tourist facility

Festivals and events

Filming movies and TV


Famous people

Edo PeriodBorn of
  • Rentaro Mikuni --January 1923, 12 (Taisho 1),GunmaOta Town (currentlyOta CityBorn in Ota area).Raised in Matsuzaki Town, Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture.An actor.. [Transfer] * When I was 7 months old, I moved to Matsuzaki, my father's hometown.


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