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🧳 | Railway / Transportation Organization provides restoration support for Tohoku Shinkansen Hokuriku Shinkansen extension work


Railroad / Transportation Organization provides restoration support for Tohoku Shinkansen Electrified pillars for Hokuriku Shinkansen extension work

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Even now, we are providing technical support for the restoration of the Minami Aso Railway Daiichi Shirakawa Bridge, which was damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake.

The Railway and Transportation Organization is working on the extension section of the Hokuriku Shinkansen to restore the electrified pillars of the Tohoku Shinkansen that were damaged by the Fukushima-ken-oki earthquake. → Continue reading


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Kumamoto earthquake

Kumamoto earthquake(Kumamoto Jishin)KumamotoOccurred in the Kumamoto regionEarthquake.. In general2016(Heisei28 years)May 4Often refers to a series of more earthquakes.

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Minami Aso Railway

Minami Aso Railway Co., Ltd.(Minami Asotetsudo)KumamotoIn the old Japanese National RailwaysSpecific local transportation lineRailway lineTakamori LineRunsMinamiaso village-TakamoriLocal governments along the railway line investThird sectorSchemeRailway companyIs.The head office is located in Kumamoto prefectureAso-gunTakamori Town Oaza Takamori 1537-2.


  • 1985(60)May 4 -Established.
  • 1986(61)
    • April 4-Opened after taking over the Takamori Line of the Japanese National Railways[3].
    • May 7 --Started operation of the truck train "Yusuge".
  • 2008(19)May 3 ――Vehicles that can run on both railroads and roads in the area around the railway lineDual mode vehicle(DMV) ”driving demonstration experiment will be conducted until the 22nd.
  • 2016(28)
    • May 4 - Kumamoto earthquakeAll lines will be suspended[4].
    • April 4-The Kumamoto earthquake that occurred on this dayMain shockDue to severe damage, all lines continue to be suspended[4].
    • May 7 --Nakamatsu --Resumed operation between Takamori[5].



Existing vehicle

Of the vehicleGeneral inspectionBusiness isNippon Steel Logistics YawataIs outsourced to.

Past vehicle

  • MT-2100 type(2105) --Manufactured at Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd. in January 1961, JNR in 1Kumamoto driver's officeTransferred fromJNR Kiha 52 35[7].. It was remodeled so that it could be controlled as a whole with the MT-2000 type, and the coloring was changed, but since it was introduced as a spare car, it was not remodeled as a one-man operation.[7]..It was detained on the detention line inside Takamori Station, but the MT1993 type appeared in 3000.Scrapped carIt became.
  • DB10 type(DB101, DB102) --A diesel locomotive used to tow the trolley train "Yusuge". In 2007Heisei Chikuho RailwayTransferred to and opened in 2009Mojiko Retro Tourist LineSo the originalShimabara RailwayTowing a passenger car for trucks.


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