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🧳 | Air Côte d'Ivoire receives Airbus A320neo for the first time in West Africa


Air Côte d'Ivoire receives Airbus A320neo for the first time in West Africa

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Airbus A320neo is planned to be launched on routes to Senegal, Gabon and Cameroon.

Air Côte d'Ivoire has received its first Airbus A320neo.The first West African airline to air ... → Continue reading


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Airbus A320neo

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Airbus A320neo

IndiGo A320neo


Airbus A320neo(New Engine Option, neo) is EuropeAirbusCompanyA320 familyEquipped with a new engine as the latest series ofSingle passageCommercial for short and medium distancesPassenger planeIs.This series includes the basic type A320neo, the short body type A319neo, and the long body type A321neo, and the A321neo also has the LR (Long Range) type with an increased cruising range.Compared to the conventional type, the fuel consumption is reduced by 15% and the noise is reduced by 50%.[1]..Airbus Group has announced that the A320neo and A321neo have received orders for a total of more than 70 aircraft (as of March 4,500) from 2016 airlines around the world.


A320neo plans to operate more economically than traditionalengineWith a model that changed to a higher performance engine2010The plan was launched in December2014First flight in September,2016Commercial flight began in January.Models equipped with a conventional engine are newly ceo (new engine option) to distinguish them from neo (new engine option)Current Engine OThe names of ption, theo, and current engine options) have been added.

The engine used in neo isCFM International(米 国GE AviationとFranceSnake bear OfJoint venture)ofLEAP-1AEngine, or United StatesPratt & Whitney (P & W) OfPW1100G-JM With the engine, the airline can choose between them.J of PW1100G-JM is JapaneseJAEC (Japanese Aero Engine Corporation), M is GermanMTU Aero Engines AGMeans, in 3 companies2011Signed a joint venture memorandum in September and jointly developed it internationally (JAEC has a 9% share of fans, low pressure compressors, low pressure shafts and some combustors, and MTU has an 23% share of low pressure turbines and high pressure. Part of the compressor, P & W is in charge of the other parts)[2]..Also with LEAP-1ASilicon carbide fiberIsNippon CarbonMade of "Nicalon" is adopted[1].

Long body typeA321And short body typeA319Also, "mass production of new neo-machines with new engines" is to be carried out, and especially for the A2014neo, which has received the largest number of orders since around 321, the fuel load has been increased and the cruising range has been increased to 4,000 nautical miles (7,400 km). ) Will also be developed for the LR (Long Range) type.With this A321LR, AirbusBoeing 757"By a single aisle machineEuropeFrom all overNorth AmericaTo大西洋It is said that "crossing straight line" can be replaced[3].. July 2019, 6,Paris Air ShowAnnounced the "A321XLR," which further extended the cruising range of the A4,700neo LR to a maximum of 8,700 nautical miles (about 321 km).Non-stop flight from Tokyo to Sydney with this aircraft will be possible.Receipt is scheduled for 2023[4][5].

Airbus plans to produce a conventional engine-equipped aircraft and a new engine-equipped aircraft in parallel, which is a wide-body aircraft with a similar engine replacement plan.A330neo"as well as"A330ceoIs the same as the case of.In addition, as a medium- to long-term successor, "Airbus NSRThere is a plan.

Current operator

As of July 2019[6], ◉Cheap airline

Order operation status

2011 year 1 month,IndiaBiggestCheap airline(LCC)IndiGoMore than 150 aircraft, 2011Paris Air Showso,Air AsiaWe received an order from the group for a total of 200 aircraft, which is the largest large-scale transaction agreement in history for the aircraft industry.This will make the A320neo projectBreak-even pointThe whole plan got off to a good start[7]With that, the A320neo new construction plan started in earnest[8].. In 2011, almost until thenBoeing(Merged by absorptionMcDonnell Douglas(Including) A major American airline that was all-outAmerican airlinesFrom a total of 130 aircraft (in addition to the conventional engine A320 andBrazilMade regional jetE-JetWe have received orders for A320neo aircraft (many orders for the series)[9][10].

On January 2016, 1, the first A22neo (MSN320) was originally planned.Qatar AirwaysBut,PW1100G-JMRejection of receipt due to the fact that it takes time to start due to internal cooling of the engine[11],LufthansaReceived it instead and put it on flights within Europe.Also20163ToIndiGoHas received the first A320neo airline based in Asia outside Europe.From now on, the A320neo series will be delivered to airlines around the world according to the order of contracts such as fixed orders.

At the beginning of the service, it took 2 minutes to start the two PW1100G-JM engines, which is Lufthansa's hub airport.FrankfurtThen, it caused operational confusion.Therefore, at the time of departure, it was necessary to wait for the engine start to be completed at the gate instead of on the taxiway.After that, the problem of starting time of the machine equipped with PW1100G-JM engine was taken measures, and in the first half of 2016, P & W improved the software related to starting and shortened it by 20 seconds, and then improved the parts to reduce the starting time to 5 minutes 40 seconds. Shrinked to.Then, we introduced a method called "dual-cooling procedure" that cools both engines at the same time when both engines are stopped, shortening the time required for starting to 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and Lufthansa received Unit 5 (D-AINE) in the cockpit A "dual-cooling switch" is attached to the overhead panel.Pilots will be able to "dual-cool" with this switch if they deem it necessary.Airlines that have already received this repair kit will be able to repair it at the next maintenance, etc., and it will be standard equipment on new machines equipped with the PW1100G-JM engine.[12].

In February 2018, AirbusPratt & Whitney (P & W)Approximately one-third of the A320neo delivered with the engine was found to be defective, revealing that it has suspended delivery to its largest customer, IndiGo.[13]..Due to this problemEASAIs urgent on February 2th, 9-2018-EAirworthiness improvement reportIn this report, a case of engine stop (IFSD: in-flight shut-down) and takeoff stop (RTO: Rejected Take-Off) was reported at sea.ETOPSInstructed to cancel the flight[14], Airbus has postponed the delivery of the A1100neo series with the PW320G-JM engine to address this issue proactively.

in Japan,All Nippon AirwaysOrdered a total of 320 A320neo families (A321neo and A33neo) as the next major small aircraftBoeing 737-500It is said that it will be used as a substitute for models and on regular domestic and short-distance international routes.This is the first A320neo series order for an airline in Japan.

The first machine was received on December 2016, 12, and arrived in Japan on the 15th.[15].. It entered service on the Haneda-Kansai line on the 26th, and from January 1, the following year, it entered service on the Narita-Shanghai route as the first short-distance international flight.[16].

However, due to the PW1100G-JM engine start trouble mentioned above, the delivery of the A2017neo series to ANA has been delayed since 320, which has affected the operating aircraft. Delivery of A321neo has been delayed worldwide.

Besides in JapanPeach AviationOrders 320 A3neo aircraft along with 320 A10ceo aircraft[17].

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