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🧳 | JAL adds extra flight settings on 4 Tohoku routes February 2-22, equipment will be larger


JAL adds extra flight settings on 4 Tohoku routes February 2-22, larger equipment

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JR East has been suspended between Nasu-Shiobara and Ichinoseki Station on the Tohoku-Hokkaido Line due to equipment damage found.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has been suspended from operating the Shinkansen due to the impact of the Fukushima-ken-oki earthquake that occurred on February 2, and Tohoku ... → Continue reading


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Ichinoseki Station

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Near the east exit ticket gate and in front of the stationImage providedplease.(2018/10)

Ichinoseki Station(Ichinoseki-eki) isIwateIchinosekiIn front of the stationEast Japan Railway(JR East)Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)stationIs[1].


Tohoku ShinkansenAnd of the conventional lineTohoku Main LineandOfunato LineIs on board and is a connecting station[1]..On conventional linesAffiliation lineIs the Tohoku Line[2]The starting point of the Ofunato Line is this station.For JR Freight only on the Tohoku LineSecond-class railway businessIt is also the route of.

The Tohoku Main Line borders this stationSendaiDirection andMoriokaBecause the operation system is separated in the directionExtra trainExcept for, there are no passenger trains that operate across this station.It should be noted that the connection of ordinary trains between both sides is not considered so much, and the waiting time may be relatively long.Also operated701 seriesIs operated by vehicles with different line colors attached to the side of the car body with this station as the boundary.[Annotation 1].

Iwate Galaxy Railway LineWithContact transportationIs on sale to this station on the Tohoku Main Line in Tokyo (excluding some transit transportation)[3].

Office codeIs using ▲ 211005[4].

The city name is "Ichinoseki", but the station name is "Ichinoseki" and contains the katakana "no" (both readings are "Ichinoseki").


Station structure

This stationDirectly operated station(Stationmaster・ Deputy stationmaster ・ Deputy stationmaster ・ SalesAssistant・ Transportation assistant placement)Management stationAs the Tohoku Main LineYushima Station --Each station between Mizusawa Station,Ofunato Line OfMataki Station - Surisawa StationIt manages each station in between.In addition, since the signals inside this station are treated as stations, the Ichinoseki Station Transportation Headquarters, which handles signals, is set up in the direction of Tokyo on Lines 2 and 3.

Conventional line

Single platform1 sides 1 linesIsland homeHas 1 lines on 2 side, 2 lines on 3 sides in totalGround stationIs. Line 1 is the Tohoku Main Line Down Main Line (Shimomoto), Line 2 is the Tohoku Main Line Up Main Line (Uemoto), and Line 3 is the Ofunato Line Main Line (Oomoto).In addition, there is no platform behind the 3rd line. There is the upper 1-upper 3rd line.freight trainIs used both above and below, and the back is a train detention line.To the eastIchinoseki Transportation ZoneHowever, because the transportation area is non-electrified, only diesel locomotives and diesel locomotives can enter the area.

With the exception of morning and evening and special trains, basically Line 1 to Tohoku Main Line Sendai, Line 2 to Tohoku Main Line Morioka, Line 3 to Ofunato LineKesennumaThe direction arrives and departs.

The approach chime is "Humpty Dumpty'[Annotation 2], The departure melody is "Water Crown" (bothToyo Media LinksProduction) is used.

On track 1EkibenAccording to the distributor "Abechiu"Standing sobaThere is a shop.Previously, the company in Japan and China used wagons to sell ekiben.

Bus stop

1■Tohoku Main LineGoing upKogota-Shiogamaaspect[6]Some trains are on line 2
2Going downHanamaki-Moriokaaspect[6]Some trains are on lines 1 and 3
3■Ofunato LineGeibikei-Kesennuma-Shengaspect[7] 


Relative homeHave two lines on one sideElevated stationIs.Home isVice main lineIt is provided on the (siding line), and the two central lines (main line) are passing lines.

For product sales at the platform, there is a kiosk and ekiben shop on line 12 (NREThere is a consignment business), but there is drinking water on line 11.vending machineThere is only.Midori no Madoguchi at the Shinkansen transfer gate inside the ticket gateJR East Tohoku Comprehensive ServiceThere is a reserved seat ticket vending machine.In addition, there are NEWDAYS on the conventional line side and an ekiben shop (consigned business by NRE) in the Shinkansen concourse.

Bus stop

11■ Tohoku / Akita / Hokkaido ShinkansenGoing downMoriokaShin-Aomori-Akita-Shin-Hakodate Hokutoaspect
12■ Tohoku ShinkansenGoing upSendai-Omiya-Tokyoaspect

(Source:JR East: Station map)

Departure melody

11■Looks lonely at dusk 
12■Looks lonely at dusk

From March 2019, 3, all members will replace the traditional bellIchinoseki National College of TechnologyI'm fromNSPThe train melody is an arrangement of the representative song "It looks lonely at dusk".This is the mayor of IchinosekiOsamu KatsubeUsed for transfer during a business trip to TokyoSendai StationSo, the departure melody of the Shinkansen platform "Aoba castle love songIt was devised after hearing that, and from the fall of 2018, the city and the Ichinoseki City Base Station Promotion Council will cooperate with NSP member Kazuto Hiraga.JR East Morioka branch officeIt was realized through discussions with.The production of the melodyMoriokaWas in charge of the video and music production company "SP", and arranged by Toshiyuki Anetai, the company's representative director.[8][Press 2][Newspaper 4][9].

Initially scheduled for limited use until June 2019, 6[Press 2]However, it has been used continuously since July 7st.

Ticket gate

There are two ticket gates, the west exit and the east exit.

The west exit serves as the front exit of the station.Station staff are stationed all day,Green Window, Reserved seat ticket vending machine,Automatic ticket vending machine,information Center,View Plaza(Byu Travel ServiceContract),waiting roomThere is."Gurutto Yu" (operated by JR East Tohoku Comprehensive Service) and convenience store (operated by JR East Tohoku Comprehensive Service) in the waiting roomNEWDAYS,JR East Retail NetOperated by),Standing soba shop(There is an ekiben sales office, operated by NRE).In addition, outside the ticket gateVIEW ALTTE,Station rental carThere is a sales office, NEWDAYS (operated by JR East Tohoku Comprehensive Service).

West exit in 2006Conventional lineAt the ticket gateAutomatic ticket gateWas introduced (Mobile Suica Limited Express TicketCorrespondence)[10]..From April 2014, 4, it became compatible with Suica.

East exit operations will be JR East Tohoku Comprehensive ServiceConsignmentdoing.Station staff are stationed all day, but the only station facilities for passengers are the Midori no Madoguchi and automatic ticket vending machines.

Freight handling

Currently, the JR Freight station isCar freightIt is a temporary handling station offreight trainThere is no arrival or departure.There is no freight facility,Leased lineIs not connected to this station.

Privatization of the national railway divisionImmediately before, cargo handling at this station, which had been abolished once, was resumed.However, freight trains have not arrived or departed after the resumption.Before it was abolished, on the north side of the station building, etc.BoxcarThere was a car freight platform for the car.


The main ekiben is as follows[11].

  • Iwai Tori Meshi
  • Yoshitsune Hiraizumi
  • Kaname
  • Aburiyaki beef lunch
  • Seafood three-color lunch
  • Southern Wappameshi
  • Hiraizumi sea urchin rice
  • Sanriku Sea Child
  • Hiraizumi, Maesawa beef roast beef sushi
  • Iwate beef rice
  • Hiraizumi

Usage situation

According to JR East, the average number of passengers per day in 2019 (the first year of Reiwa) is4,312Is[Number of passengers 1].. In addition, the daily average number of passengers on the Shinkansen is2,218Is[Annotation 3][Shinkansen 1].

The changes in recent years are as follows.

Number of passengers on board
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)5,112[Number of passengers 2] 
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)4,815[Number of passengers 3] 
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)4,516[Number of passengers 4] 
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)4,377[Number of passengers 5] 
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)4,491[Number of passengers 6] 
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)4,511[Number of passengers 7] 
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)4,471[Number of passengers 8] 
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)4,439[Number of passengers 9] 
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)4,337[Number of passengers 10] 
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)4,181[Number of passengers 11] 
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)4,049[Number of passengers 12] 
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)3,688[Number of passengers 13] 
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)4,562[Number of passengers 14]2,451[Shinkansen 2]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)4,614[Number of passengers 15]2,386[Shinkansen 3]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)4,401[Number of passengers 16]2,295[Shinkansen 4]
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)4,461[Number of passengers 17]2,280[Shinkansen 5]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)4,476[Number of passengers 18]2,241[Shinkansen 6]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)4,428[Number of passengers 19]2,224[Shinkansen 7]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)4,398[Number of passengers 20]2,243[Shinkansen 8]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)4,312[Number of passengers 1]2,218[Shinkansen 1]

Around the station

In front of the station, "San Otsuki" (Gentaku Otsuki-Otsuki Bankei-Fumihiko Otsuki) There is a statue[1].

Bus route

1nd stop

2nd stop

3nd stop

4nd stop

  • Kurihara Citizen Bus (Miyakoh Bus)
    • Tsukidate Ichinoseki Line: In front of Arikabe StationKimariIn front of Tsukidate Tax Office via General Branch (JR Bus Tohoku Abolition Alternative Route)

5nd stop

6nd stop

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation
    • Hongo Line: [02] Via Senmaya Hospital Senmaya Bus Terminal, [03] Senmaya Bus Terminal not via Senmaya Hospital
    • Sekigaoka Line: [55] Via Ichinoseki Station East Exit Sekigaoka

7nd stop

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation
    • Geibikei Line: [31] Geibikei Hospital, Chitose Bridge,Geibikeivia Surisawa Station前
    • Ichinoseki Sales Office / Ichinoseki Station Line: [53] Ichinoseki Sales Office
    • Kusenzawa Line: [61] KanazawaHanaizumiVia Kusenzawa

8nd stop

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation
    • Nakata housing complex line: [54] In front of Nakata housing complex municipal apartment via Ichinoseki sales office
  • Ichinoseki community bus(Nanohana Bus)

9nd stop

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation
    • Genbikei Line: [10] Via Ichinoseki City Hall In front of Genbikei / Keisenkaku
    • Mizuyama Line: [11] Via Ichinoseki City Hall / Genbikei Mizuyama / Mizusenkaku-mae
    • Sukawa Onsen Line: [12] Via Ichinoseki City Hall, Genbikei, Mizuyama Sugawa hot spring
    • Offshore Line: [56]Ichinoseki Daini High SchoolVia Shimizu school building

10nd stop

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation

■Ichinoseki Sales Office・ For buses bound for Ichinoseki City Hall (Takeyama), the rotary in front of the station is only available for getting off, and you can board from the Ichinoseki Station Exit bus stop.

Behind the East Exit Exchange Center[12]


1990May 3 OfKurikoma-Kogen StationWith the opening of the Shinkansen station, the number of passengers at the Shinkansen station has decreased slightly, albeit temporarily.At this time, the express delivery type "" that stops only at major stations by local governments and related organizationsYamabiko(The so-called "Super Yamabiko", later "Hayate, The current "HayabusaA petition or campaign was made to increase the number of stops at Ichinoseki Station.In recent years, the number of passengers at Shinkansen stations has been stable, and it functions as the largest terminal station in the south of Iwate prefecture, which also serves as a gateway to major cities and tourist spots in the south of Iwate prefecture.

For many years, the signboard on the station building said, "Hiraizumi's cultural heritage is to be registered as a World Heritage Site." In June 2011,HiraizumiIs UNESCOworld HeritageAs it was registered on the list, it was changed to "" World Heritage "Pure Land-scented" Hiraizumi "".

Next station

East Japan Railway (JR East)
■ Tohoku / Akita / Hokkaido Shinkansen
Kurikoma-Kogen Station - Ichinoseki Station - Mizusawa Esashi Station
■Tohoku Main Line
Ariwa Station - Ichinoseki Station - Yamanome Station
■Ofunato Line
Ichinoseki Station - Mataki Station


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  3. ^ At stations in Iwate prefectureMorioka StationIt is the fifth place after.


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