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🧳 | [Tokyo Sanpo] Sky Tree at Sensoji Temple!"Asakusa Sanpo" where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while feeling the atmosphere of downtown Edo


[Tokyo Sanpo] Sky Tree at Sensoji Temple!"Asakusa Sanpo" where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while feeling the atmosphere of downtown Edo

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The Kaminarimon Gate is also lit up, and you can go to Nakamise while feeling the atmosphere of Edo, which is different from the daytime.

The budget is 5,000 yen per person. "Tokyo Sanpo" where you can enjoy the city all day long.This time I came to "Asakusa".Usually ... → Continue reading


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light up

light up(Irradiation,Mapping,British: light up) Is a historic building at night,Monument,bridge,tower,TreeEtc.FloodlightEquipment such asLight emitting diode(LED lighting) Etc.照明What creates a night view by doing[1][2].. Apply lighting to create a different look than in the daytime. Generally, it is often done as a means of revitalizing the city.

Held as an event, similar to a light-upElectric spectacularsThere is a method of.各地のクリスマス・電飾や神戸の大震災を期に始まったIt started with Christmas and illuminations in various places and the great earthquake in Kobe.Luminarieand so on.

Street lightEffectively on the object instead of brightening the surroundings likeLightThe purpose is to make it stand out beautifully by hitting.JapanglishAndEnglishThen it is expressed as be verb + illuminated. Also, since is often used, it is also expressed as floodlighting, architectural floodlighting, etc.

The opposite word is "Light down", This iscityBy turning off the lighting as much as possibleEnjoy the stars in the night skyこと.


When the lights are lit up in various places in the city space, it leads to the charm of the city, and the planned lighting up of the entire city is also called "city lighting".


JapanBuilding illumination in1963Completed inKobe port towerIt is said that it spread from.

Oil shockAfter a period of stagnation due to the influence ofMikiko IshiibyTokyo Towerlight up(1989) Has become popular and has become established as a culture that shapes the cityscape at night.

In recent years,FranceIt is a light-up art created by Kobe in 2001.Former settlementThe entire city has been systematically lit up at festivals, such as being shown in the area.

natural environment

In some cases, it is applied to the natural environment instead of artificial objects.Niagara FallsThen it has a history of about 100 years.

In addition,Cherry-blossom viewing,Autumn leavesThere is an example that is also performed at famous places in Japan.


Such lightingEnergyIt ’s a waste of money照明Some people question the beautification of the landscape as excessive.

In addition,natural environmentThe impact on the situation is also regarded as a problem.

For living thingsDaylight hoursTheCircadian rhythmThere are many cases where it is used to regulate the growth stage, for example, in plants, the flowering time is often regulated by the day length (Long day plant-Short-day plant) However, the possibility that artificial lighting affects these cannot be ignored.

A series of problems like thisLight pollutionCalled.

Illumination example

Example of facility alone

Area-wide example



The following is a light-up event that is held for a limited time.

(In the Randen Sakura tunnel and the Eizan Electric Railway autumn leaves tunnel, the interior lights are temporarily turned off when the train runs on the same section during the light-up time.)


Shrines and Temples


Public architecture

Other buildings



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