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🧳 | JR West continues to reduce flights for the time being even after the timetable revision on March 3 Hokuriku Shinkansen / conventional line limited express


JR西日本、3月13日ダイヤ改正後も当面は減便継続 北陸新幹線・在来線特急

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JR西日本は、ダイヤ改正が実施される3月13日以降の北陸新幹線・在来線特急の運転計画を発表した。 同… → Continue reading


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Timetable revision

diagram > Timetable revision

Timetable revisionWhat is (Daikaisei)?Train,bus,ShipSuch asPublic transportIn order to respond to changes in transportation capacity and route networkdiagramIs to review[1].


The timetable revision will rewrite everything after returning the conventional timetable to a blank sheet (= zero base) depending on the scale.Blank revision(Also called zero-based revision[2]) And, based on the conventional diamond, gradually modify and addInsertion type revisionIt is roughly divided into.

As an opportunity to revise the timetable on railways,

  • Signal field-stationOrSidingReview of track transportation capacity due to new construction or abolition of
  • CantRaising and heavyRailBecomingOne line throughBecomingSecurity deviceChange in maximum train speed due to updates etc.
  • Double track-Multiple linesIncrease in track transportation capacity due to new construction
  • Changes in train maximum speed, acceleration / deceleration, curve approach speed, or increase / decrease in transportation capacity per train due to electrification, introduction of new trains, etc.

And so on.In addition, the timetable of the route to be entered or connected is often revised at the same time.

In the place of making diamondsRailway operatorAs for the appearance of trains that have not been set in the past and the abolition of trains with low utilization rate, etc. may be announced, especially the replacement of excellent trains due to the completion of new trains, which is important for business, etc. Often done as[3]..Generally, it will be enforced from the first train on the revision date,night TrainMay be operated on the revised schedule from the day before the revision.そうした場合を含め、日付をまたぐ列車についてはFor trains that cross dates, including such casesExtra trainIt is customary to operate as[4].

If the convenience is reduced due to the timetable revision, users may ridicule it as "timetable improvement".一部の鉄道事業者やバス事業者およびメディアSome rail and bus operators and media[1]But that's why we call it "revision" or "change" instead of "revision".[5]..However, there are many cases where the interests of the number of excellent trains and the change of stop stations do not match depending on the user.停車駅削減には削減対象駅の利用客や周辺施設などから反発が強いため、ダイヤ上の基幹となるSince there is strong opposition from passengers at stations targeted for reduction and surrounding facilities to reduce the number of stops, it will be the backbone of the timetable.Train typeThere are also examples of changing the number of stations to substantially reduce the number of stops.[6]..However, in recent years, some businesses have begun to use the word "revision" again because large-scale time changes themselves have become established with the word "timetable revision" regardless of the content.[7].

Procedure for timetable revision

When making a timetable revision, if it is a major revision, consideration may be started 2-3 years ago.Especially when there are major changes such as the opening of a new line, it will take a long time to consider.This is because the timetable affects how the equipment of vehicles and railroad tracks is used, so it is necessary to consider the outline.In addition, since diamonds are products for railway companies, they will be examined in connection with management strategies.

For more specific timetables, the actual formulation work will start about one year before the revision.Plans for basic trains such as the Shinkansen and long-distance trains are carried out in the center, and local ordinary trains are usually carried out by branch offices in charge of the area.作成には路線ごとの輸送需要やTo create the transportation demand for each routeTrack capacity, VehicleSpeed ​​typeAnd operational efficiency, crew operation, etc. are taken into consideration. The required time is the speed for each point based on the vehicle performance and speed limit.Driving curveFrom (run curve)Standard operation timeAnd thereSpare timeIs added and decided.The procedure is to first make a rough diagram every hour, then every 1 minutes every few minutes, and finally make a second minute diagram every 10 seconds.路線によっては一分目ダイヤを使うこともあるDepending on the route, the first minute timetable may be used[8].local trainCompared toHonor trainIn many cases, the driving time of (limited express, express, etc.) is prioritized.

In addition, it is necessary to allow some margin instead of using the full capacity of the track. EspeciallyTrack maintenanceIt is necessary to secure the time required to perform the work (this is called "maintenance interval"), and maintenance interval is usually secured at night, but on major routes it is with the operation of night trains and freight trains The balance is the biggest problem.There are also routes where large-scale train suspensions are carried out during the daytime for refreshment work.In the case of trains that operate directly across companies, discussions will be held between companies. Since changes in one place affect the others, the departments in charge communicate with each other many times to formulate details.

At the National Railways Revision Conference held during the JNR era, people from all over the country were gathered together for several weeks.Draft meetingAnd the plenary session was being held.これには、温泉旅館を借り切って長い時間を掛けて作業を行っていたため、「温泉会議」とも称されたThis was also called a "hot spring conference" because it took a long time to rent a hot spring inn and work on it.[9]However, since the transition to JR, the blank schedule is not revised all at once on a nationwide scale, so such a scene has disappeared.

Once the details of the timetable are decided, a press release will be made about three months before the timetable revision.What will be announced at this time will be in time for the timetable to be finalized.

In actually implementing the revised timetable, new vehicles may be introduced or existing vehicles may be transferred.Plans for these deadheads are also made.新製車両を投入する時は、既存の車両と合わせるとWhen introducing a new vehicle, combine it with the existing vehicleDepotMay overflow, temporarily store elsewhere[10]Then, it may be replaced all at once according to the timetable revision.[11].

Also, there is not much problem in places where trains are completely stopped at night, such as private railways and subways,Tokaido Main Line,Tohoku Main LineNight trains and freight trains continue to run all nightImportant trunk lineIn such cases, the change at the time of timetable revision becomes a problem.このためにダイヤ改正前日または当日に一部の列車の時刻を変更したり、運休したりして対応するFor this reason, some trains will be changed or suspended on the day before or on the day of the timetable revision.[4]..This plan is called a transition plan.In addition, on the day of revision, the timetable of the station is re-pasted, the train set is reorganized at the depot, and work for revision is being carried out all night.In recent years, for the purpose of simplifying the work, when the revised timetable is finalized, the timetable posted at the station is gradually changed to the revised timetable, and until the revision date, it is on the revised timetable before the revision. Timetables are often posted on pasted paper.

After a while after executing the timetable revision, some inconveniences may appear only after the implementation.This can be a transfer connection problem or an operational problem such as the tendency for certain trains to be delayed.In order to solve these problems, fine time adjustments (corrections) may be made.

Timetable revision in Japan


Early days of Japanese railwaysThen,Hired foreigner OfWalter pageIt is said that the diagram was assembled by. 1890年代からは日本人技術者によってダイヤグラムが作成されるようになり、その都度ダイヤ改正が行われることとなったFrom the XNUMXs, Japanese engineers began to create diagrams, and the schedule was revised each time.[12].

OldJapan National Railway(JNR) had a blank slate revised every few years, but among them1961年(Showa 36) Commonly known as "" carried out in OctoberSan Lok Too"1968年(Showa 43) Commonly known as "" carried out in OctoberYong San TooThe timetable revision called "" is famous.During the JNR era, the timetable was often revised in October.これは繁盛期を避けることや天災の被害の可能性が小さいこと、乗務員の訓練が十分に行われているため、適した時期であったためであるThis was due to the fact that it was a good time to avoid the prosperity period, the possibility of natural disaster damage was small, and the crew members were well trained.[13].

After the 2010sJRThe timetable revisions of each company are often made around March.改正の曜日は通勤・通学に影響を及ぼしにくいThe revised day of the week is unlikely to affect commuting to work or schoolSaturday, ThenSundayIs most of the time.これは官庁が年度末であること、民間企業にとっても決算月が多い事情から公約の期限として開業や開設目標が集中している要因があるためであるThis is because the government offices are at the end of the fiscal year and there are many settlement months for private companies, so there is a factor that the opening and opening targets are concentrated as the deadline of the promise.[14].

Since the revisions of each JR company are greatly affected by the wide jurisdiction of the company, the private railways and bus operators involved often make revisions at the same time.[15].. After the inauguration of JR, it was often implemented in March except for some areas, but there were also cases where the schedule was revised independently in some areas.Also,1993年From around2010 eraUntil the beginning, the JR Group often implements its own timetable revisions for each company.East Japan RailwayFrom 1993 to 2010, (JR East) often implemented its own timetable revision in early December.[15][16][17]..これは旅客輸送が最も閑散な時期であり、混乱があっても影響が小さい時期であるためであるThis is because passenger transport is the quietest period, and even if there is confusion, the impact is small.[14].Hokkaido passenger railwayUntil 2013, (JR Hokkaido) also implemented the timetable revision independently in October, but after 10, it is often implemented in March like other JR companies.Shikoku Passenger RailwayIn some years (JR Shikoku), the timetable revision was not implemented.他のJR各社でも毎年3月頃もしくは10月頃にダイヤ改正を実施することが多かったが、2010年代以降はJR発足直後と同様に、一部を除いて毎年3月頃に各会社まとめてダイヤを改正するOther JR companies often revised their schedules around March or October every year, but after the XNUMXs, as with the time immediately after the inauguration of JR, with some exceptions, each company revised its schedule around March every year. To do[18].

Other,Major private railwayThe timetable will be revised.For the timetable revision of major private railway companies, refer to the corresponding articles of the following companies.


busHowever, increasing / decreasing the number of trains and changing the time is called timetable revision.[19].Transit BusThe timetable revision in Japan will increase the number of buses due to increased demand, reorganize the operation routes with the opening of new railway lines, and reorganize the system with the relocation of sales offices.[20]It is done for some reason.またAlsoIntercity busIn the case of new highway opening, etc.Airport busIn the case of, the timetable may be revised by changing the time of the aircraft (especially in the case of regional airports).


ShipHowever, increasing / decreasing the number of flights and changing the time is called timetable revision.[21]..船舶におけるダイヤ改正では、船種変更により行われることもあるIn the timetable revision for ships, it may be done by changing the ship type.[22].


The diagram itself does not existaircraftSo, since the flight time is determined each time according to the operation schedule for a certain period, there is no company that publicly states that the number of flights will be increased or decreased, but some external articles Let's use the phrase "diagram revision"[23]..また、航空会社各社では時刻表を更新することによって運航本数の増便・減便を利用者に知らせているIn addition, airline companies notify users of the increase or decrease in the number of flights by updating the timetable.[24][25].

Timetable revision in European railways

International trainIn Europe, where many trains are in operation, railroad schedule revisions will be implemented in many countries at once.近年の傾向として、国際列車が関係するダイヤ改正は、毎年As a trend in recent years, timetable revisions related to international trains are being made every year.12There was the biggest revision in the middle (commonly known as "winter diamond"),6In the middle of the year, there will be a second-largest revision (commonly known as "summer timetable").[26].High speed trainThe opening of the business will be carried out in line with this timetable revision.例えば、2006年12月10日の改正ではFor example, in the revision on December XNUMX, XNUMXドイツ OfNuremberg-Ingolstadt High Speed ​​New Line [27], In the amendment of June 2007, 6France OfLGV Eastern EuropeIs open[28].

However, the revision date may be different depending on the country, and the timetable revision may be implemented at times other than the above.

2001å¹´Until the start of the summer timetable5LastSundayOr on the first Sunday of June, the start of the winter schedule9From the end10At the beginning, the scale of revision of the summer timetable was larger than that of the winter timetable[29][30].

To discuss international train schedules1872å¹´From International Timetable Conference (later European Timetable Conference, nowEuropean Train Forum) Is held regularly[31].


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