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🧳 | New model 17000 series on Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line debuts today


New model 17000 series of Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line debuts today

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Tokyo Metro announces that it will introduce new vehicles on five lines, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, Fukutoshin Line, and Hanzomon Line, in the medium-term management plan `` Tokyo Metro Plan 2019'' from 2021 to 2021. doing.

Tokyo Metro will launch the new model 17000 series of Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line from February 2st today. 21 ... → Continue reading


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Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 41 Minutes 02 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 44 min 44 sec /35.68389 degrees north latitude 139.74556 degrees east longitude / 35.68389; 139.74556

Hanzomon(Hanzomon) isEdo Castle(CurrentImperial Palace)It is ingateIs one of.

Located at the western end of the castle, straightKoshu Highway(CurrentNational Route 20).Oda GateIt is in the opposite position to.addressTokyoChiyoda WardKojimachi1-chome.AlsoTokyo Metro Hanzomon LineHanzomon StationThe name of the surrounding area.


SakuradamonSimilar toMasugataWas櫓門Part was removed in the Meiji era.This gate isEdo PeriodCalled Fukiage Oniwa, the predecessor who retiredGeneralIt was also used as a residence for Shogun Tsugu.CurrentlyFukiage OmiyaCalled FukiageSendong Palace(Emperor(Akihito-Empress Michiko) Gosho), FukiageOmiya Imperial Palace(Emperor Showa-Empress KasumiGosho),Miyanaka Sanden, Biology Institute, Emperorrice plantingdoPaddy fieldand so on.Emperor-Court royal familyas well as the Akishinomiya FamilyThis gate is mainly used to enter and exit the Imperial Palace.otherroyalIs often used.The passage of ordinary people is not allowed.Pacific WarThe old gate was burnt down, and the current gate isKoraimonWas relocated.

Origin of the name

Regarding the name of Hanzomon, I was in charge of guarding this gate.Tokugawa familyServantMasanari Hattori-正就The theory that it is derived from the so-called "Hanzo" of father and son,Sanno festivalThere is a theory that the elephant made as a float of the float was so big that it could only fit in half.[1]..The established theory is the former, a subordinate of the Hattori family (Yoriki 30 horses,Iga200 concentric people) set up a kumiyashiki outside this gate,YotsuyaKoshu Highway leading to (currentNational Route 20, Commonly known asKojimachi Boulevard-Shinjuku street) Along the areaFlag bookIt is said that it originated from the fact that it was hardened in the mansion.

This is an emergency from the Shogun to the ShogunHeavenIsKofuIt is said to evacuate safely to[By whom?]..In that sense, Hanzomon is the Edo CastleKaramete-monHits.


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  1. ^ As a document introducing both theories, Yasuyuki Funato, Katsu Kaishu, p. 309

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  • TOKYO FM-JFN --The head office where the broadcasting studio is located is in front of the Imperial Palace HanzomonUchibori Street・ Because it is located at the corner of the Hanzomon intersection, the phrases "From Hanzomon's studio-" and "Hanzomon's weather-" are often heard in various broadcast programs.
  • TOKYO MX - TokyoKoto WardQinghai OfTelecom centerFrom2006(HeiseiMoved near the Hanzomon intersection in 18).


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