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🧳 | Travel this year, more than half planned ─ Survey

Photo People traveling on the bed of a modified vehicle = May 20, in Bilbum, eastern India (PTI)

Travel this year, more than half planned-survey

If you write the contents roughly
Half of the "millennials" in their early twenties to late thirties expressed their willingness to travel with family and friends, and nearly 20% said they would "must travel by the end of the year."

Travel-related services such as AirBnB went to travelers in India ... → Continue reading

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Generation Y

The United States of America Ofgeneration
* = dates disputed, ^ =Strauss and Howe
United States Age Pyramid.svg
○○ generationperiod
^en: Puritan Generation1588 - 1617
en: Puritan Awakening1621 - 1649
^en: Cavalier Generation
^en: Glorious Generation
^en: Enlightenment Generation
^en: Awakening Generation
1618 - 1648
1648 - 1673
1674 - 1700
1701 - 1723
en: First Great Awakening1727 - 1746
^en: Liberty Generation
^en: Republican Generation
^en: Compromise Generation
1724 - 1741
1742 - 1766
1767 - 1791
en: Second Great Awakening1790 - 1844
en: Transcendentalist Generation
^en: Transcendental Generation
^en: Gilded Generation
^en: Progressive Generation
1789 - 1819
1792 - 1821
1822 - 1842
1843 - 1859
Third Great Awakening1886 - 1908
^Missionary Generation
Lost generation
Interbellum Generation(Interwar generation)
Greatest Generation
^GI Generation
1860 - 1882
* 1883 --1900
1901 - 1913
* 1901 --1927
1901 - 1927
Jazz age1918 - 1929
Beat generation
Silent Generation
Baby boomer
Generation Jones
1914 - 1929
* 1928 --1945
* 1946 --1964
1954 - 1965
Consciousness Revolution1964 - 1984
Generation X
^13th Generation
MTV Generation
Boomerang Generation
* 1965 --1980
1961 - 1981
1974 - 1985
1977 - 1986
Cultural war1980s --present
Net generation
Digital native
Generation Y
^Millennial Generation (Millennials)
Generation Z
^New silent generation
Generation α
* 1970 --present
* 1976 --present
* 1981 --1996
1981 - 1996
* 1997 --2012?
1990 --2009?
* 2013 --2028?

Generation Y(British: Generation Y),Y generationWhat is (Waisei)?The United States of AmericaIn1980 eraFrom the beginning1990 eraMidfield (or2000 eraBorn by (early stage)generationIs that[1][2][3].インターネットThe last generation born in the pre-popular era, from childhoodAdolescenceToIT revolutionexperiencedDigital nativeIt is also the first generation of.

Millennium(New Millennium) has arrived2000In the sense of a generation that will advance into society before or after,Millennials(English: Millennial Generation), orMillennialsAlso known as (English: Millennials)[4][5].

Y generation corresponds to Z generation or lateriGen (smartphonegeneration)It is a generation that corresponds to the transition period to. Even in the 2000s when the latter half of the Y generation was a teenagerfeature phoneIs mainstream and incompleteブ ラ ウ ザDue to specifications and line speed restrictionsSocial MediaBecause I could not respond to the message exchange between the same generation電子 メ ー ルOrBlog-Bulletin boardI relied on posts. In the 2000s, if you pay a high connection fee separatelyモ バ イ ル 端末 OfFull browserIn an era where you can browse the Internet atSmartphoneAlthough it existed, it was not only the problem of the connection fee mentioned above, but also functionally insufficient, and it was treated as a high-end machine.Therefore, for the Y generation at that time, the Internet could not be used for real-time communication, it was not common to get to know other people who did not know on the Internet, and real-time exchange was still limited to the residential area with iGen. It was a decisive difference.


Vietnam WarAfter the end (1975From)Berlin Wall Collapse(1989,Cold WarAfter the end)American terrorist attacks(2001) It is a generation born in the previous era.Second World WarBorn after the end ofBaby boomerChild generation (Echo boomer, English: echo boomers), "both parents were born after World War II"childrenAre.In everyday lifedigitalizationFrom the early stages ofIT revolutionIs the generation that experiencedanalogWhile showing an understanding of the meansデ ジ タ ルdeviceTend to prefer.Web2.0After the arrival of the timesElectronic bulletin board,Blog,Twitter,InstagramActively participate inonlineHas formed a new culture on the premise of.

For example,1980 eraThe child born in Japan ended the Cold War in his childhoodSocialismEncountered the downfall ofpubertyWelcometeenagerAroundインターネットExperienced the explosive spread of the product, and at the same time, it has been catching up.For this reason, it is said that many people are active by making full use of the Internet.Also,adultBy the time we reached, we had encountered the terrorist attacks on the United States, and many people were positive about the government's intervention in economic and social policies.Barack ObamaIt also became the driving force for the president to be elected.Tends to hate injusticeUS National Security Agency (NSA) went secretlypersonal informationHow to collectAccusationBy doing so, it attracted attention from the worldEdward SnowdenIs also this generation.

On the other hand, in the 1990s with the spread of the InternetA high school student,UniversityAmong young peopledrugSuch asdragHas spread.TherebycrimeCommit,刑 務 所Even after being released fromFinding employmentThe number of young people who can not do it and repeat drug abuse and crime again increases rapidly, and they are "newLost generation (New Lost Generation) ”.

From the end of the 1980s to the 1990s, analog means were often used due to technical limitations, but from an early ageVideo games,CDFamiliar with the digitized life includingDigital native), From the growing seasonAdolescenceToMobile phone,computer, Because they started to touch the Internet and grew with their evolution (details in the later section), what is the previous generation?ValuesIt is said that there is a gap in lifestyle and lifestyle.at least,onlineI live on the premise of exchanging data in the old-fashioned way to pursue newness and speed in everything.off-lineIt can be said that the central life (environment without the Internet) tends to be boring.Enjoy analog and cumbersome means in this generationHobbyTypicalboomIs happening, but it's just being enjoyed as an additional entertainment online.The IT industry is very popular in this generationFourth Industrial RevolutionThe earliest stage of (4IR)Digital transformationIt is also the bearer of.

Relationship with digital devices and the Internet

The biggest feature of Generation Y is the first everDigital nativeIt is a generation.It can be said that it is highly adaptable to changes in the environment because it experiences the moment when the democratization of information distribution via the Internet and the Cultural Revolution are achieved.

1990s: Unprecedented multimedia boom

The period from the end of the 1980s to the end of the 1990s that Generation Y experienced as a childマ ル チ メ デ ィ アIt's a boom era.At the cutting edge of this eragame machineBesides,CG workstation,GUIOn-board PC,CD-i,Video cd,PDA,VRA wide variety of multimedia devices that sell interactive devices such as devices have been released, the Internet has been opened to the private sector, and the United States, which was the hegemon of the time,ClintonWith the presidentGoreVice President tooInformation superhighway conceptTo announce (at that timeChugokuWas underdeveloped and was not an IT nation), and expectations were gathered worldwide for the distribution and utilization of electronic information.However, the line speed of the Internet at that time was low (Narrow band), The usage fee is high, and it is practical only for the purpose of viewing sentences and low-resolution images. The price of multimedia devices that serve as terminals is generally hundreds of thousands of yen or more, and is also for home use. The equipment was also poorly performing.The screen resolution is for videoVHSLess thanframe rateIs only about 15fps and is providedcontentHowever, the quality was extremely low because it was only experimental.

At that time, multimedia devices were selling the versatility of being able to do anything, but as a product, the focus became uncertain, it became difficult for users to understand what they could do, and there were technical limits, so each function alone The result was that the performance was poor and the practicality was also poor when viewed in.After that, game consoles that were already popular and generally understood became characters, voice, still images, videos, etc. in the process of performance competition.CGCorresponds to all ofgamecreaterIs endlessly advancedEntertainmentBy continuing to develop content with the aim ofComputer gamesAs a generalization of multimedia.Macintosh OfMYST,3DO OfD's dining table such asAdventure gamesIs famous as the earliest successful example of multimedia.1994ToPlay station,Sega SaturnAppeared, and when a major game company entered the market, as a gameマ ル チ メ デ ィ アThe degree of perfection has been improved.1997 OfFinal Fantasy VIIA big hit in the gamepolygonとMovieIt can be said that the fusion of is completed.1998 OfDream cast TheインターネットIt was the first game console equipped with a connection function.

In this era, the hobbyistsPC communicationA little earlieronlineI was transitioning to life.

1995: Opening the Internet to the private sector

1995ToインターネットAfter being opened to the private sectorWindows95Is released, no command input is requiredmouseComputers have begun to spread to ordinary households as a result of selling operations and Internet connection support.At educational institutions at that time, the Internet connection environment became widespread ahead of homes, and children who came into contact with the Internet in computer classes first appeared.However, in ordinary households, Internet connection is mainly via telephone lines, and the cost is higher than the information that can be obtained, so it was still recognized as an entertainment for enthusiasts.But by leading IT companiesWWW browser development is active, Advanced content creators have been paying attention to the use of WWW to realize online multimedia.The Internet is a whole of communication technology, but it has been recognized as a part of the multimedia epidemic by the general public and has begun to spread.It is a big shock for the general public to change from a life where they had to receive information unilaterally from the mass media so that information can be sent to the world instantly on the website.computerI came to feel the need for it.

Life of ordinary people in the 1990s

Throughout the 1990s, the general household was aware of the trends in multimedia and the Internet, but the equipment was expensive and lacked the content that was generally received, so it was analog or poor.デ ジ タ ルMeansCRT TV,video tape,cassette tape, CD,radio,Film camera,postcard,Fixed-line phone,Public phone,PagerI had no choice but to use a lot of things.Information transmission is stillCentralizationThe means by which the general public can obtain information on remote areasMass mediaIt was almost impossible for the general public to disclose their information widely (electrically with others).communicationThe means was limited to one-on-one landlines, and as in previous generations, the call was taken over by the person who wanted to talk through the family member who answered the call.NaturallySocial MediaIt was impossible to interact with the general public as it is done in.In addition, the same applies to meetings between people, and we contacted them in advance.LandmarkIt was done by gathering around the building).Therefore, Generation Y is a cultural revolution with IT devices and the Internet (IT revolution) Was the last generation to experience a centralized and vertically divided world before the occurrence of), and grew up experiencing the rapid spread of IT devices and the rapid spread of the Internet that began in the early 1990s in real time. It is also a generation of change.

Early 2000s: Popularization of personal computers and mobile phones

In the early 2000sAlways connectedWas popular in ordinary households, and personal computers became much cheaper.Teenagers also started to carry mobile phones and enjoyed exchanging emails.The line speed of ordinary households has also begun to increase rapidly.Digital cameras, DVDs and MDs have also become widespread.Conventional analog devices take a lot of time and effort, and gradually disappeared.CGIHas been used more and more, and many companies have started to make web applications for commercial purposes.Personal websites have become widespread in each home as well.FLASHContent, electronic bulletin boards andBlogHas begun to spread to the general public.Many people are at risk of giving and receiving real encounters and things through the internet.Dating site,EC siteHas not been used yet.

Late 2000s: The beginning of smartphones, SNS, and video sharing sites

In the late 2000s, the prototype of today's life began to emerge. YouTube launched the service in 2005. Twitter launched the service in 2006. The iPhone 2008G was announced in 3 and became the first smartphone to become a big hit.The interaction of these has made it easier for the general public to exchange information (Web 2.0Spread).From that flow, it has a great influence while being an ordinary personInfluencerWill appear in large numbers.online gameMen and women meet inCoupleTo becomeonlineIt is also an era when encounters via via have come to be recognized.

Reorganization of internet infrastructure

Internet traffic is traditional Tier-1 ISP(NTT Communications.AT&T.Verizon, Liberty Global, etc.), but hyper giants (, Liberty Global, etc.) that hold a large amount of contentLimelight[Avoid ambiguity].Facebook.Google.Microsoft products.YouTube.AkamaiEtc.) came to concentrate on.Content provider is huge in-houseAutonomous systemThe hierarchical structure of the Internet, which was clearly divided by tier, collapsed. In the latter half of the 2000s, mobile phones, smartphones, etc.Mobile communicationThe use of the Internet via the Internet is slow, but the packet cost is high and the threshold is high, and open LAN has not been widely used.Therefore, the Internet access points at that time were exclusively limited to the LAN at home or work, and there was almost no direct posting of images and videos from mobile terminals to the Internet.2006Assuming online from around the timeCloud computingHowever, there were many skeptical opinions about the basic technology of communication and the performance and stability of virtual machines.

2010s: Big data and AI boom ・ Increase in influencers ・US-China Cold WarEntering the times

4GIs fast with the advent ofMobile communicationThe Internet connection via the Internet has become available at low cost, and the society has become mobile-centric.Also,Cloud computingHas entered the practical stage and has supported the rapid development of a wide variety of services.Due to this change, online popularity is becoming more and more popular in society.For exampleYouTuberAnd the emergence of Alpha Twitterer.By data uploaded by many users at the same timebig dataIs formed,AIHas become practical and has begun to spread.As a result, chatbots andSmart speaker,Digital SignageUtilizedAIInformation centers have been widely put into practical use, and we are now in an era where information can be obtained through dialogue with virtual characters. As an IT nationChugokuRapidly emerged, AI and5GHas begun to develop a fierce battle with the United States over.AI and in the sense of quickly dealing with complex problemsSupercomputerbysimulationEnvironment is importantSocial infrastructureIt turned into.Due to environmental destruction, abnormal weather and epidemics of new viruses have become frequent.

2020: Corona shock

2020Occurred inPandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)In the case of, it has been continued since the beginning of humankindMeetingAtAssemblyIs banned and socialTeleworkA transition has occurred.Among Generation Y, there are those who have experienced it in their youth, which is within the number of years of society.this time period,マ ル チ メ デ ィ ア,インターネットHas matured and evolved into something that can withstand teleworking.Most relationships are online,Nomad workerWorkers are also gradually increasing. Although the rapid progress of IT continues, AI has not yet replaced human work.

The changing times

In this generation, the following major changes have occurred that overturn the premise of life.The following changes are often described as the transition from an analog society to a digital society.

Advances in multimedia and communications

Decentralization of social functions

Generation Y outside the United States

For the background of the times when I grew up,Cold War #Post Cold War Era (1991-)It will be easier to understand if you refer to.

Outside the United States1975~1989Generations born in (or later 1990s) are sometimes referred to as "generation Y" (Y generation) or "millennials" (millennials).

American Generation Y is in the single digits to teensCollapse of the Soviet UnionとGlobal capitalismBecause I encounteredPre-kari art(Non-regular employmentIt is a generation with many workers).

on the other hand,JapanGeneration Y is "Ice Age GenerationIs called, but in addition to this, "Lost generation(In the United States, it is also a term that refers to the great-grandparents of Generation Y).Furthermore, in recent years, the Internet has become more familiar from childhood to adolescence, and it is also a generation whose values ​​and consumption behavior are significantly different from those before that.Millennials"(MillennialsIn some cases, the term) is applied to the same generation in Japan, and the values ​​are similar.Satori generationMay be applied to[5].

This historical background has also influenced political and economic awareness.

ロシアGeneration Y encountered the collapse of the Soviet Union in the single digits to teens, and the recession due to global capitalism (Russian financial crisis), Because I was involvedVladimir Putin OfAnti-American・ It is said that there are many people who support large country routes.

In addition, South KoreaGeneration Y is "88 won generationAlso called, as a teenagerAsian currency crisisBecause I encounteredPre-kari artThere are many,Kim Dae JungThe administration laid downNeoliberalismBecause it repelsLee Myung-bo(Grand National Party) Was also the driving force for the president to be elected.


  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun February 2009, 2, page 15 "New Generation that Moves Politics"
  • Hiroko Kano "Silent Revolution" Gyosei, April 2006,ISBN 432407920X


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