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🧳 | JTB to reduce capital to 1 million yen for small and medium-sized enterprises


JTB cuts capital to 1 million yen for small and medium-sized enterprises

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We are promoting cost structure and business structure reforms, consolidating stores, reducing bases and group companies.

JTB (JTB) announced on February 2 that it will reduce its capital to 15 million yen.Reduction of the amount of capital ... → Continue reading


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Business structural reform


conglomerate(British: Conglomerate) IsIndustryDifferentCompanyAmongmerger,AcquisitionA huge company established by the company, which spans other industries.Conglomerate(Fukugoukigyo) (Conglomerate)  Group Companies(Group is here) and so on.

Conglomerate as a complex enterprise

CompanyIs usually with a company with which you have a business relationshipmergerHowever, one of the corporate forms is to enter a completely different industry and form a corporate group by acquiring a company that has no direct relationship with the business content.conglomerateIs.Conglomerate1960 era OfThe United States of America OfITT,Ring Temco VortIt is actively done in[1], Revitalization of the entire group through synergistic effects between different industries (Stock priceAnd stabilization of corporate assets) was expected.

In addition to the difficulty of entering different industries, it is a corporate form that is prone to problems such as the expected synergistic effect not being obtained and the deterioration of profits of the expanded group, but beyond the industry.Synergy effectIf is obtained, the technical aspectBrandingIt is very powerful in.In addition, since each is an independent business / industry,, Business restructuring such as independence, dismantling and reorganization (Restructure) Can be done relatively without penalty, so it was actively tried from the 1960s to the 1980s.[2].. Multiple different industries by "management experts"Balance sheetThere are not a few companies that have lost their competitiveness due to this method of management based on the above, and there is also a view that it is one of the causes of the decline of American industry.[3].

In recent years, companies are also required to have flexibility in changing markets, so the cycle of conglomerate construction and dismantling is also required.1990 eraIt is said that it is getting shorter after that, but the conglomerate itself is often a hindrance.The heyday of a huge conglomerate was from the 1960s1980 eraAnd now in EuropeAirbusIt is sometimes pointed out that the company is a new conglomerate by both Germany and France, but unlike the definition of a complex company owned by one country in this case, most of them are not left in North America, and more loosebusiness partnershipIt is often fastened with.

An example of a Japanese conglomerate

Before the lifting of the ban on pure holding companies
Postwar pureHolding companyThere are not many examples of conglomerates in Japan during this period, as is no longer recognized.A typical example of a conglomerate during this period isYamahaCan be given.ピ ア ノSuch asMusical instrumentThe manufacturer, Nippon Gakki, used the brand name "Yamaha."Use this name in-houseオ ー ト バ イHowever, this "musical instrument manufacturing" and "motorcycle manufacturing" (although the relationship was strong because they are actually expanding into motor parts as a development destination of the steel pipe processing technology cultivated through the production of musical instruments). There is no particular synergistic effect in the final product, and the period when these two fields were carried out together can be called a conglomerate.However, this period is short, and the motorcycle manufacturing departmentSpin-offBeingYamaha MotorIndependent as.Also,fiberWas running a businessKaneboPostwar textilesCosmetics-Medicine-Food-住宅It can be said that it is a typical conglomerate because it is engaged in "Pentagon management" that develops the five businesses of.
Incidentally,Railway company amusement parkOr runProfessional baseball teamOr haveDepartment storeIt is managed to increase passenger transportationNEC semiconductorAnd electronic products are made from upstream to downstream,Unicharm ProductsFocused on the properties of paper from a paper wholesaler and started manufacturing sanitary napkins by expanding the area to adjacent fields.OkamotoExpanded its business from condoms to tire production with the same rubber material.Daiei Department store,convenience storeIt was also the expansion into adjacent fields that developed, and in such cases it is not called a conglomerate.
After the ban on the pure holding company was lifted
After the ban was lifted by the pure holding company, it became easier to carry out agile M & A, and a textbook-like conglomerate emerged.
Live doorHas repeatedly made aggressive acquisitions, hanging various companies under a pure holding company.However, he stumbled upon management and virtually collapsed.
USENOriginally, the only business was cable broadcasting, but it became a pure holding company, and after repeated aggressive acquisitions, various companies were hung under the pure holding company.However, the business field only spread, and all but the cable broadcasting business were sold, and debt was accumulated in the process of this expansion and contraction.


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