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🛏 | Suicide note at the hotel What hints at suicide Did you try to find the bodies of three children?


Suicide note at the hotel Contents suggesting suicide Did you try to find the bodies of three children?

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Unused briquettes are piled up in the rental car rented in the name of his father, and the police think that the man tried to force himself and wait for the injury to recover before listening to the situation.

In the case where the bodies of three children were found in Fukuoka and Kagoshima, the suicide note at a hotel in Kagoshima City was with a man who seems to be his father ... → Continue reading

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In my heart

In my heart(Shinju, former Kana-gou: Shinji Yu) means that men and women who are originally in a relationship of mutual love and lovesuicideorPart-time murderTo do. Also called death.


As a testament to the love and affection of men and women,double love suicideSince it is also called (Joshi), there are two or several people who have a close relationship.On agreementTo commit suicide together (eg, in a family). No further agreement殺人However, depending on the situation, it is sometimes called irritability.

double love suicide

The heart of the man and woman of love. Because it is not connected in this world,AfterlifeI hope they will be tied together. Also intimateSame sexCouples may commit suicide together,SAfter the 1910s, when girls became popular, suicide among girls occurred frequently and became a social problem.[1].

Whole family

Suicide with the whole family (or the mastermind commits murder to a family living together and commits suicide). It is also called family/parenthood. The following are some of the ways in which the whole family was reached.


In the case of killing a lover from a tangle of love and committing suicide, in the heart of being done without agreement of the other party, the mastermindkillAnd then attempt suicide. In fact殺人Treated as if the mastermind survivesMurderQuestioned by[2].

When I try to commit suicide, I feel sorry for the fact that my cohabitants such as my child, parent, spouse are left in this world, and I kill the cohabitant and commit suicide.human rightsThere are also cases where I ignored.

It is sometimes called unreasonable in the sense of condemnation, such as when a family member tries to commit suicide and survives after dying while trying to commit suicide.

StalkerMay kill the stalker victim as a last resort and commit suicide (Zushi stalker murder case,Tatebayashi stalker murder caseSuch).

Net heart

インターネット OfSuicide sitesA stranger who has met with someone, etc. commits suicide together. The point is that people who have no connection to each other commit suicide because they are recruiting participants on the Internet, which is different from the conventional mind.

In a closed room or in a carBriquettesStrikingMass suicideThere are many cases where

The heart of each country

Since ancient times, there have been similar cases in the world, and it is not a phenomenon peculiar to Japan.

For example,ChugokuOne of the ethnic minoritiesPearPart of the group of (1) is a paternal kinship organization, in which the property and house are inherited by boys and the status of girls is generally low, and when they are around, they were sold by their parents to their parents (2). Marriage partners were decided between parents, so many young men and women were interested in fulfilling their love (3) Therefore, it is said that the rate of inspiration was very high compared to other races.[3].. In addition, parent and child mind exists in countries other than Japan[4].

Another famous example isAdolf HitlerWife commits suicideEva brownAre both poisoned and commit suicideNazi OfMinister of Public RelationswasJoseph GobbelsMr. and Mrs.6 childrenThePoisoningAnd commit suicide together.

History in Japan


"Shinchu" is originally read as "Shinchu," which is a word that means "Makoto's heart, true heart," but it is changed to "" (shinjudate) because it means "to establish a law for others." ,EspeciallyMen and women keep love, Came to say the love of men and women[5].. Also, as a constant proof of love, a man and a woman of love can cut their hair,FingerYou can also say things like pulling out nails, exchanging oaths, etc.[6].. Then, as the ultimate form, it came to refer to the relative death of a man and woman of love (in the same way), and it came to be in the present age and also to the range of family and friends.

Suicide in the sense of eternal love between men and women was originally from Japan.AfterlifeIt depends on the thought. It will be in full swing in modern times, but initially,Playground OfProstituteThere was a custom of passing on to the guests, meaning a heartfelt box. It is said that this was the predecessor in my heart. In the early days, I put nails etc. in the heart box, but gradually began to put hair, and it was decided that the prostitute would retire in the late twenties, so I cut the finger and handed it to the customer in the last meaning. .. From the influence of literary works at that time and the unique Japanese thought of the afterlife (because men and women die when they die), the prostitutes who fled the amusement hall die of love with customers. There is a theory that it has come to move to the meaning of[7].

Eventually, giving up one's own life was thought to be the highest proof of the law-making, and it became the meaning of the present heart.double love suicideA trend to praisePlaygroundでProstituteThe number of in-heart incidents such as社会 問題Becomes

Prospered as the first playground in KansaiMatsushima YuhoAccording to a Taisho era newspaper article, there was an average of 14-15 deaths per year, which increased at the turn of the season such as spring, summer, autumn and winter, and once deaths occurred, the deaths that followed continued to increase.[8].. There are many new prostitutes that have not gained popularity, and because they are not attracted by customers, they are cold from the employer, they can not go home, they are mortal to men as a companion of death, or they are invited by a man who is in debt. In some cases, I was trying hard[8].

Heart-neutral type

Mainly "heart-neutral" were 1) oath, 2) nails, 3) hair cut, 4) tattoos, 5) finger cuts, 6) penetrating meat.[5].

The oath is "InvoiceIt is also good, originally twoKumano beefIs used as a paper (it is said that if you break the pledge, you will die due to worship), and write an oath on the back[5], I handed one as proof and burned one and dissolved the ash in sake and drank it. I sometimes imprinted the seal on my palm,Blood judgment"I used to imprint with good blood, or I sometimes called "blood call" to write letters with blood."[5].. Blood is dropped by piercing with a razor, a sword, and later with a needle between the joint on the middle or ring finger of the left hand of a man and the right hand of a woman and the nail line, and then a needle[5].. If it is a blood call, use origami paper and add black ink to the places where blood is insufficient. In some cases, the prosecution written by a prostitute was burned and charcoal was given.
"Nail" is also called "nail mark". The secret to pulling out the nails is to cut around the nails, dip it in vinegar and soften it so that it doesn't hurt (it doesn't have an anesthetic effect, so it hurts). (It usually grows again even if you remove your nails). 『Lustful first generation man』Volume 4 2 "Mimikata water comb" has a description[5].
Hair break
Hair-cutting was done by cutting the hair and giving it to a man, showing no intention. I opened two places where I should cut, rolled up the top and bottom, and wrapped it with paper. I cut it myself and let the man cut it again. 『Lustful first generation man』The story of a farmer who sells the black hair of the dead and the raw nails and sells them so that the prostitute can pass on her heart without doing it.
tattooIs called “Kisobori”, and most of it is done by the power of a man and carved the name of a man. For example, in the case of "Tokuemon," the words "Tokusama Life" and "Life" were sometimes added under the name. This is the meaning of life. "Jubei" is "XNUMX life", "Kisuke" is "kiyo life", sometimes a surname of a surname and a surrogate surname are engraved on the upper arm. Put the needles in a bundle and stab the area, and put in the ink as written.
Cutting finger
"Cutting finger" is to cut by cutting off the fingertip of the hand.InterpolationAsk a woman in the room, seal the door at the entrance, put on a sling, and prepare blood medicine, care medicine, finger wrapping paper, etc. Put a finger on a wooden pillow, put a razor on the finger of the intermediary woman, and let the intermediary woman use one hand to knock down the iron kettle and Choshi from above. At this time, the finger flies away far away. When a certain tayu dropped his finger on the 2nd floor in Shinmachi Yoshidaya, there was a story that he did not know where his finger was and he dropped another finger because he didn't know. If the finger is cut in a delicate area, it will suffer severe pain.
Bare meat
"Nikukin" is small for women by piercing meat with a blade of a sword, whether it is an arm or a thigh,sodomyThere are many relationships.


A story about emotional deathContentsThat.Chikamatsu Monzaemonof"Sonezaki heart],Ukiyo Soshi"Kokoro Daikan",Rakugo"Shinagawa heart] Etc. are known.

Control by the Edo Shogunate

As a result of this development into a social problem, the Shogunate side carried out severe crackdowns. The Edo Shogunate said, "漢字Prohibits the use of this word as "to communicate with"Relative deathI called it[1].. The man and womanInjusticeTreated as a criminal, and if dead, "discard"Funeral,burialIf one does not die and one does not die, the surviving one is guilty, and if both do not dieoutcastI dropped it on my status.In addition, since the provision of relative death was made assuming men and women, the hearts of men and women areStrange deathTreated as[1].

Main heart incident

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