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🧳 | English conversation technique that you lose if you don't know XNUMX: Crepes are pancakes in English! ??British snack trivia and home ...


English conversation technique that loses if you do not know XNUMX: Crepes are pancakes in English! ??British snack trivia and home ...

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A layered layer of custard, sponge cake, fruit jelly, and fresh cream, this is a classic summer dessert in the UK.

What do you call your favorite "snack" in English?Words for snacks that are common in England Trivia and England ... → Continue reading


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sponge cake

sponge cakeOrSponge fabricAndFranceConfectioneryRepresented byWestern confectioneryAtWheat flourBased onPatisserieIn the field calledConfectioneryThe basic ofClothOne of the.Puffed foodIt is also a kind of.MeltedChicken eggsUtilizing the foaming property ofovenAnd elastic and lightspongeBake into (sponge) shapecakeThe dough is sometimes referred to simply as a sponge in the context of confectionery.in JapanShortcake,Chocolate cake,Roll cakeIt is familiar because it is used as a base for cakes, and the name sponge cake is sometimes used as a general term for a group of cakes using this dough.

How to make and dough

The basic composition of the sponge dough is chicken eggs,sugar, Flour.Eggs are the most abundant confectionery ingredient空 気It has the property of containing, and when it dissolves and stirs vigorously, it forms bubbles.This is called the foaming property of the egg, and when it is heated, the air in the bubbles expands due to the heat and the dough swells, and thenproteinThe basic skeleton of the dough is formed by heat-coagulating with air in it by heat denaturation.Furthermore, by adding flour to this, it was formed in the dough.glutenAnd when bakedGelatinization officialStarchTo strengthens the skeleton of the fabric.If you add flour to the whipped egg and mix it, the bubbles will collapse, so add sugar to stabilize the egg bubbles in advance.For sugarMaillard reactionIt produces a roasted color that seems to be fragrant, and when mixed with chicken eggs, it shows a slight viscosity, so it has the effect of strengthening the elasticity of the dough and increasing the moist feeling.The most basic composition is an equal amount of the three basic ingredients, but the texture of the roast can be lightened by reducing the amount of sugar and flour added to the whipped chicken eggs.

For sponge dough, how to whisk eggs, which is the basis of foaming,Egg whiteとegg yolkThere are two methods of making the dough, the biscuit dough (Pâte à biscuit), and the dough made by the latter, the Genoise dough (Pâte à génoise). That is.

Biscuits are derived from "twice (bis) baking (cuit)". Originally, bread was sliced ​​and baked until it became crispy again to improve its shelf life.Preserved Foods,軍隊 OfSoldierUsed as foodDry breadThat's whyFrenchNow, let ’s talk about sponge cloth.EnglishThen.BiscuitCame to point to[Annotation 1]..Legislative parta biscuits separate egg whites from whole eggs and whiskmeringueSince the egg yolk lipid can prevent the foam tissue from being destroyed by making the egg yolk, it can contain a much larger amount of air than the whole egg is fluffed, which is the basic manufacturing method of sponge dough.The basic structure of the dough is that the flour is dispersed in a mixture of egg yolk and sugar, and the meringue bubbles due to the egg white are retained there.Add sugar to the egg whites and whisk until the horns are firm, and add sugar and stir the egg yolks until it becomes whitish. Mix the egg yolks without breaking the bubbles and bake.The dough before baking has poor fluidity, so use a piping bag.Cooking paperIt is often squeezed out and baked.

Since the name of Pata Biscuit is also a general term for all sponge fabrics in a broad sense, fabrics made by the Kyoritsu method are sometimes called Biscuit, in which case Pata Genoise becomes Pata Biscuit génoise. , "GenoaIt means "wind biscuit dough".Flour is dispersed in the dough, which is a mixture of whole eggs and sugar, and fine bubbles are formed directly inside the dough.A melted whole egg with sugar added is whipped to a white and fluffy state called luban, and flour is added to this and baked.Compared to the simple biscuit dough of the legislation, the amount of air bubbles contained in the dough is small because the meringue is not made with egg white with strong foaming power, and it takes more power and time than making it by the legislation, but the dough The texture is fine and a moist finish can be obtained.Before baking, it is soft and highly fluid, so instead of squeezing it, pour it into a mold and bake it.Since it does not use meringue, it is more likely to be unstable due to fats and oils than whipped whole eggs.バ タ ーIt is easy to add a rich flavor, and usually at the end of the dough adjustment, mix the melted butter and bake quickly before the bubbles of the whipped whole egg break.Strictly speaking, the dough with butter is called biscuits au boules, but as mentioned above, since it is usually made with the Kyoritsu method of Pata Genoise, the term "Pata Genoise" simply refers to the Kyoritsu method sponge dough with butter. It is customary.

As a variation of these basic sponge fabrics, Pata GenoisecocoaPata Genoise Chocolat with Powder,coffeeParta Genoise o Café with the addition of meringue, with the addition of legislative elements, and a portion of the flourAlmondPata biscuits jocondo replaced with almond powder, and wheat flour with almond powderCornstarchThere is something like Pata Pan de Jenne, which is a complete replacement for a mixture of.

If the amount of butter added to the sponge dough is increased, the foaming property of the egg cannot be maintained and the dough cannot be formed.In order to increase the proportion of butter and make its richness and deep taste stronger, air must be taken into the dough in a way that does not depend on the foaming property of the egg.With the idea of ​​reversal, if you stir the butter itself without depending on the foaming property of the egg, the butterEmulsionIt is (Pâte à cake) that inflates the dough by taking advantage of the fact that the structure takes in air and forms fine bubbles inside.

 The amount of sugar is greatly involved in the swelling of the cake, and the larger the amount of sugar, the better the swelling and the less the center of the cake is dented.The reason for this is that when the amount of sugar in the dough increasesglutenThe starch is gelatinized by weakening the starch, and the starch gel increases the softness, which increases the softness and volume of the cake.


Kingdom of CastileThere is a theory that "Castile Bolo" was born inNanbanAfter being introduced to Japan by ship, CastileCastellaIn BoloBuckwheat bowlIs said to have been arranged in[1].


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  1. ^ In fact, in the Tuscany region of Italy, a similar method was used.BiscottiThere is a biscuit confectionery called (Cantuccini).



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