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🧳 | JR East builds a simulated facility to promote technological development for large-scale renovation of the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen


Construction of technology development promotion simulation equipment for large-scale renovation of JR East, Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen

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A full-scale simulated facility was built at the JR East General Training Center in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.

JR East will carry out large-scale renovations of bridges and tunnels on the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen from 2031 to 10 years ... → Continue reading


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East Japan Railway Company Training Center

Comprehensive training center(Sogo Kenshu Center)East Japan RailwayThis facility is responsible for group training as one of the measures established by (JR East) to support the capacity development of employees.In principle, all new employees will be trained here.It consists of a main building, a management training building, and an accommodation building.20004/1open[1].

FukushimaShirakawaJusohonmachi,Nanko Prefectural Natural ParkLocated in a hilly area adjacent to, with a site area of ​​493,347.83 m2, Building area 22,070.01 m2, Total area is 58,868.03 m2 Is.A city road runs north-south through the center of the site.Shin-Shirakawa StationAbout 5km from, about 10 minutes by car.JR Bus KantoShirakawa branchIs entrusted with the operation of the shuttle bus.

JR East's entrance ceremony has used this training center, but since 2008, Saitama PrefectureSaitama OfOmiya Sonic CityIs being done in.

Part of the training work is outsourced to JR East Personnel Service (General Training Center Business Headquarters).


Training equipment includes MPS (multi-personal simulator), training simulator, skill training equipment, etc. for machinery, power receiving / transforming equipment, train line equipment, etc. for electric power, and PRC (program course control device), CTC, ATC for signal-related equipment. Equipment, signal equipment, and other communications-related products include radio, telephone, ITV, and others.

The athletic facility is on one groundbaseball Ground1 sidesTennis courtThere are 3 athletic gyms.

Main building

  • Reinforced concrete,Steel reinforced concrete, Steel structure 7 stories
  • 558 accommodation rooms, accommodating up to 1224 people
  • 1st floor-Gymnasium, training equipment, bathroom
  • 2nd floor-dining room
  • 3-7th floor-Accommodation

Accident History Exhibition Hall

Training track

For trainingvehicle,Orbit(Narrow gauge-Standard gauge),Turnout,Home,Railroad crossing,Overhead wire,traffic lights, Communication equipment and others.

  • station
    • Komine Castle Station
    • Nanko Park Station
  • Shinkansen (Standard gauge) Section 190m
    • Slab orbit 95m
      • Direct connection 8 type 50m
      • Direct formwork 45m
    • Directly connected track of wooden sleepers 27.5m
    • Ballast orbit 67.5m
  • Conventional line (narrow gauge) section 478m
    • Ballast track 394m
    • Slab track (directly connected 8 type) 84m
  • Railroad crossing
    • 1st training line RC (joint track) Higashishirakawa railroad crossing
    • 2nd training line RC (High Plawood) South Lake railroad crossing
  • TC labor saving track 10.5m
  • Training line B5m Ryo Shirakawa Elastic ballast track 10m
  • Training line DP φ400

Training vehicle

As a training vehicleJR East train type (E991 series) training machineIs installed.


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  1. ^ "History from the inauguration of JR East (PDF) -"JR East Company Handbook 2011" p.88 (accessed August 2012, 8).

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Coordinate: 37°6'0'N Latitude 140°13'5'E

Simulation equipment


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