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🧳 | Make memories that you will never forget. A trip to enjoy the flower calendar at "Kai Ito" [Hoshino Resort Accommodation Reportage]


Make memories that you will never forget. A trip to enjoy the flower calendar at "Kai Ito" [Hoshino Resort Accommodation Reportage]

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Supper is a special kaiseki meal where you can enjoy the three luxurious flavors of the sea: spiny lobster, abalone, and red sea bream.

Hoshino Resort's hot spring inn brand "Kai". It's so popular that there are so many fans that there is a word "Kingdom tour" ... → Continue reading


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Red snapper

Red snapper(Splendid alfonsino,Beryx splendens) IsBeryciformesBerycidaeBelongs toDeep sea fish.


Around the worlddeep seaInhabits.


EyeIs named "Kinmedai" because it shines golden and the color of the fish is red.Red seabream,BlackfishSuch asPerchPercoideiPorgiesIs a different kind.

Approximate species

BeryxIn addition to KinmedaiAlfonsino,(English edition,German version)There are two types, and their body shapes and characteristics are slightly different. It is said that the taste is inferior to that of Kinmedai (this Kinme) and the market price is a little low, but when it is sold as a fillet, it is often distributed as Kinmedai.


Although the season is winter, it is often greasy throughout the four seasons, soSimmered dishesIn addition to being particularly delicious, it is white and can be used for all kinds of dishes. Because it is soft and has few small bones, it is easy for the elderly and children to eat. However, since the season is winter, the stability of fishing cannot be ensured due to the influence of stormy weather, and the catch is decreasing year by year due to the decrease in the number of fishermen who handle it, and the landing is the most.Izu PeninsulaEtcLocal productionAs part of the branding, prices have continued to rise and distribution volumes have continued to decline.

sashimi,Boiled fish,Dried fish,Miso pickles,Pickled rice cake,Hot pot,bouillabaisse,Meunier

Relationship with humans

When viewed as food, a small amount contained in the body of Splendid alfonsinomercuryYou need to be careful. Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfarePregnant womanLists the amount of food as one of the seafood to be careful of, and according to the announcement on November 2005, 11, if the amount of food eaten at one time is about 2 g, the food of Splendid alfonsino is up to once a week ( About 1g per week) is a guide[1].


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Lobster(Spiny lobster, spiny lobster, lobster,scientific name : Panulirus japonicus,English: Japanese spiny lobster) IsSpiny lobsterBelongs toshrimpOne kind of.In a broad sense, it refers to several species of the spiny lobster family.

To another nameSotoboLobster[1](ChibaProduction),Shimashrimp[2](Mie Prefecture),Kamakurashrimp[2](Made in Kanagawa Prefecture) etc.Chiba is the number one landing volume in JapanPrefectureAnd MiePrefecture, Both prefectures account for 40% of the national catch.

熱 帯A large shrimp that lives in shallow waters and is a luxury shrimp in Japan.FoodstuffIs prized as.俳 句Then.new Year OfSeason words[3][Page number required].


They are usually about 20-30 cm in length, and in rare cases they can reach 40 cm, and such large individuals weigh nearly 1 kg.In Japan, in April 2017, the largest individual in Japan with a body length of 4 cm and a weight of 38.5 kg was landed in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.[4]..The body is a thick cylinder, and the whole body is dark red.thornFull of sturdyshellCovered inAntennaeAnd the legs are also solid (rarely there are blue individuals)[5]).The two pairs of antennae of shrimp often bend flexibly, but the second antennae of spiny lobsters are thick and covered with a sturdy shell.There is a sounding device at the base of the second antenna, and when it is grabbedjointSquealingIntimidationmake a sound.There is a short hairy lateral groove on the dorsal side of the abdomen.Comparing males and females, males have longer antennae and legs, while females have larger abdominal limbs and smaller fifth leg (rearmost leg).Scissors legsHas changed to.

scientific nameGenus name "Panulirus"IsEuropeSpiny lobster Palinurus GenusanagramAnd the species name "japonicus"" Means "Japan".EnglishThen "Spiny lobster" ("spiny lobster"lobster"" Means).However, lobster in a narrow senseCrayfish lower eye・ Classified as Metanephrops (Nephrops) ・ LobstercrustaceanIs a word that refers toLower eyeDifferent from spiny lobster in level.In a broad sense, lobster is a general term for large walking shrimp in general, and it is no mistake in that sense to regard spiny lobster as a type of lobster.South AtlanticTristan da CunhaSpecialty Tristan Rock Lobster (Tristan rock lobsterBecause it belongs to the genus Panulirus, it is sometimes referred to as "Tristan spiny lobster" in Japan.


Japanese archipelago OfBoso PeninsulaFrom the southTaiwanTo the westThe Pacific OceanWith the coastKyusyu,Korean PeninsulaIt is distributed in the southern coastal area.Long time agoIndian OceanIt was said to be widely distributed in the western Pacific Ocean, but as a result of advanced research, it was found that those in other regions are different species.

Reefs in the shallow sea facing the open seaCoral reefInhabit in.It lurks in ledges and ledges during the day and searches for prey at night.The eating habit is carnivorous,shellfish,UniIt mainly preys on various small animals, butSeaweedMay eat.For shellfish, the shell is crushed with a sturdy mortar-shaped jaw and the contents are eaten.on the other hand,Natural enemyIs coastalshark,Striped beakfish,OctopusAnd so on.When it encounters an enemy, it uses its tail to swiftly jump backwards.

Moray eelSometimes I live with him.This is because the spiny lobster can be protected from the natural enemy octopus, and the moray eel also comes to the octopus to be preyed on by the spiny lobster.SymbiosisIt has become[6].

During the breeding season, they follow other spiny lobsters and form a line of ecology, which seems to be an action to protect themselves from enemies.At first, there are a few animals, but we will increase the number and move 60km without sleeping for a week, and a total of 60 animals may form a line.[7]..It is said that when attacked by an enemy, the last spiny lobster is often sacrificed.[7].

Life history

Breeding season is May-August, female with maleMatingAfter that, lay eggs and lay small eggsGrape OfroomShapeAbdominal limbsHold inincubationProtect for 1-2 months before you do.

HatchedLarvaIs a form called Phyllosoma, or phyllodes larva, of hardwoodleafIt has a transparent body like this, with long swimming legs, and has a body shape that does not resemble its parents.Phyllosoma larvaeOcean currentTaken to the open sea,planktonLive a floating life as.The period varies depending on the species of spiny lobster, but in the case of spiny lobster, it lasts about 300 days.Because the morphology and ecology are too far from their parents and the period is long,19st centuryThere is an anecdote that no one thought that they were larvae of spiny lobsters when they were first discovered, and that a taxon called "Phylosoma" was created in the order of the shrimp.

At the time of hatching, the body length is about 1.5 mm.About 30 times as you grow upMoltingThen, the phyllosoma larva that grew to about 30 mm in length became a Puerulus larva.transformationTo do.The Puerurus larva looks like a parent shrimp, unlike the Phyllosoma larva, as it is commonly called a glass shrimp, but its body is still transparent and its mandibleDigestive tractIs temporarilyDegradationHowever, it has the characteristic of not taking food.Also, I saved it when I was a phyllosoma larva.fatAim for the coastal reefs while swimming with water on your legs.It is not yet known how the Puerlus larvae know the location of the coastal area.

The Puerurus larvae that reach the reef shed in about a week, become juvenile shrimp of the same body shape as the parent shrimp, and start walking. It is said that the body length will be 1 cm in one year, 1 cm in two years, and 10 cm in three years, and the maturity period will be reached at around 2 cm in length.

There is a habit of moving in search of a warm place when the temperature drops[7].

Related species

Spiny lobster Palinuridae has 8 species in 49 genera and is used for food and ornamental purposes. Strictly speaking, "spiny lobster" refers to only one of them, but it is a general term for some shrimp belonging to the spiny lobster family among Japanese fishermen, and it is also a general term in the market including imported species. It is often distributed in Japan.

Relationship with human


Spiny lobsters have long been edible throughout Japan.Kamakura shrimp,Shrimp(Gusoku shrimp. ShrimpshellThearmor=鎧pocketIt was also called (a name that was likened to).Also,JapaneseThere is a theory that the "shrimp" of "Shrimp" started when the spiny lobster with a long antenna was described as "patterned lobster".

733of"Izumo country style soil record]Shimane-gun,Aika districtThe description of "striped shrimp" can be seen in the miscellaneous items. Although the type of "shrimp" cannot be confirmed, the 911 "Samurai group] InSettsuとOmiIt was tributed from these two countries and was also paid to the court. At that timeDried fishIt is believed that it was used as.

The first document in which the name of spiny lobster was written was "1566".Lord of the WordsIt is believed that.Edo PeriodIsIbara NishitsuruIn 1688,Nihon Eiyozo1692 "High price of Ise Ebi" and "XNUMX"For public chest], The story of the spiny lobster being sold at an extremely high price is recorded in Edo and Osaka as a celebration of early spring by various daimyo. 1697 "Book breakfast book』," Ise lobster Kamakura lobster is a great thing of sea lobster ", and also introduces that shrimp is indispensable for New Year decorations. 1709Kaihara EkikenWritten byYamato herb], The name of the spiny lobster appears.

The etymology of the name lobster isIseIn addition to being considered to be one of the main production areas of spiny lobster, there is a theory that it changed from "lobster" to spiny lobster because it is abundant on the shore.In addition, the appearance of the spiny lobster swinging its thick and long antennae reminds us of a brave samurai wearing armor, just as there is a spiny lobster imitated in the front of the helmet. It means "dashing"Lucky charmAssamuraiIs preferred bypunIt is also believed that it has taken root since.

The custom of using spiny lobster as a New Year decoration still remains.New Year's in some regionsKagami mochiIn addition to decorating celebrations such as placing it onSacred mealIt is also used as.

Lobster fishing

Along the coast of the habitat, spiny lobsters are an important fishery resource everywhere.Chiba or Mie prefectures are ranked first in terms of catches by prefecture in Japan, depending on the year.It is also designated as a prefectural fish in Mie Prefecture (designated on November 1, 1990).

The fishing season is from October to April, and the spawning season from May to August is often prohibited for the purpose of resource conservation.In Miyazaki Prefecture, fishing begins on September 10st, and the fishing season is until the end of March.

Also, during the spawning season, the body becomes thin and the taste deteriorates.The catch isAgeIt depends on the weather and the weather, and many are landed in the dark.Other,The Pacific OceanOn the sideKuroshioIt is thought that changes in the meandering of the fish also affect the catch.The fishing method in the fishing season is mainlyGillnetThere are fishing, diving fishing, and octopus threatening fishing.For gillnet fishing, gillnets are set up in the evening and nets are raised early in the morning.Diving fishingAmaThe lobster lurking in the rocky area is collected by hand.Octopus threatening fishing is the natural enemy of spiny lobster at the tip of one rodMadakoThe lobster is tied up and shaken in the water, and the place where the spiny lobster escaped surprised is scooped up with a net.

Since spiny lobsters are served as a figure, their shape is evaluated more strictly than other edible shrimp at the time of distribution. Two called "horns"AntennaeAlso, if the leg is damaged, the commercial value will decrease, so be careful when catching, such as removing each one from the net.[8]..Shrimp with broken horns and small shrimp are rarely shipped to the market, near the fishing port.Japanese innIt is often consumed in such places.Spiny lobsters that have cracked or died during landing are often consumed at the homes of fishermen.Spiny lobsters damaged in this way are present at a rate of about 1%, and their commercial value drops significantly.Also, if you give a shockAutotomyAs a result, the legs may fall off during transportation.Even if the commercial value is reduced due to the lack of horns or legs, they may be repaired and sold at a high price.However, in recent years, it has been distributed at low prices as "foodstuffs with reasons" for low-priced stores and consumers.Even if it is landed, it will be alive for about a week if it is kept warm with a blanket or rice husk in a dark place, so it will be shipped and distributed in this state.Since it is vulnerable to cold, it will die if refrigerated, and the commercial value will decrease.

Regarding the collection of spiny lobstersFisheries lawSeveral cases are reported and detected annually for violations (PoachingTherefore, related organizations are calling attention.[9].


Edo PeriodOld book,1642(Kanei19 years)Cooking story』Has written a cooking method such as boiling or baking spiny lobster.It is now cooked in a variety of ways.

There are no particular restrictions in Japan,AmericaIn some states, there are restrictions on how to insert the first knife.If you do not cut the instep of the spiny lobster in a way that divides it into left and right, penalties may be imposed by laws such as state law on animal protection.This is a punishment based on the interpretation that "if it is not in the form of cutting the brain, it will cause pain to the spiny lobster."When cooking by heating, it is often cut in this form even in Japan, but this is also because it is easy to take out the body after cutting.

Aquaculture attempt

1898Around (Meiji 31), breeding of spiny lobster phyllosoma was attempted in Japan.1988In (63) in Mie PrefectureFisheries Technology CenterとKitasato UniversityAlthough they have succeeded in raising juvenile shrimp separately, there are many problems in controlling the growth rate to juvenile shrimp, such as the long larval period and high mortality rate during that period, and it is commercialized. Has not reached.


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