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🧳 | You can enjoy the authentic Shikoku (Kagawa) soul food "Bone-in-the-bird" that has been loved for over 60 years since its establishment in Osaka!Oyado ...


You can also enjoy the authentic Shikoku (Kagawa) soul food "Bone-in-the-bird" that has been loved for over 60 years since its establishment in Osaka!Oyado ...

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It seems that you can take it home, so you can take it out and eat it at home, so if you are interested, why not try it at the Nishi Umeda store and Shinsaibashi store.

If you go to Shikoku Kagawa for work or travel, you'll want to try Sanuki udon and bone-in birds.That kind of thing… → Continue reading

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Osaka Garden City

Osaka Garden City(Osaka Garden City)OsakaKita OfUmeda Freight StationAround the site of the South Home (Nishi-Umeda Freight Station)RedevelopmentIt is a district.

Privatization of the national railway divisionAlong with,Japan National Railways Clearing Corporation-Hanshin Electric Railway-Snow Brand Milk IndustryCo-developed byNishi UmedaConsists of office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, vocational schools, etc. that occupy most of the districtSkyscraperIt is a group.Each building in the district is connected by an underground pedestrian road "Garden Avenue" and is directly connected to the subway station.

Main facilities


  • 1979(Showa54) December- National railwayGovernor, Nishi-Umeda Freight Station Site Utilization Plan FormulationOsakaRequest for cooperation from the chief
  • 1982(57) November --- Suspended use of Umeda Freight Station South Container Home.
  • 1987(62) August --The Nishi-Umeda District Development Council was established.
    • Regular member: JNR Settlement Corporation,Hanshin Electric Railway,Snow Brand Milk Industry, Osaka City Accounting Bureau
    • Associate members: Osaka City Comprehensive Planning Bureau, Kinki Post Office, Osaka Terminal Building, Daihiro Building
    • Special member: Osaka City Nishi Umeda Land Readjustment Association
  • 1990(Heisei2) December- Hanshin ExpresswayUmeda lampOpening.
  • 1992(4)
    • January --Established the nickname "Osaka Garden City" in the Nishi-Umeda area.
    • November-Completion of the Mainichi Shimbun Building.
  • 1994(6)
  • 1996(8)
  • 1997(9)
    • March --Opened Nishi-Umeda underground pedestrian road "Garden Avenue" and completed Herbis OSAKA.
    • April-Completion of Snow Crystal.
  • 1999(11) March --- Completed Daiwa House Osaka Building, Osaka Mode Gakuen / Computer General Academy HAL, and Hearton Hotel Nishiumeda.
  • 2000(12)
    • March --Maruito Nishi Umeda Building, Kenhoren Osaka Central Hospital completed.
    • May-Completion of Umeda Daibiru.
    • June --Completion of Yasuda Life Osaka Building (currently Meiji Yasuda Life Osaka Umeda Building).
  • 2004(16)
    • October-Completion of Hilton Plaza West.
    • November-Herbis ENT completed.
  • 2008(20) June- Breeze TowerCompletion.

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Coordinate: North Latitude 34 Degrees 41 Minutes 57 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 29 min 36 sec /34.699046 degrees north latitude 135.49343 degrees east longitude / 34.699046; 135.49343 (Osaka Garden City)


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