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🛏 | [Strawberry Sweets Buffet] Enjoy 30 kinds of texture at Kobe Portopia Hotel

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[Strawberry Sweets Buffet] Enjoy 30 kinds of texture at Kobe Portopia Hotel

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In addition, you can enjoy various textures such as "mochimochi" ichigo daifuku and warabimochi, "zack zaku" meringue and Paris-Brest, so you can eat without getting tired.

At Kobe Portopia Hotel, "Strawberry Sweets Buffet" is being held every day until May 5th (Sun).The other day, the texture ... → Continue reading

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Strawberry daifuku

Strawberry daifuku(Strawberry) isShowaDevised in the latter halfJapanese sweetsso,Daifuku MochiOut ofBean pasteと と も にStrawberry OffruitWrapped around. Besides writing headwords,Strawberry daifuku,Strawberry daifukuThere are some notations.


Red for bean pasteRed bean pasteAnd the area whereWhite bean pasteAre roughly divided into areas that use. Also, the one that only contains strawberries without using bean paste,Fresh creamThere are things to put in, and it is rich in variety.Fresh produceSince it uses strawberry fruits, it is often sold as a seasonal product from winter to spring. The strawberries have a relatively short shelf life because they gradually become wet and the bean paste becomes watery, and the water easily leaks from the rice cake.


Despite its relatively recent appearance, there are various theories regarding its origin, and many stores all over the country have stated that they were the originators, but it is not certain.

A Japanese confectionery shop that calls itself "Ganso"TokyoShinjuku wardSumiyoshi Town"Daikado Tamaya" (Product name is "Strawberry Daifuku")[1]),TokyoItabashi ku"One Fuji",GunmaMaebashi"Kanauchiya",MieTsu City"Toraya Honke", Mie PrefectureIga City"Kinpeido",ShigaOtsu CityThere are many such as "Matsuda Tokiwado", but there is no doubt that it is a new product that appeared in the latter half of the Showa era.

Ichigo Daifuku's manufacturing methodPatentThe owner of "Okutama Tamaya"[1].. In addition, "Ichifuji" has obtained utility model registration No. 164058.

At TBS ``The Best Ten'' in 1987, the host, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, talked about "Ichigo Daifuku appeared recently" during the program, and told the singers who finished singing with the New Year's kotatsu set Behave.

Another example of Daifuku that uses fruits is Kuri Daifuku (ChestnutAnd Daifuku), grape Daifuku, orange Daifuku, peach Daifuku (peachAnd Daifuku), melon daifuku, blueberry daifuku, persimmon daifuku, tomato daifuku, etc. Except for chestnut daifuku, it is a variation that came out after strawberry daifuku.


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