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🧳 | JR West, early special setting with ticketless limited express ticket of "Kounotori" Osaka-Kinosaki Onsen station etc. 500 yen


JR West, early special setting with a ticketless limited express ticket for "Kounotori" 500 yen between Osaka and Kinosaki Onsen Station

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This is a one-way type fare ticket that allows you to use reserved seats in ordinary cars of the limited express "Kounotori", and a separate ticket is required for boarding.

JR West has newly set "Kounotori Hayatoku Ticketless 5489" for Internet reservation "e14" only, ... → Continue reading


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Reserved seat

Reserved seat(Zaseki Joseki) is the date and time, seat number,TransportationIn the flight number,Train Of列車-busThen it was issued by designating the car numberReserved seat ticketShown in, only available to designated usersseatThat thing.simply,Reserved seatAlso called.

Seating is guaranteed to the user by designating a seat.

As a way to guarantee the user to be seatedCapacity systemThere is also.In this case, the date and time, flight number, and car number are specified, but the seat number is not clearly specified.

Entertainment of movies, etc.

Part ofMovie theater-theater-StadiumIn such cases, by specifying the date and time and seats, there is an aspect that the purpose is to measure the flights of the spectators / users and that the organizer can easily grasp them.Also, in movie theaters, theaters, etc., the date and time and seat number are not separate reserved seat tickets.Admission ticketEtc. are described.

City areaLocated in the formerCommercial facilityIn movie theaters that are independent of the movie theaters, seats are basically unreserved, and some movie theaters have reserved seats for a fee, and there are many cases where the number of visitors is not limited and people are "standing".In a large commercial facilityOpen in etc.Cinema complexAnd in the mini theaterscreen(Auditorium) and screening time, seat number is specified free of charge,Large holiday,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularLong term休 暇During the screening of some of the popular films during the period, seats are secured for the audience by increasing the number of screening screens and adopting a replacement capacity system.Alsoインターネットvia,computerTerminal,Mobile phoneSeat reservation from the terminalCredit cardSettlements are becoming more common, and theaterscounterIt is beginning to be effective in alleviating congestion.


TransportationIn Case of,Passenger train,Transit Bus,airplaneA reserved seat ticket issued by specifying the date and time, seat number, flight number (train name), etc.Limited express ticket-ticketSeats or seats that can be boarded, or all or part of them, are provided in such a format.vehicleRefers to (seat reserved car).

Generally, in the case of public transportation, aircraft that are unfavorable for operation and security if you cannot sit down.Express BusExcept for such things, seats are basically not assigned, and passengers are on one transportation route.CapacityIt is not necessary to specify a seat if it is assumed that there are not so many seats, but the number of users will exceed the capacity by far, or the quality of service to users may be reduced, the public transportation operator Often issued when approved by.



Railway InstituteThen.1912June Reserved seats were set up on the 6st and 1nd trains that started operation between Shimbashi Station and Shimonoseki Station.To reserve a reserved seat, it was troublesome to contact the first station or the train manager 2 minutes before departure.And it is said that a contracted tag was posted on the reserved seat[1][2]..However, there were problems such as the time and effort required to specify each seat.Ministry of RailwaysUnder control19237At the time of revisionOnly the car number was designated, not the seat designation.[3].

Incidentally,"Kuroshio"Some likeTourismThe train was also operated with a reserved seat system.

After World War IIJapan National RailwayIn the case of special express trains that "provide express delivery services to long-distance users" from the beginning of operation1965Until that time, almost all trains were operated with reserved seats for all cars.Tokaido ShinkansenAlso1964At the beginning of the opening of the train, all trains had a reserved seat system.By the way,Honor trainIt is said that some trains operated under the reserved seat system were ranked higher than other trains of the same system and rank.

Former Japanese National RailwaysJROn the trainTrain formation上Standard-sized carIf some of the trains are reserved seats instead of all seats, a specific car in one train will always be a reserved seat car and another carUnreserved seatIt is a car. In some trains, certain seats are always reserved seats and others are unreserved seats in one car.In such an ordinary car, the reserved seat may be the same quality as the unreserved seat, or the reserved seat may be a higher quality seat.

In the latter example,Sanyo Shinkansen OfHikari Rail Star,Tohoku-Joetsu Shinkansen OfMaxThere is an example of a seat on the first floor of the series.In addition, it is virtually equivalent to the green seat.Special seatAs a caseHokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido) "u sheetThere is.

Now of the JR Honor TrainGreen carAll seats are reserved, but once on the Japanese National Railways / JR, a green car (First class car) Honorable trains operated with unreserved seatsExpress trainThere were quite a few around.In the case of a green car of an express train with unreserved seats, the fare was initially set slightly cheaper than the reserved seats, but later it will be the same as the reserved seats. JRfast-local trainGreen car has been around since the time of the Japanese National RailwaysCapital AreaMost of the seats are unreserved, mainly the green cars of the trains.JRAfter that, a green car, a rapid train with all seats reserved (for example, ""Marine liner, Etc.) are on the increase.

SleeperIs a facility to lie down and sleep more comfortably than using ordinary seats.bedFrom the viewpoint of ensuring, all are designated systems.In addition, passenger trains that run for more than two days and nights are now cruise trains, etc.Group trainSince it does not exist except for, basically, multiple sleeper tickets are not issued for one sleeper.[Annotation 1].

In JR, "Hayabusa"Hayate"Komachi, Etc.ShinkansenincludingSeat carHowever, on limited express trains with all seats reserved, the same amount of standing limited express tickets as for non-reserved seats may be used, but trains are designated and the number of tickets issued per train is limited.However, even if you are "aware of standing", it is not always the case that you are not allowed to take a seat, and you can take a seat when a regular car becomes vacant.However, if a passenger with a reserved seat arrives, it is necessary to give up the seat.JR East is promoting the conversion of all conventional limited express trains departing from and arriving in the Tokyo metropolitan area to reserved seats, and in parallel with this, has introduced a system called reserved-seat tickets.

In addition, there are cases where the use of a standing limited express ticket is permitted only for a limited section, or the use is permitted only when the seats are full.When using a standing limited express ticket for a sleeper limited express, you may be treated as a seat and seated.In addition, as a convenient handlingTokaido ShinkansenThen, only by 9 am on weekdaysShin-Yokohama StationからTokyo StationThere is a special case where you can use a reserved seat in a regular car with a non-reserved limited express ticket in the section up to[4][Annotation 2] .

Of these, only the sleepers that were once operated and no seatsSleeper trainOf these, reserved seat limited express tickets and standing limited express tickets were issued in sections where sleepers could be used as seats when operating long distances. →Sleeper ticket #About usage time and special cases outside usage timeSee also

In principle, JR rapid and ordinary trains have only unreserved seats for ordinary cars, and while many trains have unreserved seats for both ordinary cars and green cars even when connected to green cars, even rapid and ordinary trainsSteam locomotive traction trainSightseeing such as (SL train)leisureMedium distance or longer as well as the target train and honor traincityTrains responsible for inter-transportation, trains connected to the Shinkansen,night TrainIn some trains, all seats of green cars and some of ordinary cars are reserved, and some trains of only ordinary cars have all or some of them reserved.An example of assigning all seats is "While moonlight"(Night train) and"SL Yamaguchi"(For sightseeing purposes), etc.Marine liner"(Intercity transportation / Shinkansen connection).

CommutingFor customersHome linerな どMetropolitan area-Metropolitan areaIn addition to the ticket operated byNumbered ticket / liner ticketMost of the trains that require a train have a capacity, so the train name and car number are specified on the numbered ticket, etc., but the seat number is not clearly specified.

Information on trains with these reserved seats is the JR reservation system.MarsIt is recorded in, and the terminal of Mars was placedRailway station,JTB(Former Nihon Kotsu Kogyo), Kinki Nippon Tourist and other travel agencies have installed "Green WindowYou can make a reservation / purchase at.At manned counters and some reserved seat ticket vending machines, you may be able to specify any seat from the vacant seats at this point when making a reservation.

Reserved seats on regular trains should be full for sale because reserved tickets are sold out, but in reality there is a problem that they are operating with many vacant seats.[7].

Private railway

Other than JRPrivate railwayBut seats are assigned, and the purpose is at the stationplatformIt is often used for the purpose of safety measures, comfort, etc.

In the former case, depending on the station you get on and off,Stairs,elevatorCare is taken to automatically select the vehicle closest to the vehicle and to prevent people from overflowing into one entrance.

For boarding in all vehiclesFareBesidesExpress chargeEtc.PricesHonor trains that needMajor private railwayAlmost all cars are operated with all seats reserved,Small and medium private railwayThen, for all cars, the limited express fee orExpress chargeIn addition to reserved seats, there are also excellent trains with unreserved seats, or excellent trains with unreserved seats for all cars.

In addition,JR TokaiからIse Railway LineLimited express "NankiAnd rapid "MieThere are some reserved seats in ", but there is no charge for reserved seats on the line.However, reserved seats cannot be used only on the Ise Railway Line.

Nagoya Railway OfSome special cars limited express / express,Nankai Electric Railwayof"Limited express Southern"WhenKeihan Electric RailwayMost limited express trains commute to workCommuting to schoolWith vehicles for transportation (general vehicles at Meitetsu)Reclining seatVehicles (special cars for Meitetsu, premium cars for Keihan) will be operated by a mixture of different systems.All vehicles for commuting to work and school can be used with unreserved seats and only fare, but all seats are reserved for reclining seat cars, and in addition to the fare, Meitetsu has a special car fare of 1 yen per ride (Mu-ticketHowever, a seat reservation fee of 500 yen is required in Nankai, and a premium car ticket of 400 yen or 500 yen is required depending on the section in Keihan.In addition to this, at Meitetsu, all special express cars "Musky"All cars limited express trains are also in operation, and unreserved seats are not connected to Musky, and reserved seats are not connected to all cars limited express trains.Musky is set on the Tokisuri Line, and all general express trains are set on the Kawawa Line and Chita New Line system.In addition, in 2021, we started to set special cars for express trains that are used for express trains that had not been released in the past.[8].

In addition,Keikyu CorporationSome ofLimited ExpressThen,Wing seatA seat selection system called[9]..Of some trains that are completed on the Keikyu Line during the daytime on Saturdays, holidays, only car 2 will be designated as a seat, and will be released with a designated departure station and seat.It is sold only from specific stations, and when going down to MisakiguchiSengakuji~Kamiooka, For SengakujiMisakiguchi-It is possible to board only from some stations in Kamiooka.There are no restrictions on getting off stations.Of these, on the up train, although it is a limited express stopTsukuihama,Keikyu Nagasawa,YRP Nobi,Horinouchi,Kanazawa HakkeiThere is no setting from.Customer service facilities are normal2100 typeSame as above, one of the two doors is closed from Sengakuji Temple, and the head cover is replaced with green.In addition to the fare, Keikyu requires a reserved seat ticket (Wing Ticket) of 2 yen for advance reservations and 1 yen for in-car sales.Keikyu's seat selection system is significantly different from Meitetsu, Nankai, and Keihan in that there are restrictions on boarding stations and there is no big difference in customer service facilities for reserved seats and unreserved seats.

On the other hand, in the case of a major private railway's all-seat-designated honor train or the above-mentioned mixed-system mixed train, if you take a seat in a special car or a special train without purchasing a limited express ticket or special vehicle ticket with a designated seat before boarding, you will be inside the train. It is necessary to purchase a limited express ticket or a special vehicle ticket without seat selection at.In that case, you can take a vacant seat or a vacant special seat, but the seat is not guaranteed, you need to move to another seat when a passenger who has been assigned a seat comes, and you stand if all cars or special cars are full in the middle You can use a seat or a general car, which is the same as the JR standing limited express ticket, but the fare is the same as the limited express fare and special car fare with reserved seats.

Also, on private railways, as with JR, steam locomotive tow trainsTrolley trainFor sightseeing and leisure trains, there are examples of seat selection system regardless of whether the train is treated as an excellent train or not.Oigawa ShindoSL Express,Sagano Tourist RailwayFor example.

Railways outside Japan

EuropeOn the railroads, even the best trains that operate over long distancesGermany OfHigh speed trainICEIn principle, first-class cars, includingSecond class carIn many cases, all seats are unreserved, but passengers can reserve seats before boarding.When a reservation is made, one of the seats that are originally unreserved seats can be reserved as reserved seats for the number of people who have made a reservation, and only the reserved passengers can take a seat in that section.However, passengers without reservations can freely take their seats outside the section.In this case, a particular vehicle or seat is not always reserved.

Continental europeIn countries, the rooms areComparmentFor vehicles that are divided into compartments, at the entrance to the compartment, for vehicles with open salon seatswindowNear orLuggage rackThere is a bill holder on or beside the seat number on the edge of the seat, indicating that it has been reserved and its section.PrintingDescribed inpaperIt is common for reservation slips such as etc. to be inserted and displayed.The United KingdomThen, it was common for the reservation slip to be inserted in the upper part of the back of the seat (photo at the beginning).But in recent years, near the edges of luggage racks and windowsLiquid crystal displayAlternatively, the number of vehicles that display seat reservations and sections on electric display is increasing.

High-speed trains other than ICE, tea confectioneryMealMany of the trains that have in-car services and other trains that are mainly used for sightseeing are reserved seats for all first and second class trains.Euro star,France OfTGV,スウェーデン OfX2000And so on. If the TGV is full, you can use the standing knowledge that you can take a seat only when there are vacant seats, which is limited in number by train designation, like the JR standing limited express ticket.Eurail passIn the case of use such as, in combination with a numbered ticket) may be permitted.

Also in Europe, as mentioned above, sleeping cars are equipped with a wash basin because they are facilities that allow you to move while sleeping more comfortably than ordinary seats.Private roomNot only general sleepers, but there is no washbasin in each simple private room (having multiple sleepers), and each sleeperCurtainAll the simple sleepers (couchettes) that are not available are also designated.

AsiaMost of the honor trains in each country have a seat reservation system. South KoreaThen.Korea Railway Corporationso,KTX,SaemaeulSome of the unreserved seats are set only on weekdays, but most of them are reserved seats.Republic of ChinaThen.Taiwan Railway Management BureauCorresponds to the commuter trainSection car, All seats are reserved except for local trains, but if the seats are full, it is allowed to ride with standing awareness like the TGV (however,Taroko-Fuyu Agate·Part ofGuangkouexcept for).Taiwan High Speed ​​RailAt the beginning of the opening, all seats were reserved seats, but now the number of unreserved seats has been increased to four.


According to the transportation regulations, only passengers for the seating capacity of the equipment can be used on airplanes.Seats (seat numbers) can be designated for both domestic and international flights.Airline ticketAt the airport counter on the day of departure, not at the time of purchase or booking of the flightBoarding procedureIt is generally decided from time to time.However, Japan and the United StatesEuropean UnionFor major airlines such as member countriesCRSDue to the evolution of, service names such as "advance seat reservation" have been used since the 1990s.boarding passIt can be pinpointed at the passenger's request when booking or purchasing a previous ticket.However, if you cannot use the equipment according to the timetable and change to another equipment, the designation will be canceled and you will be redesignated during the boarding procedure.[Annotation 3] Will be done.

Some airlines accept reservations for seating capacity or more, predicting that there will be a certain number of passengers who will not actually board even if they make a reservation (such as changing to a flight before or after departure).OverbookingMay be done policy-wise.On domestic flights in Japan, if overbooking is not resolved due to cancellation etc. by the time of actual departure, request the passenger to transfer to the following flight or another means of transportation, and if so, the airline will give a reward. "Flex Traveler System" paid to passengers in 2001Japan AirlinesとAll Nippon AirwaysIt is set in the group.

Commuter airlines-Cheap airlineIn such cases, there is no prior designation of seats, and in many cases the seats are unreserved.AlsoShuttle flightIs a regular airmail with all seats reserved and unreserved.


in Japan,Express busOn long-distance (generally 150km or more) routes, many routes have unreserved seats or reserved seats.For night trains, all flights of all operators are reserved seats for registration in the passenger list and verification of boarding, and the date, flight number, and seat number are stated on the ticket.

For daytime flightsAirport busSome routes have unreserved seats on a first-come, first-served basis for departures from the airport, and reservation-based or reserved seats for departures from urban areas (ON liner,Horse chestnutNarita Line, etc.).

Many businesses cannot request seat positions (window side, aisle side, etc.),JR busOn the highway bus ofHigh speed bus netThere are also routes that are possible with.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Even if one adult and one child, or two children share a sleeper, there is only one sleeper ticket.If you want to use the sleeper as a seat, see below.
  2. ^ In the past, similar handling near the terminal stationSanyo Shinkansen OfKokura StationからHakata StationUntil(2011May 3Abolished)[5],JR Kyushu OfSaga StationFrom to Hakata StationIsahaya StationからNagasaki StationUntil(2018May 3Abolished), from Kokura Station to Hakata Station (conventional line, abolished several years before 2018)[6]There was also.
  3. ^ However, at Japan Airlines, only if you are a JMC member, make a reservation from your mobile terminal or PC, and select a seat, the seat number that was automatically changed when you change equipment will be sent by email.In this case as well, it is possible to change to a vacant seat by the time of check-in on the boarding date.


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