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🧳 | 10 recommended souvenirs at Okayama Airport ☆ You should choose this at the end of your trip!


10 absolutely recommended souvenirs at Okayama Airport ☆ You should choose this at the end of your trip!

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Okayama Imuro is a Japanese sweets shop that represents Okayama Prefecture, which was founded in 1837, and has branches throughout the prefecture.

There is an image that it is a little far from Kanto, Okayama prefecture, which is recommended for a trip that is unexpectedly close, but the distance between Okayama Airport and Haneda Airport is 1 ... → Continue reading


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Large Manjui room

Large Manjui room(Otemanjuinbeya) isOkayama CityKitaIt is inJapanese sweetsManufacture and sale ofCompanyIs.Especially in the productOtemanjuIs famous.


1837Founded in (8th year of Tenpo).A person named Eikichi ImuroOkayama Castle Ofcastle townIt is said that the store was set up as "I room" in the current Kyobashi-cho.

Okayama CastleOda GateBecause there was a store nearbyOkayama DomainThe main product, the bun, was named "Major Manju".Of the Okayama domainIkeda familyBe sure to sit at the tea partyInbe ware(Bizen wareIt is said that a major manju was put out along with the tea set of).

After that, Ote Manju became known as a Bizen specialty, and "Ote Manju" was added in front of the shop name.


  • Main store-Located in the same Kyobashi-cho as the place of establishment.The actual head office function is the following Omachi factory.
  • Omachi Factory-Okayama CityNaka-ku.One hundred famous watersConstructed to use "", which has been selected as a Japanese confectionery product.It also has a virtual headquarters function.

In addition, there are direct sales offices and dealers throughout the prefecture, mainly in Okayama city.



  • Otemanju
  • Monami
  • Whelk
  • Mizuyokan (summer only)

The sales composition is 90% for major manju, 9% for monami, and 1% for mashing, and most of the sales are for major manju.

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