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🛏 | New banquet style proposal at the hotel / Shiga


New banquet style proposal at the hotel / Shiga

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Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel is aiming to keep the price of services unchanged from the past, based on this format for banquets and the like.

A hotel in Otsu City has released the state of the banquet entitled "New Shape" to the people concerned.Toast is gra ... → Continue reading

 BBC Lake Biwa Broadcasting

BBC is not in the UK. It's Shiga Prefecture's TV station "Biwako Broadcasting"! News of Shiga to be worried about is being sent every day! Please check it out ♪

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Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel(Biwako Otsu Prince Hotel)ShigaOtsu City OfBiwa lakeStand on the shorePrince Hotel OfHigh-riseCity Hotel[2]..Worldwide建築 家 OfKenzo TangeWorked on the design.


Biwa lakeA 38-story high-rise hotel on the banks of the river, 133m above the ground[2]..It is the tallest building in Shiga prefecture andLandmarkIt has become. 1989 (HeiseiFirst year)May 4Opened in[1],1994 (Heisei6 years)May 10"The largest scale in Japan"Convention hall"Oumi" opened[3].

There are 529 guest rooms, all of which are "lake view rooms" facing Lake Biwa, and the guest rooms have a magnificent view of Lake Biwa.Mt. Hiei-Mount Hira-Suzuka MountainsYou can enjoy the mountain range in a large panorama.

2016 May 4"Otsu Prince HotelChanged to the current name[4].

From 2016 month2018 Until the end of March, it underwent a major refurbishment while continuing to operate.


  • banquet hall
  • conference room
  • Wedding hall
  • Pool
  • convenience store
  • Souvenir shop
  • Parking Lot

Restaurant & Bar

  • Lobby lounge "Port NIO" ―― 1F  
    The lobby lounge "Chaterine", which has been open since the hotel opened, has been renewed.2017 May 11Open to.
  • Chinese food"Li Ho" ―― 1F
  • Japanese cuisine"Shimizu" --36F
  • BuffetRestaurant "Lake View Dining Biona" --37F
    It has been open since the hotel openedsteak&seafoodRefurbished "New York"2017 May 3open[5]..It has the function of all-day dining.
  • French cuisine"Bosejour" --38F
  • Sky Lounge "Top of Otsu" --38F



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