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🛏 | Real estate investment in Hawaii!5 points to rent a condominium


Real estate investment in Hawaii!5 points to rent a condominium

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In recent years, the number of private lodgings such as Airbnb has increased, and the number of accommodations that rent out rooms illegally has increased, so the city of Honolulu enacted a bill on vacation rentals of less than 2019 days in 30.

1 There are long-term rentals and short-term rentals When renting Hawaiian real estate as rental properties to people, either long-term rentals or short-term rentals ... → Continue reading

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hotel(Shuku Hakusetsu) is for stayingFacility.


It is a facility for staying and rents sleeping rooms and bedding.

There are various accommodations in the world. For example,Youth Hostel,Hotel, United Kingdom, etc.INN Inn,AmericanMotel, Spain orHispano America OfhostelHostal, chineseHotels,JapaneseJapanese innAnd so on. Lends to the climbers in the mountains a place to sleep and beddingMountain hutIs also a type of accommodation.

Depending on the facility, there are petsGuide dogEtc. may be able to stay.

In the 2010s, with the spread of smartphones,AirbnbWorldwide by apps such asPrivate residenceSince it became easier to publicize information, search information, and make reservations (a mechanism in which apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes owned by the general public are rented out as accommodation places), the number of users increased, so accommodation facilities that existed before The percentage of people who use it is decreasing somewhat. In some parts of Europe, relatively cheap hotels have been declining by tens of percent.

The laws and regulations regarding accommodation facilities differ from country to country.

Accommodation in each country


Japanese standard industry classificationIn the business category of, restaurant, Accommodation business ”, and under the accommodation business, inn business, hotel business, and other accommodation facilities (Membership resort clubEtc.) are classified.

Sales regulations

In Japan, the laws and regulations relating to accommodation facilities are basically the inn business law, but nap facilities are handled differently by other laws.

Inn Business LawIn the second article ofInn businessIs defined by the structure and equipment of the facility.HotelSales""Japanese innSales""Simple lodgingIt is classified into "sales" and "boarding", and the definition of each business is as follows.

  • "Hotel business" refers to business that establishes facilities mainly with Western-style structure and equipment, receives accommodation charges, and accommodates people, and does not include simple lodging business and boarding house business.
  • "Ryokan business" refers to business that establishes facilities mainly of Japanese-style structure and equipment, receives accommodation fees, and accommodates people, and does not include simple lodging business and boarding business.
  • "Simple lodging business" is a business that has a facility and a facility mainly for sharing a place to stay for a large number of people, receives accommodation fees, and allows people to stay.
  • "Boarding business" means a business where a facility is set up and a person stays at the accommodation fee for a period of one month or more.

According to the law, "accommodation" means using the bedding to use the facilities in each of the above items.

In addition to the definition of law, there are various forms depending on the number of people and the purpose of the facility.

Note that facilities equipped with equipment such as naps that do not use bedding are not the inn business stipulated in Article XNUMX of the inn business law because of structural restrictions set by various business laws and laws.

Accommodation agreement

Accommodation agreement isGeneral terms and conditionsOne of these is the exchange between the accommodation facility and the user, which specifies matters such as business hours, payment of fees, and refusal of accommodation by gangsters. Formulation of the clause is not a statutory matter, but is optional.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismSince we have created a “model accommodation contract” that is a template, the content is almost the same for all accommodation facilities nationwide. The contracts formulated by each accommodation facility are reported to the Tourism Agency.[1].

Type of facility

In Japan (for accommodation)[Source required].

  • Accommodations where food is not included in the room rate
    • Urban type
      • business hotel -A facility for pure accommodation that grew in anticipation of business trips at the beginning, and is truly an accommodation facility. You can stay at a reasonable price.
      • capsule hotel -Legally a simple lodging business. Big cityStation square,Red light districtLocated in many places. A central price range is set that is almost the same as the amount of money required for the central customer segment of the entertainment district to return home by a late-night surcharge taxi.
      • City Hotel -A facility built in an urban area with enhanced functions that have nothing to do with accommodation such as pools and spas. The percentage of guests who only use the pool or spa without staying is high, so it cannot be said to be a pure accommodation facility.
      • Simple accommodation -Known as "Doya",SlumSimple accommodation in the city. Legally, a simple lodging business.OsakaCommonly known asKamagasaki"TokyoCommonly known asvalley"WaitDay laborerIt is often found in the town where It is said that the word "yado" was read upside down in the terms of day laborers, and the town where simple lodgings gather, such as Kamagasaki and Yamaya, is also called "doya town." Recently, due to the low price (about 1 yen per night),ForeignerBackpackerThe number of users of is increasing. The reason for this was2002 OfFIFA World Cup tournament co-hosted by Japan and KoreaForeigners who came to Japan to watch the game were featured in the media using a simple lodging facility around Minamisenju[2]In addition to the beginning of, there is also the effect that the day laborers who should have stayed due to the recession are unable to stay overnight.
      • Weekly Mansion/Monthly Mansion -Refers to the low-cost urban version of the "condominium" below.Single to doubleIt is used for long-term business trips and short-term use by single people because it has a number of beds and a minimum of self-catering functions and appliances. Prices are cheaper than hotels and condominiums. Weekly monthly differences are mainly classified by the number of contract days. There are cases where the hotel business has been licensed and cases where it is treated as a rental house.
    • Urban and suburban
      • Simple lodging type guest house - Simple lodgingAnother name for. Go to bed in the same room as other guestsDormitoryAn inn that shares a bathroom, kitchen, etc.Youth HostelIt's similar to.
      • Shared residence type guest house -An ordinary single-family house, apartment, condominium, etc. has been renovated into a simple accommodation facility. It started for foreigners, but now there are many Japanese users. There are many long-term users because the room rate is cheap,room shareIt may be considered as a form of.
      • Love hotel -A facility that rents rooms for intercourse rather than for accommodation. Be regulated by the Customs and Business Law. In recent years, due to the shortage of general hotels, people who use it as a hotel that can be always entered without reservation during travel, or for multiple peoplekaraokeThe number of people who use it as a box is increasing.
    • Outdoor related, sightseeing spot type, etc.
      • Cottage -Accommodation such as a small house with a self-catering function.
      • バ ン ガ ロ ー -Facility like a hut with shared water supply
      • Self-catering accommodation-with mealsA basket of lizardsIn contrast, self-catering accommodationWooden rentWas called. Currently,SpaLocal wood renting is called self-catering lodging,Hot springIt is offered cheaply for business. In many cases, the water supply around the kitchen is shared.
      • Hutte -Western style breakMountain hut.. There are everything from emergency evacuation to full-fledged accommodation functions.
      • Rider house - オ ー ト バ イThere are lodging facilities for traveling by car, such as tatami mats and dormitories where you can sleep in small fish.
      • Resort hotel - ResortHotels in
      • Condominium -In the US, etc.ApartmentIn Japan, there are kitchens, washing machines, etc., and it is possible to bring groceries etc.ResortIt means a condominium. Facilities suitable for family and group long vacations
  • Facilities where meals are basically included in the room rate
    • It does not depend on the place
      • Japanese inn -Medium to large-scale accommodation facility with Japanese or Western mixed style (mainly Japanese style). Located in both urban and tourist areas.
    • Tourist attraction
      • National housing -Accommodations located in scenic spots such as natural parks and national hot spring resorts.
      • Guesthouse -Japanese-style small accommodations (many of them are privately owned and serve as homes)
      • Pension -Western-style small-sized accommodation (many of them also run their own homes)
      • The lodge -Western-style mountain villa style accommodation (many of them are privately owned and serve as homes)
      • Youth Hostel -Accommodation that can be used at a low price for boys and girls for the purpose of developing youth. Legal simple lodging business
  • Accommodation with high-class meals
  • Other

Places with lodging facilities, etc.

Facilities that can be used for the same purpose as accommodation

Transportation with facilities similar to accommodation

  • Sleeper (railway) - JapaneseJRRegarding the fact that the sleeper train is expensive to manufacture,CrewSince it takes a long time to work, it cannot be said that it is cheap in terms of fares, fees and required time (the cheapestB sleeperIt costs Â¥6300, which is the same as or higher than a business hotel)HotelEquivalent toHokutosei-Cassiopeia-Twilight express3 trains and high train speedSunrise expressOther than that, the number of passengers has not stopped, and some sleeper trains have been forced to abolish. Sleep time can be used as travel time.pillowAnd sheets,blanket,Hanger,SleepwearFor each bunk. Open typebedThere are also private rooms.
  • Ship
    • Passenger shipSpecial room- luxury linerIs described as a first-class hotel floating on the sea.
    • ferry -For long-distance ferries, there are various options such as suite, special, first-class, second-class sleeper, second-class Japanese room. Generally, 1st or more rooms are private rooms for 4 to XNUMX people and have the same facilities as city hotels. An open bunk bed is generally used as the second-class sleeper, and although it is not a private room, it can be protected by curtains or the like to maintain a certain level of privacy. The Japanese-style room is a large room with a carpet and you can lie down and sleep.

In addition to the above, there may be different facilities depending on the route/shipping company, and there may be no other than second grade at short distance routes.

Facilities that have the same facilities as accommodation facilities

Other forms


Tourist registration (approval) is required for business in the accommodation industry[3].. Accommodations must meet hygiene standards, evacuation routes, number of rooms, room facilities, etc., construction standards, fire protection standards, and city planning standards.[3].


In Italy, the lodging business requires notification to the local government[3].. Accommodations must meet the number of rooms, bathroom/breakfast space regulations, fire protection and city planning regulations[3].


In Australia, business permits are required under each state law[3].. Accommodation must meet the structure and fire protection requirements, and a permit is required if the local government has location restrictions[3].


In Canada, the business of lodging business requires business registration, license, etc. as a general business[3].. There are restrictions on construction and fire prevention for accommodation facilities, and there is a limit to the location where the hotel, etc. can be constructed.[3].

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2019(2019 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Tuesday.Heisei31 years/ReiwaFirst year.

This item describes 2019 from an international perspective.

Other chronology




















  • Macintosh OfSystem6The time display of is initialized.
  • World's first5rd generation mobile communication system(5G) compatibleSmartphone"Galaxy S10 5GWill be announced. With this as the lead, 5G-compatible smartphones and chips have appeared from various companies, and various 5G-related services have been announced, and "5G-related stocks" have attracted attention.
  • Regenerative medicineWill be developed, and the organs made from the cells of the patient will be able to be transplanted to the patient (future technology prediction of the Science and Technology Policy Institute, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
  • IBMBut went to at least one companyOS / 2The maintenance of is completed.







Nobel Prize

The event of fiction


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