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🧳 | What day is it today? [March XNUMX]


What day is it today? [March XNUMX]

If you write the contents roughly
The dates are 3 and 29, which is March 3 from the pun of "work clothes".

January 1st is New Year's Day, May 1th is Children's Day, and the third Monday of July is Marine Day, except for national holidays ... → Continue reading


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3 May 29


punThere is a punTextA method used to play with words or to memorize some information, or to have people memorize it, by superimposing other sounds or other meanings on the[1]..Change characters to other charactersOmenWhat to carry and each of the number strings数字,symbolToAssociationCan be readsoundApply,meaningWords that can be readarticleRefers to replacing with.Phone Number,PIN,MathEtc. means the original number stringEventWith rhythm and sense of pitchMemorizationIt is used when doing.

"Goro" is the continuation and condition of words and sentences.[2] So originallyGagakuInModeDerived from.The tone of the song is called "Ritsuryo" or "Roritsu", and the inability to match the performance well is said to be "Riritsu does not turn".This is called "wordplay" by tracing the tone of words. "Good wordplay" means that the tone is good.

Lucky bear

あるwordAbout thatsoundAnother same or similar towordListen to the meaning of and stick to it.punAlthough it is a kind of, the sound of words itself has meaningKotodama(Kotodama)thoughtCan be heard.In some cases, there are examples of giving things a different name to avoid the auspiciousness of the sounds heard there, but this isAbomination(For examplePear(Pear) is "with fruit" (without → with)Squid(BakuchiBecause there is a pun on rubbing, I dare to call it Atarime (hit eye),KameariThe place name may be changed as in).Less than,Lucky bearHere is an example of puns.

Skipjack samurai
Bonito.Oda NobunagaI used it to pun on the victory prayer.
Cutlet(Pork cutlet, etc.)
Since it leads to "winning", it is sometimes eaten as a lucky charm before the game.steak(beefsteakThere is also a pun that says "Teki ni Katsu" (wins the enemy) in combination with (etc.), but this is not common because the amount of one meal is large.Sports medicineFrom the perspective ofCompetitionIn front ofcarbohydrateIt is appropriate to take.
Five yen
AmuletAssuming that there is a "marriage"5 yen coinSome people carry around.Marriage gatheringShrine OfAmuletIt may also be inside (this five-yen coin was naturally purified by a ritual).
Shrine OfOfferingThen.5 yen billMeans that there is a thousand times of ties.500 yen coinIs a hundred times.All of them are auspicious to increase the number of business partners (ties). 45 yen means "I hope you have an edge from beginning to end", and 15 yen means "I hope you have a sufficient edge".
Type 89 5.56mm rifleSelector lever
When switching the firing mode of the Type 89 rifle, it switches from a (safety device) → re (continuous fire) → 3 (three-point shot) → ta (single shot), but it is called "attare (hit) 3" for auspiciousness.For that reason, the Type 3 rifle has the nickname "Atare rifle."By the way, it is the predecessorType 64 7.62mm rifleHowever, this notation was adopted, and the order was a → ta → re.
Chinese food
Black bean(Living diligently),Kelp(Happiness),Red snapper(Medetai) and other punsCuisineincluding.
Goods of delivery
Nisho Gongo
One square is one square, and five go is half square (hanjo), together with "more and more Hanjo square half square → more and more prosperous", praying for business prosperity. "Spring, summer and winter" in the head There are also variations such as "Akinai (Autumn)" and "Ito" as "Goshobai (double the five squares)".
Isuzu 810
"developmentThe puns.
Isuzu Forward
The nickname of the 3rd generation model isDevelopment code nameFrom "840", this is also a pun for "run" in line with the aforementioned 810.

Character change

Fifty-five celebrations
Celebration of 25 years old in a difficult year
Sixty-seven celebrations
Celebration of 42 years old in a difficult year
Eighty-eight celebration
Celebration of 64 years old in a difficult year
"escape".2Is also used to mean that the amount of work is small and work escapes because the number of days is short.Similarly less work8Together with (the old Bon holidays are included), it is sometimes called "Nippachi".
"dead".Multiple units in a rowSightseeing busIn such cases, we may not make car No. 4.For example, in the case of 4 or more cars, car 4 is shifted by 5 from car 1 (or paraphrased as car Kotobuki).列車Then, there are almost no cases of skipping car 4.airplaneIn such cases, I sometimes skip the number 4 by seat number.
またApartment-Hotel-hospitalHowever, in many cases, we do not make things such as room 4 and the 4th floor.Four-characterSee also
キ リ ス ト 教Although it is not a pun in the area,13,666Because numbers such as are disliked as unlucky, hotels and the like may skip rooms 13 on the 13th floor.13 (number of dislikes) See also
"Bitter".The percentage of people who stick to it is not as high as 4,hospitalThere are many cases that are not liked.In addition, pachinko parlors and driving schools often omit numbers with 4 and 9 (hence, the number 38 is followed by the number 50).Not recently, but someDepartment storeThen, the 9th floor was used as a machine room instead of a store floor (passenger elevators pass through this floor).
"Dead" or "dead".AmericaMajor LeagueThen.BlackFamous playerJackie robinsonIn honor of his many years of activity, the number "42" he was using1997Common to all teamsPermanent numberWith this meaning in mind, from the major leagues to JapanProfessional baseballPlayers who have transferred to the team are often numbered "42"Uniform numberMay be attached.
Japan OfAutomobile OfLicense plateThen, it is said that it leads to "death", and it will not be issued without hope.
"Disgusting guy".
"Kill all". In 2003, the TV program "Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-』Introduced that 18782 (disgusting guy) +18782 (disgusting guy) = 37564 (killing all)[3].. In 2015, this additionKanagawaFujisawaThe elementary school teacher said that what he taught in the class on how to use the calculator was an inappropriate teaching method, and the teacher said, "I was interested in numbers. I am reflecting on it." To open and apologize[4]..On the other hand, there were voices that were not enough to make a fuss.[5].
"nice to meet you".
Tooth decay.
Last (or last).

Also, mainly in the early stages of the boomPagerSo, the principle of character change was applied when sending a message by a high school girl who was one of the main users at that time.Not only reading but also character shapes (o → 0, ai → I → 1) are used.

"good morning"
"I love you"
"what are you doing"
"I'm back"
"I love You"
"Let's go"

Memorize numbers

Since the enumeration of numbers is difficult to remember, there has been a long-standing method of applying words to them and making them meaningful sentences to make them easier to remember.For examplePiIt will be easier to remember if 3.14159265 is set to "Go to a foreign country for obstetricians".In English, there is a method that uses the number of characters, and in the example of pi, the number of characters in each word "Yes, I have a number." Is 3.1416.In modern times, there are many examples of sequences that need to be remembered, such as personal numbers, such as PINs and telephone numbers, which are also used to remember them.

The numbers are read as follows.Only representative ones are shown. (In some cases, 10 is used as "to", "ten", etc.)

  • 1: Ichi, i, one, person, hi, ai (from glyph), bo (from glyph)
  • 2: Two, two, two, two, two (from English),
  • 3: San, Sa, Mitsu, Mitsu, Mi
  • 4: Yon, yo, yotsu, yotsu, shi, fo (from English), ho
  • 5: Go, this, when
  • 6: Ro, ro, mutsu, mutsu, mu, ru (speaking 6 fast may sound like that)
  • 7: Shichi, Nanatsu, Nana, Nana
  • 8: Hachi, ha, paa, yatsu, guy, hi
  • 9: Kyu, Kyu, Ku, Konotsu, Kono, Ko
  • 0: Rei, Re, Zero, Nana, Wa (from the glyph), Maru (from the glyph), Ma, Oh, Oh, Oh (from the alphabet O)

っ(Sokuon)ー(Choonpu),HmmEtc. are used relatively freely regardless of the numbers.

For example,Omiya(038)・(I.e. (110) ・Fukui (291 --The same number as "hate") ・Mito(310) ・Misawa (330) ・Mishima (340) ・Yonago (475) ・Mutsuzawa (630) ・Nagoya (758) ・Hakui (891) ・Kushima (940) ・Kushiro (946) ・Tonami (1073)[6]-Toyama (1080) ・Yamanashi (8074) ・Kuroishi(9614) ・ToyohashiCities such as (10484) can make proper puns.

The following famous numbers have some well-known puns for memorizing, but there are many cases where individuals make their own numbers.

Also in JapanNational budgetOnce decided, there was a custom to make a pun on it.For example1973That was 14 billion yen (2840 billion yen), so the government announced it with the pun "Run in a good world."In response to this, a pun was announced saying "I will not make it a good world", and it was popular in newspapers.About thisGeneral account budget puns by the Ministry of FinanceSee also.

The following are examples of standard puns for memorizing numbers in several fields.

Mathematics / Science

  • Pi : π ≈ 3.1415926535898
    • Son-in-law in a foreign country (10 digits)
    • It's meaningless to be alive one by one, crying, crying in the darkness of Miyagi (Miyashiro) (30 digits)
    • Midwife to go to a foreign country Shirojiro stillbirth without postpartum medicine Don't go early to thank you for crying for midwifery (39 digits)
    • Maternity doctor Going to a foreign country After giving birth, the mother screams in the darkness without any trouble.
Pi #RecitationSee also
  • Napier number(Base of natural logarithm): e ≈ 2.718281828459
    • Funaichi 16 bowl XNUMX bowls XNUMX bowl XNUMX bowls Extremely regrettable (XNUMX digits)
  • Square root of 2 √2 ≈ 1.4142135623731
    • In full bloom overnight
  • Square root of 3 √3 ≈ 1.7320508075689
    • It's as dirty as people
  • Square root of 5 √5 ≈ 2.2360679774998
    • Parrot at the foot of Mt. Fuji
  • Square root of 6 √6 ≈ 2.4494897427832
    • Like well
  • Square root of 7 √7 ≈ 2.6457513110646
    • There are no insects in the vegetables
  • Square root of 8 √8 ≈ 2.8284271247462
    • Grinning to death
  • radiusSurface area of ​​the sphere =
    • Worried circumstances
  • Speed ​​of light in vacuum = 299792458 m / s
    • Don't hate it, it's a police box and restraint (speed of light)
    • West police box crying

Japanese History

538-552 Buddhism OfPublic biography.
Worship (garbage shop) in the afternoon (meaning) Buddhist tradition
593 Prince Shotoku regentbecome.
Cook prince politics
Standing for the people
607 Ono girl EnvoyBecomes
A flock of seagulls goes.
Rude letter, envoy to Sui
645 Renewal of Dahua.
Taika Reform that ended without accident
Killing insects and renewing Taika Reform
710 HeijokyoMoved to.
What a beautiful (big) Heijokyo
Natto sticky Heijokyo
743 Konden Einen Shizai LawEstablishment of.
The third generation is gone
Konden Einen Shizai's Law That Takes Fruit from the Name
794 Heian period.Changed Yamashiro Province to Yamashiro Province,HeianjingName it.
Crying Heiankyo
894 Heian period.Michio ShinoharaBased on the proposal ofEnvoyWill be abolished.
Let's return to a blank sheet
1086 Emperor Shirakawa PoliticsTo start.
Six dentures Shirakawa is hospitalized!
Start cloister rule with Hello
1156 Homoto no RanHappens.
Samurai politics is also a good time ... 1156 at a good time
1159 Heiji RebellionHappens.
People are very anxious even in peacetime ... People are very uneasy 1159
1167 Kiyomori TairaBecomes Daijo-daijin.
Taira's people vain politics ... People vain 1167
1192 Yoritomo GengenBecomes a shogun.
Let's make a good countryKamakura Shogunate
1221 Seku no RanHappens.
A joke turbulence that always follows
Suddenly hitting people
1274 The role of Fuminaga (First invasion of Japan by the Mongol Empire (Mongol invasion))
  The role of Fuminaga who gets seasick
1281 The role of Hiroyasu (Second invasion of Japan by the Mongol Empire (Mongol invasion))
  I can't tell people and run away
1333 Kamakura ShogunateIs destroyed.
Kamakura is destroyed
1334 Kenmu's new governmentBegins.
Kenmu Restoration, dead
Come on, Kenmu Restoration
1336 Emperor Godaigo YoshinoEscape toNorthern and Northern DynastiesRush into.
Let's go to the mountain of Yoshino ... Let's go away 1336
1338 Muromachi ShogunateIs established.
Let's enter the capital Muromachi Shogunate
1392 Northern and Southern DynastiesAre united.
It's time for Kuniharu Mengo
1467 Onin's rebellion.
People's worldly Onin War
1404 Nichimei Trading(Ming trade) begins.
Fit trade, get close to people
1543 PortugalからgunIntroduced.
The introduction of guns whose budget has increased since then
1549 Francisco XavierByキ リ ス ト 教Introduced.
Christianity that spreads well after that (Christianity that suffers until death)
1573 Muromachi ShogunateIs destroyed.
Yoshiaki Ashikaga, Then tears
1582 The Honnoji TempleでOda NobunagaSuicide.
Nobunaga Oda in strawberry pants (Mitsuhide Akechi)
I don't believe in humans after that
1588 Hideyoshi Toyotomi Sword huntingPromulgated.
After that, blades are prohibited, sword hunting
1590 Hideyoshi ToyotomiUnifies the whole country.
One country is finallyTaikoIn the hands of
1600 Battle of Sekigahara
Battle of Sekigahara
One Road Ooh Sekigahara
1603 Tokugawa Ieyasu Edo Shogunateopen.
Ieyasu of Mikawa spreading in Edo (MikawaguniBecause of my origin)
The town of Edo where the shogunate makes a noise
1837 Oshio no Ran
All the people who support Oshio in Osaka[7]
1841 Tempo reform
No, it ’s a good tempo reform.
1853 PerryLeadBlack shipIs coming to Japan.
It ’s a good country without garbage.
I hate you, Mr. Perry
1867 Resignation.
No, the empty Taisei Hokan
I don't like the Taisei Hokan
1868 Meiji Restoration.
Let's do one, Meiji Restoration
Oath of the Meiji era
1871 Abandoned Domain.
Don't say it anymore, the name of the clan
1873 Ground revision.
People revise the land tax of tears
Unpleasant 3%, land tax reform
1874 White Paper on the Establishment of the People's Election ChamberSubmit.
No one hates freedom
1877 Southwest WarHappens.
Unpleasant civil war, Satsuma Rebellion ... Unpleasant (Iran) 1877
1889 Imperial Japanese ConstitutionPromulgation.
One-shot promise, the Constitution of the Empire of Japan
Promulgation of the Constitution, early
1890 1 timesImperial AssemblyIs opened.
Parliament, the sun goes down in parliament
1894 Sino-Japanese warThe outbreak of war.
The Sino-Japanese War that I struggled with
Break through the Qing dynasty
1902 The United KingdomとJapan-UK AllianceTie
Shaking hands at nightfall, Anglo-Japanese Alliance
A special alliance between Japan and the UK[8]
1904 Russo-Japanese WarThe outbreak of war.
The Russo-Japanese War that had a hard time
Give me one cannon to dew
1910 South Korea annexation.
Japan's Annexation of Korea, Decades
1911 US-Japan Trade and Navigation TreatyでCustoms autonomyRecover.
Treaty revision to raise low position
1914 World War IThe outbreak of war.
World War to solidify the will to go
The one who goes will die World War
1915 Twenty-one requirements
Twenty-one articles that are good at pushing
1918 Siberian troops
I hate going to Siberian intervention
1923 Great Kanto Earthquake
Severely blocked by the earthquake
1931 Manchurian Incidentoutbreak.
Introduction Manchurian Incident
1932 Fifteen-fifteen incidentOccurs.
May XNUMX that leads to the war
1936 XNUMX incidentOccurs.
February XNUMX on a terribly cold day
1937 Sino-Japanese waroutbreak.
The Sino-Japanese War
1939 Second World Waroutbreak.
World War II
1940 Japan-Germany Ikoku UnionConclusion
Let's go we Axis powers
1941 Pacific WarThe outbreak of war.
I'll go one shotPearl Harbor
1946 The Constitution of JapanAnnounce
The Constitution of Japan discussed for many nights
1956 Japan isUnited NationsJoin
When Japan goes to the United Nations
1964 Tokyo Olympics
The Olympic flowers bloom with a lot of effort
2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake/Great East Japan Earthquake
Every day is hard due to the earthquake and tsunami

World history

1234 FriDestruction.
1, 2, 3, 4, GO! (LD)
1453 Byzantine EmpireDestruction.Centennial warThe end.
Yeah, surrender.
1492 イタリア TheGenoa Ofbusinessman,Columbus 大西洋Crossing,AmericaReached
Burning motivated, discover the new continent of Columbus!
Columbus thought to be an oriental country (Columbus is doing something wrong with India)
1498 Vasco da GamaPioneered.
Gama's motivation is the way to India
1517 Martin LutherCriticized the indulgence95 articles".ReformationBeginning of.
Luther says one word "No"
Since then, Luther's reforms
1519 MagellanDeparts for a round the world.
Around the world going after Magellan
1642 CromwellByPuritan RevolutionBegins.
The Puritan Revolution in the Hero World
1688 Honorary revolutionHappens.
Color is the Glorious Revolution
1771 oxygenDiscover
Burn without a name, wake up to life and lack of oxygen
1840 Opium War
I hate opium ~
1869 Dmitri MendeleevByPeriodic tableWas proposed.
Turn overnight elementI solved about the formation of
1911 Xinhai RevolutionHappens.
Yin Metal Pig to raise the low position
1914 World War Ioutbreak
Are you willing to go World War I
Musketeer going to the European front
1917 Russian RevolutionHappens.
The Russian Revolution of tears of those who go ... 1917 with Ikuhito
Akiko IkuinaIs the Russian Revolution
1919 World War IVictory countries gathered togetherParis peace conferenceThroughTreaty of VersaillesConcluded, established Versailles system
Everyone goes to Versailles
1929 World DepressionFall into.
The Great Depression
A storm of depression blows terribly
1939 Second World WarThe beginning of the war
World War II


West facing fighter (2 4 6 9 11) is a small month (February 2th or 28th, others 29th)
Nishimu Samurai (Samurai = a samurai is a vertical stack of eleven)

Phone Number

Phone numbers are familiar and importantpersonal informationHowever, since it is a list of numbers, there are many examples of using puns for each to remember.However, they are of courseIndividualOr家族It belongs to.But,Company,ShopIn such cases, it is desirable that the company's telephone number be widely known, and of coursecommercialSuch asAdsIncludes it.At that time, there are many examples of calling puns instead of the numbers themselves.Good things are very easy to hear, "Phone is good flow""Castella first phone is number 2Is known by the time you walk alone, and as an unusual exampleThe phone number "0930" for women's wigs, which is a pun for "wife"Is the original story0930In some cases, a music group called (Okusama) has appeared.

If you want to pun on a company's phone number, you can use the company name orIndustry, Many of them are related to the products we handle.Especially like "0120-xxxxxx" in the advertisementFree DialYou can see the difficulty in matching the phone numbers.on the other hand,Telephone companySince the number of services on the side can be freely decided,No number notification184 (I don't like it)Disaster message dialIt is easy to understand like 171 (not present).

In the United States etc.The alphabetIs often used.This is because the alphabet is assigned to the numeric keypad excluding 0 and 1 of the telephone.For example, in the United States and CanadaJALIf the call center "1-800-JAL-FONE" is written only in numbers, it will be "1-800-525-3663".


Car license plate

In Japan since 1999 (for mini vehicles since 2005)Hope number systemWith the start of, you can now register using your favorite numbers with up to 4 digits.As a result, the surname, first name, birthday (born on XX month XX day → XX-XX), place name, company / organization name, nickname, car name / model name, etc. of the owner or favorite person, etc. There was a case of registering with the wordplay (“x” in the example below is an arbitrary number).

Examples of numbers associated with place names and regions

Examples of numbers associated with companies / organizations
Things associated with works, characters, personal names, etc.
  • In particularItashaThe case seen in.
  • In some dealers, the number of the test drive is matched to the displacement of the car.
  • In addition, a similar pun number was confirmed in a fictitious work.
  • Initial Dでは、アニメ、ゲーム版ともに5ケタのナンバーになっていて、架空の登場人物である死神GT-Rこと北条凜のR32GT-Rのナンバーは「37-564」「皆殺し」池田Z33が「69-556」「無垢の心」涼介FC3Sが「13-137」「13(B)RX-7」信司86が「12-186」「いぬい(彼の苗字)86」末次NA6CEが「86-596」「ハチロクご苦労」謎のGT-86が「86-239」「ハチロクにサンキュー」となっている。

Radio stations

Some Japanese radio stationsfrequencyThe station name is named after it.


When you need to memorize roughly confusing words and numbers, puns occur spontaneously.Where it is equally needed by a certain number of humans, there are some standard pun memorization methods.For examplenurseFor the national examination, "Kangoro Nurse National Examination Collection" (Medical Information Science Institute, Medic Media)2001The first edition came out in (13),2007(19) As of now, 3 editions are out.Also, although it is a manga, "Animal doctorInVeterinarianIt depicts everyone reciting puns to take the national exam.The following are examples of typical fields.


ionization tendencySee the relevant item for how to remember.

Things to remember sideways (in order of atomic number)

Nos. 1 to 20 H He Li Be B C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar K Ca
Sailor Liebe My Ship Seven Songs Ships Clark?[9] * "Liebe" means "love" in German.This way of remembering is a remnant of the fact that German was also included in the curriculum during the old high school days.
In English, "His heels like beTtter bThere is a memorization that starts with "usiness" (the first 1-2 letters of each word are matched with the element symbol)[9][10]..Also, there are similar ways to remember German and Korean.[9]..In Russia, there is no way to memorize the periodic table at school and there is no way to remember it.[9].
4th period element K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
His Majesty the Scotch Dealer Manteco has a door in Geasseburg
Ransei (LaCe) Pro粘土 (PrNd) Covered afternoon (Pm)Distilled spirits (Sm)Euro Buy at (Eu) and God (Gd)TV (Tb) Ruined (Dy) and awesome (HoElTm)イ ブ (Yb) Do it (Lu)
Take the lye (AcTh)Powell (PaU) Runknapsack (Np)Farts (Pu) and in the morning (Am)CMI English (BkCf)radio (Fm)Spanish (Es) Without MD (No)Ruro sword (Lr)

Things to remember vertically (tribe)

Alkali metal(Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, francium)
Rich (Li) Na (Na) Mother (K) Ruby (Rb) At least (Cs) To France (Fr)
2nd family(Beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, radium)
Going to bed (Be) (Mg) Her (Ca) slippers (Sr) Ba (Ba) et al. (Ra) color
3nd family(Scandium, yttrium, lanthanoid, actinide)
Suka (Sc) I (Y) et al. (La) -ku (Ac)
14nd family(Carbon, silicon, germanium, tin, lead)
Stab (Si) Geki (Ge) Sun (Sn) Nari (lead)
15nd family(Nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth)
Morning (As) in Japan (N, P) is sweet and sour pork (Sb) and beer (Bi)
16nd family(Oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, polonium)
Don't push (O, S) Don't push (Se) Iron (Te) Cannon (Po) Shoot
17nd family(halogen) (Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine)
Plump (F, Cl) Bra (Br) Love (I) Trace (At)
18nd family(Noble gas) (Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon)
Hey! (He) Ne-chan (Ne), Alcohol (ArKr) Kuse (Xe) It's a big mess (Rn)
Weird (He) Ne-chan (Ne) One night (Ar) In the dark (Kr) Kiss (Xe) Outbursts (Rn)
Flame reaction
Rearcar (Li = red) No (Na = yellow) K village (K = purple) Power (Cu = green) Horsepower (Ba = green) Borrowing (Ca = orange) Nothing (Sr = red)
Apple (Li) is red,Pear (Na) is yellow,strawberry (Sr) is also red,Kyoho (K) is purple, a little immaturebanana (Ba) is yellowish green,raspberry (Rb) is pink,Guava (Ga) is blue,Cassis (Cs) is dark blue,Watermelon (Tl) is yellowish green,DorianAlso (Cu) green,Wine (In) is dark blue,plum (Ra) is a light peach
Systematic name of the element
Nabeats Limited Express PH Soga (N, U, B, T, Q, P, H, S, O, E)
new element
Canada VS Japan (Cn, Nh) Fure Fure (Fl) Level up soon (Mc, Lv)!Birth of a genius prince (Ts, Og)

Difficult kanji

FamilyMart XNUMX inch → 壽 (Orthodox Chinese character (old font))
Samurai whistle is 1 inch
Konno Hachiman → Iron (iron orthodox (old font))
The iron is Kana, the king of gold.
Shellfish Shellfish Megi → Sakura (Sakura's orthodox character (old font))
The woman on the 2nd floor (shellfish) takes care (tree)
Thread Thread Word Heart → 戀 (Koi no Orthodox (old font))
Love and love
Rising Moon Toko Hinmage Chonchon → Dragon
(Hayashi can →) Wood can Wood wa (Rice →) * (Ko →) 凵 HI 彡 → Depression
Lincoln drank three cups of American coffee

Morse code

Morse codeThe sound of the word is replaced with a wordSynonymous wordCall.

・-(Totu, Japanese Morse code "I") Itoh (Ito)
- ・ ・ ・ (Totototo, Japanese Morse code “ha”) Harmonica

Rock type

Igneous rockType of
Or (granite) Ri (Rhyolite)Ah(Andesite) Ge (basalt) Han (Gabbro)Diorite)
Rika-chanI hurriedly spit
Ri (rhyolite) Ka (granite) -chan A (andesite) Setege (basalt) Roha (gabbro)
ShinkansenIs harvested (Karikari-kun)
Shin (Plutonic rock) Ka (granite) Nsen (diorite) is (gabbro)
MosquitoesVolcanic rock) Ri (Rhyolite) Ah (Andesite) Ge (Basalt)
This is also very useful because it shows the temperature at which the rock is formed and the color of the rock in order. (For granite-> gabbro, rhyolite-> basalt, the temperature for lava is low-> high, and the color of rock is white-> black.)
By cuttingShinkansenDoes not suit
At Ka (volcanic rock) Li (rhyolite) A (andesite) Ge (basalt)
Shin (plutonic rock) Ka (granite) Nsen (diorite) Ha (gabbro) does not suit
abortion(Ryumon),Easy delivery(plot), Energetic child, surrounded by the former public (teacher, senior) half killed
Rhyolite, andesite, basalt, granite, diorite, gabbro
Miscarriage, easy delivery, healthy child, mother, senbe, half ate.
Rhyolite, andesite, basalt, gabbro, diorite, granite
Ryuuan Gen's anti-war song (spots, flashes, flowers)
Rhyolite, andesite, basalt, granite, diorite, gabbro
Sales, if you float (U) Riage, (U) Kaseha
Li (rhyolite), a (andesite), ge (basalt), ka (granite), se (diorite), ha (gabbro)
Ando vomits in science
A (andesite), Li (rhyolite), Ka (granite), Ge (basalt), Ha (gabbro)

Stellar spectrum

"Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me Right Now Sweetheart" (Oh, kiss me as soon as I become an elegant girl)
In Japanese, "Auntie, bite a blowfish" (O, Ba, A, Fugu, Gu, Ka, Mu)

OSI reference model

Physical layer Data link layer Network layer Transport layer Session layer Presentation layer Application layer
I don't want to thank you for the gifts
Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away (Please do not throw away the sausage pizza. The acronym is from the physical layer to the application layer)
Apsetonedev (the acronyms of the 7th to 1st layers are arranged in order)

Change in color of indicator

BTB solution
You, stupid?
(Acidic,neutral,alkalinity(In order) Ki (yellow) Mi (green), stupid (blue)
Mr. Yellow, is there blue in the green?
Mr. Yellow (acidic), is there blue in green (neutral) (alkaline)?
It's your fault that it's sticky
Sticky (BTB) because of the (yellow) mi (green) (blue)
Red cabbage liquid
赤ちゃんFlock in a pinchミ ッ キ ー
(In order of strong acidity, weak acidity, neutrality, weak alkalinity, strong alkalinity) Aka (red) -chan pin (pink)
litmus paper
(Acid when changing from blue to red) Oh (blue) or (red) Asan (acid)
traffic lights
(Alkaline when changing from red to blue) Ayumu (alkaline) starts when changing from red to blue
Grade 3
(Acid when changing from blue to red) Growth (blue) Results (red) 3 (acid)

Virus type

DNA virusType of
DaddyAderans, To ・ decrease
Pa(ParvovirusFamily)Pa(Department)AdeLance(AdenovirusFamily)へ(Hepadnaviridae)decrease(Herpes virusFamily)一(IridovirusFamily)方(PoxvirusFamily)

Resistor color code

Coaxial typeResistorIt is typically used inCapacitor,Inductor, Colored bands or dots that represent values ​​such as resistance value and manufacturing error, which are also used for identification of multi-core electric wires.

Unusual in the kind of puns, it shows the correspondence between colors and numbers.

ColorNumerical valueMultiplicationaccuracyHow to remember
black01-blackRay clothes
tea110± 1%A cup of teaIssa Kobayashi, Tea one
"Red"2100± 2%redCarrot
Orange31,000± 3%Daisansha, orangeMandarin orange,Three men
yellow410,000± 4%Keiko Kishi (Keiko Kishi), Kishi-san (Shinsuke Kishi), Kinshi (myopia), glasses, yellow shingo,Kishimen,Yellow ribbon
绿5100,000-May green, Midori Go
tag61,000,000-Aoni Production (Aoni Production), Aoni Production,Blue No. 6
purple710,000,000-Murasaki Shichibu (Murasaki Shikibu)
Ash8100,000,000-Yes ya,Ayumi Hamasaki OfWhen the gray clouds flow
white9-I'm so happyShirokuma, White car, Kushiro (Kushiro)
Fri-0.1± 5%Example 01 (XNUMX):Five pointsPullFriring
Silver-0.01± 10%SilverBullet, Hit rate1 percent : XNUMX%Pull
colorless--± 20%XNUMX%PullingTransparentjewelry,pear TheXNUMXth century

All together, "Kuchia Waterfall Miam Bridge" (the first one is red, the next one is blue).


Lancashire Cotton fabric,Yorkshire Woolen
I ate ramen.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
The soul trembles, it's bullish.Veramikan.
Ta (Thailand) Ma (Malaysia) (Singapore) I (Indonesia) Fu (Philippines) Rueru Bull (Brunei Darussalam)Be (Vietnam) La (Laos) Mi (Myanmar) Kang (Cambodia).

Ancient Chinese

Four mirrors(Large mirror,Now mirror,Water mirror,Masukagami)
Radish (now) inflated (daikon radish)
Opinion of the guessing auxiliary verb "beshi"
Stop the watermelon!
(Guess) or (intention) or (possible / solicited) and (naturally) (order) (appropriate) (planned)
Opinion of the guessing auxiliary verb "mu"
Change the watermelon!
Is it (guess) good (will) or (solicitation) (assumed) eh (euphemism) (appropriate)


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