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🧳 | Leisure situation with annual household income of 1600-1800 million yen "Diving in Saipan or Cebu once or twice a year" "Corona ...

Photograph Hobby trips are also self-restraint in Corona

Leisure situation with annual household income of 1600-1800 million yen "Diving in Saipan or Cebu once or twice a year" "Corona ...

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But at the moment, my monthly cash flow is big and in the black, so I don't really care.

What would you like to spend your money on if you could earn enough money to live a comfortable life without financial anxiety? → Continue reading

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Cash flow

Cash flow(Cash flow,cash flow) IscashMeans the flow ofCorporate activityAnd actually obtained by financial activitiesincomeFrom to the outsideexpenditureIt refers to the flow of funds that remains on hand after deducting.

Profit and loss statementUnlike, in principle, we plan to enter in the future in order to grasp the cash balance.ProfitaboutCash Flow StatementNot included in.

Cash flow accounting What is (cash flow accounting)?CompanyBusiness resultscash-depositTo clarify based on the increase or decrease ofAccountingIt is a method.In Europe and the United States, the creation of cash flow statements based on cash flow accounting has long been possible.CompanyIs obliged to.

JapanThen,1999 From degreeListingCompaniesFinancial statementsCreating a cash flow statement is one of thelawIs obligatory.


Operating cash flow

It refers to the balance between cash earned through daily production and sales activities and the cash costs required for it, but it also includes cash flows that are not classified into other cash flows, such as tax payments.

If you sell 1 yen in cash, pay 6 yen in cash as a salary, and earn interest of 1 yen on your deposit, your operating cash flow will be in the black of 4 yen.However, the amount of interest received can be included in the investment cash flow (if the amount of interest paid by borrowing is incurred, it can also be included in the financial cash flow).Tokyo Stock ExchangeJasdaqIn the market, listed companies whose operating cash flow is in the red for the fifth consecutive term are subject to delisting standards.DelistedBecome[1].

Investment cash flow

New factory construction, building construction, truck purchase, etc.Capital investment-SecuritiesIncome from cash payments and asset sales required for investment. If you build a factory for 5 yen, your investment cash flow will be in the red of 5 yen.

Financial cash flow

The balance of cash from financial activities.If the debt is returned by 1 yen and a new loan of 2 yen is borrowed, the financial cash flow will be in the black of 1 yen.


The sum of the above three cash flows results in a surplus of 3 yen.This balance results in an increase or decrease in cash and deposits held.


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