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🛏 | "Patients who cannot be hospitalized and are treated at the hotel" appealed by Governor Murai


"Some patients cannot be hospitalized and are treated at the hotel," said Governor Murai.

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The request period is from the 5th to the 5th of next month, and the prefecture and each municipality will visit the staff to investigate the cooperation status of restaurants.

On the 3rd, Miyagi Prefecture officially decided to set the target area as Sendai City for "priority measures such as prevention of spread".Prefecture… → Continue reading

 KHB East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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