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🛏 | 39 Tokyu Group hotels, all-you-can-stay for a fixed amount of 30 nights 18 yen, recruiting 100 people for prior experience


39 hotels of Tokyu Group, unlimited stay for 30 nights 18 yen, recruitment of 100 people for prior experience

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It will be implemented at 39 hotels nationwide operated by Tokyu Hotels and Tokyu Sharing, and can be used by applicants and one companion.

Tokyu is launching a flat-rate migratory relocation service "tsugi tsugi", which is a pre-experience experience ... → Continue reading


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Tokyu Sharing

Tokyu Sharing Co., Ltd.(Tokyu Sharing) isTokyoShibuya WardConducting a resort business headquartered inTokyu GroupCompanies.TimeshareOperates a resort hotel "Tokyu Vacations" (formerly brand "Big Week").This article also gives an overview of Tokyu Vacations.

Overview of Tokyu Vacations

TokyuStarted business in 1999 as part of the resort business in Japan (the brand at that time was "Big Week").The user purchases and uses one of the following usage rights.

  • Timeshare system
    Purchase and use a usage right that can be used for 1 years in a specific week (7 nights and 8 days).
  • Ticket system
    You can use 1 tickets per night per year, and purchase and use 7 years worth of tickets.


  • 1999 January 1-Tokyu Corporation expands into timeshare resort business
  • July 1999, 7-Established Tokyu Big Week Station Co., Ltd.
  • October 1999-"Big Week Kyoto" as the first Big WeekKyotoKyoto CityHigashiyama WardOpened in
  • 2017 April 4-Changed the trade name to Tokyu Sharing Co., Ltd. and changed the brand name to "Tokyu Vacations".

Big week facility in operation


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