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JR Bus Kanto, Moominvalley Park wrapping bus service

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On the Tokyo Hanno Line, which connects Tokyo Station and Moominvalley Park, a planned ticket that includes a Moominvalley Park admission ticket and a round-trip bus ticket will be on sale from 4 pm on April 13.

JR Bus Kanto and Moomin Monogatari will start operating the Moomin Valley Park wrapping bus. April 4 ... → Continue reading


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Mezza (theme park)

Mezza(Metsä)SaitamaHannoMiyazawaSuburban type at 327-6leisureFacility.MoominTheme park"Moomin Valley Park'[2]When,NordicThe theme of lifeShopping mall"Mezza VillageIt consists of.

The official facility is "metsa" including the theme park and public zone,Mass media,Hanno StationThe name "Moominvalley Park" is often used for information such as the name of the sub-station, and the name "Mezza" rarely appears.Moomin theme park is homeフィンランドOther than that, it will be the first overseas expansion.


2015May 6In addition, the business entityFintech Global"Moomin" theme park in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecturemetsä"2017Announced to open in spring[4][5].. "Metsä" isFinnishso"Woods"Meaning of.Lake MiyazawaAbout 18 aroundSquare meter(Tokyo DomeIt will be deployed on the site (for 4 pieces), and a paid "Moomin zone" and a free "public zone" will be set up.

Seibu RailwayFinTech Global signed a land sales contract for 6 million yen[6].. at firstTokyoTachikawaWe considered a small theme park in urban areas such as, and aimed to open it around 2015, but in the forest(I.e.Without it, we decided to acquire the land around Lake Miyazawa because it would not be Moomin-like.[7][8].

The opening time has been postponed from the time of the announcement.Public zone `` Metsa Village'' opened on November 2018, 11 in advance[1], `` Moominvalley Park'' opened on March 2019, 3[2].. Construction started on June 2017, 6Ground breaking ceremonyWas held, and the completion ceremony was held on October 2018, 10.[9][10].

Moomin Valley Park

Inlet area at the beginning

Exhibition facility

  • Bathing hut

Moomin valley area


  • Emma Teatteri
  • arcade game
  • Photo studio
  • Muumitalo
  • Little My Play Spot
  • Merenhuiske

Cochems area

Exhibition facility

  • Kokemus

Osabisan area

Exhibition facility

  • observatory
  • Lighthouse


  • Flying Zipline Adventure
  • Hemulin's amusement park
  • Snufkin tent

Directions and Parking

"Access" on the official websiteSee also

Nearby tourist facilities


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Regular ticket

Regular ticketWhat is (usually)Train,Express BusIssued by land transportation such asticketKind of.


Ordinary tickets have multiple meanings in traffic theory[1][2].

  • Ordinary ticket means a ticket issued at a fare based on a standard fare rate.[1].. Synonyms are reduced ticket[1].
  • An ordinary ticket (Local ticket) means a ticket whose transportation is limited to routes on the same railway (own ticket).[2].. Synonyms are solidarity tickets (interline tickets)[1].

It should be noted that not all railway companies and bus companies issue tickets called "ordinary tickets." In addition, the type of ordinary ticket is different even when a ticket called "ordinary ticket" is issued (one-way ticket, round-trip ticket, continuous ticket for JR ordinary ticket)[3], Kyushu Expressway Bus network Kiyama transit ordinary tickets include one-way tickets, round-trip tickets and coupon tickets[4]).

Companies that set up regular tickets


  • JR companies (railway)


  • RMV (Union of buses, subways, trams, etc.)[5]

JR regular ticket

At JROne-way ticket-Round-trip ticket-Continuous ticket3 types of[3]Refers to.

One-way ticket

An ordinary ticket that is issued when you get on a continuous section only one way.

Tickets can be issued even if the route is as long as the following conditions are satisfied.

  • Do not exceed one lap of the loop line (excluding some railway operators)
  • If the Shinkansen and conventional lines are on separate lines, the calculation will be terminated at the station in front of which you will make a round.
  • There is no section that passes multiple times due to folding back
  • However, if the number of kilometers of a ticket from the central station is calculated due to special regulations in the city, it is possible to board the overlapping section. However, such a 6-shaped ticket cannot be done for a XNUMX-shaped ticket because the departure or arrival station is forcibly designated as a single station.

The same applies to one-way tickets for railway operators who are prohibited from issuing one-way tickets for routes that exceed one lap of the loop line.stationDo not pass twice (excluding the arrival station) or cross the road (unless there is no station at the intersection). In this case, so-called "L", "O", "2" can be issued, but "6", "9", "α", etc. cannot be issued.

Incidentally,JRでTokyo,OsakaThere are special calculation rules for sections that exceed 100 km or 200 km from the base station when arriving and departing in a specific area.Specific city areaSee.

There are several types of one-way tickets.

  1. General one-way ticket
    The station names of the departure station and the arrival station are listed.Refill ticket,MarsIssuing tickets are in this format.Fukui OfEchizen RailwaySuch,One-man drivingSome railway companies are issuing tickets in this format to reduce the driver's burden of checking the fare when getting off.
  2. Mutual one-way ticket
    A ticket that lists the names of two stations and you can ride from either.
  3. Map type one-way ticket
    A ticket that has a route map printed and you can get off at any station within that range.
  4. Price one way ticket
    A ticket that you can get off anywhere from the departure station as long as it has the amount of money listed. Mainly used for short-distance tickets,Automatic ticket vending machineIn addition to being the most common ticket sold at, it is prepared for short distances at station counters where terminals such as Mars are not always available.
    In addition, the ticket called the ticket-free type only describes the amount of money, and if it is within the expiration date, it can be used from any station on the target route regardless of the station you purchased, and the amount of money listed from the station you entered You may get off at any section. in JapanSendai City Transportation Bureau(Sendai Subway) Has been introduced.

Round-trip ticket

An ordinary ticket issued when you board one round trip each time in the same section of the outbound route and the inbound route. (However, even if the ticket to go is a one-way ticket, if it is a 1-shaped route, the return ticket will be a 6-shaped route. It is not possible to issue a ticket as a ticket.) Generally, the validity of a round-trip ticket is twice as long as that of a one-way ticket for the same section/route,KintetsuLike this, the forward route is the same as the one-way ticket validity period, and some carriers only double the validity period on the return route. However, on the JR lineShin-Shimonoseki Station~Hakata StationIf you are involved in, the total for each of "Yuki" and "Kaeri".

If there is more than 601 km of one-way business on the JR line, it will be sold as a "round-trip discount ticket" at a discount of 1 each for "Yuki" and "Kaeri". Therefore, depending on the number of operating kilometers for one way, it may be cheaper to buy extra stations farther than the target station.[6].

Continuous ticket

An ordinary ticket issued when you ride once on each of two consecutive sections that do not meet the conditions for issuing a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. Specifically, there are the following cases.

  • If the outbound route and the inbound route are partially different (a round-trip ticket if they are exactly the same, or a one-way ticket with one loop if they are completely different).
  • When detouring to a station on another route on the way and returning to the original route to proceed.
  • In a railway operator who prohibits the issuance of one-way tickets for routes that exceed one lap of the loop line, if the route exceeds one lap of the loop line (if it is exactly one lap, it may be As well). In addition, only when creating a one-round ticket in the section where the Shinkansen and the conventional line are separate, the continuous ticket will be issued at the station before the one round.
  • Two tickets are required for reasons such as out of contact transportation range. Example If you do not use the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokamachi to Toyono via Matsumoto Matsumoto to Matsui Murai Iiyama to Nagano, the second transportation ticket will be cut off to Matsumoto station, the longest one-way ticket, because the range of transportation is to Matsumoto station. Will be issued continuously

The fare calculation is the same when each one-way ticket is issued, and the calculated fare is the same as two one-way tickets. However, the number of days for the ticket to expire (see below) and the refund fee are all for one ticket,Student discountThere is an advantage that you only need one certificate when issuing a ticket at. Previously, even if the continuous ticket was changed to a round trip, it remained as a continuous ticket, but with the revision it is now possible to change to a round trip ticket

Validity period of ticket

The validity period of a one-way ticket for JR lines is 100 km for business tickets orSuburban sectionThe in-house ticket is valid only on the day of sale. Tickets over 101 km are valid for 2 days, tickets over 201 kg and 400 kg are valid for 3 days, and one day is added for every 200 km or less[7].

For JR lines, the validity period of the round-trip ticket is double the validity period of the one-way ticket as mentioned above (however, the validity period of the round-trip ticket between Hakata and Shin-Shimonoseki is "Yuki" and "Kaeri" respectively. Total days)[7].

For JR trains, the validity period of consecutive tickets is calculated by adding up the validity periods (for example, when divided into a one-way ticket, it is calculated as valid for 2 days and valid for 3 days) 2+3 consecutive tickets are valid for 5 days, so it is possible to use the first ticket for 3 days and the second for 2 days).

In addition, even if the valid period has elapsed while ridingTochugeshaUnless you do, you can use up to the last station displayed on the ticket (called continuous boarding)[7].


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