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🧳 | Mitsui Fudosan decides the name of the redevelopment block in front of Tokyo Station as "Tokyo Midtown Yaesu" Bulgari Hotel and the best in Japan ...


Mitsui Fudosan decides the name of the redevelopment block in front of Tokyo Station as "Tokyo Midtown Yaesu" Bulgari Hotel and the best in Japan ...

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It will be the largest bus terminal in Japan, where highway buses connecting airports and local cities arrive and depart.

Mitsui Fudosan has named the block of the Yaesu XNUMX-chome North District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project under development in front of Tokyo Station "Tokyo Midtown ... → Continue reading


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Bus terminal

Bus terminal(Bus terminal) is one of the bus stopsbusLine departure and arrival points (bus stop) Is installed asFacility.


Countries and regions where bus transportation is central for medium and long distances (Brazil,スペイン,フィリピン,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEtc.), which is provided as a departure and arrival point for medium- and long-distance bus routes in the city, and the bus is a transportation hub.TrainCentral country (Japan,Germany,FranceTrains inTerminal stationAs well ascityHas a strong personality as a gateway to.

Short-distance / city buses and medium- / long-distance buses (depending on the country, city, or bus company, respectively)Express BusThere is a case that is provided separately from the case where you get into the same bus terminal. In railway-centered countries, bus terminals may be installed at railway stations to connect short-distance routes. The characteristics and shapes of bus terminals often differ greatly within a single country, depending on the city or region.

Facility name

For the origin of the name of the bus terminal, refer to the Englishterminal Is the wordEnd pointBecause it meansBus terminal/nodeIt is called in this sense. OldJapan National RailwayCar route (JNR busIn the case of ), the bus terminal on the route bus dedicated line or similar road isCar station,Contact transportationIn balance withTrain stationIn some cases, it is treated the same as. Therefore, in some cases, it is sometimes referred to as "XX bus terminal station". Also, looking at the history of bus terminals, which are still called "stations", you can see some railway stations or what was once the planned site of stations.

Public bus operators in the United Statestransit centerIs often given. In some areas, the word terminal suggests the end of life (Terminal careEtc.), there are some places that do not use the term bus terminal.

In Spain means "bus station"Spanish"bus station(Estasion de Outbouces)". In BrazilPortugueseso,"Bus Station(Hodoviaria)".IndiaThen.bus standSometimes called.

There are many facilities that call themselves "○○ bus centers" at Japanese bus terminals, but the word "bus center" is almostCoined word-JapanglishAndEnglish-speaking countriesIt doesn't work. In British Englishcoach station, In American Englishbus terminal,bus terminus,bus station,bus depotThe expression such as is used.

bus station(Bus station) is a facility for regional buses and intercity buses to handle passengers getting on and off.Bus stopIt is a larger facility and is often used as a starting / ending point or transit base for each line.

The largest bus station in the worldイ ス ラ エ ル OfTel AvivIt is inTel Aviv Central Bus Stationso,1993Was opened in.The site area is 4 square meters, and the total area of ​​all floors is 23 square meters.However, this bus station was considered a failure due to its location in a residential area.

The largest underground bus station in Europe is2006The Kamppi Center in Helsinki, Finland, opened in, cost € 1 million and took three years to design and build. With an area of ​​3 square meters, this bus center is currently the busiest bus center in Finland, with about 2 buses arriving and departing daily, handling approximately 5 passengers. ing.

Each landing may be assigned to a fixed route, or the landing and route may not be fixed due to the development of a system that provides information to passengers.The latter requires less platform for the platform, but the user needs to confirm the platform in advance.

Features of Japanese bus terminals


The difference between bus terminals in Japan is so great that it cannot be said in general about the equipment.Train OfstationAnd空港-Harbor・Because there are many cases where a route bus network is formed starting from the garage of buses, it is often set up near them on short- and medium-distance routes. In addition, it is dispersed in one area due to urban planningbus stopIn addition to the case where the bus is organized in one place, there are also cases where bus companies have installed it in central areas and tourist areas.

It's basically a railway-centered country,highwayWith the development of the network and the existence of a number of bus companies that have energetically expanded and developed the bus business, there are enough passengers to replace railways (railroad stations) and their character as an urban gateway. Cities with strong medium/long-distance bus terminals (Kumamoto,Fukuoka,Hiroshima,Sapporo,HokkaidoThere are also cities). Also,HonshuHowever, in cities where buses play a central role in transportation like railroads, near-medium-distance buses have been developed, but since they are often connected to railways (stations) in accordance with medium- and long-distance use, railways There are a lot of cases where they are installed at stations and do not have independent facilities (Utsunomiya,Mito,SendaiSuch).

Exceptionally, about the bus stop of the high-speed route bus, other route buses arrive and depart, and if the high-speed bus and the route bus work together, this stop itself may be called. In addition, in order to improve convenience,Local governmentIn many cases, etc. have a sales office or information center nearby.

Okinawa main island TheSecond World WarLater, it is a region with only buses for a long time, and the situation is different from Honshu, Kyushu, etc. A bus terminal is installed in Naha,Naha Bus TerminalHas been functioning like a railway station in Honshu, as a gateway to island cities. Currently in NahaOkinawa city monorailAlthough there is, there is basically no change regarding the outskirts of the city as it only passes through a part of the city.

The shape of the bus terminal is itself a building (Kumamoto OfKumamoto Sakuramachi Bus TerminalAnd in FukuokaNishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus TerminalIn HiroshimaHiroshima Bus CenterIn NagoyaMeitetsu Bus Center,Hokkaido Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal), or simply広 場There are various things such as a thing with a roof only on the passenger part (mostly at the railway station bus terminal).

In Sendai, the one with a roof only on the passenger part on the plaza is called "bus pool", and the stop called "bus terminal" isAsahigaoka Bus TerminalLimited to some.

In the case of a large-scale bus terminal, it also serves as a moving passage between berths.Underground streetThere are not a few who have.

in recent yearsHachinoheLikeMunicipalitiesIn some cases, the city area itself is positioned as the terminal under the initiative and is called the "Aozora Terminal."

In addition, in JapanCar terminal law"In order to get on and off passengers,2 or more carsIt is a facility for the purpose of making the bus terminal installed by the shared bus operator for the purpose of using it by itself.Private bus terminalAnd other than thatGeneral bus terminalIs defined as "[1].. There are 175 dedicated bus terminals and 24 general bus terminals, of which 11 are large and 9 are general, with 10 or more berths (as of the end of April 2006).[2].

History in Japan

At least bus terminals in Japan194912,OkayamaOkayama City"Central Bus Station" (currently "Central Bus Station")Tenmaya Bus Station))1951January,NiigataNiigata"Niigata Kotsu Bus Station Building" which opened in (after relocation.Bandai City Bus Center),1957May 7,HiroshimaHiroshima cityOpened inHiroshima Bus CenterWill appear.

"Bus station" concept

Bus station(Bus no Eki) is a node for regional transportation that replaces the railway station.Express BusTo play a role as a node of the transportation network centered onMinistry of Construction 1999The maintenance policy was set out inMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs a bus terminal facility that is under development.

By integrating commercial facilities and public facilities around the highway bus stop to create a new center of the area, the facility will be installed outside the city area with the function of park and ride. By doing so, the purpose is to reduce the inflow of private cars into the city area and to alleviate the congestion of city roads.

As for the outline of the equipment, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will set up a boarding / alighting space for three or more buses, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will provide parking lots, bicycle parking lots, public toilets, information signs, etc. Is to be maintained. About 3 locations are expected throughout Japan,2003ToTokushimaでTokushima Tokutoku TerminalBut,2006ToKumamotoでYamaga Bus StationHas been maintained.

Busta project

A project in which the public and private sectors work together to develop a railway station, bus terminal, taxi stand, etc.Busta ShinjukuIs developed as a model. [3]

List of bus terminals in various parts of Japan

The typical bus terminals are described below. Stipulated by the Automobile Terminal LawGeneral bus terminal[4][5] Is marked with a star.

In principle,The bus terminal inside the railway station and the transportation plaza at the railway station is omitted... However, this does not apply to cases where the facility or management is independent, or when there is an independent article as a representative bus terminal with special mention in the Japanese version of Wikipedia.

Hokkaido region

Tohoku region







Kanto region








Chubu region













  • Enryakuji Bus Center






  • Shirahama Bus Center







Shikoku region





Kyushu region








Okinawa region

List of Korean Bus Terminals

In South Korea, while the railway network is well developed, the long-distance bus network is also well developed.SeoulFor big cities such as long-distance buses (Express BusThere are several bus terminals that serve as bases for).






List of bus terminals in Taiwan

As in South Korea, the highway bus network is well developed, among peers, and evenTrainThe competition with is fierce. in recent years,High speed trainWith the opening, competition is intensifying.

Terminals for public road passenger transportation (intercity bus) and national highway passenger transportation (highway bus)轉 luck station(Transfer station / Transfer station),轉 luck center station(Transfer center station),Passenger station(Passenger station/passenger station),Dead-end stationIt is called (So station / So station).

Taipei/New Taipei




  • Taichung Transport Station-General transport station for each country.
  • Dried castle
  • Morning horse transfer station



  • Hyogo Factory (Tainan Transfer Station)-National General Transport Center. It is next to Tainan Park, and is quite far from Tainan Tainan Station.
  • Pingzhi Road Station-(Tainan City entrance)
  • Xintang Comprehensive Transportation Station-(Northern part of Tainan City)
  • Aso Transfer Station-(Central part of Tainan City)
  • Rende Transport Station-(East of Tainan City)
  • Kaiyuan Transfer Station (Center of Tainan City)
  • Security Transfer Station-(Southernmost part of Tainan City)
  • Beimen Station-Wakin Beimen StationUnited BusBeimen Station/Kukuang Tainan Station (North of Tainan Station, mainly for boarding)
  • Tainan Station -(Hexin passenger transport・Ride only)


  • National Highway Transportation Kaohsiung Station (Distributed along the Kunokuni XNUMXnd Road in front of Taitetsu Kaohsiung Station)


In other cities, each bus company has its own bus terminal. In recent years, along with land readjustment projects around stations, there is a tendency to build and consolidate bus terminals.

List of bus terminals in Thailand

In Thailand, the bus network is more widely developed than the railway network.


List of bus terminals in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the bus network is more widely developed than the railway network. The bus terminal in VietnameseBến XeSay (Ben Say).

Ho Chi Minh City

  • Ventine Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Bến Thành)- Ben Thanh MarketPrevious. The central terminal of the city local bus. There are also flights to the Cambodian border.
  • Cholon Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Chợ Lớn)- ChinatownIsCholon districtA terminal in the southwestern part of the city.
  • Mien Thai Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Miền Tây) --Southern Vietnam (Mekong Delta) Handle long-distance buses to the direction.
  • Miendon Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Miền Đông) --Handles long-distance buses to central and northern Vietnam.


  • Zap Bat Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Giáp Bát) --Handles long-distance buses to central and southern Vietnam.
  • Zaram Bus Terminal (Bến Xe Gia Lâm) --Handles long-distance buses to the west of northern Vietnam.
  • My Dinh Bus Terminal (Bến xe Mỹ Đình) --Handles long-distance buses to the north and east of northern Vietnam.
  • Luong Yen Bus Terminal (Bến xe LÆ°Æ¡ng Yên) --Handles long-distance buses to the west of northern Vietnam.

List of bus terminals in Spain

Madrid, Madrid

  • (Exclusive) --Conde de Casar

Barcelona, ​​Catalonia





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