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🧳 | Bankruptcy of accommodation industry in 2020, number of cases increased by 7% from the previous year Debt amount decreased


Bankruptcy of accommodation industry in 2020, number of cases increased by 7% from the previous year Debt amount decreased

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According to Tokyo Shoko Research, even after more than a year has passed since the first outbreak of the new coronavirus-related bankruptcy, the movement of people is restricted both domestically and internationally, and the accommodation industry, which is exposed to headwinds, avoids a series of bankruptcies. In a difficult situation, financial support and demand stimulating measures are required, and management support with a view to changing business formats may be necessary, he said.

On April 4, Tokyo Shoko Research revealed the bankruptcy situation of the accommodation industry from April 9 to March 2020. ... → Continue reading


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Demand stimulus measures

Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Shoko Research, English trade name: TOKYO SHOKO RESEARCH, LTD. Abbreviation: TSR) IsTokyoChiyoda WardThe second largest in Japan with its headquarters inCredit research company.


1892To theCommerce and industryFounded as "(the oldest in the industry).1933In September,"Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Co., Ltd."Established and incorporated.1974ToCompany nameThe current"Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd."Has been changed to.

Empire data bankIt is the second largest credit bureau in Japan after Japan, and has 2 offices (82 branch offices and 8 branches) all over Japan.

Partnership with D & B

1994The world's largest credit bureau(English edition)Affiliated with (D & B).As a result, it has become a system that can provide domestic credit and overseas credit information (database of more than 200 million companies in more than 2 countries around the world) at once.

2007Established a joint venture "Dun & Bradstreet TSR Co., Ltd."

2012With the company's leading domestic corporate databaseD&BIn order to provide one-stop and efficient database of more than 2 million companies in the world against the background of the global network of Dun & Bradstreet TSR Co., Ltd. Become a provider (currently, the company is the only company in Japan that has this system).

In addition, due to the partnership with D & B,1996More popular worldwideCompany codeone ofDUNSIt also manages the issuance of numbers in Japan.

Our Business

Mainly engaged in credit bureaus of domestic and overseas companies, database business based on collected company information, information business (bankruptcy tabulation, seminars, etc.), publishing business.

The database in Japan currently has more than 400 million companies, which is one of the largest in Japan, and it is generally known that company information (including unlisted companies) can be obtained from the Internet and detailed company information of companies is described. There is.

The corporate information collected by the company is also used by distributors and others.

Bankruptcy aggregation / announcement business

The middle of every month, the previous month through the mass mediabankruptcyThe number of cases (including the number of bankruptcies in the previous year in April) will be announced, but this is with the companyEmpire data bankWent to the media companiesPress releaseIs based on.Teikoku DatabankBillExpansion of business customs that do not usePersonal Information Protection LawIn 2005, the "bankruptcy suspension" was deleted from the bankruptcy tabulation criteria because it became difficult to collect information due to the enforcement of the above.

According to its own information network, the company has maintained this as it is possible to aggregate "bank transaction suspension".For this reason, the number of bankruptcies that are consistent with conventional statistics is only as announced by the company.


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