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🧳 | JR West, limited express reserved seats for some Shinkansen and conventional lines after May 5 will not be released


JR West suspends release of limited express reserved seats on some Shinkansen and conventional lines after May 5

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In addition, reservations made through the e5489 pre-registration service will be unsuccessful.

JR West will temporarily suspend the release of reserved seats on some trains from May 5 for the time being, based on usage conditions and social conditions. → Continue reading


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e5489What is (good luck)?West Japan Railway CompanyProvided by (JR West)インターネット(PC / smartphone)Designated ticket-ticketIt is a reservation service.This item also explains the telephone reservation 5489 service.


SettlementCredit card(J-WEST card-JCB-By VISA-MasterCard-UC-DC-UFJ/MUFG-Diners Club-American Express-Discover(From April 2020. Not issued in Japan) Any brand) is required.It is possible to make a reservation only without using a credit card, but in that case, JR West, JR Shikoku,Kyushu passenger railwayLimited to trains departing from and arriving at (JR Kyushu)[1].

From May 2017, payment methods other than credit cards (mainconvenience store,Pay-easyCorresponding financial institution,Green Window-Green ticket vending machine(Cash payment at) is also available.

Tickets can be picked up by JR West, Shikoku, Kyushu,East Japan-TokaiLimited to each company's window (excluding some) and ticket vending machines (JR East is limited to reservations excluding the JR Central area)Hokuriku ShinkansenStop station orTokyo 23 WardEach station in the (however,Tokyo MetroIs managed byAyase StationOnly with (excluding), JR Central can only accept reservations that include its own area).for that reasonMaibara Station-Kyoto Station-Shin-Osaka StationThen in JR West and JR Central,Tokyo Station-Shinagawa StationThen, the contents that can be received by JR East and JR Tokai are different,Kanazawa Station-Toyama Station-Itoigawa StationNo JR ticket offices other than JR West, and Midori no Madoguchi (Midori no Madoguchi), which is treated as a simple consignment station with restrictions on some products.Susami Station-Fukumitsu StationEtc.), and even at manned stations, there is no ticket vending machine that can handle JR West counters and pick-ups.Wakayamashi Station(Kisei Main Line,Nankai Electric RailwayManagement) ・Tsubata Station(Nanao Line,IR Ishikawa RailwayManagement)[2]-Takaoka Station(Johana Line-Himi Line,Ainokaze Toyama RailwayManagement)[2]-Minamiotari Station(Oito line, Under the management of East Japan Railway Company (JR East)StationYou can only receive it)Kameyama Station(Kansai Main Line) Includes the company's area for the management of JR Central (separately)Express bookingCan only be picked up.

After March 2015, 3, JR East Hokuriku Shinkansen stations (Joetsu Myoko Station(Including), it is now possible to receive tickets at each station in Tokyo (only when the JR Central line is not included), while each station transferred to IR Ishikawa Railway / Ainokaze Toyama Railway (above above) (Including 2 stations) will not be able to pick up from March 2015, 3.

From April 2019, 4, you can use the Tokaido Shinkansen and conventional line transfer discounts (Shizuoka Station, Nagoya Station, Maibara Station, etc.) for tickets, "Hida", "Shirasagi", "Nanki", etc. About trains that include the JR Tokai area or are completed in the JR Tokai area such as "Inaji" (Odakyu Electric RailwayIt will be possible to pick up at major stations of JR Tokai (including Tokaido Shinkansen stations under the jurisdiction of other companies), except for some trains such as "Fujisan" that use the reservation system of[3]..For this reason, it is excluded from the stations that can be picked up at JR East.Shin-Yokohama Station-Odawara Station-Atami StationThen, you can pick it up only at the JR Central counter and ticket vending machines.

(New) e5489

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKyushu Shinkansen Kagoshima route OfHakata Station - Kagoshima Chuo StationThroughout the space, with the Sanyo ShinkansenDirect operationTo "Mizuho"さ く らThe service has started.These Sanyo / Kyushu Shinkansen direct trains, as well as "Sakura" and "Sakura" operated on the Kyushu ShinkansenSwallowCan be purchased through the Internet reservation service provided by JR West and JR Kyushu.

From March 2011, 3, JR West will replace "e5plus" with "e5489plus".(New) e5489"service[Annotation 1]With the introduction of, in JR Kyushu, "JR Kyushu train reservation service”Is expanded and supported.

The (new) e5489 service covers the entire area in the JR Central area, but the following stations are treated as the northern limit in the JR East area.

However, of these stations or lines connecting south of this,Tadami Line,Mizugun Line,Banetsu East LineCannot be pre-purchased.

Also, in the Shikoku areaTosa Kuroshio Railwayabout,Dosan LineとYodo LineYou cannot make a reservation purchase except when you board the train continuously.Therefore中When boarding a train that goes directly to the directionKubokawa StationThe company's section will be settled at the arrival station or in the car.

e-ticket, e-Hayatoku

Especially for J-WEST card members, the charge is cheaper than usual.(New) e-ticket"(Old: equivalent to" e5489plus: e-wari ticket ") was set.This is different from the old: "e-wari ticket", it is treated as a reservation and ticketing only for limited express tickets, and it has been changed as a service that can be used in combination with regular tickets (until then, boarding in the same section as limited express tickets) It is sold as a set with a ticket, and if you want to transfer outside the boarding section of the e-wari ticket, you need to pay the regular fare for the boarding section regardless of the number of kilometers you board.)

You can change the ticket as many times as you like before receiving the ticket and before the departure time of the designated train on the reserved process.[4].

Furthermore, in the new service, sections, trains, facilities, and the number of seats are limited, but "e-Hayatoku", which is cheaper than "(new) e-ticket", has been set for reservations made up to 3 days before the boarding date.This is also reserved and issued only for limited express tickets for J-WEST card members only, so it can be combined with regular tickets and round-trip discount tickets, as well as other tickets.Student discountIt is possible to combine it with a discount ticket such as.Shinkansen is Shin-Osaka StationShin-Kobe Station⇔Kumamoto Station・ Although it is set only between Kagoshima Chuo Station,Hokuriku"" In the directionThunderbird"Nanki"" In the directionKuroshio, Kansai Limited Express "HALCAThe green car is also cheaply set, and it is a highly convenient service for business trips.

JR KyushuJQ CARDFor members, the Sanyo / Kyushu Shinkansen "(new) e-ticket" and "e-Hayatoku" can be purchased at the "JR Kyushu Train Reservation Service".

Express booking

Operated by JR Central and JR West,Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenFrom July 2012, 7, express reservations (including EX-IC services) for the Sanyo Shinkansen section (Shin-Osaka Station-Hakata Station) will be available on three Kyushu Shinkansen-related trains. It was.However, use including the Kyushu Shinkansen section (Hakata Station-Kagoshima Chuo Station), use of the upgrade service by the green program on the above three trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen section (only points can be given) and early discount service (EX-IC) (Shinkansen, etc.) are still excluded[5] [6].

Ticketless service (ticketless limited express ticket)

2008年10月18日から期間限定(当初は2009年3月31日までだったが、2011年3月4日まで延長された)でe5489plus(当時)の付帯サービスとしてJ-WESTカード会員限定で、特急「HALCA(Maibara Station- Kansai Airport Stationwhile)·"Biwako Express(Maibara Station- Osaka StationOf conventional limited express trains, includingStandard-sized carIntroduced as a service where reserved seats can be used without tickets[7]..Also, from October 2009, 10, "Kitakinki(Current:Stork)" "Manjusri""Tango explorer(Shin-Osaka Station- Mt. Sasayamaguchi Stationwhile)·"Kuroshio(At that time, even "Super Kuroshio" and "Ocean Arrow") "(Kyoto Station- Wakayama Station(Pause) is also set.

Only reserved seat limited express tickets are on sale, and a separate ticket is required (Commuter Pass,ICOCACan also be used).Instead of the reserved-seat ticket, it is necessary to present a printout of the reservation screen of the mobile phone / smartphone or the reservation screen of the personal computer.It will be on sale only on the day of use or the day before, and can be changed as many times as you like before the train departs.

With the start of the "(new) e2011" service, which replaces the conventional "e3plus" on March 5, 5489, the ticketless limited express ticket service has become permanent and the target trains and areas have been expanded. In e5489plus, the setting was centered around Osaka Station, but in the (new) e5489 service, in addition to this,Omi Imazu Station→ Between Kyoto Station and Osaka Station (only for Osaka), Kyoto Station- Kameoka Station-Sonobe StationBetween Kyoto Station and Osaka Station- Sannomiya Station-Kobe station-Himeji StationIt was expanded to the interval.

From March 2012, 3Okayama station~Takamatsu StationRapid "Marine linerIs now available (for green seats and reserved seats). From August 2013, 8, it was expanded from Osaka Station / Kyoto Station to Omi-Imazu Station (bound for Omi-Imazu). (The special express "Business Thunderbird" has also been newly targeted.)

The e2017 was renewed on March 3, 12, and ticketless services can be used with credit cards other than J-WEST cards if you become a J-WEST member.In line with this, "J-WEST ticketless" and "e-ticketless limited express tickets" exclusively for J-WEST card members have been newly established (described later).[8]

In line with the expansion of the ICOCA area on September 2018, 9, the service coverage areas have been expanded in the Hokuriku area (Osaka-Kanazawa) and Sanyo area (Osaka-Kamigori).[9].

J-WEST ticketless

Ticketless service exclusively for J-WEST card (express, basic) members.For reservations made the day before or until the day of use, the main limited express trains in the Keihanshin area are eligible.[8]..The section, train, facilities, and number of seats are limited, and the price is set to be the cheapest among ticketless services.

e-ticketless limited express ticket

Ticketless service exclusively for J-WEST card (express, basic) members.You can use the limited express trains in the main IC ticket usage areas by making a reservation from one month before the date of use to the day of use.[8]..In addition to the Keihanshin area, it can be used in the Okayama / Shikoku area (Yakumo, Marine Liner, Super Hakuto, Super Inaba, etc.), Wakayama area (Kuroshio, Nanki), and Kanazawa area (Thunderbird, Business Thunderbird, Shirasagi, Dinostar).[10].

Shinkansen e-ticket service

A new service that will start on March 2020, 3. to e14Transportation IC card nationwide mutual use serviceA service that allows you to board without a ticket by registering a card that can be used at. The section that can be reserved with e5489 is limited to the section between Tokyo and Kanazawa.In addition, e5489 will also release products exclusively for J-WEST card (express, basic) members. [11].

A service that is still ongoing only for J-WEST card members

5489 service (telephone reservation)

Including JR Hokkaido, JR East, and JR Central by phoneJRYou can purchase reserved-seat tickets for all lines (including sleeper tickets and dining car dinner tickets) using credit cards, and make reservations without using credit cards for JR West, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu reserved-seat tickets.Also someSpecial plan ticketIt was also possible to purchase a (special discount ticket).Fares and fares will be purchased at the normal sales price (round-trip fare discounts and transit discounts for Shinkansen, etc. are also available).A payment card is required to receive tickets purchased with a credit card.It is also possible to purchase and receive with cards issued by other brands other than J-WEST cards.

Until September 2001, the travel center "Tis" was directly managed by JR West at that time (including the stores in the city of Tokyo where it was located at that time, and the stores at Kokura Station and Hakata Station where the Shinkansen is under the jurisdiction of JR West).[12]It was possible to pick it up at, but in October of the same yearJapan TravelIn addition to becoming impossible due to the transfer of business to JR West, it is no longer possible to handle discounts for shareholders of JR West, including stores in the company's area.

If you apply at least one week before the train departs, the tickets will be delivered nationwide ("5489 courier service", for a fee).In addition, a message card ("for you message service", free of charge) could be attached to the delivery.

The general reception of the service ended on September 2017, 9, and only the telephone reservation service exclusively for J-WEST card members is still ongoing. From April 30, 2019, reservations (passage or departure / arrival) including the company's section can be received even within the JR Central jurisdiction, so the sleeper limited express (sleeper limited express)Sunrise seto-Sunrise Izumo) Can now receive telephone reservations exclusively for J-WEST card members at the JR Central counter at Tokyo Station.Furthermore, from mid-October 2019, it will be convenient to receive reservations including sleeper tickets at green ticket vending machines (including reserved seat ticket vending machines at JR Central, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu). It has improved further. JR station plan[13]And some special discount tickets will continue to be handled by general reception phones, but the phone numbers have changed.

Terminated service

(Old) e5489

computerIt was possible to reserve reserved-seat tickets and tickets for trains departing from and arriving mainly in the JR West area.To make a reservation, it was necessary to register a credit card in advance. Service ended on October 2007, 10.


PC orMobile phoneFrom, it was possible to make reservations for the "(old) e-ticket" and "e-wari ticket" for the major limited express trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen and JR West conventional lines.In addition to being discounted compared to regular fares and limited express fares, there were features that could be changed as many times as needed before receiving tickets without any fees. When a J-WEST card member reserves a major limited express train (excluding the Sanyo Shinkansen) of JR West, the "e-wari ticket" will be released, and other than that (J-WEST card basic member and J-WEST with e5489plus service) Including reservations for the Sanyo Shinkansen by registered members (general credit card members). We recommended that customers who can use express reservations on the Sanyo Shinkansen use them.) In the case of "(old) e-ticket" Has been released.There was no difference in the sales price except that the "e-wari ticket" was cheaper.

From July 2008, 6,Shikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku) Started service in the area[14].. In the JR Shikoku area, reservations and receipts with e5489plus were not possible, but from October 2009, 10,Okayama stationJR Shikoku area trains departing from and arriving atMatsuyamaLimited express for the direction "Shiokaze"・KochiLimited express for the direction "South wind"・TakamatsuGoingfast"Marine liner”) Can now be reserved and received.

With e5489plusConventional lineLimited express trainAnd Shinkansen and limited express trains (Fukuchiyama Station(Including transfer at)Transit discountApplicableLimited express ticketCould not be released, so it was recommended to use the 5489 service, which is a telephone reservation.However, depending on the section, 5489 service and e5489plus may be used together, orExpress bookingIn some cases, it was cheaper to purchase the limited express ticket separately, such as when using the e5489plus together.

On March 2011, 3, the service ended in place of the (new) e4 mentioned above.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Applies to most trains of JR West, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu, and some trains of JR Central and JR East. The JR Kyushu area will be available from March 3th.


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  2. ^ a b In JR East, a shared station that handles Ekinet and JR's commuter pass as a business consignment to the third sector railway that manages the stationMiyako Station(Sanriku Railway)・Naoetsu Station(Echigo Tokimeki Railway), Etc., as with stations that are not connected to the JR line, Mars terminals with travel agency specifications (using pre-cut paper and no commuter pass issuing function) are installed for contracts and installations that are treated as a travel industry. The name of the issuing station has a symbol as a travel agency (IR Ishikawa Railway = "IR", Ainokaze Toyama Railway = "A") in a circle.For this reason, some products cannot be handled as JR stations.
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