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🛏 | [Eat, drink, travel XNUMX] Feeling overseas at a hotel that has renovated the cabaret in Koza, Okinawa


[Eat, drink, travel XNUMX] Feeling overseas at a hotel that has renovated the cabaret in Koza, Okinawa

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The bedroom has a different wallpaper, so when you close the curtains, the atmosphere becomes different.

Rika Kurito, a writer who enjoys traveling abroad and drinking alcohol and has experienced various trips from night spots to traveling with children ... → Continue reading


TABIZINE is an off-time WEB magazine with the theme of travel and freedom.
Through travel information and small stories from all over the world, we propose a lifestyle that makes you feel like traveling.

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Bedroom(Shinshitsu) is住宅OrResidence(Jukyo)SleepIt is a room dedicated to rest.Also called sleeping room.in JapanBuilding Standards Lawでroomare categorized.

beddingIs different in each cultural area.It is not always the room with the bed.Traditional japanHouseUnique totatamiIn the case of a Japanese-style room (Washitsu)bedInstead oftatamiLay onfutonA comforter may be laid out to make it a bedroom when sleeping.AlsoHusband and wifeIs sexualcommunicationThe bedroom that runs the house is sometimes called Keibo.The size of the bedroom should be at least 4.5 tatami mats when a double bed is placed.

In the most famous bedroom in historyOdysseusIt's a bedroom made by.This is for weddingsoliveI cut down a big tree and made a bet by hollowing out the stump.The house was built around it.

Although the bedroom is indoors, it is contrary to the outdoorsハ ン モ ッ クYou may sleep with a hang.Throughout the year, there is a living sky without a bedroom ceiling in a warm region with no rainfall, so you can sleep slowly while seeing the clear night sky.The existence of a very elegant and long-lived people cannot be overlooked.

Sleeping behavior and bedrooms that are influenced by the unconscious and cultural backgroundSleeping formFrom this point of view, there are also studies that compare and verify cultural anthropology and educational sociology.

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